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🏛 | Belarus's first nuclear power plant goes into operation amid rising political crisis


Belarus's first nuclear power plant goes into operation amid rising political crisis

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Judging by estimates by the Human Rights Center of Belarus, Viansa, more than 8 people have been detained since August 9.

(Original publication date is October 2020, 10) Since August 29, large-scale protests and stras have been carried out in Belarus ... → Continue reading

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Neighbor House

Neighbor HouseWhat is Rinpokan?poverty-Education-Discrimination-Environment issuesAreas that are said to have worse problems than the general public due toSlum,Dowa areaEtc.), the specialized knowledge that can take the measures (Pedagogy,lawKnowledge aboutSocial welfare assistance technologyThose who have such a) are resident (it is ideal to live in) and provide appropriate assistance to local residents.Social welfare facility. Sometimes (especially when referring to a foreign neighbor's house)Settlement(British: settlement) Is called. Nowadays it is broadly defined, especiallySettlementThe word has the meaning to refer to welfare assistance and guidance to the general public by experts.


The first neighbor houseUnited KingdomGave birth.1870 eraIn the countryeconomistAndHistorianandSocial reformerでPriestWas alsoArnold ToinbyIn the slum areaWorker povertyTo the issue of "surrounding workersSystem/environment improvement/maintenanceTo the lower working classDissemination of sufficient educationAnd “Education of workersRaising awarenessWas positioned as a solution, and advocated a facility to do so and called for its installation.Settlement movementIs the origin of the Neibokan.

The Settlement Movement seemed to be able to fulfill Toynbee's purpose with the support of various intellectuals. But this Toinbee is1883/At the young age of 31 years old, he will never return.However, the priest of the slum church who inherited that willSamuel Barnett(Samuel Augustus Barnett) Finally1884/Is the world's first Neibokan (settlement)(Toynbee Hall) Is established.

After that, the settlement movement spread to the world. EspeciallyAmericaIn 1886, founded Neighbour House, the first settlement in the country. In 1889, a female activistJane AdamsAnd his friend (Ellen Gates Starr) By the world's largest settlementHull houseWas born.


The first Neibokan in Japan1897/(Meiji30 years)KatayamaBut,TokyoTokyo cityKanda Ward1-12 Misaki-cho (currentlyTokyoChiyodaKanda Misaki Town1 chome)[1]Established in a rented houseKingsley Pavilion"[2][3][1]Is said to be. Since there was no concept of welfare in this era, this activitySocial work by individuals.

1920/In his teensTokyo Imperial UniversityInSuehiro KetaroProfessors established Japan's first free legal counseling center, "Todai Settlement".

Post-war social welfare business law (in June 12Social welfare lawAmended) to be installed as a social welfare facility that conducts type XNUMX social welfare business.

It often exists as a public facility set up as a community center in the Dowa area. Various life consultation services,human rightsWe carry out activities such as enlightenment. In addition,OsakaIn some areas, the name Liberation Hall is used instead of the Neighboring Hall, and there are also local governments that use names such as the Human Rights Culture Center, Human Rights Town Development Center, and Life Improvement Center.In recent years, it is said that it has finished its role, and as part of the reorganization of the Dowa support project, there are cases where conversion to public facilities for the general public is planned.

Local governmentInformation disclosure regulationsThere are not a few cases where the address is disclosed to other facilities based on the above. However, since most of the facilities were located in the former Dowa district, the area was found to be the Dowa district just by knowing the address of the building.DiscriminationIn some cases, it is regarded as a problem because it may promote[4].


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