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🏛 | Geopolitical confrontation should not be brought into international cooperation, and the retreat of democracy should not be left unattended "East ...


Geopolitical conflicts should not be brought into international cooperation, and the retreat of democracy should not be left unattended.

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At the conference, James Lindsay (Senior Vice President of the Council for Foreign Affairs (CFR)) from the United States, Volker Pertes from Germany-(Special Representative of the United Nations Sudan, Representative of the United Nations Sudan Integrated Transition Support Mission, Germany Institute for International Political Security (Germany International Political Security Institute) SWP) Non-Resident Senior Fellow), Sanjoy Jossi (Observer Research Foundation (ORF) -Chairman) from India, Toma Gomar (Director of French Institute for International Relations (IFRI)) from France, John Nilsson-Wright from England (Senior Fellow of the Royal Institute for International Affairs), Ettore Greco (Vice President of the Institute for International Affairs (IAI)) in Italy, Lohinton Medora (International Governance Innovation (CIGI) -President) from Canada, Carlos from Brazil・ Ivan Simonsen Real (Jeturio Vargas Foundation (FGV) -President), On Ken Young from Singapore (Director, Vice President of Singapore Rajatonam Institute for International Studies (RSIS)), Yasushi Kudo from Japan (Representative of Speech NPO) Mr. 10 attended and Kudo acted as the moderator.

As an event of the Tokyo conference, the WORLD think tank D-10 (WTD10) conference "The world's democracies are international cooperation ... → Continue reading

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Genron NPO is a private-sector-led, neutral and independent think tank that crosses national borders and collaborates with many knowledgeable people around the world. Since its founding in 2001, it has continued to provide a "stage of speech" that confronts Japan's democracy and future challenges by connecting people who are active on the front lines of various fields in Japan.And, in collaboration with the world's major think tanks and many knowledge groups, we are creating a new flow to confront various difficulties in the world and Asia.

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