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🏛 | Taiwanese SNS overflowing with pineapple recipes after being embargoed in China


Taiwanese SNS full of pineapple recipes following China's embargo

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Add Greek yogurt, honey and a little mustard to the boiled marinade and stir well.

Taiwanese pineapple Image from Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Twitter On February 2, China's own government because of concerns about pests ... → Continue reading

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Greek yogurt(Or Greek yogurt,English: Greek yogurt) Is made by the draining method (straining)cheeselike,wheyHardened with water removedYogurt.Japan,The United States of AmericaSo, it is commonly called by this name.

CountryDepending on the type, it is also called strained yogurt or yogurt cheese.in English,Arabic: BrickAlso known as labneh.The hardness is between that of cheese and ordinary yogurt, but the sourness peculiar to yogurt remains.Originally a Greek yogurtGoatWas made from milk.

Greece,Central Asia,Middle EastWas traditionally made in[1],otherEuropeCountries andNorth AmericaBut it became popular[2],JapanBut sold[3].

In North Americasour cream,Creme fraicheAs an alternative tofatLow-calorie, low-calorie Greek yogurt is often used.

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