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🏛 | China's Coast Guard Law Enforcement and Japan-US-Australia-India Collaboration


Intense discussions between Japan and China due to China Coast Guard enforcement and Japan-US-Australia-India cooperation Report XNUMXrd Japan-China Security Council Report

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Here, the Japanese side raises concerns about the "Cast Guard Law," which was just enforced from February 2, yesterday, saying, "I think we are planning to make a one-sided change in the status quo." There were a number of opinions from the Chinese side asking the Japanese side for the view that the restructuring of the alliance, which is expected to be promoted by the new US administration of Biden, and the promotion of cooperation between Japan, the United States, Australia and India in the Indo-Pacific are the risk factors.

At the XNUMXrd Japan-China Security Conference co-sponsored by the Genron NPO on February XNUMXnd with the Shanghai Institute of International Affairs, it took effect on February XNUMXst ... → Continue reading

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