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🌐 | An aquarium that can only be seen as a "castle" is a hot topic, and the net "Mario 64's Peach Castle is too much"


An aquarium that can only be seen as a ``castle'' becomes a hot topic on the Internet, ``Mario 64's Peach Castle is too much''

If you write the contents roughly
"It looks like a historic building..." "It's too much like Mario 64's Peach Castle" "Wow!

Noboribetsu Marine Parknics, an aquarium in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, has become a hot topic because the exterior does not look like an aquarium.devil… → Continue reading

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Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom(Mushroom Kingdom) isNintendocomputer gamesMario seriesFictional appearing inkingdom.who rules the countryPrincess PeachAndcapitalis Mushroom Town.On a continental scale,mushroom worldIt is one of the countries belonging to


The place names themselves were first treated as "Super Mario Bros. 3"[1]However, the terrain is different for each work.Regarding the geography of the Mushroom Kingdom,Super Mario RPG] It was treated in many RPG series works after that.At least Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, andMario & Luigi RPG2”, and the latest map is “Mario & Luigi RPG 2”.The terrain of the Mushroom Kingdom isMario storyFrom steep mountains like the rugged mountains that appear in ”, to valleys and deserts.Also, the map of the country changes depending on the work. In the case of Super Mario RPG,BowserThe area where the castle can be seen is shrouded in darkness.

There are cracks and holes everywhere in the plain, and if you fall, you will lose your life, so be very careful when walking.In addition, many clay pipes are exposed from the ground, and some pipes may lead to hidden places.


Mushroom Castle (a.k.a. Peach Castle)
A castle where Peach and Kinopio live, appearing throughout the series.There is a mushroom town around this castle.
Modeled after Princess Peach at the main gate of the castleStained glassThe walls are whitish and the roof is reddish.In the early days, the appearance was different depending on the game, but from "Super Mario 64" the appearance design was almost unified.However, the interior, location, and surroundings of the castle vary from game to game. "Mario Kart] series, Peach Castle is located near or on the course,New Super Mario Bros.]MountainIt was in the middle of my throat. "mario tennis 64And 'New Super Mario Bros. 2] and other recent works are described as Peach Castle. In "Super Mario Galaxy" and "Super Mario Galaxy 2", it is written as "Castle".
The castle music used in "Super Mario 64" has been arranged into "Mario & Luigi RPG2" and "Mario & Luigi RPGXNUMX".New Super Mario Bros. Wii], etc. are also used.
As usual, it was invaded by Bowser, and in "Mario Story" and "Super Mario Galaxy", the castle was taken by Bowser, and "New Super Mario Bros. U], the entire castle was taken over.
In "Super Mario RPG", it became possible to enter the castle for the first time, and a castle town also appeared. "Mario & Luigi RPGYou can also check the castle town.
In "Mario & Luigi RPG 2", it was devastated by Alien Gedonko and became Gedonko Castle, which became the home of Alien Gedonko.There is a mother ship of the Gedonko aliens.
In "Super Mario Galaxy", the adventure is set in outer space, so basically it only appears in the prologue and movie scenes (the entrance to the final stage is the entrance of Mushroom Castle, but the inside leads to a different space).There is a balcony in front of the stained glass, from which the princess calls for help in the prologue.For the time being, there is a gate with a door at the entrance of the castle town, and the toads with spears and shields are guarding it.
"Super Mario Odyssey] Appears after clearing, and it is possible to explore the area around the castle.
"Super Smash Bros.series, it appeared as a battle stage. "Nintendo All Star! Super Smash Bros.] Appeared under the name “Peach Castle Sky”[2],Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U] Reappeared as one of the paid contents[3].. Also,"Super Smash Bros DXAppeared under the name "Peach Castle" in[4].. further,"Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers SPECIALBoth reappeared in .
mushroom castle notation
  • "Super Mario RPG"
  • "Mario Story"
  • "Super Mario 64"[5]
  • "Mario & Luigi RPG2"[6]
  • "New Super Mario Bros."[7]
peach castle notation

Place name

mushroom town
The area around Mushroom Castle that first appeared in Mario Story.Mario and Luigi live in this town.Also, in "Mario & Luigi RPG 2", there is a clay pipe that leads to the shop and Star Hill.
mushroom city
"Mario Kart Double Dash!!"When"mario party advanceThe city that appeared in ].It is a very large city, and in addition to the neon town (called the town area), there are also small desert areas, cold areas, and tropical areas.in townKatherineThere are many posters of
Yoster Island
First appeared in Super Mario World,Yoshiisland inhabited byThere are many places named after the names of food and drinks, and trees grow like a jungle. In the map of "Mario & Luigi RPG 2", it is in the southwestern part, where Gessy was born and Yoshi was swallowed up.Meet Nokodi for the first time.
"Super Mario Yoshi Island''Yoshi's Island DSIt is unknown whether it is the same place as the stage "Yoshi's Island".
It appeared as one of the battle stages in the "Super Smash Bros." series. Appeared under the name "Yoster Island" as one of the stages of "Super Smash Bros. Bros. DX"[17], "Super Smash Bros. X"[18]It also reappeared in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.In addition, it appeared in "Nintendo All-Stars! Super Smash Bros." under the name "Yoshi's Island", appeared in "Super Smash Bros. It appeared in Super Smash Bros. X under the name Yoshi's Island.In addition, all stages have reappeared in "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL".
A special "Rose Town" that appeared in "Super Mario RPG", where the owner of the hero doll who is the main body of Gino, a resident of the star world who is Mario's companion, lives.
marshmallow kingdom
A special "cloud stage" that appeared in "Super Mario RPG" and is the hometown of Prince Maro.
Nokonoko Village
A village inhabited by Koopa who are not directly involved in Bowser, which appeared in "Mario Story".
gorotsuki town
A port town that appeared in Paper Mario RPG.
Snow mountain
It mainly appears in the "Mario Kart" series and the "New Super Mario Bros." series.
Mary Kristake Village
The first stage of the past mushroom kingdom that appeared in "Mario & Luigi RPG2".It is covered with snow, but there is no snow on the road leading to the village.
sherbet land
"Mario Kart 64] and “Mario Kart Double Dash!!” (“Mario Kart 8” and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”). The two works are separate courses.It also appeared as one of the courts in "Mario Basketball 1 on 2".
Appears in the "New Super Mario Bros." series.This forest has different names depending on the work.
Kinople Forest
A forest with dense trees that absorb the energy of Toads that appeared in "Mario & Luigi RPG 2".There is an energy factory next door.So I'm making the UFO energy of the Gedonko aliens.In addition, there is a Hammer Bros brainwashed by Alien Gedonko in the factory.
Appears in the "New Super Mario Bros." series.This desert also has different names depending on the work.
caracalla desert
A large desert that appears in "Mario Kart 64", "Mario Story", and "Mario Kart Double Dash!!".mainlySambolives inThe ruins of Caracalla ("Mario Kart Wii’).The main means of transportation is the steam locomotive "K64" that runs between Mushroom Town and the Caracalla Desert.In the center there are temples and pyramids that are thought to have been built by ancient peoples.Due to its harsh environment, it is sometimes selected for the Kart Grand Prix course.In a similar desert Sun Sun Desert ("Mario Kart DS")and so on.
rough desert
A desert with cacti growing here and there that appeared in "Mario & Luigi RPG 2".There is a passage leading to the Colosseum called Nocomity Dome and the underground of the desert.There is a dungeon under the desert.
This song is used as one of the BGM for the battle stage "Old Kingdom" (ground) in "Super Smash Bros. Brawl".
Caracalla Town
Appeared in "Mario Story".A town in the Caracalla Desert where mainly Chu-san lives.
Areas with rocky cliffs and rocks that appear in the "Mario & Luigi RPG 2" and "New Super Mario Bros." series.Also, this mountain has different names depending on the work.
Dosun Volcano
A region that appeared in Mario & Luigi RPG 2, with a large volcano and the laboratory of Dr. Oya Ma when he was young.There are three Dossuns inside.
bowser castle
The region that corresponds to the last world in the Super Mario series.There are volcanoes and lava is erupting. In "Mario & Luigi RPG 2", you will enter after Merry Kristake Village.
In the "Mario Kart" series, it appears as one of the courses under the name "Kuppa Castle".
star hill
A mysterious hill that connects Mushroom Town and the Temple of Stars that appeared in Mario & Luigi RPG2.There is a Star Temple in the sky above, and the Star Gate challenges Luigi to find the Aurora Block. It is thought that the area called "Hoshikuzugahara" that appears in "Mario & Luigi RPG" and "Hoshi no Furuoka" in Mario Story is around here.
Rainbow Road
A place that is selected every time as the final course in the successive "Mario Kart" series.It's outside Earth (the planet where the Mushroom Kingdom exists), but there seems to be oxygen, and you can see the Earth from here.Only selected for the final course,Shuttle loopThere are obstacles such as , fenceless areas, and jumping platforms. It also appeared as one of the courts in "Mario Basketball 3 on 3". "Super Mario Galaxy 2], and became a stage for collecting power stars.
"Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U"Nintendo 3DSAppeared as a battle stage in the version[19],Wii UOnly the music appeared in the version.
Dolpic Island
"Super Mario SunshineIt is unknown in which country it is located, because the stage of "Mushroom Kingdom" is written only as "a resort island floating in the southern sea far away from the Mushroom Kingdom" in the instructions.

Flora and fauna

There are a great variety of flora and fauna.Glimpse,turtle,mushroomThere are creatures that look like this, but they are intelligent life forms and coexist with humans.Humans are a minority[20].

FungiWhen ingested, it instantly doubles the size of the bodySuper mushroomThere is.plantThere are fire flowers and ice flowers.again,Pac-n-flowerA plant that attacks the human body called is inhabited.

In addition, Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Super Stars are mushrooms that have been turned into bricks, and it is written that if you find and help them, you will be able to share their power and transform.[21].


in the mushroom kingdomMonetary economyis established, and the currency unit is "coin" ("Super Mario RPG" and "Mario partyseries), the value changes depending on the color, such as common gold, red or blue.


In "Mario Kart 64"Automobile,bus,LocomotiveHowever, in "Super Mario Sunshine"airplaneHowever, the subway first appeared in Mario Kart 8.AlsoSewer pipeis very advanced in regards to the maintenance ofClay pipeCan be seen.


From the remarks of Mokorim that appears in "Paper Mario RPG", in the Caracalla DesertoilIt is understood that there isThe Ducati Coal Mine also appears in Super Mario RPG.It seems that Star Fragments are not used effectively.


Primary industry
Crops vary depending on the region, but mushrooms can be found all over the country[22].forestryis not mentioned much throughout the series, but timber and timber houses do make occasional appearances.Fishing industryhas also not been touched upon.As mentioned above, the country is blessed with abundant resources such as oil and coal, creating jobs for workers.
Secondary industry
Construction industry-IndustrialThere is also no clear description ofAlso, there are cities with modern buildings even today, such as the buildings in the background of the "Mario Kart" series.In addition, there are modern paved roads like highways and huge bridges.Some of the buildings are based on mushrooms, which are also national symbols, while others are skyscrapers.
Tertiary industry
There are various shops in "Super Mario RPG".Transportation industryThen, Jugembus and airships will appear in "Super Mario RPG".


"Yoshi's Road HuntingFrom Peach's statement that she is friends with Prince Pine (& King Pot) of Jewelry Land, it seems that she has a close relationship with Jewelry Land.

Furthermore, in "Mario & Luigi RPG"beansmade up of the races ofKingdom of Mameliahas been found to be a neighboring country in the west, sending envoys to Mamelia,Little TokyoThere is a city like "Little Mushroom" and has a friendly relationship.In addition, it is revealed in the same work that there is an airport in the southern part of the Mamelia Kingdom.

In "Super Mario Odyssey", tourists from the country of hats, the country of sand (Atchina), the country of lakes, the country of forests, the country of cities, the country of snow, the country of the sea, and the country of cuisine will visit Peach Castle. Became.


MilitaryAlthough it has power, it seems to be very limited, and as a result, Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser many times, and there are many situations where not only the castle but also the land is occupied.Therefore, in case of emergency, the current situation is that we have no choice but to ask for help from the Mario brothers.However, it can be said that this is a reflection of the peaceful national character that the Mushroom Kingdom can be governed without requiring excessive military power, and it seems that military strength will not be strengthened in the near future. "Super mario galaxy], there is a scene where the Kinopio soldiers who are supposed to protect Princess Peach are pushed by Bowser's spirit and hide behind Princess Peach.

On the other hand,bowser corpshas a powerful military force that is incomparably stronger than the kingdom, and has plotted to occupy the kingdom many times.However, each time it has been thwarted by the marvelous performance of the Mario brothers, such events have become world-famous.However, there are quite a few opinions that complain about the kingdom's optimism, and in "Super Smash Bros.Solid snakeadvises Princess Peach, "You should strengthen your security so that you won't be kidnapped again."


In "Super Mario RPG" and "Mario Story", the Mushroom Minister appears, and in the works after "Super Mario Sunshine", Princess Peach's butler called Kino Ji appears.When Princess Peach is not in the castle, the minister manages it.In the event of an emergency, experts such as Dr. Kokino and Kinocle may gather and hold meetings ("Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!!").in some villages and townsLocal governmentIt is built like a village, and there are village chiefs and others.He doesn't say much about diplomatic matters.The Mario brothers have saved other countries from crisis several times.

Special event

Around the Mushroom Kingdom and Mushroom Castle, there are many events such as regular events that are held at regular intervals depending on the game work, and events that are suddenly held due to various events.There are various types, from festivals to sports competitions.

  • Stardust Festival ("Super Mario Galaxy", "Super Mario Galaxy 2")
  • golf tournament (Mario golf"series)
  • Tennis Tournament ("Mario tennis"series)
  • Party Festa (Mario Party series)
  • baseball tournament (Super Mario Stadium"series)
  • Sports competition (“MARIO SPORTS MIX”)
  • Kart Race Tournament (Mario Kart Series)
  • Seal Festa ("Paper Mario Super Seal])
  • Perapera Festival (Paper Mario Origami King)

Resident composition

MostlyToadToad occupies.Some Goombas became subordinates to Bowser because they betrayed them.The types of inhabitants have increased rapidly from RPG-type works, and turtle tribes, which were originally set as enemies, are now part of the inhabitants.Of course, so-called humans such as Mario and Princess Peach also live here.[20].However, Mario used to live in a city called Big City.in that townPaulineAlso lived.

Main residents areQuinopio,Goomba,Nokonoko,Pitter-patter,Bomb soldier,Shy Guy,Yoshi.

Goomba, Kinopio, Old Kino, Kinopiko
turtle family
Nokonoko, Patter, Jugem, Yoshi[23],other
Human capital
Mario, Luigi, Peach, Dr. Oya Ma
Catherine, Bomb Soldier, Chorobon, etc.


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