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🌐 | [13 people from Kamakura-dono] Sadness "tears", "hardness", and "great crying" overflowing on the Internet due to the tragedy of Zensei

Photo: Real clothes (Ema Miyazawa) (Shinya Shinya) reunited with Zensei (Shinya Shinya) [Photo: (C) NHK]

[Kamakura-dono 13 people] The tragedy of Zensei floods the internet with sorrow "tears," "toughness," and "great crying."

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Tokimasa tries to come forward, but is stopped by Riku (Rie Miyazawa).

The 30th average household audience rating is 11.4%, individual audience rating is 6.8% NH where actor Shun Oguri plays the main character, Hojo Yoshitoki ... → Continue reading


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    Riku (Rie Miyazawa)

    Hojo Tosei

    Hojo Tokimasa(Houjou Tokimasa, peacetime government[1](Taira no Tokimasa)Heian periodFrom the endKamakura PeriodEarly JapanMilitary commander.Kamakura ShogunateFirst generationCustody.HojoA family.IzukuniWhereaboutsAustralian OfHojo TokikataOr a child.Masako Hojo,Hojo justiceFather of.

    Family tree TheTakehira HiranoFlatnessCall the flowHojoHowever, the Nogata school is a pseudonym in Izu Province.Local tycoonSome say it originated.

    In addition, laterSengoku period OfHojo familyIt is a different system.


    Instead of Tokimasa HOJO, he called himself 'Shiro HOJO' and was called 'Hojo-dono', and after his appointment in April of the second year of Shoji, he was called 'Hojo-dono'.Enshu"It is called(Azuma mirror)[1].

    Family tree

    Mr. HojoTakehira Hirano高望StyleFlatnessDescendants of Izu ProvinceTakata-gunHojo (ShizuokaIzunokuni) is a local local ruling family.Since all genealogies before Tokimasa are different depending on the genealogy, there are quite a few researchers who doubt or deny that it was the lineage of the Kanmu-Heishi clan.But my grandfather, my father時方Or is almost the same in the genealogical charts.

    "Azuma mirror' to Tokimasa, who is over 40 years old, ``Via” and the official rank of the capital, etc., and regarding the possessed military powerIshibashi Mountain BattleJudging from the composition of Yoritomo's army, it is difficult to say that Tokimasa was a branch of the Hojo clan, not the head of the Hojo clan, and there is a view that Tokimasa was excluded from the Kokuga Zaicho.howeverTaro Kawagoe Shigeyori(Musashi country answering office soken school),Shiro Koyama Masamitsu(Shimotsuke Daijo), even in the most influential Kokuga office, it is written as Taro and Shiro, and in later yearsGuardianorders andYoshida SadafusaTokimasa like Yoshiguchi DenOfficials in the officeThere is also a historical document thatIn addition, Mr. Hojo's headquarters is the KokufuMishima,Kano RiverIt was located close to the river basin and could be said to be an important military and transportation point, so it is difficult to think that Tokimasa was irrelevant to the provincial government, and there is a high possibility that Tokimasa was a government official.He also played an active role as a magistrate of Tokimasa in Kyoto.left guard lieutenanthold the office ofHojo fixedwas the main branch of the Hojo clan, and there was a theory that Tokimasa, a branch branch, was in office.[2]However, at present, Tokisada is the younger brother of Tokimasa, according to genealogical analysis.[3]or cousin[4]It is believed that.

    In any case, the Hojo clan in the first half of Tokimasa's life and before the civil war is shrouded in mystery.Despite coming to hold the greatest power in the world in almost one generation, no brothers or cousins ​​other than Tokisada appear in history (there is no record of them being purged).Therefore, even though it was an unfortunate death,Profitbesides homeNagoshi,Kanazawa,Great BuddhaThe Hojo clan, which spread its branches and leaves widely under the name of Tokimasa, is all the lineage of Tokimasa alone.


    Yoritomo's father-in-law

    Heiji Rebellionwas defeated inMinamoto no dynastyThe old manYoritomowas exiled to Izu Province and became its overseer.wife·Maki no katathe family home ofHiromorias a family member ofSuruga countryKnown as Ookamaki[Note 2].Eventually Yoritomo and his daughterMasakobecame lovers.At first, Tokimasa was against this relationship, but in the end, it was decided to approve the marriage of the two.[Note 3]As a result, he became Yoritomo's patron.[Note 4].

    Approval4 years(1180) on April 4, urging the overthrow of the Taira clanPrince Mochihito's decreewas delivered to Yoritomo in Izu, but Yoritomo did not move and watched the situation for a while.HoweverMinamoto no YorimasaWith the defeat and death of IzuChiyuki Taira no Tokitada, the real power of Izu Kokuga will beMr. Itois in control ofMr. Kudoand pressured Mr. Hojo.Furthermore, a former aide of Tokitada who was staying in Izu as an exile.Kanetaka Yamakibecame the head of Izu Province, and Yorimasa's grandson,有綱was in Izu, but for this captureKeiko OhbaThe Taira clan's pursuit has extended to the eastern part of the country, such as the fact that the Taira clan has turned down to its main territory.Yoritomo realized that he was in danger and decided to raise an army.Adachi MorinagaAs a messenger, he appealed for cooperation from each local ruling family in Bando who had a connection with him since the time of Yoshitomo.Tokimasa worked out a plan to raise an army with Yoritomo and set Kanetaka YAMAKI as the target of the attack.Before raising an army, YoritomoKudo Shigemitsu,Mihei Dohi,Yoshimi Okazaki,Amano distant view,Sasaki Moritsuna,Katou KagekadoHe called them one by one to his private room and held secret talks with each of them, saying, ``Even though I have yet to say anything, I will speak only by asking you,'' and encouraged them by making them feel that they were the only ones who were particularly relied upon. However, it is said that only Tokimasa knew about the 'truth of secrets' (Article of August 4, 8 in "Azuma Kagami").

    Raising soldiers

    On August 8, Yoritomo's army attacked Kanetaka YAMAKI, the head of the Izu Province, and killed him.This attack was based on Tokimasa's mansion, and Tokimasa himself participated in the attack on Yamaki mansion.After this raid, Yoritomo took control of the Kokuga of Izu Province.After that, YoritomoMiuraOn August 8, he left Izu and took possession of Sanehira Doi's territory.Sagami countryToi Village (KanagawaYugawara town).Tokimasa HOJO and his son also served Yoritomo with other samurai from Izu Province.However, more than 3000 cavalrymen, including Kagechika Oba of the Taira clan, stood in the way. On the 23rd, Kagechika launched a night battle, and Yoritomo's army was severely defeated and dispersed (Ishibashi Mountain Battle).At this time, Tokimasa's eldest son,Munetokiof the Oba sideSukechika ItoSurrounded by the army ofYoritomo and SanehiraHakone GongenBeliefafter hiding in deedsMt. HakoneからManazuru PeninsulaEscape to 28th,Cape Manazuru(Kanagawa PrefectureManazuru town) Depart fromAwakuniescaped toTokimasa left Yoritomo for a while and joined Kai-Genji including Nobuyoshi TAKEDA who raised an army there, leaving Yoritomo for a while, although the process until then differs depending on the document.[Note 5]. On October 10, Kai-Genji and Tokimasa attacked Suruga (Battle of Hachida), and the Yoritomo army, which regained power by suppressing Boso and MusashiKise Riverreached.After witnessing Yoritomo and Kai-Genji's large army, many Taira clan forces dropped out one after another, and the Taira clan forces were routed without any significant engagement (Battle of Fuji River). afterwards,Mr. SatakeAfter Yoritomo returned to Kamakura after the conquest, on December 12th, he held a ceremony of transfer to the newly built Okura-tei, and Tokimasa was in line with other gokenin.

    The case before the turtle

    After the end of 4, Tokimasa's movements became less noticeable under the Kamakura government, partly because the weight of other influential gokenin increased.ToshinagaNew Year (1182), Yoritomo is his mistress.In front of the turtleTheHirotsuna FushimiI put it in my house and loved it,YoriieMasako, who was informed of this by her stepmother Maki no kata after giving birth, became furious, and on November 11, Masako announced that she was Maki's father or brother.Maki Munechikaに命じて広綱宅を破壊する(Second wife(うわなりうち))という事件を起こす。12日、怒った頼朝は宗親を呼び出して叱責し、宗親の髻を切って辱めた。これを知った時政は宗親への仕打ちに怒り、一族を率いて伊豆へ立ち退いた。この騒動の顛末がどうなったかは、『吾妻鏡』の寿永2年(1183) is missing and cannot be followed.

    Lunar calendarNew Year (1184) as well, Tokimasa hardly appears in the public eye except for the fact that he sent a letter to Tosa in March.In this year, Nobuyoshi TAKEDA, who was the mainstream of the Kai-Genji clan, was ousted, but Tokimasa is considered to be Suruga Shugo after Nobuyoshi TAKEDA.In Suruga, in addition to the Maki clan's estate, Ookamaki, his son-in-law,Ano ZenjoAs there was also Ano-no-sho, which was the surname of , it is thought that he was trying to advance into Suruga, which was a blank area, using the territory of his relatives as a foothold.

    Kyoto guardian

    BunjiNew Year (1185) The fall of the Taira clan in March lasted for nearly five years.Responsibility and Rebellion of Toshinagaended, but in OctoberYoshitsune Minamoto-expertThe rebellion against Yoritomo is exposed ("Tamaba'October 10 article). On October 13, at the request of Yoshitsune, Emperor Goshirakawa issued an imperial order to seek out and kill Yoritomo, but Yoshitsune fell into a difficult situation the following month. On November 10, at Yoritomo's command, Tokimasa entered Kyoto with 18 cavalrymen, and began negotiations with Yoritomo's indignation.[Note 6]. Tokimasa on the 28thYoshida KeiboFor the capture of Yoshitsune and others through "Guardian-Ground(Bunji's charter).

    Tokimasa had a wide range of duties, including maintaining public order in Kyoto, searching for remnants of the Taira clan, dealing with the Yoshitsune issue, and conducting political negotiations with the Imperial Court.Kyoto guardianwill be called.While in Tokyo, TokimasaKebiishi AgencyThere was also a strong-willed aspect, such as executing without handing over to the public, but the measures were ``It is a place where you can talk honestly and politely in matters'' ("Azuma Kagami" article on February 2, 2) and ``Think about fairness. While it was generally well received, saying, "It's because you forget me" ("Azuma Kagami" March 25, 2 article), "Tamaba] In the article dated March 2, 3, it states, ``The government isKujo KanemiHowever, Suenaga laughed at the series of actions taken by Tokimasa, and honestly said, ``Tokimasa is a country boy, so of course he could do it.'' , sometimes embarrassed as a countryman[5].However, on March 3st, Tokimasa resigned from the post of 'Seven Provinces'.Sou Pursuit EnvoyInformed Goshirakawa that he intends to retain only the position of[Note 7], at the end of the month the clan時定He left Kyoto with the following 35 men in the Rakuchu guards.this is,"Azuma mirrorIt seems to be related to the act of sabotage in Kyoto by Tokimasa's retainers, which can be seen in the article dated February 2, 2, and included the possibility that Tokimasa could become the second Yoshinaka and Yoshitsune.[5].To the successor Kyoto ShugoIchijo Nohowas appointed.Tokimasa's tenure was short, only four months, but he played a role in restoring the shogunate's military system in the Kinai region after the downfall of Yoshitsune, and handing it over to his successor.

    After returning to Kamakura, Tokimasa stopped showing any open activities, as if his success in Kyoto was a lie.5th year of Bunji (1189) On June 6th, he went to Hojo to pray for victory in the conquest of Oshu.Hospitalizationis erected, but remains in the templeUnkeiThe Buddhas of the work were written three years earlier, in the 3nd year of Bunji (1186), and it is believed that they were putting effort into gaining control of Izu, their home base.

    Fuji winding

    Takehisa4 years(1193) In March, one year after the death of Emperor Goshirakawa and the ban on killing was lifted, YoritomoShimono country-Nasuno, ThenUeno country-AgatsumaSummoning Gokenin in MiharanoMakigariWas held.Oshu BattleIt was the first large-scale mobilization since then, and it is believed that in addition to military exercises, it was also aimed at demonstrations against the Kanto region. From May, the place for makigari moved to the direction of Mt. Fuji, and Tokimasa, the governor of Suruga, set up hunting grounds and lodgings.However, on the night of May 5, in a thunderstorm,Soga SukenariとSoga Tokimunebrother is the enemy of his fatherYusuke KudoAn incident of attacking and killing breaks out.Many samurai were killed in the chaos, and his brother SukenariNitta Tadatsuneand his younger brother Tokimune was captured alive while trying to rush into Yoritomo's lodgings (Soga brothers' revenge).timelyCrow hat parentsThere is a theory that Tokimasa was the mastermind behind the incident, but the truth is unknown.

    The sudden death of Suketsune, who was an influential person in Izu, seems to have worked in favor of Tokimasa.1194) November 11st, Izu Province IchinomiyaMishima ShrineThis is the first time I have been involved in the management of Shinto rituals.In addition, in August of this year, for many yearsOmi Provincehad effective control overYoshisada Yasudawas executed on suspicion of treason, but it is believed that Tokimasa was the governor of Totomi after Yoshisada YASUDA.Tokimasa established a strong foothold in the three provinces of Izu, Suruga, and Totomi.ShojiNew Year (1199) when Yoritomo diedXNUMX-person consensus systemHe will appear as an influential person in the shogunate.

    Kajiwara Kagetoki's strange

    After the death of Yoritomo, the heirYoriieAlthough Yoritomo took over, the dissatisfaction of the influential vassals who had been suppressed during Yoritomo's lifetime erupted, and he used his shrewdness to control the vassals.SamuraiBettoKajiwara Keijiwas impeached and ousted from Kamakura in December (Kajiwara Kagetoki's strange).

    "Tamaba(Article on the 2nd day of January 2nd year of Shoji), Kagetoki, who was resented by other samurai, was Yoriie's younger brother.Real morningIt is said that he reported to Yoriie that there was a conspiracy to make him the shogun, and confronted other samurai, but was defeated, and as a result of the slanderous remarks being exposed, he was exiled with his family.Tokimasa did not sign the letter of impeachment, but the reason for impeaching Kagetoki was Tokimasa's daughter.Awa stationKiyomi-no-seki in Suruga Province, where the Kagetoki clan was exterminated, was within Tokimasa's sphere of influence, so there is a high possibility that he was involved in Kagetoki's downfall.

    Hiki Yoshikazu's strange

    2nd year of Shoji (1200) On April 4, Tokimasa was appointed Totomi no kami, becoming the first Gokenin outside the Genji clan to serve as Kami.Kokujibecame.Although Tokimasa's position in the bakufu improved greatly, the status of maternal relatives of the shogun family was from the Hojo clan to Yoriie's foster father and father-in-law.Hiki Yoshikazumoved to Tokimasa andMr. Hikiconflict intensified.Kennin3 years(1203) When Yoriie fell ill in July, Tokimasa summoned Yoshikazu HIKI to his residence on September 7nd and murdered him.IchimanDestroy the Hiki clan by sending an army to Kogosho, the residence of Mr.Next, Yoriie abolished the rank of Shogun.IzukuniShuzenjiexiled to (Hiki Yoshikazu's strange).

    Supporting Sanetomo

    Tokimasa backed up 12-year-old Sanetomo, Yoriie's younger brother, whom Awa no Tsubone served as a wet nurse, as the third shogun and invited him to Nagoe-tei, his residence, to seize real power. On September 3, instead of the young Sanetomo, Tokimasa signed a single document called 'Kanto Genotomo' (Kamakura Ibun, 9).PropertyReliefI performed the following duties: on October 10thHiroe OeAlongsideGovernment officeBeliefwas appointed toDuring this period, Tokimasa established despotism in the bakufu by suppressing the authority of not only Sanetomo, who was the Kamakura lord, but also OE no Hiromoto, who was also the mandokoro betto.The fact that Tokimasa assumed the first regent in 3 is considered to indicate this political situation.[6]。また、頼朝在世中の時政は上記のとおり地味な存在であり、有力幕臣として頭角を現したのは十三人合議制あたりからである。ただ、その間に領土的な地盤は拡充されており、旗揚げ時にもわずかな兵しか動かせなかった小豪族・北条家は、三浦や畠山といった大族に対抗し得るだけの軍事力をも蔵するようになってきていた。

    On the same day that Tokimasa was appointed mandokoro betto, he is the son-in-law of the eldest daughter born between Tokimasa and Maki no kata, and is the governor of Musashi.Asahi Hiragaleft Kamakura for the duties of Kyoto Shugo.His father-in-law, Tokimasa, took over the national affairs of Musashi Province.Yoshimori WadaThe governor of Musashi Province was ordered to be loyal to Tokimasa ("Azuma Kagami" article dated October 3, Kennin 10). In November, Ichiman, who escaped during the Yoshikazu Incident, was captured and killed by the forces of Yoshitoki, a son of Tokimasa.

    Hatakeyama Shigetada's Ran

    Tokimasa was in a position to lead the domestic samurai corps as Musashi Province Rusugasho Soukenshiki (a soken school).Shigetada Hatakeyamaとの間に軋轢を生じさせることになった。『Tomorrow"MotohisaNew Year (1204)正月18日条によると、京で「北条時政が畠山重忠と戦って敗北し山中に隠れた。大江広元がすでに殺されたとのことだ。」という風聞が流れ、広元の縁者がそのデマに騒ぎ荷物を運び出す騒動になるなど、両者の対立は周知のこととなっていた。3月6日には義時が相模守に任じられ[Note 8]The Hojo clan, father and son, took control of the national affairs of Musashi and Sagami, which were key countries of the shogunate.On July 7th of the same year, the former Shogun Yoriie died at Shuzenji Temple in Izu Province.IdiotAnd 'Samurai Chronicle''Masukagami』によれば頼家は義時の送った手勢により、古活字本『MemoirsAnd 'Umematsu theory』では時政の送った手勢により暗殺されたという。

    November 11th, in the morningNobuyoshi BomonDaughter of(Nishihachijo Zenni)を正室に迎えるための使者として上洛した嫡男Masanoriが、京で病にかかり16歳で急死。時政・牧の方鍾愛の子であり牧の方所生唯一の男子であった政範の死が、Hatakeyama Shigetada's RanからMaki caseへと続く一族内紛のきっかけとなっていく。なお、『吾妻鏡』では実朝の正室を迎える使者として上洛した御家人の代表を政範1人としているが、『Chusuke OkiAccording to the article dated November 11, Genkyu 3, it is confirmed that Tokimasa also went to Kyoto.[7].. 『Shimadzu family document』によると、時政は娘婿であった重忠父子を勘当したが、元久2年(1205) On New YearChiba SeizoThe two have temporarily reconciled through the mediation of[8]。しかし6月に時政は娘婿である平賀朝雅・Shigenari InageIn response to the accusation of , Shigetada was destroyed for rebellion (Hatakeyama Shigetada's Ran).

    The Maki case and downfall

    In the leap month of July, Tokimasa conspired with Makikata to kill Sanetomo, the shogun, and tried to support Tomomasa HIRAGA as the new shogun.However, on leap July 7, Masako and YoshitokiYuki Asako,Yoshimura Miura,Munemasa NaganumaHe sent them to welcome Sanetomo, who was staying at Tokimasa's residence, to Yoshitoki's residence.The conspiracy failed completely because most of the retainers on Tokimasa's side also sided with Masako and Yoshitoki, who supported Sanetomo.There is also a view that Tokimasa himself was reluctant to kill Sanetomo, his maternal grandson, and that it was Maki who was active in the murder.[9]。だが最も同時代に近い『Idiot』では事件の首謀者を一貫して時政としており、『吾妻鏡』は北条氏の祖である時政を擁護するために牧の方を事実以上の悪役に仕立てているとする見解もある[10].Tokimasa, who was completely isolated and helpless within the bakufu, entered the priesthood on the same day, and the next day he was banished from Kamakura and forced to retire to Hojo in Izu Province (Maki case).

    Regarding this Maki incident,Sixth generation victory record, where Tokimasa planned a conspiracy, ``Hojo Kyudaiki] Tokisei's plot, ``Holy calendarIt is said that Tokimasa and Maki were about to succeed in killing Sanetomo.Yoshitoki, who was opposed to the murder of Shigetada HATAKEYAMA, deepened his conflict with Tokimasa, and it is speculated that the political confrontation between Tokimasa, Masako, and Yoshitoki was also part of the background.[Note 9].After that, Tokimasa ended his political life without ever appearing on the stage again.

    Kenpo3 years(1215) On January 1, he died in Izu due to a tumor.He is 6 years old.


    Tokimasa raised the nameless Hojo clan, which was just one local ruling family in the eastern part of Japan, to power in the Kamakura bakufu in a single generation, but perhaps because the murder of Shigetada HATAKEYAMA and the attempted assassination of Sanetomo spoiled the evening, his descendants regard the first generation as Yoshitoki. He is a person who does not have a very good reputation, such as being excluded from rituals.

    Tokimasa's grandson and third regentHojo YasutoshiKnown for his uprightness, he visited Yoritomo, Masako, Yoshitoki, and others as the ancestral mausoleum of the shogunate whenever possible and did not miss annual events at the end of the year, but only Tokimasa tried to kill Sanetomo in the Maki clan incident. His existence is denied because he is a rebel who did not perform Buddhist services.[11].

    Movement around the site of the mansion

    Showa15 years(1940), some researchers presumed that the ruins at the foot of the mountain were the ruins of Tokimasa's residence, and since then,Kanagawa Board of EducationIt has been written as 'Hojo Tokimasa's residence' in the ruins map and ruins ledger created by .HoweverKamakura city Heisei20 years(2008) As a result of the excavation conducted in the latter half of the period, no relics from the Tokimasa era were found, and the oldest remains were presumed to be from the latter half of the 13th century (Tokimasa died in the first half of the 13th century). There is a strong possibility that there will be noHeisei21 years(2009) and changed its name to 'Omachi Shakadoguchi Ruins'.

    As a result of the above investigation, this ruin is presumed to be a temple from the Kamakura period, and is considered to be of value as a historical document.Historic siteAimed at designation.


    Genealogy (before Tokimasa)

    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Seihan — Tokinao — Tokiie — Tokikata — Tokimasa
    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Tokikata — Tokiie — Tokimasa
    • Sadamori — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Tokikata — Tokiie — Tokimasa
    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Unben — Tokinao — Tokiie — Tokikata — Tokimasa (Notsumoto)
    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Seihan — Tokiie — Tokikane — Tokimasa (Documents of the Nakajo Family)
    • Sadamori — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Tokikata — Tokiie — Tokikane — Tokimasa (Irikiin family collection)
    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Morikata — Seihan — Tokiie — Tokikane — Tokimasa (Nobe Documents)
    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Morikata — Tokiie — Tokikane — Tokimasa (Myohonjimoto)
    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Morikata — Tokiie — Tokikata — Tokimasa (Shoshu Teramoto)
    • Sadamori — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Toshinori — Tokiie — Tokikata — Tokimasa (Sanmon Monsho)
    • Sadamori — Koremasa — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Tokikata — Tokikane — Tokiie — Tokimasa (Ibusuki clan genealogy)
    • Sadamori — Koretoki — Nogata — Korekata — Tokikata — Tokiie — Tokimasa (Enkei Hon Heike Monogatari)
    • Sadamori — Korehira — Koretō — Koremori — Morimoto — Sadatoki — Tokiie — Tokikane — Tokimasa

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    注 釈

    1. ^ After Shigetada's death, it is commonly believed that Yoshizumi ASHIKAGA, the illegitimate eldest son of Yoshikane ASHIKAGA, inherited the former territory of Shigetada and the name of Hatakeyama by marrying Shigetada's widow (Tokimasa's daughter), but there is a different theory that the woman Yoshizumi married was Shigetada's. There is a theory that she was not a widow (Tokimasa), but a woman born between Shigetada and Tokimasa, and that this woman was the mother of Yasukuni HATAKEYAMA.In this theory, Yoshizumi is Shigetada's son-in-law and Taikuni is Shigetada's maternal grandson.[Source invalid].
    2. ^ However, regarding the timing of this marriage, there is a theory that it was before Yoritomo was exiled () and another theory that it was after Yoritomo raised an army (Shigeo Hosokawa) both exist.It is also pointed out that since Tokimasa-class samurai at that time did not have concubines, they were narrowed down after the birth of Tokifusa HOJO (Koichi Sakai).
    3. ^ "Genpei MorishikiAccording to the book, when Tokimasa found out about the relationship between Yoritomo and Masako, he transferred Masako to Izu.Mokudai OfKanetaka YamakiHowever, when Masako ran to Yoritomo, Tokimasa changed his mind and allowed the marriage of the two.However, considering the age of Ohime, who was born to Masako Yoritomo, and the time when Kanetaka was exiled, it is difficult to say that this anecdote was true.
    4. ^ As Tokimasa's thoughts on this marriage, in Kyoto these days,Kiyomori TairaとGoshirakawa PopeThere are signs of conflict betweenEnryakuji Temple OfGoso,Yagen's Great Fire,Shishigatani Incidentwas happening in rapid succession.Tokimasa, who was in Tokyo and watched the situation in the center,Taira administrationOn the other hand, it seems that there is a possibility that Yoritomo was adopted as a son-in-law in anticipation that the marriage would not last long.[Source required]However, there is also the view that Yoritomo was simply pushed by Masako's enthusiasm, and even if he sought interests, Yoritomo only hoped that the Nobility could act as a breakwater against the Ito clan, the local ruling family. . (Shigeo Hosokawa"Yoritomo's Samurai Corps" (Yosensha)
    5. ^ After that, Tokimasa's actions were "Azuma mirrorAccording to the book, Tokimasa once crossed over to Awa, and Tokimasa also escaped to Awa the day before by a different route and joined Yoritomo there.While searching for a way to rebuild the situation, on September 9, TokimasaMr. KaiOn the 15th, he went to Kai with a secret mission to attractNobuyoshi Takeda-Ichijo TadayoriIt is said that he arrived at Mt.Kazusa HirotsuguYoritomo, who was on his side, was on September 9th.Tsuchiyawas sent to Kai as the second messenger, and on the 24th, Kai-Genji, who received a visit from Soen, gathered his family and repeatedly discussed with Yoritomo whether to attend the meeting in Suruga.On the other hand, in "Enkei Hon Heike Monogatari," there is a description that 'Tokimasa got separated from Yoritomo after the war and fled to Kai', and 'Yoritomo sent Muneto to Kai as a messenger without knowing whether Tokimasa was alive or dead.' There is a discrepancy with the description in Azuma Kagami.There is also an interpretation that Tokimasa simply defected to Kai, and the anecdote that he worked hard to conciliate Kai-Genji may have been written by the editor of "Azuma Kagami" to honor the Hojo clan.
    6. ^ There is a theory that Tokimasa was chosen as a messenger because Tsunefusa YOSHIDA, who was the point of contact for the shogunate in Kyoto, interacted with Tokimasa, who was a government official during his tenure as Governor of Izu Province.
    7. ^ It is presumed that 'Shichikoku Jito' was set up in the neighboring provinces of the Kinai region, but the details are unknown, and the relationship with Sooi Toushi is also unclear.Today, this ``Seven Country Jito'' was common during the Kamakura period.Three big criminalsIt is not a land steward established in a manor or public land, but has powerful authority such as the collection of XNUMX sho of rice, the right to control rice fields, and the right to mobilize domestic samurai.head of state”, and the theory that it is the first stage of Shugo has become popular (Kawai Yasushi, “Peel off the false image of the Genpei Kassen” <Kodansha Sensho Metier> Kodansha, 1996).While Kokujito has great authority, there are many problems that must be dealt with, such as dispute resolution with the aristocrats, temples and shrines who are the lords of the manor, supervision of kokuga administration, and requests from Goshirakawa-in, and Tokimasa is Yoshitsune and Yukiie. There is a view that he wanted to become a Soui tsushi, whose duties were related to military affairs and prosecution, because he wanted to concentrate on the search for the police (Shuichi MATSUSHIMA, "Hojo Tokimasa's Stationing in Kyoto," Nihon Bunka Ronso, No. 9). , 2001).
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    9. ^ After Shigetada's innocence became clear after the war, Shigenari Inage, a member of the Tokisei faction,Shigetomo Harutani(Shigenari's younger brother) was killed by Yoshimura MIURA.
    10. ^ By conventionSukechika Itoconsidered to be the daughter ofHowever, there is a heresy that she is Yuchika's younger sister.
    11. ^ Koichi SakaiIn the XNUMXth volume of ``Soga Monogatari,'' the true book, ``Kamakura-dono no Odaibansho'' (Masako's mother) is written as the aunt of the Soga brothers, so Masako's mother also gave birth to Munetoki and Yoshitoki. isSukechika Itois with the daughter of[15].In addition, Sakai concluded that since it was not customary for Tokimasa-class samurai to have concubines, Tokimasa remarried Maki no kata after the death of his first wife, the daughter of Sukechika ITO, and then Masanori and Tomomasa HIRAGA. His wife, Sanenobu SANJO's wife, Yoritsuna UTSUNOMIYA's wife, Tadakiyo BOMON's wife, and Toki OOOKA's wife were children of Maki no Kata, and Tsutsumi KONO's wife was also presumed to be Maki's child, so he gave birth to a total of seven children. , Munetoki, Masako, Yoshitoki, Tokiko, Awa no Tsubone, Tokifusa, Inage no Nyobo, Shigetada HATAKEYAMA, on the assumption that his wife may be the child of Sukechika ITO's daughter, Masako was born when Tokimasa was 7 years old. It is said that Tokifusa, who was the first child and was 20 years younger, was the eighth child (the youngest child of Yuko's daughter).[16]..However, "Idiot' says that Ōoka Tokichika was Maki no Kata's older brother, and in that case, it is unthinkable that he married Maki no Kata's daughter.
    12. ^ After Shigetada's death, it is commonly believed that Yoshizumi ASHIKAGA, the illegitimate eldest son of Yoshikane ASHIKAGA, inherited the former territory of Shigetada and the name of Hatakeyama by marrying Shigetada's widow (Tokimasa's daughter), but there is a different theory that the woman Yoshizumi married was Shigetada's. There is a theory that she was not a widow (Tokimasa), but a woman born between Shigetada and Tokimasa, and that this woman was the mother of Yasukuni HATAKEYAMA.In this theory, Yoshizumi is Shigetada's son-in-law and Taikuni is Shigetada's maternal grandson.
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