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🌐 | [Topic on the net] Eat and compare blue and red sui covers


[Topic on the net] Eat and compare the blue sui cover and the red sui cover

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As far as I can confirm, the only difference is that the coloring agent for red sui cover contains "vegetable pigment", while the blue sui cover contains "spirulina blue".

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    Red swivel cover


    Spirulina(Spirulina) inhabits freshwater areasBlue algaeClass of the genus ArthrospiraAlgaeIt is a culture species of.It has photosynthetic ability but no nitrogen fixation ability.The name Spirulina is Latinspirula Derived from "small coil"[1]..Traditional SpirulinaSpirulinaAmong the species that were considered to be the genus Altrospira, the cultivated species that form blue-green algae Arthrospirarecombined into[2].The species with the trade name Spirulina belongs to the genus Altrospira. Arthrospirais.The trichomes are regularly twisted in a spiral, are longer than they are wide, have distinct intercellular septa, and do not have a mucosal layer on the surface.again,Product Evaluation Technology InfrastructureGenome analysis at the Biotechnology Center revealed that group II introns, IS sequences, phage-like regions, and other repetitive sequences accounted for about 1% (618 kb) of the entire sequence. From the discovery of , we found that many genes of restriction-modification systems that have the function of degrading foreign DNA were found, and that they are adapted to harsh environments by frequently causing changes in the genome structure. Reported to be found to make admission difficult[3].


    It has a spiral shape with a width of 5-8 μm and a length of 300-500 μm.Inorganic saltHigh concentrationalkalinityIt grows naturally in the swamp ofLand plantsOxygen evolution typephotosynthesisHowever, it does not have the ability to fix nitrogen.[4]..In a hypernutrient water massIs blueMay be a major factor in.

    Edible and harmful to humans

    Although it cannot be used as a staple food because of its lack of nitrogen-fixing ability, research into its application as a dietary supplement was actively carried out in People's China in the 70s with the aim of supplementing vitamin A for infants.Ultimately, it was denied that vitamin A is metabolized in the human body.I searched for the following nutrition information table published by the US Department of Agriculture and Commerce, but it does not exist, but there are many research papers on it in the Department's database.The U.S. FDA and the National Institute of Health Sciences state that "sufficient data regarding safety in humans are not available."Diarrhea, flatulence, upset stomach, and edema may occur.Since there is not enough information regarding safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is better to avoid taking it.Spirulina can contain more bacteria, heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic), and radioactive divalent or trivalent ions than other algae.In addition, those containing microcystin are hepatotoxic and excessive intake is dangerous.[5] There are many reports of photosensitivity and cell wall inflammation as health hazards for products containing spirulina.[6]..The French Food, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Agency reports serious allergic symptoms to supplements containing spirulina, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare warns as a cautionary note.[7]Is out.

    In addition, the Chinese government conducted a large-scale sanitary inspection of spirulina products and announced that some products contained lead, mercury, selenium, arsenic, etc.It was[8].As an actual case report in Japan, "Inflammatory muscle disease with extensive skin symptoms that developed after taking spirulina (supplement-containing ingredient)" was published in the Japanese Society of Clinical Neurology.[9]Multiple cases have been reported.In addition, the quality of the water used in large-scale cultivation has a great effect.It is difficult to remove the demetallized salt from a large amount of river water used for production with an ion exchange resin or the like.Since the mercury poisoning in Minamata was also caused by the bioaccumulation of metal salts due to the food chain, long-term observation is necessary.


    now in mongolia[10]It is produced all over the world, and China accounts for 60-70% of the world's total production.[11].It is also produced in India and Indonesia.In Japan, Dainippon Ink and Chemicals (currently Dainippon Ink and Chemicals) obtained feed-use spirulina powder from Mexico through a trading company, tableted it, bottled it, and resold it as a health food.DIC) was introduced to cultivation in outdoor pools in the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand in 1978.[12], and later invested in a Chinese grower with a large-scale culture pond on Hainan Island and started large-scale production.[13].Simultaneous safety inspection of Spirulina products by the Chinese government[14]In , lead poison, mercury, arsenic, etc. were reported from multiple commercial products.[15]is doing.At the same time, we invested in Earthrise, a new business venture that was cultivating in the desert of California, USA, and later acquired all shares.[16] expanding production.According to the company's website, 50 acres (three times the size of the Tokyo Dome) of the entire site are in operation as circulating culture ponds with a tributary of the Colorado River as the water source.The current harvest is about 500 tons per year from California, and about XNUMX tons from China according to trade statistics, although there are large seasonal fluctuations.TIt seems that it fits well with the amount of description on the homepage.Since both production ponds are large-scale outdoor cultivation, after removing sand, flying debris, aquatic organisms, etc. from the culture solution, it is dehydrated using a screen filter, dried as sludge, and then crushed into powder by a machine. do.Bottled in powder form and sold as tablets through a tablet press[17].There is also a crude blue dye powder obtained by redissolving the powder in warm water and freeze-drying it.

    For domestic production, Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, an affiliated company of Asahi Glassview techThere isIts main business is the manufacture of curved windshields for the leading cars of automobiles and Shinkansen bullet trains, and the contracting of tank truck transportation.[18]It has a circulating cultivation pool in a glass greenhouse and a simple greenhouse, and is engaged in small-scale production.Using the quick freezing technology originally developed by Taberumo, the brand name is "Taberumo", a raw food health food.[19]. .


    Since Spirulina does not fix nitrogen, the fixed nitrogen component as a species is almost the same as other blue-green algae, but it performs photosynthesis and actively produces and accumulates proteins.Nitrogen accounts for almost half of the dry weight, although it varies greatly depending on the culture conditions, such as what is used as the raw material.About half of this is edible nitrogen and the other half is non-edible nitrogen containing a lot of phycocyanin.A recent report states that the amino acid composition varies greatly depending on the cultivation, and even products from the same manufacturer differ greatly, so it is necessary to control product standards.[20].

    The powder obtained by redissolving the dry powder and freeze-dryingContains a lot of phycocyaninStrongly acidic with a pH of about 2 to 5, such as carbonated water[21]However, it has the property of maintaining a stable bluish white color, so it can be used as a substitute for gardenias and safflowers.[22]・ Dairy products[23]・ Powdered juice ・ Beverage ・ Gummy[24]It is used as a blue colorant for[25].Other beauty ingredients such as "Ficonaskin Moist Lifting Tablets" are available.[26] Mixed with feed for household use such as goldfishmaterialThere are also examples of its use inA company claiming that it has better digestibility and absorption than chlorella,Super foodWe are selling with the touch of[27][28].

    A presentation at the National Academy of India also pointed out the anti-biofilm potential of S. platensis against a wide range of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.[29], as an application of this, Lumen Biosciences, Seattle, USARNA from Spirulina StemThey claim that they can pull the chains off and make monoclonal antibody cocktails to produce antidiarrheal drugs for field troops.[30].Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.materialannounced that they have entered into a joint research partnership.

    Main spirulina (in 100g)fatty acidType of
    ItemQuantity (g)
    saturated fatty acid2.65
    14:0 (Myristic acid)0.075
    16:0 (Palmitic acid)2.496
    18:0 (stearic acid)0.077
    Monounsaturated fatty acid0.675
    16:1 (Palmitoleic acid)0.328
    18:1 (oleic acid)0.347
    Polyunsaturated fatty acid2.08
    18:2 (Linoleic acid)1.254
    18:3 (α-linolenic acid)0.823


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