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📦 | Rakuten wins in a row and stops losing streak with 4 Starting pitcher Hideto Asamura has 2 RBIs for the first time in 3 years

Photo: Shinjima (photographed by Ippei Iimuro) who showed a good throw of 5 goal in 1 innings.

Rakuten stops losing streak with 4 in a row

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In the third inning to chase one point, Asamura made a tie with a timely hit, and in the fourth inning, Tatsumi's No. 1 solo won.

"Hanshin 1-6 Rakuten" (25th, Koshien Stadium) Rakuten wins with a good match.Stopped the losing streak with 4.In the last 4 games ... → Continue reading

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    Timely hit

    Timely hit(Kijida) meansbaseball,soft ballso,baseupperrunnerThehome plateSurviving (score) LetHitThat[1][2].Timely hitIt is also called as "timely hit" when "timely hit" is "hit at right timing (scene with runners)".JapanglishSo in englishclutch hitOrRBI hitCalled. Only the number of points for the batter who hit the ball in a timely mannerRBI(RBI) is recorded.

    Timely deficiency

    In Japan, it is sometimes referred to as "timely deficiency" or "timely striking deficiency" in the media or in conversations after the director's game. Even if the teamHome run,Sacrifice fly,Squeeze playEven if you have scored with, etc., you have not scored with a timely strike (BattingIf not), the use of the above terms can be seen.


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