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🌐 | ⛸ Yuzuru Hanyu and ✌️ Peace 2S, Nobunari Oda 🌍 Explosive likes from all over the world ⁉️

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⛸ Yuzuru Hanyu and ✌️ Peace 2S, Net Nobunari ❣️ Nobunari Oda 🌍 Explosive fast likes from all over the world ⁉️

If you write the contents roughly
It seems that they are gathering a lot of attention by sharing the practice scene with the gorgeous members who participate in the ice show.

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Ice show

Ice showIsice skate OfLinksVarious shows that take place on the stage.


Since the 1930sThe United States of America, In EuropeIce capades,Ice Follies,Holiday on ice, Hollywood Ice Review, so-called "on ice"Review』The dark-colored ones gain popularity.After that, it was famous as two major ice shows in North America after the 1980s.Stars on ice (Stars on ice) andChampions on Ice It was (Champions on ice).these areFigure skater Exhibition programIt is an ice show that focuses on skiing.Champions on Ice began in 1969 and Stars on Ice began in 1986, both of whichOlympic,World Figure Skating ChampionshipThe members were top skaters such as the medalist of the United States, and each season they toured cities such as Canada and the United States.In recent years, this Japan tour has also been held.As a Japanese original ice show, in 1978, it is now called "VIVA! ICE WORLD".Prince Ice WorldHas started. In 1981,Disney on iceHas begun and has expanded new fields.


Broadly divided

Example) Disney on Ice, Swan Lake on Ice, etc.
Example) Stars on Ice, Prince Ice World, etc.

There are various show forms such as, but the current show incorporates various elements to enhance entertainment, and the form is not limited to this.The performers are not only pair, ice dance and single figure skater, but alsoSpeed ​​skater,Synchronized skaterThe content of the show is wide-ranging.

Major shows in Japan

Major shows outside Japan

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Practice scenery


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