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🌐 | Shining tiger medal and net boiling Fan handmade "The level goes up steadily" "Waku Waku-san?"

Director Yano (photographed by Sho Horiuchi) who puts a medal on Itohara (left) who released the first solo in the 5th photo.

A fan's homemade "level goes up steadily" "exciting?"

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On this day, when Itohara returned to the bench with the first solo of No. 1 in the fifth inning, the medal hung by Director Yano was a type with green surroundings and shiny lights.

"Yakult 2-1 Hanshin" (17th, Jingu Baseball Stadium) The glowing tiger medal became a big topic on the net.On Twitter ... → Continue reading

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illumination(British: illumination) Islight bulb,Light emitting diode,Optical cableIt is a decoration that collects light sources of faint light and creates landscapes at night by imitating illuminated signboards, landscapes, people, etc.Electric spectacularsAlso called (denshoku).


JapanThen.Christmas treeIn addition to being widely seen in the form of such as, it may be developed on a large scale as a tourist attraction.Also, personalPrivate houseEven in Japan, the number of beautiful lights around the house is increasing for the Christmas season.[1].

For the light sourceMiniature bulb,Wheat ballHas been used, but there are many ball breaks,power consumptionThere was a slight difficulty in terms of cost because of the large number of trees and the fact that heat generation had an adverse effect on trees.

In recent years, high outputLight emitting diodeIs cheaper, more durable and heat-generating.running costHas been dramatically improved, and the number of products using light emitting diodes is increasing.Blue light emitting diode,White light emitting diodeEspecially due to the rise oftag,whiteTends to be used a lot.

A city with a lot of illuminations is sometimes called an illumination city (illumination city).Also, people who enjoy decorating their private homes with lightsIlluminatorThat.

A person who specializes in illumination and designs is called an illumination designer.


The origin of the illuminations16st centuryDating back toReformationKnown forGermany OfMartin LutherIs said to have thought.He was impressed to see the glittering stars in the woods at night, and many on the branches of the tree.CandleI tried to reproduce the scenery by decorating.

Illuminations in Japan1900/(33th year of Meiji)4/30,KobeMade offshoreObserving ceremonySo, at night, it is said that each ship glows and illuminates the surface of the sea, showing a great view.[2]..In the Meiji era,Osaka,TokyoSolicitationexpositionBut a big illumination was done[2].

In JapanMeiji EraDealing with imported goodsMeijiya GinzaIt is big that we advanced to.1905/(MeijiIn the newspaper of 38), "Illuminations are more colorful than usual [Mom] ”Is seen in the article.


The illumination is said to have been born from the reproduction of the light of the stars, but the light weakens the real starlight that shines in the night sky.In addition, it may adversely affect the health of humans, animals and plants.[3]..A series of problems like thisLight pollutionIs said.

Excessive illumination also leads to waste of energy.In recent yearsLight emitting diode,Green powerusing"エ コHowever, with the spread of LEDs, the scale of events has increased, and there have been many cases of illuminations in the gardens of private houses.Therefore, as for the number of light bulbs used, it is highly possible that the waste of energy has increased significantly compared to before the spread of LEDs.By increasing waste of energyHeat island phenomenon,Global warmingIt is also said that it is further promoting the progress of[4].

Illumination design

There are two main types of illumination designs in various parts of Japan.

  • House illumination
  • Commercial illumination

House illumination (home illumination) is to coordinate the verandas of individual houses and condominiums by using the illuminations of commercial products that are sold at mass retailers, online shops, home centers, etc.Various expressions are made by combining off-the-shelf motifs and tube lights (rope lights), but it is not easy to create originality, and coordination is often done with volume and flashing flashiness rather than design. (Even in the commercial illuminations described below, there are many places where similar coordination is done in small places.)

On the other hand, commercial illuminations are illuminations in commercial spaces and are often performed as part of Christmas sales promotion.Therefore, there are some facilities that will be a large-scale event to liven up the whole facility by performing it together with the in-store POP and campaign of Christmas sale.In order to differentiate from rival facilities, we often adopt original designs.Decorators may be designed as an extension of the display, and the feature in that case is that the decoration is the main and the illumination is woven with accents.In addition, there are few designers specializing in illuminations in Japan. (Illuminations designer below)

Illuminations designer

Generally called this, it is an industry that specializes in illumination design.

In commercial illumination, large-scale electrical work and workpieces are incorporated into the design, so a wide range of high knowledge and experience is required.It is also characteristic that the construction flow is similar to that of a construction site.Therefore, in the industry of illumination design, it is said that if you have knowledge of type 2 electrical work and level 2 architecture, you can make efficient space design planning proposals.

While the illumination itself is well known, the reality is that the existence and necessity of specialist illumination designers is low.

In addition to the illumination designers, there is also an industry called illumination producers, which has almost the same meaning as the position of the director.

Industry group

Japan Illumination Promotion Association(JaIPA), an industry group consisting of illumination manufacturers, construction companies, design companies, etc. for the purpose of sound development of illuminations, technical research and information provision.

Illumination signage

Illuminations have been used mainly to mean illumination (decoration of light).But in recent yearsDigital SignageWith the spread of the Illuminations, the use of illuminations is increasing as a means of paying attention to information.The words of illumination also include the meaning of shining light on the essence, so they claim the effect of focusing on vision.Illumination signageThe category of digital signage was established.In particular, it has attracted attention as a device that has two effects: the purpose of using it as a space design and the appropriate transmission of textual information.

Illuminations city


Outside Japan

Major public illumination events

Major free city / regional illumination events.


Start year
HokkaidoSapporoSapporo White Illumination1981/~Mid 11 month
~middle of February
Depends on venue and time
MiyagiSendai citySENDAI Light Pageant1986/~12/12
~31 days
View of Sendai Pageant of Starlight from Sendai Mediatheque (2008) .JPG
FukushimaKoriyamaBig Tree Pageant Festa
2000/~Late 11 month
~ November 2st
Big Tree Pageant Festa in KORIYAMA distant view.jpg
IbarakiTsukuba City2005/~Late 11 month
~ Early January
Illumination in Tsukuba Center Dec 2011.JPG
表 参 道 イ ル ミ ネ ー シ ョ ン1991/~
(There is a suspension period)
The beginning of April
~ Early January
NiigataNiigataNIIGATA Hikari Pageant1987/~Mid 12 month
~middle of February
NIIGATA Pageant of Light 1.jpg
Gifu(I.e.長 良 川 イ ル ミ ネ ー シ ョ ン2001/~Mid 12 month
~ Early January
OsakaOsakaOSAKA Hikari Renaissance2003/~Mid 12 month
~ Late
OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance01.jpg
OsakaOsaka2008/~Mid 12 month
~middle of February
Osaka City Midosuji illumination03.jpg
HyogoKobe CityKobe Luminarie1995/~The beginning of April
~ Mid
HyogoKobe City2008/~Mid 11 month
~ November 12st
HyogoSumoto1998/~The end of March
~ Early January
NaraAsuka VillageAsuka Hikari Corridor2005/~Around June
Mizuochi illuminated.jpg
WakayamaShirahama2004/~Mid 11 month
~ End of February
131221 Shirarahama Beach Shirahama Wakayama pref Japan14s.jpg
HiroshimaHiroshima cityHiroshima Domination2002/~Mid 11 month
~ Early January
KagawaTakamatsuTakamatsu Winter Festival1987/~The beginning of April
~ Late
NagasakiSaseboGlitter festival1996/~Mid 11 month
~ Late December

2016 isMinato-ku, TokyoMore than 30 places,Chiyoda16 places,Shibuya15 locations (straddling both Shibuya and Minato Wards)OmotesandoCounts in both wards)[5].

Outside Japan



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