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🙋 | Junmaishu-based botanical liqueur Ozeki goes to general sale with high evaluation of crowdfunding


Junmaishu-based botanical liqueur Ozeki goes to general sale with high evaluation of crowdfunding

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The refreshing scent of lemongrass, spicy ginger and coriander, and the soft flavor of cinnamon harmonize with the sweetness of rice. I want you to enjoy it as sake and apéritif.

Ozeki (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture) is a pure rice wine-based botanical liqueur "BOUQUET OF HERBS". → Continue reading


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lemongrass(Scientific name:Cymbopogon citratus) IsPoaceaeLemongrass OfPerennial.Asian foodandCaribbeanOften used in cookingHerbs.ThailandSoupTom yam kungIt is used to add aroma to dishes such asteaUsed as.Steam distillationThe essential oils obtained by law are foods, beverages,perfumeIs added to. Essential oils are used to distinguish this species from related species.West Indian LemongrassSometimes called.


It inhabits South India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. It grows to about 1.5 meters in height and has elongated leaves that can reach 1 meter.[1] .

LemonIs a flavor ingredient ofCitralBecause it contains, it has a fresh flavor like lemon.(I.e.Let mepowderOr used raw. The main usage isHerbal tea,Soup,curryAnd chicken and fish,seafoodIt goes well with.Essential oilIs widely used all over the worldspicesAsFood,perfumeIt is used for. Therapy with essential oilsAromatherapyHowever, it is not used externally such as massage because its potential skin sensitization is much greater than other essential oils and there is no advantage in using it.[2].. The fragrance of essential oils has the effect of stimulating the human brain, and the fragrance can be used for aromatherapy to a lesser extent.[2].. It is also a smell that insects dislike,Insect repellent sprayUsed for.

There are more than 50 species in the genus Lemongrass. This species is probablyMalaysiaNative and East Indian Lemongrass (C. flexuosus) IsIndia,Sri Lanka,Myanmar,ThailandIt is native. This species is more suitable for cooking. In India, traditional medicineAyurvedaAnd infectious disease,Fever,Sedative,InsecticideUsed asspicesUsed as[2].

As a seed for other fragrances C. martini And Java citronella soybeans that can obtain citronella oil (C. winterianus Jowitt) and so on. In addition, Kousuigaya, which is said to have an insect repellent effect (C. nardus, Citronella grass), etc. are also included in the genus Lemongrass.


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