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🌐 | Minnie Mouse in pantsuit to be unveiled in March Disneyland Paris 3th Anniversary


Minnie Mouse in pantsuit to be unveiled in March Disneyland Paris 3th Anniversary

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Minnie first appeared in the 1928 short animation "Steamboat Willie" as a favorite of Mickey Mouse.

The costume of the most famous mouse girl in the world makes a makeover.Disneyland Pa, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year ... → Continue reading


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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse) IsWalt DisneyとUb IwerksProduced by1928/(3)May 11Screen debuted onAmericaculture OfsymbolOfcharacter.

back ground

1927/, New York film producer and distributorUniversal Pictures(Charles Mintz) says "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit』ProductionWalt DisneyInstruct to.Oswald by Mintsユ ニ バ ー サ ルDisney asked for an increase in production costs because it was distributed and succeeded in, but the request was rejected and the character's ownership was pointed out to Universal.Negotiations broke down, Disney was denied renewal, and Mints pulled out employees, leaving Walt and Abu with all their rights to Oswald, as well as talented animators.Walt Disney,Ub Iwerks,Wilfred JacksonIs forced to plan another work while continuing the production of "Oswald".Mickey Mouse was born in this project.

"Walt tamedA mouseHe studied well and devised Mickey Mouse in 1927 by enlarging his ears, mouth, legs, etc., which he thought was ugly, and invented Mickey Mouse in XNUMX. ”The episode is fictitious.Walt is in the first placeproducerAndanimatoris not.

As soon as Ub Iwerks robbed Mickey, he hated his partner Walt, broke up with Disney and had his own studio.

Walt originally had MickeyMortimerI intended to name it, but with a voice of my wife Lillian, it became the current name, and instead of Mickey's loverivalAndMinnie MouseAs a childhood friend ofMortimer MouseAppears[2][3].

LoverMinnie Mouse..My dogPluto.

I have a nephew.Morty and Ferdy both look like little Mickey Mouse, but they look exactly the same except for their clothes.Morty often wears red clothes and hats, and Ferdy often wears blue clothes and hats, but sometimes other clothes, especially both at all. If you're wearing the same clothes, or if you're on a black-and-white TV, it's completely indistinguishable.


The actual first work isCharles LindberghIt is a parody "Plain Crazy (Airplane Madness)" of the hit work "Felix's Nonstop Flight" associated with.The second work is "Galloping Gaucho".Both were silent and could not get a distribution route and were not dealt with at all.1928/May 11, The third animated movie "Steamship willyIs a talkie[Note 1]Successful.At that time, Walt was the voice actor.After that, the movie was made into a series and Mickey became a popular character.[Note 2][Note 3][Note 4].

1939/, After "Mickey's hunting is fun"Character DesignHas changed.Until then, it tended to be black eyes, but with this change, white eyes have been added and the black eyes have become smaller.Also, I didn't have eyebrows, but I did have eyebrows because it was difficult to add facial expressions.


Mickey Mouse
Also, the nickname often called in the United States is "Mick".
The names are different in each country
  • ChugokuThen, "rice old mouse" (mǐlǎoshÅ­: Mickey) or "rice strange" (mǐqí: Mickey, Maikei)
  • ItalyThen (Topolino)
  • SpainThen (Ratón Miguelito)
  • FinlandThen (Mikki Hiiri)
  • IndonesiaThen (Miki Tikus) etc ...
The United States of America(However,Tokyo Disney Resort"Bon VoyageThe previous profile says "citizen of the world" and does not give a specific country name.)
Date of Birth
1928/May 11,Sunday,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クBackground
It is also the release date of the debut work "Steamboat Willie", which is also the first in the table of contents of the screening at the Colony Theater in New York.However, it is also the third work for Mickey because he also appeared in the works "Plane Crazy" and "The Gallopin'Gaucho" in 1.
In the settingsteenager
White mouse[Note 5][Source required]
3 feet 2 inches (about 96.5 cm)
According to Ward Kimball, who has been drawing Mickey for many years and wanted to make Mickey's eyes white and black, Mickey is about 90 cm.Also,GermanyAccording to Disney's official website, it is 109 cm.
23 pounds (about 10.4 kg)
Gentleman with a strong sense of justice, shy and polite.On the other hand, there were some mischievous and mischievous places, and that aspect was often seen in the early days.Very cheerful.Curious and fun, which can lead to trouble.Although it is solid, there are loose points in money,House of mouse], The rent of the club building entrusted to him by Minnie has been used for cheese.I'm buying a present for Minnie by sneaking a lot of money that had fallen on the road in a short film.If your mental health is weak and you are in a pinch, you tend to get upset.
"Oh, boy!", "Ha-ha", "Gosh", "Swell", "Aw-Gee", "Uh-Oh!" And so on.The voice is basically high.

Also, when saying goodbye, he often says "See ya real soon!".

Movie actors, theme park hosts, night jazz club owners (at cartoons), charities, etc ...
Pilots, hunting, ship captains, passenger cars, work vehicles, heavy trucks, etc.He is also the captain of the Disney Park fire brigade.
Sports, country life, reading.
My car
Red retro car → (redsports car)
One day, I got sick of an old retro car and went to sell it, and got a new sports car.However, it was swayed by various functions, and after all, it was sold when I tried to buy the old car.In fact, it was Minnie who bought the car (included in "Mickey's Gag Factory").
living place
The United States of AmericaCaliforniaLos Angeles,Anaheim,Toontown, Hot Dog Hills ("Mickey Mouse and Road Racers])
He used to live in Mouthton, but he said he would soon build a house next to Minnie because Minnie would move to Toontown.I still live in Toontown.Toontown was originally the setting for a movie called "Roger Rabbit."
I have parents.My nephews are Morty and Ferdy, and two sisters.
Pluto (Pluto)
The origin of the name is "" discovered in 1930 at the time of debutPlutoI took it from.The type is Bloodhound, faithful to the master.I treat him as a close friend without thinking of him as a pet.
Play with squirrels and animals, play with balls.
Butch (brother's name)
Get the newspaper from the newspaper tray and give it to Mickey.Hunting companion.
Goofy,Donald Duck,Minnie Mouse,Daisy duck,Huey Dewey Loei,Chip & Dale,Clarice,Max,Clarabelle Cow,Horace horsecollar,Gideon Goat,Peter pig,Paddy pig,Clara Clucketc.
girl friend
Minnie Mouse
The date of birth is the same as Mickey (Mickey also calls Minnie "My Sweet Heart" or "My Cherry Pie").
Pete,Mortimer Mouse
He often fights with Pete and Mortimer for Minnie.
Celebrity of acquaintance
UN Secretary-General (Anan), King, President, Actor, Singer, Athletes, etc.
Love reading
Cheese and Peace, My Fair Mouse, All Mouse Catalog, History of Toontown (also read philosophical books)
Featured Magazines
Time, Newsweek, Life, National Geographic, Good Housekeeping
Newspaper taking
TOON Repoter
Cooking skill
He is the chef of a buffet-style restaurant called "Chef Mickey" in Japan and the United States.I live alone so I can cook.He specializes in sandwiches made by stacking ingredients such as ham, cheese, and lettuce on bread for nearly 1m.
Favorite color
Red, yellow (I don't seem to like green very much).There is an anecdote that Walt thought of green pants in the monochrome era.
Favorite food
Lemon pie made with cheese and minnie
Good sports
American football, equestrian, (among others) dance
Good instrument
Guitar, drums, (most loved) piano
He performed drums at the big band beat that started from the 5th anniversary and is still being performed at DisneySea, and performed a guitar solo at Haunted Rockin'Street at Disney Halloween in 2007.Rarely ad lib "Wish Upon a Star"Or"Mickey Mouse MarchWas put in.Minnie shows off a Digipad (sampling digital drum) with cymbals.
As you can see from the silhouette, the ears are an important factor in identifying a Mickey Mouse.Many people recognize that it is a Mickey Mouse just by combining three large circles including the face. In "House of Mouse", it seems that it is glued to the ear to shape the ear, "Mickey Mouse! The scene is depicted in "I can't lend my ears". ""Mickey's part-time job is in danger』Only the setting is that the brain is clogged up to the inside of the ear, but in other works the ear can be taken.

Typical appearance movie

Steamship willy
1928/,モ ノ ク ロthe work.Disney's firstTalkieAnimated movie. The third Mickey Mouse work produced.Since it was first released, it is said to be Mickey Mouse's debut work, and it is the release date.1928/May 11Has been considered Mickey's birthday, but these days it's simply called "Screen Debut Day".birthdayMay not be called.
In Japan, November 11th is basically Mickey & Minnie's birthday, and its recognition is high.The Disney Mobile site has a birthday on November 18th, and an event associated with it is being held in 11 as well.
1940/Published in.Several short animations progress to classical music.Mickey will appear in the third song, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."
The Band Concert of Mickey
1935/Published in.This is the first color work in the Mickey Mouse series.Mickey said "stormThe storm really came after playing the song.The Mickeys were still playing.
Mickey's Minnie Rescue Operation
2013/Published in3Dthe work.Mickey's voice uses Walt's voice extracted from the archive.

Copyright / trademark rights

Disney copyrights Oswaldユ ニ バ ー サ ルAfter receiving the experience of being robbed byIntellectual property rightThe copyright of Mickey Mouse is strictly controlled, especially as the leading character.

The United States of AmericaCopyright law is "(with ironic meaning)"Mickey Mouse Protection ActAlthough there are groups and companies that criticize such a system, it is uniformly called "Mickey Mouse" and other "character names" and "work names".商標Because it is protected and can be retained semi-permanently, even if the copyright expires (because other intellectual property rights remain), it is prohibited to use it in conflict with the trademark right without permission.It should be noted that the infringement of the trademark right is the usage as a mark of the product, for example, the trademark right cannot be exercised for the title of the copyrighted work even for commercial purposes.[4], The sale of works that include Mickey Mouse in the title is free without infringement of trademark rights.In addition, if the usage does not identify the product, such as the appearance of Mickey Mouse in the work, it will not infringe the trademark right.It is a misunderstanding that it cannot be used for commercial purposes at all because it has a trademark right.[5].

Since copyrights have different protection periods in each country, in Japan, in the case of movies before 1953, in the case of a group name, the copyright is valid for 50 years after publication (Note that prewar American works areWartime additionHas been extended for about 10 years).Mickey Mouse first appeared in "Steamship willyIs estimated to have been protected around 1989[5]..In Japan, "Fantasia" and "Dumbo" are actually sold by Applock after clearly stating "public domain" on the package.Since Disney is evaluated as "strict in compliance with laws and regulations", it is focusing on the compliance of each country, and when Applock makes a package, "Buena Vista, which produces Disney movies, is told in advance. I declared that I would put it out. I wasn't told to stop. "

Walt Disney Japan has adopted a policy of "not disclosing copyright policies and views", and its website does not clarify the policy of intellectual property rights to characters and works.[6].

Voice actor

Original language version voice actor
Japanese dubbed voice actor

History in Japan

Mickey Mouse was introduced to Japan the year after the release of "Steamboat Willie"1929/ThatHanwa Electric Railway(CurrentJR West JapanHanwa Line) Published "Blessed Paradise" Sunagawa Amusement Park around 1935[Note 11] It was used as a character in the pamphlet.As a Japanese original Mickey Mouse related song, in 1934, "Mickey Mouse's Marriage" (lyrics:Takao Saeki Music composition:Shinobu Kato song:Hideko Hirai & Ichiro Fujiyama), "Mickey Mouse" (sung by Makoto Mochizuki) was announced around 1935.ChildWas a year1936/I drew a Mickey MouseNew year's cardPostcards such as[9],It seems that it was quite well known in urban areas[Original research?](After that, it was printed as a design with Minnie Mouse on the 2008 New Year's postcard after the child's year).Also this yearNew Year OfOsaka Asahi ShimbunMickey Mouse was drawn onAjinomotoNewspaper advertisement was published.It was the former mascot character of Keio University.[10]

1983/ToTokyo DisneylandBefore the opening of Disney characters, Disney characters were more popular in Japan than Mickey Mouse.Bambi,PinocchioWas higher[11].. 1988Keiyo LineI was invited as a guest to the ceremony of the partial opening (second term). 1997Akita ShinkansenAt the time of opening, I came to the ceremony with Minnie Mouse.

JapaneseDisney channelTo coincide with Mickey Mouse's birthday2003/May 11The main broadcast was started on.



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