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📦 | The key to mobility x DX is "utilization of location tech" [Contribution: Live Consulting]


The key to mobility x DX is "utilization of location tech" [Contribution: Rib Consulting]

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At that time, if a service like the one provided in this demonstration is implemented, it should be possible to realize a better customer experience, and the key to the seamless online / offline fusion is location information (=). Location Tech).

Online behavior data (number of online PVs and users ...) that has become commonplace in the field of digital marketing → Continue reading


We operate "LIGARE", which specializes in mobility services, with the motto of "transmitting information necessary for making decisions" related to mobility services.
It is a medium that conveys the "future" of the automobile industry, which has entered a revolutionary period once every 100 years, including MaaS (Mobiliry as a Searvice) and autonomous driving.

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    off-line(Offline) refers to a state in which it is not connected to another computer or node.OnlineSince the word was created, it shows the operation of the conventional computer aloneRetro Nim.


    When it is desired to specifically indicate a state that is not online, that is, "a state where the computer is not connected to the network" or "a state where the network connection is basically unnecessary", it is called "offline". For example, to work without connection while the network connection is unnecessary is referred to as "work offline".

    e sportsIn terms of, it is "offline" to gather players in one place and play a match in a closed local area network in the venue.This is a term that contrasts with "online," in which players connect from multiple locations via the Internet, but is different from the general offline term.

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