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🌐 | The problem that adults are hard to notice "My child is playing games with strangers on the net"


The problem that adults are hard to notice "My child is playing games with strangers on the net"

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Through cram school consultants, career consultants, professional tutors, etc., we provide guidance and learning advice to more than 1500 elementary, junior high and high school students and their parents.

My wife, Jun Ka, is a professional tutor who manages and operates a tutoring school and supports 1500 students.I will be 40 next year ... → Continue reading

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Career consultant

Career consultant (national qualification)Is a profession that provides consultation and advice on vocational selection and skill development for students, job seekers, incumbents, etc. In April 2016Occupational Ability Development Promotion ActA career consultant is stipulated in Japan and becomes a national qualification.Those who do not earn this qualification may not use "career consultant" or similar misleading names.[1]..Some people call themselves career counselors and career advisors, but the official name that is monopolized is "career consultant".The main business is to provide consultations on job selection, occupational life planning, or development and improvement of vocational abilities for job seekers and workers.About this consultation work / actCareer consultingTo say[2].


National Qualification Career Consultant (entrance level)

In April 2016, the National Career Consultant Qualification will be established.By national qualificationStandard level career consultantThose who have obtained (described later) can apply for registration with a career consultant.[1].. As of 2018, to call yourself a career consultantCareer Consulting Council, a non-profit organizationIt is necessary to register in the career consultant list after passing the national qualification career consultant examination conducted by.[3]As for the level of qualification, the national qualification career consultant is positioned as the "entrance level" to the last, and there are 2nd grade career consulting technicians (skilled level) and 1st grade career consulting technicians (guidance level) as higher qualifications. do.

Various qualification courses and certification exams

In Japan,2002/ToMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareThe "Career Consultant 5 Plan", which was decided by the company, was the trigger.Private qualificationThe qualification course and certification exam for "Career Consultant" have been started. The goal is to "train 5 career consultants jointly by the public and private sectors."Independent administrative agencyEmployment/Skill Development OrganizationStarted the training course first.afterwards,Temporary staffingCompany, consulting company,Vocational schools, (Mental) Various organizations that carry out counselor training courses are conducting training courses and certification tests with the approval of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Standard level career consultant (entrance level)

Until the career consultant was nationally qualified in 2016Specified nonprofit corporationCareer Consulting CouncilThose who have passed the examination of the institution designated byStandard level career consultantI was calling.As of the end of March 2015, there were 3 holders of this qualification.Standard level career consultantTarget groupIf I took the course and met certain conditions (passing the exam, etc.), I was able to obtain the qualifications set by each organization and to call myself a standard level career consultant. With the national qualification in April 2016, a person who was a standard-level career consultant can call himself a "career consultant" by registering in the career consultant list.This standard level career consultant is also positioned at the "entrance level" as a qualification level, similar to the national qualification career consultant.

Level 2 Career Consulting Technician (Skilled Level)

2007/Report of the Career Consulting Council compiled in "Career Consulting Fact-finding Survey Results Report"[4]Is "It was questioned that the majority of companies had variations in qualification names and contents.Some said it was awkward as an industry and feared that it would end up being a career consultant.I pointed out.In addition, the report of the "Study Group on the Ideal Career Consultant System" released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.[5]Is ""Occupational ability formation system (commonly known as"Job card system")" There is a need for participants to enhance their career consultants as the leaders of the career consulting that is carried out. (Omitted) Efforts to improve both mass and mass for training professional career consultants are indispensable.On the other hand, "If the purpose is to improve the level of career consultants and unify exams, notarize that they are at a certain level of ability, such as a skill test, rather than a system such as an occupational license with entry restrictions. It is conceivable to use a system.I pointed out.

Based on these reports, etc.Skill testAs a kind of systemCareer consulting technicianWas newly established in 2008.The exam is conducted by the Career Consulting Council, a non-profit organization.[6][7]To implement[8].

In principle, 2 years or more of work experience is required to take the Level 5 Career Consulting Skills Test, but standard-level career consultants take 3 years of training equivalent to or higher than standard-level career consultant training. Those who have completed the program need only have 4 years of work experience.[9]..In addition, the number of years of work experience will be shortened for those who have obtained the prescribed credits at a university or graduate school.The certification exam consists of a practical exam and a written exam, but standard-level career consultants are exempt from the academic exam by taking a "special course".

Level 1 Career Consulting Technician (Instruction Level)


Job Card Creation Advisor

As of 2018, job card issuance is either a career consultant, a job card creation advisor (a student of a job card course), or a teacher (when providing support for students at various schools). Can only be carried out by a person.[10]Job card courses can be taken if certain requirements are met. The 2018 job card course isOhara AcademyIs entrusted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.It has been decided that the job card course will end on March 2019, 3.[11] 2015 year 10 month,Job card systemHas transitioned to the new job card system, and with the transition, the registered career consultant has been renamed to Job Card Creation Advisor.In the conventional job card system, a career consultant registered with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare or a registered organization after taking a job card course (however, a standard level career consultant andIndustrial counselorThose who meet certain conditions, such as)Registered career consultantI said.


Main activity place

The main places of activity of career consultants are as follows.

  • Public employment placement agencies, affiliated facilities / institutions, and similar facilities
Hello Work,Job cafe, Early employment support center, elderly employment support center, facilities to support reemployment of housewives, etc.

Position in the company

There are cases where "career consultant" is used as the title of the coordinator or sales position in a temporary staffing agency.[Source required].

At the beginning of the career consultant qualification system, Japan was in a recession, and companies reduced their workforce (Restructuring) Was rapidly progressing, and career consultants focused on supporting the next work place and career development of the employees listed as restructuring targets.Therefore, from the perspective of employees, they are seen as "restructuring consultants", and even if they are instructed to consult by the company, they refuse the consultation, or they hit the career consultant with the company's complaints, and there are cases where it is not counseling. Was seen[Source required].

As of 2008,Baby boom generationThere is a tendency for many second-career consultation services to be provided after retirement.In addition, due to the globalization of companies and intensifying competition, long working hours,Service overtimeIs forced to complain of mental disorders,retirementIt is said that they often consult with employees who offer[12].

Position at employment placement facilities and local youth support stations

The main task is to support the "career inventory" of job seekers in order to find out characteristics and characteristics that the job seekers themselves are not aware of and to perform "matching" to place the right people in the right jobs.For this purpose, test methods such as occupational interest tests and occupational aptitude tests may be used.In addition, in the "Career Consultant Standard Curriculum", not only the ability of career consulting but also the ability of lectures for career enlightenmentgroup workLeader ability is also required.


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