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📦 | Kirita Takuma I swear to provide Oshu / Isawa Center prize report School lunch Koshien

Photo Chiba Director (right), Kiku Ground Chief Dietitian (second from left), Chiba Cooking Center, who reported the second national excellence award at the school lunch Koshien to the superintendent of education Takahashi (second from right). Master

Oshu / Isawa Center Winning Report School Lunch Koshien

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Mariko Kikuchi, Senior Dietitian and Tsutomu Chiba, said, "The usual menu was highly evaluated.

The gall of Oshu City, which won the second Excellence Award at the XNUMXth National School Lunch Koshien (sponsored by the XNUMXst Century Concept Study Group, a certified NPO) ... → Continue reading

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