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🌐 | Let's chase Santa on December 12th! Check out the 24 Santa Tracking Site


Let's chase Santa on December 12th! Check out the 24 Santa Tracking Site

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Google and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) have released a Santa Claus tracking site this year as well.

In 2021, the Christmas season has come again this year.Christmas is a gift, gifts are ... → Continue reading

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North American Aerospace Defense Command

Coordinate: North Latitude 38 Degrees 44 Minutes 40 Seconds 104 degrees 50 minutes 48 seconds west longitude /38.744331 N, 104.84668 W / 38.744331; -104.84668;

North American Aerospace Defense Command(Kita America Kokuu Uchibo Ueishibu,British: North American Aerospace Defense Command, Abbreviation:NORAD, Norad)The United States of AmericaとCanadaA coalition defense organization jointly operated by[1]so,North America(United States and Canada) aviation andSpaceIs installed for the purpose of observation or early detection of danger.[1].. 24 hours a dayArtificial satelliteObservation of the situation,地球upperNuclear missile-Ballistic missileFire alert,Strategic bomberWe are monitoring the trends of. May 1958,CONAD(Continental Air Defense Command) was reorganized and established.

Command system

NORAD's command and supervisionPresident of the United StatesとPrime Minister of CanadaIs jointly[1]..HQColoradoColorado Springs OfPeterson Space Force BaseLocated in (since 2006)[1]..Underground headquartersCheyenne Mountain Air Force BaseIt is in.There are three regions by region, and the Alaskan NORAD Region (ANR) isア ラ ス カ 州Elmendorf Air Force Base,Mainland americaThe province (Continental US NORAD Region, CONR) isFlorida, And the Canadian NORAD Region (CANR)ManitobaThe command post of each district is located in[1].

By convention, the NORAD commander has jurisdiction over the North American region in the U.S. military.Regional Joint ForcesIsUS Northern Army(USNORTHCOM) Commander (general) Concurrently, and the deputy commanderCanadian Air ForceGeneral (Lieutenant general) Serves.

NORAD and the US Northern CommandHomeland SecurityAlthough there is no direct command relationship with, both organizations are constantly considering countermeasures for crisis management.

Santa Claus chase

NoradChristmasTo become and"Norrad Tracks Santa"(NORAD Tracks Santa), Every yearSanta ClausIs tracking.Cold WarIn the middle of1955/From, inheriting what CONAD started,2004/Celebrated its 50th anniversary[2].

The trigger was ColoradoDepartment store-General supermarket OfSears (Sears),childrenFor Santa ClaushotlineFor advertisements when openingTypographical errorWas wrongPhone NumberIt starts from the fact that I have posted.That number happens to be CONAD at the timeCommander-in-chiefTo the seathotlineで[2],childrenColonel who received a call from1917/9/29 - 2009/3/14)But"radarAs a result of checking in, SantaArcticからsouthThere is evidence that we headed forユ ー モ アSince answering with allChristmasIt became an annual event of.

1998/From every yearChristmas eveWhen it comes to, the departure of Santa Claus is "radar"Confirm with", the flight is "Reconnaissance satelliteとAegis shipAnd tracked by the Santa Camera Network "FighterThe canadaYukonFrom mexicoMexico City"Chase Santa in the territory of America"[3]..Many military and civilian personnel are responsible for providing this information.volunteerAs,電子 メ ー ル,TelEtc.[4].

インターネットAfter it became popular, it was officialサイトAtChristmas eveThe tracking pattern that has been performed since the night of No. XNUMX is relayed using a video.2006/ OfJapanIn the local broadcast, "Shinkansen,Mount FujiAs a result of speed verification in comparison with Santa Clausspeed TheShinkansen100 times more than that. "

Many companies are cooperating in tracking Santa,2004/Was involved in a tracking project fromGoogle The[5],2007/から2011/As an official partner of NoradGoogle EarthCurrent location streaming display usingGoogle mapbyMobile terminalProviding services such as location confirmation from[6][7].2012/ TheMicrosoftTo map service as an official partnerBing MapsUsing[8][9].

Canadian Air ForceLet's escort Santa in the airspaceCF-18 HornetPilots and maintenance personnel are selected every year and announced to the media.[10].

The official website outside the season will display images of Santa Claus on vacation.


  • John BadhamThe director's movie "War game''(1983/(Public), the main characterhackingThe strategic defense simulation computer "WOPR" (War Operation Plan Response) is to be installed here (towards the underground headquarters of Cheyenne Mountain).
  • TV drama"Stargate SG-1""1928/ToEgypt OfGizaExcavated inStargateIs stored and operated on the 28th basement floor of Cheyenne Mountain.
  • Television Animation"Armor Senki DragnerThe protagonists come to unregister the pilot of the D weapon, but after all, they are turned around and attacked by the enemy.By the way, here it is set as the general headquarters of the Earth Alliance.
  • movies"Independence DayIn ", the Vice President and ministers had been evacuated here in preparation for an attack from the aliens, but they were allegedly annihilated after being attacked by the aliens.
  • Computer game "Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker", Receives the camouflaged data that" 1500 ICBMs were launched from the Soviet Union toward the continental United States "sent from Peace Walker, and attempts to carry out a retaliatory attack on the Soviet Union.Also part of the audio log is an exchange about Norrad's Santa chase.
  • Computer game "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2In the United States by the plot of the Russian armySOSUSAnd almost all of the military satellites have malfunctioned, and the shadows of many aircraft of unknown nationality cannot be detected until just before in Alaska, the east coast, and the west coast, allowing the invasion of the mainland.
  • BuddhaCartoonOpen all year round ★ Santa!Has been tracking the battle between Santa and his enemy, "Presents," by radar network since 1955.Before the final battle, I removed the warheadSLBMTrident iiAs a means of transportation to the land of the decisive battle and cooperate with the main characters.
  • In the TV animation "Kuromukuro", all the information in the satellite orbit received by the Kurobe Research Institute located in the Kurobe Dam belonging to the United Nations is received from NORAD.


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注 釈

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