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🌐 | Talk with Riho Yoshioka, a manga artist who likes Mameki Chimame.Get closer to the influenced works and personal life


Talk with Mameki Chimame, a manga artist who likes Riho Yoshioka.Get closer to the influenced works and personal life

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Yoshioka: In addition to manga, there are also live games on YouTube, so please have a look.

Manga artist Mamekichi Mameko talks with Riho Yoshioka.I heard about the roots of manga and personal life.Mamekichi Mameko appeared ... → Continue reading


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Live play

Live play(Play today),Game commentary(Game is working),Game distribution(Game is good) means that the playerThe real conditionWhile doingComputer gamesThe act of playing配 信to be,Occupation[1].. Who does this,Game commentator(The game is complete),Game distributor(The game is good)Live Player(Ok player),streamer(Streamer).


The game is mainlyYouTube[1],Twitch[2],Nico Nico Douga-Nico Nico Live BroadcastVideo posting and sharing sites such as and live distribution (Streaming) Site, etc.インターネットupperplatformIs being done in. Demonstration at the event venue[3]And magazine distribution[4]Has also been done.

The main live commentary styles include not only commentary on the live commentary of the game, but also the style of playing while reading the dialogue when there is no voice of the game character, and the style of chatting while playing.[5].. There is also a pattern that only the game screen and game sounds are delivered without any live commentary. In Japan,AquesTalk,Stick reading,VOICEROIDSuch asSpeech synthesisUsing softwareSlowly live], a voice synthesis commentary that incorporates character addition,Virtual youtuberand so on.

Those who are engaged in live games as a profession,Advertising incomeFrom the viewerThrowing moneyDistribute as a game promotionGame companyMake a living from advertising expenses from the company, appearance fees for game-related events and programs, etc.[6]. Alsoe sportsMake a living with the prize money ofPro gamerAnd there are also those who work side by side as game gamers.


in Japan1980 eraFrom the company's public relations staff (Master TakahashiEtc.) was being explained while playing the game. Variety programs centered on video games (Takahashi Master's Fun Land) Etc. were also broadcast live video. The basis of the current game commentary is2003 Was broadcast moreYoko-ArinoIs a TV program that challenges the retro game while talkingGame Center CX]. There are many commentators who profess the influence of the program, and it became an opportunity for many people to know that the style that allows the viewers to see their play and see it as a content is established.[7].

In 2003PeerCastでWMESince distribution has become possible, the live game will be distributed live for the first time in Japan.afterwardsStickam JAPAN!Some platforms that can be delivered live have been launched, and the game is liveUnderground OfNet cultureIt gradually spreads as. In 2005launch officialYouTubeHas been reprinted with live recordings of such live games.[Source required]

First in JapanNico Nico DougaHas become established as a live game platform.2007 The first live play video was posted in March,2010 By this time, more than 200 players have played live on Nico Nico Douga.[1]Became one of the major video genres[8][9].. The terms live play and live player were used in Nico Nico Douga and became popular, but then in the early 2010s.YouTube,TwitchBy the time other platforms such as these are emerging, the terms game commentary, game commentator, game distributor, and game distributor will be used more often. The term English streamer (online streamer, game streamer) has also come to be used.[6].

Social impact

Copyright issues

Game images and still images (screenshot) IsCopyright lawUp"Movie worksThe act of recording and shooting a game screen is a "reproduction" of a "movie work", so it is a copyright infringement without the permission of the copyright holder.There is no problem within the scope of private duplication, but live play is not a private duplication because the live play is uploaded to the video posting site and shown to the general public.In addition, uploading the live commentary on the video posting site and showing it to the general public is an infringement of the "public transmission right", and falsifying the data with a modification tool etc. and uploading the live commentary is an infringement of the right to maintain identity.[10]..It has actually developed into a proceeding[11].

As shown below, some rights holders and games may allow posting of play videos including live performances under certain non-profit and certain conditions.

SegaReleased byPuyo Puyo!!』Allows posting videos, except for demos and stories[12], Published guidelines for personal distribution in April 2021[11].. 『Gran Turismo 5] In the play videoYouTubeUploaded to[13]Has a function to[1].

AtlasIs their own work "persona 5』On the official homepage, posting videos and tweets other than the opening is said to be spoilers and prohibited[3]。しかし、海外では2017年4月4日に『ペルソナ5』が発売された際、実況動画の配信がゲーム内時間の7月7日までであることに対し、SNSを中心に批判が殺到した。これを受けてアトラスは、4月26日に配信可能な範囲をゲーム内時間の11月19日までに広げた[14].

NintendoSo from 2013 on YouTube Content ID[15]Allowed posting of play videos on the condition that advertisements that would be profitable for the company were attached.[16][17]..Also, from December 2014, video posting has been officially approved on Nico Nico Douga.[18], From January 2015, we also started a service on YouTube to share the above advertising revenue with video contributors (Nintendo Creators Program).[19].. On November 2018, 11, we established guidelines for posting our own play videos, and if we follow the guidelines, we can also monetize on Youtube etc.[20](Along with that, the use of Content ID and the service of Nintendo Creators Program have ended.) "OBAKEIDORO" allows video distribution and live broadcasting.[21].

CapcomUntil 2020, the game was tolerated by individuals, but in response to some inappropriate videos containing malicious spoilers and content that was offensive to public order and morals, guidelines for personal distribution were published in January 2021. Is published in 1 languages[11].

Besides this,ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ,BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentHowever, after setting guidelines and policies for each work, we allow individual game play.on the other hand"King's story"[22],Discipline * the birth of the empire"[23],Red Faction: Guerrilla"[24]In some cases, manufacturers officially publish it for promotional purposes.

In addition,PlayStation 4,Xbox OneHas a live distribution function, and if the game title supports it, viewers can not only "watch" but also "action."

In addition, in 2011, it may clearly show an attitude of prohibiting the posting of videos.Adult gameThe production company "Aile" made a thorough fight against the user who uploaded the play video to Nico Nico Douga, saying "I will reduce the right to enjoy the game of the regular purchase user, thoroughly engage in foolish acts" and settled with the settlement money[25].. Although he pointed out that there was little data in the opinion that it would be an advertisement, he said that the game of the straight road was particularly bad, and only one person answered in the questionnaire that "I bought it after seeing Nico Nico video" Say. He also complains about how Nico Nico Douga can be said to be operating with copyrighted videos.[26].

In addition, a new "live video channel" has been set up within Nico Nico Douga, and a mechanism has been set up to distribute official live video.However, there is also the current situation that it is necessary to make it popular in live video before that, even if it can be used for live performance.

With OPENREC.tv, a video site app that allows you to enjoy live games, play videos, and live distribution, some of the revenue generated by OPENREC.tv, such as the "ale function" from viewers and advertisements displayed when playing videos Since the distributor can receive, the distributor can select the copyrighted work of the game maker to use and monetize it. "OPENREC.tv" signed for the first time in Japan, allowing the use of Nintendo titles only for live distribution to make money[27].

Stealth marketing

In some cases, the official side asks some game commentators to advertise, and the commentator introduces the product without telling it.[28].

Microsoft TheXbox OneWe will conduct a campaign to pay $30 for 1000 views to users who have posted videos with over 3 seconds. There is nothing wrong with the reward paid to the poster,The United States of AmericaFederal Trade CommissionGuidelines state that "when you receive a reward and advertise a product, you must state that clearly"[29].

Main game commentator


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