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🌐 | A man who dropped out of college due to game addiction, blaming himself for "social waste" ... Still found "my whereabouts"

Mr. Soichi Shiramizu (provided by himself) who talks about his experiences

A game-dependent man who dropped out of college, blaming himself for "social waste" ... Still found "my whereabouts"

If you write the contents roughly
In that case, you will be able to understand the feelings of the child who cannot stop and want to charge, and you will be aware of the problem.

Children's game time is increasing due to the influence of the self-restraint of going out due to the corona.Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "National academic ability / learning situation ... → Continue reading

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Problem awareness

Problem awarenessWhat is (Monday good)?社会Exists inproblemAgainst thatnatureTrying to be proactively involved in the problem, such as by seeing throughConsciousnessIt refers to the characteristics of.


Problem awareness isCompanymanagementIt is also an important matter in. In a companyEmployeeBecause with an awareness of the problemCorrect answerIn this case, it is desirable not only to share the answer derived by the individual within the company, but also to reach the answer.processAwareness of the problem is also in-houseTotalBy doing, you can talk about the other person in the companyFriendI thinkFeelingIs born and the sense of unity is enhanced.[1].


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