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📦 | Shinjo is the same "1" as in the active era, Rakuten is Fujihira 5 player change What is the uniform number decided on the 18th?

Photo: Rakuten, Shoma Fujihira (left) and director Tsuyoshi Shinjo [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Director Shinjo is the same "1" as in the active era, Rakuten is Fujihira 5 player change What is the uniform number decided on the 18th?

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The uniform numbers of the coaches and coaches have also been revealed, and it has been officially announced that the new coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo will carry the uniform number "1".

Rakuten's new coaches' uniform numbers have also been announced. On the 18th, Rakuten announced that the uniform numbers of the five players will be changed. 5 Draft 2016 ... → Continue reading


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Uniform number

Uniform number(Sebangou) isSportsAthlete'suniformIt is a number on the back of the person for identification.


In the case of team competitions, a uniform number is given in most sports, and in some competitions it is possible to estimate the rough position from the uniform number.

In the case of individual competitions,GolfSomething unrelated to the uniform number,AthleticsSome of them are given a uniform number (number declared at the time of athlete registration or prepared by the organizer of the competition).

In modern times, the letters of the uniform number areArabic numeralsIs used,JapanInChinese numeralThere are times when was used. Some competitions may have rules that prohibit the use of certain numbers.

The uniform number is not just a number, it sometimes becomes a symbol of the player, and it is often a subject of respect and respect.Professional sportsIn order to honor a famous player,Permanent numberThere is a case to refrain from using. In addition, even if it does not reach a permanent missing number, it may be considered as a prestigious uniform number in the team.


AthleticsIn this case, one athlete may participate in multiple events, so use a single number that does not overlap with other athletes regardless of the event. Since the numbers are assigned in units of the organizations to which they belong and the competitions in which they participate, the positioning is different from the "uniform number" assigned to each team. In the case of ball games, it can be considered to be equal to the registrant number issued by the association or federation.

At district level competitions, use the number you declared when you registered (registered) with the Athletics Association of your district. At competitions, the numbered fabric (Number.Japan Athletics FederationThe official name is "Number Card". These days are usually called the latter) and sew on the front and back of clothes. However, in the case of local city marathons and large-scale competitions, non-woven fabrics are often used only for that competition.

Depending on the competition,Track competitionIn order to make it easier to check the numbers when determining the ranking, the so-called "waist bib", which is a number assigned sequentially to the same group of athletes, is attached to the right side of the pants. However, in the case of relay competitions, only anchors are used. The waist number is usually provided by the organizer.

Summer olympic,World Athletics Championship, Nationwide competitionsCrown sponsorFor tournaments marked with, the number card with the sponsor name and tournament name prepared by the organizer is used.

The number can reach 3 or 4 digits depending on the number of registrants.In addition, there is no concept of permanent absence like ball games, and a specific number is not implicitly assigned to a specific player.In races in JapanVehicle license plateMay be written in the same font as[1].

However, there are cases where number cards of different colors are prepared for normal participating players and invited players by the organizer. In this case, the invited players1It is often assigned from the top players and famous players1Often assigned a number. Also, the number card is colored so that it can be clearly identified, for example, white for general players and yellow for invited players. Also,Citizen marathonIn such cases, invited players may be asked to wear a number card with the "name" written on it instead of the number.


soft ball

soft ballThen, the uniform number (Uniform number; UN)1 - 99You have to use up to. However, the director30The number and coach31Turn and32No.10It is defined as a turn.

Also, in the case of official games at junior high school and high school, of the coach number,31Number is a teacher,32In some cases, the number is set to be assigned by an external leader.

サ ッ カ ー


Rugby unionSo, in general,1 - 15The number up to the number is given, and the uniform number often indicates the position.

CurrentlyforwardからFull backTo1 - 15It is numbered in the order of, but at the beginning when the uniform number came to be attached,1Is a full back,2 - 5 Three quarterback,6と7 Half back,8 - 15Was forward, but the numbers were reversed.

Uniform numberpositionAbbreviation
1Left propPR
3Right propPR
9Scrum halfSH
12セ ン タ ーCTB
15Full backFB
16 - 23Substitute player-

on the other hand,Rugby leagueThen, the numbers are still given from the full back. Full back1,Bucks 2 - 7, And forward8 - 13Up to. However, in the rugby league, in recent years, an increasing number of teams have adopted a fixed player uniform number system, and the position and uniform number do not always match.

Uniform numberpositionAbbreviation
1Full backFB
2Right wingW
3セ ン タ ーC
5Left wingW
7Scrum halfSH
8Left propPR
10Right propPR
11Second row FWFL
14 - 17Substitute player-


basketballThen, the rules differ depending on each sports group.

FIBAThe international rule of1961/Therefore, in order to avoid confusion with the signal for the referee's 3 second rule, the uniform number that can be used is4 - 15It was said that it was up to the turn,2015/Than0,00and1から99Numbers are now available. You cannot use 1 to 0 with 01 added to 09 digit,, 0Turn and00The numbers can be used at the same time. However, the number used can be restricted by the decision of the organizer.

NBAThen,0(00)- 99It is possible to use up to the number. However,56League numbers are required to use these numbers, and within the same team00と0There is a condition that no player can wear a turn. Also, when changing the uniform number without changing teams, it is necessary to wear the same uniform number for at least 4 years on the same team and apply to the league by the deadline. And the new uniform must be worn for at least 3 years.

American college basketballNCAAThen,Hexadecimal numberJersey number is used. Available numbers 0 から 5 Up to XNUMX types,0 から 55 Up to XNUMX types,00 A total of XNUMX types are available numbers. Since it is a hexadecimal number, the sequence is4 → 5 → 10 → 11 ... 15 → 20 → 21... 55 Becomes

B LeagueThen, any number can be used as long as it is a two-digit number. You can also prefix the one-digit numbers with 2.

Even in basketball, there is a convention that the great player's uniform number is permanently absent. The most number of NBA boasts the most league titleBoston CelticsSo, 21 uniform numbers are now permanently missing. Celtics18"Was worn by, but declined the permanent number and laterDave CowensWore and became a permanent missing number. In 2003,Miami HeatEven though I haven't played inMichael JordanJersey number "23Was the permanent cut for the heat. Depending on the team, in addition to the coach, owner, fan, even the records related to the coach may be designated as permanent missing numbers. In addition, the number of the player who died during an active accident due to an accident or illness may be permanently absent. In Japan in 2010Hitachi Sun Rockers OfYuichi Suga,Rising Fukuoka OfTsuyoshi KawamenWas designated as a permanent missing number, but both of those permanent missing numbers are "11It is.

It is often remembered by being associated with a specific player who has a uniform number.Kareem Abdul-JabbarAfter the success of33The number of players wearing numbers has increased, and after Michael Jordan's success23The number of players wearing the number has increased. Especially for Jabber33The number became a basketball ace number and became a popular uniform number. Therefore, if you can not use it because it is already used or has become permanently missing number,32Turn34There are many examples of choosing a number (Magic Johnson chose 32 because Jaber was there when he joined the Lakers), and a new ace number-like number was born from that.Others wear the same numbers as their respected players and relatives.

Uniform numberRespected playerWorn player
1Anphany HardawayTracy Maglady
2Jerry TurcanianGreg Anthony,Larry Johnson, Stacy Orgmon
10Walter zabiakWally Zabiak
11Alvidus SavonisSidronas Ilgascus
21Marrick SealyKevin Garnet
23Michael JordanLebron jamesな ど
25Ben WilsonDerrick rose
30Dell CurryStephen Curry,Seth curry
31Reggie MillerSean Marion
32Magic JohnsonJason Kidd,Shaquille O'Nealな ど
33Patrick EwingAlonzo Morningな ど
91Dennis RodmanRon Artest

In general, guard players1Turn,3Small numbers such as numbersPower forward,セ ン タ ーIt is said that tall players choose large numbers.

American Football

American FootballThen.1915/Requires uniforms to wear numbers. A player number is specified for each position, helping the referee to determine the illegal movement of each player. The numbers are large on the front and back of the uniform, and are printed on both shoulders and helmets. Therefore, in American football, it is expressed as a number instead of a uniform number.


NFLThen.1952/The number assignment to[2],1973/[3][4],2004/[5]Was revised to[6].

In addition, it will be significantly revised in 2021.[7]The rules for uniform numbers have been greatly relaxed.

1 – 9 FeetYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
10 – 19 FeetYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
20 – 29 FeetNoYesYesYesNoNoYesYesNo
30 – 39 FeetNoYesYesYesNoNoYesYesNo
40 – 49 FeetNoYesYesYesNoNoYesYesNo
50 – 59 FeetNoNoNoNoYesYesYesNoNo
60 – 69 FeetNoNoNoNoYesYesNoNoNo
70 – 79 FeetNoNoNoNoYesYesNoNoNo
80 – 89 FeetNoYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
90 – 99 FeetNoNoNoNoNoYesYesNoNo

The number is determined based on the registered position of the athlete. It is possible to play in a position different from the registered position, and it is also possible for QB with the number 1 to be placed in the position of the wide receiver. However, there are two major types of attacks, “qualified numbers (1 to 49, 80 to 89)” and “unqualified numbers (50 to 79, 90 to 99)”, which may exceed this category. Position changes must be reported to the referee prior to each play.

Note that during the pre-season the team may have more players than during the regular season, so it is not necessary to assign numbers according to the rules above. In this case, it is necessary to reallocate according to the above rules after 53 roasters are confirmed.

Wide receiver number

Wide receiver(WR) number is1973/To80 - 89Was defined as[4],1996/,80There is no space in the number standNew York JetsJoined the group19Asked to use the number, his claim was accepted. afterwards,2004/, Even if there is space, a wide receiver10 - 19Officially approved to use the number.

Trouble with assigning numbers

  • 2006/,New Orleans Saints OfRunning back(RB)Reggie Bush TheUSCHe asked to allow the number 5 used in the era or change the numbering rules, but the NFL rejected it as "only one player can't allow an exception," and the team said 1. Gave a turn[8].
  • Seattle SeahawksEnrolled inLinebacker, IsOklahoma UniversityI used No. 44 in the era, and after becoming a professional1987/Even in the pre-season, I passed at number 44.He filed a proceeding against the NFL for the use of No. 44 in the season, but lost and eventually changed to No. 55.

In either case, due to a major revision in 2021, wearing in the NFL is now permitted.

0 and 00

Since the regulation in 1973,NFLThen 0 and 00 cannot be used.However, there are examples of wearing it before this,Quarterbackof,Running backof,SafetyWas wearing No. 0.The writer used to participateDetroit LionsI wore No. 0 as a quarterback in my pre-season training.Also, number 00 isAuckland RaidersI wear it in Houston OilersThe wide receiver of No. 1970 was also worn in the 00s.In recent years, linebackersNew England PatriotsI wore No. 2001 in the 0 pre-season, but switched to No. 51 in the regular season.The numbers from 0 to 01 with "09" at the beginning have not been used yet and are permitted by regulation (however, they are considered to be the same as the numbers from 1 to 9).


College footballHas adopted a looser number allocation system. According to the rules, the number of "unqualified" position (offensive line) is50から79Is prescribed. In addition, the number for each position is stipulated for the attacking side, but it is "strongly recommended" and not mandatory. Also, there are no rules on the defensive side.

Ice hockey

Ice hockeyThen,1 - 99Use of uniform numbers up to is permitted.

Uniform numberPlayer characteristics
1, 30, 31, 33, 35In most cases, number 1 is the GK uniform number. The numbers 30, 31, 33, and 35 are also often GK uniform numbers.
2 - 8Often DF.
9, 10, 11 -In most cases, FW attaches a uniform number in the 9's or 10's, and often a larger number. Also, the number 9 is often the uniform number of the main FW of the team.
99“God of ice hockey”Wayne GretzkyIs the uniform number that I wore when I was active,NHLIs treated as a permanent missing number by all teams. Before Gretsky's debut30The number that was younger than the number was the mainstream, but due to the influence of Gretzky, some players have begun to give a large number.


handballOn the uniform, the uniform number and chest number are required to be displayed. Numbers from 1 to 99 are allowed[9].. Like soccer, goalkeepers often wear No. 1, No. 12, No. 16, etc., but there is no rule.

Regarding the positions other than the goalkeeper, there is no clear uniformity. It is not uncommon for main players to wear large numbers, such as regular goalkeepers wearing other than No. 1 due to the freedom of change.


The uniform number for each position has not been decided, but previously it was the rear guard of the start position.LightServe order starting from,1→2→3→4→5→6It was common to give his uniform number. for that reason,4The turn is assigned to the players entering the avant-garde left, whereAceSince it is also a position where4 TheAce numberwas. There is still this remnant in middle and high school valleys,4Is the main pillar of the team. Also,1Traditionally, the image of the number attached by the captain is strong.[10]

The number that can be used internationally is increasing year by year,1 - 18Turn (FIVBAt the official tournament1 - 20Turn[11][12]),World leagueThen in 201422The number one player in 201525The turn player also participated. JapaneseV LeagueThen once0,00Numbered players (Miki Sasaki) Was there.

Regarding Japan, there are 6 people and 9 people, and the designation of the height of the numbers is different.[13].


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Takeshi Shinjo

Tsuyoshi Shinjo(Shinjo Tsuyoshi,1972/<Showa 47>1/28 -) isJapan OfBaseball manager, Originalplayer(Outfielder,Infielder[Note 1]・ Right-handed right-handed).NagasakiShimo prefectureMitsushima Town(Current:Tsushima city)birth[4],FukuokaFukuoka CitySouth wardRaised[1][2].talent,Businessman[Note 2],creator(Productsproducer[Note 2],画家,YouTuberSuch),Local Horse Racing National Association(NAR)Horse ownerIt also has an aspect as.Ex-wife is a talentShiho Okochi.Blue ribbonReceived the award (2007)[8].2022/From the seasonHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersTo serve as the director of.His nickname and registered name as a director is "BIGBOSS(Big Boss)[9].


As a professional baseball playerNPBIn addition to playing for 14 yearsMLBBut the former who played for 3 yearsMajor LeaguerBut also.During his active career, he gained extraordinary popularity due to his unexpected blows and defensiveness that made use of his strong shoulders.[10].

Hanshin TigersOf the era1993/Recorded in 21 years, 8 months and 3 daysStarting lineup4Participation is the youngest record in the history of the team (2020/At the end of the season)[11].2001/JapanesefielderBecame the first major leaguer[Note 3],2002/ToJapanese playerFor the first time asWorld seriesPlayed[Note 4][12].2004/More Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters eraRegistered nameIs "SHINJO, And the notationinitialOther thanThe alphabetWas the first time in NPB history[Note 5].

Has won the Golden Glove Award a total of 10 times[14].

NicknameIs "プ リ ン ス""Mr. Two""BIG BOSS"Such(Later).Also, from the impressive play style, behavior, and behavior, "A player who is more memorable than the recordIt is also called[15][16].

From 2001 to 2009, belonged to the private office, Go Go Enterprise Co., Ltd.[17], From the middle of the affiliation period with the officeOur Songs CreativeReceived management of talent activities, etc. through a business alliance[18][19].. In 2008RehasafWas established and operated until the company closed in 2013 (Later)[20]..After a period of receiving management of talent activities from the company, the management contractors after that will be in 2012PlufaSince 2013Agent Office Tact[20]Since 2018ZE MANAGEMENT.

After retiring from active duty only in 2006Indonesia-BaliMoved to[21].. Announced that he will aim to become a professional baseball player again in 2019, when he retiresVoluntary retirementFrom NPB on November 11, the same year, because the procedure was taken.Free contractAnnounced as a player[22].

From the 2022 season, he became the director of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. His NPB registration was changed to "BIGBOSS (reading: Big Boss)" on March 3, the day before the start of the season.[23].


Before entering professional

In Fukuoka prefectureLandscapingBorn at the parents' home of a mother in Nagasaki Prefecture as the second child (eldest son) of a family that runs[4]..Weighing 3680 grams, he started walking 10 months after birth[24].Fukuoka City Nagaoka Elementary SchoolI had eight traffic accidents in the era, but I didn't suffer any serious injuries.HoweverFukuoka City Nagaoka Junior High SchoolHe suffered a serious injury on the verge of amputation of his left index finger during class, and said he would definitely not have been a pro if this was his right hand.[25]..In the first and second grades of elementary schoolサ ッ カ ーBelong to the team[26].. latersoft ballAfter that, the motivation for getting into baseball was the manga / animation "captainIt was also an encounter with[27].

Shinjo's father wanted his son to become a professional baseball player because of his dream that he couldn't fulfill.He had learned the speed of his legs and the strength of his shoulders from an early age, and by the time he was six, he was already able to throw stones farther than adults.Eventually, my father started teaching baseball.On a slope near my home, which is a daily routine in elementary school (from the second grade)Catch ballThen, when Shinjo was made to stand on Sakagami and his father threw the ball from Sakashita and deflected it back (although the ball would roll back if he waited at that position), he said, "Catch up before the ball comes back without lying down. I was running to Sakagami.According to his father, Shinjo cried but never made a soft noise.[28][29]..Helping the family business in the upper grades of elementary school is heavyStone monumentI gained physical strength by working with[30].

Youth baseball team formed

For softball, which started in Nagaoka Elementary School 3rd year, at the town competition in May 6th yeargoodbyeJudgment of play that decides to loseUmpireCrying and eating alone, soothingdirected byAlsoFalse trialContinued to sue.I was surprised that I had never seen a child who hates to lose so much, and if the director who could not see it was so frustrated, he would take over as the directorYouth baseballteam(Soft typeShinjo gathered members in two days when he tried to relieve his regrets by creating (school children's baseball).uniformAlso in charge of designing and naming the teamNagaoka FightersWas born (1983/May)[31]..Join the team later, and later as a professionalTakeru Furumoto,An actor OfSosuke IkematsuWas enrolled in the same grade[32].captainでAceでFirst batterShinjo was a conspicuous person, and he often did jumping throws with no steps.Of the same teamcoachShinjo's father, who bought the product, is also here without any adjustment, and is in close proximity.knockShinjo kept up with this until the end, crying, and the director said, "There were times when I couldn't look so harshly that my child was sorry."The team won the 1rd place in the Fukuoka Prefecture Tournament (64 participating teams) about a month after its formation.[2].

In Nagaoka junior high school, he belonged to the Japanese-style baseball club.The director at that time also acknowledged his ability, such as saying that his running ability and shoulder strength were extraordinary since he was in elementary school in Shinjo, but since he gave a trial only once, he was in the second year.National Junior High School Softball Baseball TournamentRemoved from the members on the bench.Shinjo, who returned home from the tournament expedition, was shut up in his room and cried, but he recalled after joining the pro, saying, "The director is a benefactor."[2].

1987/, High school has a recommendation from my fatherWest Japan Junior College High SchoolEnrolled as a general student[28],BaseballI lived in a dormitory as a member.In the same department, enter a professional after a senior in the second gradeHiroomi Ishinuki-Hiroshi Shibahara, After the second grade juniorAdult baseballFrom the playerProfessional boxerBecomeYoshihiro ArakiBecame a teammate.

One year1989/,1-Medium-sizedChallenged asThe 71th National High School Baseball ChampionshipFukuoka TournamentRound 4 ofChikushiokaBattle (Kurume City Baseball Stadium), Recorded the first goodbye hit in high school including practice games (8 times)Cold game)[33]..In the finalFukuoka Ohori MoatIn the war (Kurume), the first in my lifeCycle hitsAchieve but lose[34]..In high schoolNational conventionI didn't make it.

Professional baseball draft meeting of the same yearAtHanshin TigersReceived 5th place nomination from (OutfielderAs).The ability evaluation at this timeKatsura YokomizoscoutAccording to the report, "Strike power: B, Running power: A, Shoulder power: Special A", and only Shinjo put "Special A" on the shoulders of high school students in Yokomizo's scout history.[35]..Shinjo was a fanYomiuri Giants(Hereafter: Giants)[15]The scout told me that I could nominate him up to 3rd place, so I decided to join after considering whether to join Shinjo and his son because they were worried about the low ranking.[36](If you do not receive the nominationKyushu Sangyo UniversityIt was decided to recommend admission to[37]).The Hanshin scout who was in charge of ShinjoShozo WatanabeAndEpisodes described belowSee.Contract fee 3700 million yen, annual salary 360 million yen (estimated amount)[38],Uniform numberIs "63It was decided.

Hanshin period

Second year1990/ TheSecond armySpend time in, and there is also the effect of back pain[39]36 games ・batting average.074 (Hit2) ・Home runandRBINone[40]..Defensive from center fielder to himself during the seasonConvertVolunteerinfield OfshortstopTurned to[41].. From September to NovemberFloridaLakelandI was sent to the Autumn Education League in Japan.

1991/Also spent in the second army until the beginning of autumn, the only second army in his careerRegular turn at batBatting average .246, home runs 9 and RBI 39[42]..And one armydirected by OfKatsuhiro NakamuraFound by the leaders, the first on September 9thPromotion to one army..The next day, 10stTokyo DomeIn the Giants game in the 9th inningHittingPlayed his first professional appearance asKada NorioFrom the firstAt-batRecorded the first hit and the first RBI. 16th,Hiroshima City StadiumAtHiroshima Toyo CarpNo. 7 in battle, first professional as a shortstopStarter participationPlayed.

Kameshin Fever

1992/More defensive position registration changed to infielder[3].. Scheduled to be implemented in Europe in MarchBarcelona Olympic Baseball Cuba National TeamSend-off match team members[Note 6]Although he was elected to, the expedition was canceled due to the circumstances of the Cuban national team.[44]..The season starts with the second army40 people (at that time)In April as a special case when a disabled person appears in the same frame, even if it is out of the rangeAkihiro ShimadaWas replaced with[45].. With the main gun of one army in Maythird baseman OfThomas O'MalleyWas promoted after a sudden third base defensive practice on the 26th.Yokohama Ocean WhalesBattle (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), The first appearance of this year as the 7th and third baseman.At the first at batWorking KatsuyaThis is the first professional home run hit to the left wing seatThe finalAnd the firstHero interviewReceived[41]..Starting with this first home run, the first "two days later"Mr. TigersIs calledFumio FujimuraThe day he diedNight gameFirst professional including the final hitSmash hit awardRecorded[46], 12 consecutive hits since the first appearance of the season[47],Score area batting averageThere is also a period that kept 10%[48]I hope that he will become the next generation of Mr. Tigers by playing an active role.MediaArticle began to appear[49][50]..And settled in the army, "(tiger's)プ リ ン スThe nickname "[51]..The batting order for this year is mainly 5-7.After working as a shortstop, the defense became the first center fielder in the army on July 7th (in his career at NPB, all outfield defense in official games became center fielders). July 4thJunior all-star gameParticipated in (Tokyo Dome) as a shortstop[52].On September 9th, both teams in the match against Hiroshima (Koshien), which had reached a peak in the battle for victory, scored no points in the 16th inning.Ryuzo YamazakiTo the middle right oflinerRun from mid-levelDiving catchIn the bottom of the 0th inning, which was greeted by 0-9 as it was, to prevent a pinch.Yutaka OnoHe hit a home run, which was his first professional goodbye hit.LaterSee also)[53]..In the post-match hero interview, "It ’s a victory!Declared[54].

As mentioned above, this year, the team that had been sluggish until the previous year fought for the championship until one match before the final round (final ranking was 1nd).This breakthrough forms a right middle defensive combinationKameyama TsutomuSince he was active with them, he took the acronym of Kameyama and Shinjo and said, "Kameshin FeverWas called.I am in the dormitory at that timeBaseball dormitory, TorafusoIt is said that there was one cardboard per day for the fan letter addressed to Shinjo (adjacent to Koshien Stadium at that time).[55]..In addition, when it was reported that "Shinjo Gal" refers to young female fans who are flooded every day in the dormitory and wherever Shinjo goes, and the congestion in front of the dormitory makes it difficult to return from the stadium.Umemoto MasayukiThe dormitory manager took measures such as temporarily letting Shinjo live in the hotel.[56][55][57]..Season batting average .278, home run 11 was recorded, but slightly short of the regular batting average,Newcomer KingIn a press vote to selectTeruka KujiIt was the runner-up with less than 5 votes.[58].. In MayUS-Japan baseballFirst appearance inRoger ClemensEven though he played against him, he ended up with no hits.The following year, the annual salary in 1993 increased from 520 million yen to 2200 million yen, and the salary increase rate of 323% was the highest in the history of the team at that time (estimated amount and salary increase rate).[59].

1993/More uniform number5Changed to.SpringCampIt was converted to shortstop again, but the conversion was canceled during the camp (Later). Late FebruaryOpen battleAtHead slidingDue to the breakdown of the left shoulder at the time[60]The first appearance of the season was in mid-May, and he was appointed as a center fielder in the batting order except for 5nd and 2th. October 7st at KoshienChunichi DragonsParticipated as the first professional starting 4th batter in the game. The starting pitcher No. 21 at 8 years, 3 months and 4 days is the youngest record in the history of the team.[11](As of the end of 2020).Reached the first regular seat in this year.Achieved 100 hits in the first season (achieved by the 4th year of high school graduate is the third person in the history of the team since the draft system)[61]With a batting average of .257, he recorded 23 home runs, the most in the team, along with O'Malley.Best nineFirst award.League outfielder most 13 in defensecatching and killingRecord (the most career ties)Golden Grab AwardFirst award.

1994/I returned to outfielder registration (finished my career as it was). It started in the 1st middle class, and then the batting order was 6th, 7th, and 3rd.OwnSupporters' Association "Shinjokai"May 5th, which became the "Shinjo Night Game" to commemorate the inaugurationYakult SwallowsIn the battle (Koshien)Shingo TakatsuThe first professional goodbyeFull baseRecorded a home run[62].. In MayAll star gamesFan votingSE LeagueFirst elected with the most votes, Round 1 (Seibu Lions Stadium) AtSubstituteFirst appearance as a ball banquetStealRecorded[63].. This yearKazuhiko IshimineAlong with the team's most 17 home runs, the team's most 205Home runRecord.League outfielder most 289 in defenseStabbedRecorded (the most career) and won the Golden Glove Award.

1995/Nakamura took a rest on the wayFujita TairaWhile acting as a substitute, he was mainly appointed as the 6th and 7th mid-level players, and returned to the team only this year.Kazuhiro YamauchiI tried to remodel the batting form under the guidance of the batting coach, but I couldn't understand Yamauchi's batting theory, and on the contrary, the batting results were significantly sluggish.

A home run hit ball hits the cheering flag and is judged to be a double

6 month 20 dayYokohama Bay StarsBattle (Yokohama Stadium), As the first batter in the 1th inning to chase one point differenceKazuhiro SasakiLarge near the top of the left wing fenceFlying ballHowever, after being wrapped in a cheering flag (with Shinjo's name) waving by the audience, he fell to the ground.[64]..Then the ball was thrown to the infield, during which Shinjo reached third base.After discussions with the referees regarding this event,Official baseball rules3.16 (at the same time as the disturbanceBall dead..The referee will determine what the competition would be like if there was no interference. ), And it was judged as a double.[65]..It is delicate whether or not the fence was crossed if there was no obstruction, and when the referee explained the venue after the protest by the Hanshin Tigers, in addition to a large amount of megaphones and garbage, drums and trash cans were thrown from the left wing seat to the ground. As a result, intruders also appeared, and the contestants once pulled up to the bench.After the interruption, the match was lost as it was[64]..In an interview two years later, he said, "I can't help it because I'm supporting you so hard."LaterHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIn April 2004, when his big fly ball was caught by a spectator in the front row of the right wing seat of Tokyo Dome, a similar double hit was made.[66]("List of phantom home runsSee).

This year, right ankle sprain, right knee bruise, etc.[67]でPlayer registrationThe batting average fell below 4% and 2 minutes for four consecutive years from this year because the batting average could not be reached repeatedly.

Retirement declaration uproar

On November 1995, 11, at a press conference after contract renewal negotiations, "I gave up because I had no sense of baseballI made a sudden declaration of retirement.The off-event, which was reported as the expected true reason for retirement, was reported by Taira Fujita, the new coach, when he was trying to concentrate on treating the breakdown.Shikoku Kuroshio LeagueI'm longing for the matter that was made to participate inJun KashiwaraWith the departure of the batting coach, distrust of the baseball team was raised, and the Yokohama BayStarstradeWas rejected even though I volunteered for[68]..Shinjo to withdraw declaration of retirementHiroshima KawashimaCentral League president[68],Shozo Watanabescout(LaterAfter being persuaded by others, the mother told her that her father's illness had worsened.[Note 7]Finally, he decided to continue working to encourage his father. At the press conference after withdrawing the declaration on the 21st and renewing the contract, "I thought that showing the appearance of wearing a uniform is the best medicine for the father. It's not about my life, it's about my life. I can't return it, "he explained and apologized.[70]..In addition, when Shinjo applied for retirement to the baseball team, the local Fukuoka supporters' association "Fukuoka Gotorakai"[Note 8][71]I was taking steps such as getting consent from[69]..Regarding the statement of "no sense" when declaring retirement, he wrote in his book, "On the practice day when the second army had fallen due to an ankle failure during the 1995 season, the start time was judged by myself from the seriousness of the failure condition. Not to the ground according totrainerWhen Fujita, who was the second army director at the time, accused him of being late for his actions when he went to the room.SittingWas punished[72]As a result, I began to think that my outlook on baseball did not match Fujita.However, I didn't want to blame people if I quit anyway, so if I set the reason for the announcement to "no sense", the batting results were bad, so I thought that I would be convinced to some extent. " Is writing[73]("Taira Fujita #After retirementSee also).From the time of this turmoil, the desire to transfer to MLB, which was inspired by the experience of the American Education League in the first year of professionalism, became stronger.[73][74](The intention of aspiration has been communicated to the team before the uproar[75]).Another reason for declaring retirement was "Retired" in a later interview.Hideo NomoI also wanted to challenge the major leagues like this. "[Note 9]..The following 1996 salary was the first reduction since he became a professional.[70].

1996/Is the most mid-level player from the opening to the end of May, then the batting order is mainly 5th and 1th until the beginning of September, and Director Fujita takes a rest on the way.Takeshi ShibataIt was appointed as No. 4 from the agency. In mid-April, he recorded his first four consecutive home runs in four games in a row, and recorded his first home run in the first and third consecutive games in Yokohama from the 4th (the first game was his first first batter bullet).[76].. In the bottom of the first round of the season on October 10th (against China and Koshien), No. 9 himself and No. 1 (pinch hitter)Kazuhiko ShiotaniWith a full-base home runTakahiro KanamoriUnleashed from, Team 1inning2 The first record in NPB history of a full-base home run[77]..Season batting average .238, home run 19.Both will be the best careerFour balls55Base run rateRecorded .335.Received the Golden Glove Award.Dispatched off and belongedHawaii Winter League Of(English edition)Will meet again at Nippon Ham laterTray hillmanAs a directorNew York MetsBecome a colleague again in (2001)Benny AgbayaniWas enrolled as a player[78][79]..Shinjo was in 1996YokohamaI am applying for a transfer and under the surfaceJun HatakeyamaAlthough negotiations for a trade withFujita TairaThe story is flowing after being dismissed in the middle of the director[80].

1997/ TheYoshio YoshidaUnder the new director, he was the third mid-level player until the end of May, after which he was appointed in the batting order of 5, 3, 1, and 7.

Cheering boycott

7 of the monthAll star gamesWas elected in the second place in the outfielder category by fan voting, and participated in the season batting average of 2% and 2 minute, but in the first round (Osaka Dome), A boycott of support by the Central League cheering squad for each turn at bat[Note 10]A "return to Shinjo" call was made by some spectators.Some people supported it voluntarily, but due to the interruption of the game due to the PET bottle megaphone being thrown into the ground, the banner with the stand said, "Tsuyoshi Shinjo, don't be ashamed to participate with such a result."[83]Was written[84]..Regarding this matter, he himself said at a later active retirement interview, "I still remember the shocking feelings at that time. (Although I will retire) The players are playing hard, so I will support you even if it is not good. I want you to do it. "[85]. AlsoEpisode after this matchSee also

This year, even in the official game, he received a boycott of support only for himself.[84],CleanupFormedShinjiro HiyamaWithStrikeoutWas mass-produced (the maximum number of carriers was 120 strikeouts).He played in all games of the season, which is the only one in his career, and recorded 20 home runs, putting him on the 4s for the first time in four years.In defense, he recorded the most 20 outfielders in the league (the most career ties) and won the Golden Glove Award.OffTBS"Sportsman No.1 Final Battle 4th Professional Sportsman Tournament』Participated inMONSTER BOXWhen I challenged (Giant vaulting box), I smashed my left knee with the vaulting box and injured.After retiring from the rest of the competition, it was difficult to stand at the subsequent Golden Glove Awards ceremony.[86].

1998/Started in the 6th middle class, and then the batting order was appointed mainly in the lower ranks such as 7th and 8th.This year is the Central League Star Grand Prix in the open game[Note 11]Although he won the award, he fell into an extremely sluggish hit in the season and started with three remaining home runs up to a total of 100 home runs, but season 3 and commemorative home runs were achieved in July.[87].. In the match where Yokohama decided to win the league at Koshien on October 10, he was the last batter to strike out in front of Kazuhiro Sasaki from the final two deaths.[88]..The batting average for the season was .222 (the lowest for those who reached the league's regular batting average), 6 for home runs, and 27 for RBI.In defense, he won the Golden Glove Award, recording the most 12 outfielders in the league.The following year, 1999, his annual salary was reduced for the second time since he became a professional.

Pitcher challenge

From the autumn campKatsuya NomuraConcurrently with an outfielder based on the idea of ​​the new directorTwo-sword style)pitcherStarted practicing as.The following two games of the 1999 open gamePitchingHowever, he hurt his left knee, so he gave up the pitcher challenge.

Later, he said he lied to Katsuya Nomura because it was easy and boring to hold back as a pitcher.[Source required].

1999/Due to the above-mentioned breakdown, his first appearance in the season was in mid-April, and he spent the season with left thigh pain. From the late 4s to retirement, almost always legs, hips, rightRectus abdominal muscles[89]I ended up having a breakdown somewhere in. The batting order was 3th, 4th, 6th, etc., although it was often appointed as the 8rd mid-level player. May 5, Chunichi Battle of the Leading Battle (Toyama City Stadium Alpine Stadium),Triple killing(No death 3th base to XNUMXrd base grounder), or in defense, missed the middle front hit from full base and scored XNUMX goals.faux pasCommit[Note 12]After that, in the final attack, which was involved in scoring twice, such as hitting a 7-point home run, which was the team's first goal in an attack chasing 2 points, and further catching up to 6-7 and 1 point difference.PreachingI made a tie with one hit by hitting 9 balls in front of me.As a result, the team lost and said, "I lost because of me."Shinjo DayWas reported and was taken up as a representative episode of Shinjo at that time.[91][53].

Goodbye hits goodbye

June 1999, 6, 12st and 12rd base battle with giant (Koshien) XNUMXth inning tie, XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base (Pitcher:Hiroki Makihara,catcher:Mitsuyama Hidekazu)soAway ballAnd record a goodbye hit.He overlooked a slightly sweeter pitching of the first pitch to the outside angle, and felt that he could hit a ball of this size (how to remove it), hit a similar pitching of the second pitch, passed Sanyu and rolled it to the front of the left wing.From before the first pitch so that a sweet pitch to remove will comeBatter's boxHold it near the white line on the third base side of the inside,shortstopIs defending near the second base and aimed at the large vacant Sanyu[92]..From the giant side, "The left foot that I stepped on when hitting is sticking out of the batter's box.Foul hit ballThere was a protest, "Isn't it?"Toshiyuki Tanaka"On the white line of the batter's box, on the left footHeelsWas left (if the protruding foot is stepping on the white line, it will not be a foul ball), "he dismissed.I felt that if I put out a bat when I was shunned in the match against Hiroshima three days before the execution, I felt that it would arrive in advance.Jun KashiwaraBatting coach (experienced hitting a distant ball and hitting a home run during his active career), Keizo ShirimuhamaBatting pitcherI was practicing to hit a pitch that was greatly removed[93]..In addition, we had a meeting with Director Nomura through Kashiwabara to get a sign of execution permission depending on the situation, and the sign was issued just before the execution.[92]..In addition, this avoidance measure on the giant side is because it became the runner third baseBases loadedHowever, even in the Hanshin attack in the scene where the previous inning was tied, Shinjo's leadThree basesThe bases loaded was taken because of the issue, and the successor was a trio.[91]..This play by Shinjo was selected as the 2015th place in the Internet questionnaire "Memories Scene Best 80" for fans in the special project of the 10th anniversary of the Hanshin Tigers team, which was held in 6 after retirement.[94]..In addition to this, he recorded 8 hits and 6 RBIs in 4 at bats, including a tie-breaking solo home run in eight attacks immediately after being led. In the 2th defense, it was the first time for a professional to use the infielder as a substitute for the previous attack.Second baseI got (Kiyohara KazuhiroThere is also a chance to handle the second goro).In the hero interview, the last question was "I will win tomorrow!I left the stand and closed the interview myself.[92]..However, the team lost in the same match on the 13th.I also changed from the night beforeKoji UeharaIt ended in no hits in 3 at bats, such as striking out 5 at bats in a row.[91]..In the interview the night before, he declared that he would hit a distant ball only once, but he was practicing to hit a pitch that was greatly missed before the game on that day.For a while after that, when avoiding Shinjo, the opponent catcher should remove it from the pitcher before each pitch.gestureWas seen sending[95].

7 of the monthAll star gamesIn Round 2 (Koshien)Tomohiro KurokiThe first hit of his own ball banquet recorded from, became the 1000th hit in all Central League total.[96]..Round 3 and 2 league system 50th anniversary commemorative match (Kurashiki Muscat StadiumIn)Tsutomu IwamotoIt was the first time to record all 2 RBIs in all the games, such as hitting the first home run at the ball feast.MVPEarned[96]("Shinjo Theater #Hanshin eraSee also). He hit the final home run in the Giants match (Koshien) on September 9th, and again on the stand, "I will win tomorrow!However, from the next day, he suffered 12 consecutive losses (the longest team in history (as of the end of 2016)).[97][98][99]..This year, under the guidance of his teacher, Kashiwabara Batting Coach, who returned to the team, his batting average recovered from the previous year's slump and returned to the batting average of 5% and 2 minutes for the first time in five years, hitting 5 home runs. In mayMonthly MVPFirst award.In the match against the giant rookie Koji Uehara who achieved four pitchers this year, he recorded a batting average of .4 (381 at bats) and three home runs, and went down to a lower level.FastballHome run hit in a difficult position[53]The media also paid attention to the above-mentioned continuous strikeouts.Double hitIs rare at the beginning of the season without recording until the latter half of MayTriple killingAlthough it was (mentioned above), the total number of seasons was 21, which was the highest in both leagues and the highest in career.Received the Golden Glove Award.The following year, the annual salary in 2000 was estimated to be 7800 million yen, the highest in the Hanshin era.[100]..Free left knee offcartilageUndergone removal surgery[101].

2000/Although the spring camp started on a different menu due to the effects of surgery, he started in the opening round No. 4, which is the only career.Although he was out of order at the beginning of the season, he was appointed as the 4th mid-level player. On June 6th, his official website "CLUB SHINJO(Old site) was opened[102].. In the Giants match held at Koshien on July 7, he achieved a total of 20 appearances. On the 1000th, in my hometown of Nagasaki PrefectureNagasaki Big N StadiumAtAll star gamesIn the first matchShinji MoriIs hitting a home run outside the left wing field[103].. In the bottom of the 9th inning against Hiroshima on September 30Kito MakotoHe hit a goodbye home run to the right wing seat (this is the last home run as a Hanshin Tigers player.Japan seriesRecorded in NPB including20st centuryThe last goodbye home run)[12][104]..This year, he recorded his second home run in four games in a row in June and 6 hits in a row in September.[76].Victory RBIRecorded 13 times, which is the most self-renewal in the team, but only one differenceMost winning pointsMissed the title (special prize)[105][106]..Batting average .278 142 hits 23 doubles 28 home runs 85 RBIs (home runs / RBIs are the most in the career. Home runs are 20 home runs of "first strike / tie / win / reverse") , All batting averages (except for home runs), including 15 RBIs, were the team's highest record of the year.[107][108]..Received the Best Nine Golden Glove Award.He participated in ALL STAR SERIES held in November, which was off-season, and left a batting average of .11 (409 at bats).[47].

Transfer announcement to MLB

First acquired in August 2000Free agent (FA) rightsExercised on November 11th to declare FA[109]..Negotiations with Yokohama and Yakult were reported.The condition that Hanshin, which has been negotiating for the rest of the season, evaluated the good results of the year and tried to retain the popular players was a total of 5 billion yen (estimated amount) for a 12-year contract, which is a better condition than other teams. It was.

However, Shinjo's decision was unpredictable even by the Hanshin Tigers team members who were negotiating.[75],MLB who has long wanted to transfer OfNew York MetsIt was transferred to.The contents of the contract are a contract fee of 30 dollars (about 3300 million yen at that time in Japanese yen equivalent), an annual salary of 20 dollars (2200 million yen at that time, the minimum guaranteed amount of major players at that time) plus a piecework payment of 50 dollars (5500 million yen at that time). ) 3 year contract[Note 13]Met.Mets during the seasonIsao OjiScoutsOmar MinayaGMThe assistant was also inspecting the game[113], The fact of the transfer negotiations was not announced at the intention of the Mets side.Seattle MarinersTransferred toIchiroJapanese with outfielderfielderBecame the first player (other than a pitcher) to join the MLB team[12].. At the transfer announcement press conference after the contract was signed on December 12, "I finally found a baseball environment that suits me.The team is the New York Mets.".The uniform number is the same as in the Hanshin era.5Was decided[100].

June 12st, TalentShiho OkochiAnd enrolled.I've admitted that I've been dating her since 1993[60]At the time of enrollment, he announced that he had lived together for about eight years.Mrs. Suspended performing arts activities until 8.

Mets era


* The dates of subsequent events in the United States and Canada are local time.

In the first year of MLB, I went to the United States alone at my own will[114], The wife also moved from the second year.AgentWas served by Mike Nicotera and his colleague Jean Casaleggio for three years at MLB.[115].InterpreterIn 2001, the team staffKenichi Iwamoto[Note 14]However, since 2002, the team staffKatsunori Kojima(Transferred with Shinjo in 2003) served.Also, from 2001 until retirement from active duty, several peopletrainerHad an exclusive contract with[116].

2001/ OfSpring trainingAbout the large number of Japanese media covering Shinjo in Japan and the high topicality of ShinjoNew York TimesBut"James DeanI reported it as "I came"[117].Open battleJohn J. Murphy Award from the team for the results in[Note 15]Received the award and entered the opening major (entering the opening major every year for three years at MLB).In the early part of the season, the participation was conspicuous, but it became regular with the achievements, and the batting order became various such as 3th, 7th, 6st, 1rd, 3th. Defensive in MLBoutfieldI get to all of them every year, but only this year I got to both wings evenly instead of the mid-sized main. Opening round on April 4 (againstAtlanta Braves,Turner Field) MLB first appearance as a substitute runner in the 8th inning.First baserunnerWhen flying to the outfield, which is rare forTag upGo to second base (middle right)Warning trackFlying ball to the frontAndrew Jones(After the center fielder catches the ball), in the first at bat in the 10th inningKelly ReitenbergRecorded the first hit from[118].. In the same match on the 5th, he started for the first time as the 7th right fielder. 9th home base opening Braves match (Shay Stadium)soJason MarqueeHe hit his first home run and received a Japanese-style welcome with his teammates lined up.[119]..With this first home run, the media twisted Shinjo's surname.Coined wordIsSHINJOY(Shinjoy) ”was started to be used, and since then it has become popular as a nickname. 27thFirst AsianRecorded the time on base with a hit by pitch. May 5thFlorida MarlinsAt bat during the big difference lead (11-3)countThe act of hitting from a 3 ball-0 strikeUnwritten ruleIt is said that it is against, and it will be on the foot in the same match the next dayDead ballReceived[120][121].. In the first year of MLB, in addition to that, the act of throwing a bat at the highest immediately after hitting a ball that he is convinced that it will be a home run, which was done daily in Japan (Later) And then the act of touching the base by hand at home in (Later) Is interpreted as provocative by the opponent team, or when the bat is pushed high before pitching at batcatcherSuspicion that he may be looking into the sign issued byLater) Was also applied.

June 6th while continuing to participate through a left thigh failureNew York YankeesIn the bottom of the 2th inning to chase 8 points in the battle (Shea Stadium), he shot a grounder on the 1nd base with an attack of XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base, sprinted to the XNUMXst base and slipped from his foot to prevent the double play (RBI XNUMX).Then the next batterMike Piazza2 home runs in the reversal final of the gameSubway seriesCalled one of the best matches, the base running through Shinjo's breakdown was "Kamikaze SprintWas reported[122][123]..However, he was sent a pinch runner and this base was the last play, and from the 20th, the back of his left thigh (Quadriceps) 15 days away from the meatDisability listEntered (a system that can extend the period)[47].. afterwardsA-Class /Brooklyn Cyclones2 games of adjustment participation in[Note 16]After that, he returned from July 7th. The 16nd,Philadelphia PhilliesBattle (Veterans Stadium) In the bottom of the 6th inning, with a mid-level defense on first base, in direct sunlight,Travis Lee OfBack screenWithout turning around in front of the fence after continuing to chase after running a large fly ball in the directionPocket catch(Back catch).This playWillie Maysof"The catchWas reported to be reminiscent of[125][126].Bobby valentineFrom the director etc.Clutch hitterIn response to the evaluation, it is often appointed in the batting order No. 3.[127][128][129]Woke up on September 9thAmerican terrorist attacks New York CityWhile casting a shadow on the teamplay offHe also contributed to the battle for advancement as a fourth batter in the final stages.

In each of the three outfield positions this yearcatching and killingThe total number is 12 (5th in the league outfielder, the most new outfielders in both leagues, the most new outfielders in the team <at that time>[130]).The batting average was .3 (583 hits in 12 at bats) and 7 RBIs when the bases loaded, although the regular batting average was not reached (every year for 17 years in MLB) due to the influence of withdrawal from the failure.[131], Victory RBI 11 is the most in the team along with Piazza[132].(English edition)[Note 17]Received such awards.The following year, the annual salary in 2002 was 135 million dollars, which was about 1 million yen in Japanese yen at that time, exceeding 3500 million yen for the first time.[Note 13][131]..In privateJapan Glasses Best Dresser AwardとBest Dresser AwardAward.

Giants era

August 2001, 12,(English edition)With the infielderShawn Estes2 to 1 with the pitchertradeでSan Francisco GiantsTransferred to[131]..The uniform number continues to be "5. "

2002/As the team expected when acquiring, the director ’sDusty BakerOpened by being appointed as the most mid-level player[133].. As the first batter, I was instructed not to hit with a fast count.[134], From the batting order demotion in late April due to poor batting order to the withdrawal in late July (described later), he was mainly in the lower ranks such as No. 4.XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Montreal ExposBattle (Olympic stadium) 1 point lead, 8th inning, XNUMXst baseman, XNUMXst basemanFernando TatisRight wing (rear near the fixed position) Fence While the right wing hand is sluggish to handle the cushion ball of the direct hit ball, the runner rushes from the midfielder and immediately throws about 90 meters to the home base in one bounce.(English edition)Was killed.Some spectators who were excited about this play broke into the ground.The match won as it was, "Shinjo's shoulder plays the matchsaveIt was reported that the other directorFrank robinsonAlso praised this play[135][136].. July,All-Star Game Fan VotingGet over 100 million votesNational LeagueRanked 4th in the outfielder category[137].. 25 Right thigh at the end of the sunrise (Hamstring) Was hurt and entered the disabled list for 15 days.afterwardsAAAClass /Fresno GrizzliesAfter two games, he will return on August 2th, but he is leaving.Kenny LoftonThe outfielder joined in the trade and lost the position of a center fielder regular.The number of starting pitchers after returning has dropped sharply, and this year's performance was lower than the previous year in most of the batting divisions.In defense, league outfielders and center fieldersRange factor (RF / 9) Record 1st place[138]..Of the team decided one game before the final game of the seasonWildcardContribution to acquisition, first through NPB / MLBPost seasonParticipation (Championship series) And won the league title.

First Japanese player to participate in the World Series

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Against Anaheim AngelsRound 1 (Edison International Field of Anaheim) At No. 9Nominated batterSo, for the first time as a Japanese playerWorld seriesParticipate in[Note 4][12]..Regarding the appointment of a designated hitter, the director Baker said, "I would like to have Shinjo as a center-fielder in terms of defense, but (at that time, the starting pitcher was a starting pitcher only for left-handed pitchers, and Round 3-5 was a designated hitter system. (Not because I can't break the rhythm of the starting pitcher Lofton center fielder throughout the series. "[139]..In the second at batJarrod WashburnThe bat used at this time was "Nakamae hit, which is the first hit of a Japanese player in the series.TSU No.5With an autographAmerican Baseball Hall of Fame MuseumOn display[140][141].. On the 27th, the final attack in the top of the 3th inning, chasing the 7 points of the final 3th round (Anaheim), which was reached by both teams with 9 wins, if a home run comes out, they will play in the tie.Troy PercivalI struck out in front of him.The team just lost and missed the series title, and the players were in the National LeagueChampion ringReceived the following year[142]..The individual batting results in this postseason were 4 games and 8 at-bats, and the number of hits was one as mentioned above.[131].

Off, the team has the following 2003 contract option[Note 13]On November 11th without exercisingNon-tender FABecame[131].

Return to Mets

2003/Contracted with the New York Mets in the old nest on January 1 for an annual salary of 11 dollars (about 60 million yen at that time in Japanese yen equivalent)[131]..The uniform number continues to be "5".From the contract offers received from several MLB / NPB baseball teams after leaving the Giants, he said he chose Mets, an old nest and a baseball team in his favorite city, so that he could make use of his enrollment experience.[143].

Even though he has the highest batting average of .50 as a National League player with more than 426 at-bats in the open game.[144]In the season, there was also the influence of the left inner thigh failure that was the reason for finally retiring from active duty.[145], The number of games played decreased mainly due to the appointment as a starting midfielder when the starting pitcher was a left pitcher[146].. May 5th at Shea StadiumLos Angeles DodgersAchieved a total of 100 NPB / MLB Assistance (outfield defense chances) in the battle. Recorded the only outfielder's career to compensate for the final out to decide the victory in the Braves match at Turner Field on the 23rd (stabbed a tie runner with a direct home base throw from a midfielder)[147]..The batting record gradually declined, such as recording 5 consecutive no-hitters, which was his worst so far in May.[146], June 6th against the YankeesDay / Night Doubleheader1st match (Yankee Stadium) After the end, it is the first time in the 3rd year of MLB except for participation in adjustment after failureminorFell[148](The final appearance is the same match at the same stadium on the 27th the day before).At that time, he said, "It was embarrassing to be in the majors with such results."This year, when he saw a young player desperately trying hard in spring training and suggested to the leaders that he should give them a chance (in an open game) instead of himself, he was perceived as a passive player. Besides,Art howeThe feud with the director was reported[149].. On June 7Roaster 40 person frameOut ofDFAAnd signed a minor contract with Mets at a later date[148].. AAA gradeNorfolk tides(Jersey number23) Finished the season with a batting average of .324 (111 at bats), 3 home runs, and 9 RBIs.[131]..In his minor life, he experiences disparities in conditions with various majors, but he says that it was a fun time to learn the most in his baseball life so far, as he interacted with young players who dreamed of being promoted.[149]..Became a non-tender FA off and received a contract offer from several MLB / NPB teams[100]..Before moving to the United States in 2001, he suggested that he would transfer to MLB for three years.[Note 13][150][151].

Japan ham era

Transfer destination is from the next season of NPBHokkaidoMove toHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersThe contract fee is 4000 million yen and the annual salary is 8000 million yen.[Note 18]Plus volume payment 5000 million yen 2-year contract (estimated amount, volume payment of the number of compensation is also available[154])[155]..I decided to go to the team that received the offer first, and it was Nippon Ham[156]..Other NPB teams that received the offerChiba Lotte MarinesMet[157]..In addition, it is said that the Yomiuri Giants is the first team to ask for the acquisition, although it is unofficial (confessed after retirement).[158]).Hanshin of the old nest did not make an offer due to the thickening of the outfielders[159]..On November 11th, the day before the announcement of joining the group, the movie "Bad Boys 2 BadInformally announced that he would join the group at the special preview in Japan.[160]..The appearance of signing at the temporary contract seat on the next 20th was later televised at the request of Shinjo.At the official press conference after the provisional contract, fans from Hokkaido and other countries introduced their signatures asking them to join.[161][162].. New headquarters on December 12Sapporo DomeThe press conference for the announcement of joining the group (after the official contract) was held in Japan, but it was initially scheduled to be closed to the public because about 2000 fans visited the venue.[155].. At the interview,Fill up the Sapporo Dome""Make the team the best in JapanI set a goal[154][163].Registered nameIs "SHINJO, The uniform number is "1", And for his own public relationsArai ShumitsuWas appointed[164](Still in office until retirement).In addition, the exclusive trainer of the Nippon-Ham era is run by himself.Acupuncture and moxibustion clinicThe staff served[6].

From the first year of joining the team, as part of the fan service, a unique batting method was named in the discourse at the time of home runs (List <external link>), And before the match over the next yearSeat knockHeadgear (mask) To wearperformance5 times[165], The team left a record of 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw in the match[166].

2004/Is mainly the second mid-level player from the opening to July, and batting order in early August.Tomoya TsuboiAfter being replaced withplay offUntilBig bang hitting lineIt was appointed as No. 1. March 3, at the Osaka Dome, the second race of the seasonOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesIn battleToyohiko YoshidaFrom, recorded the first home run of the baseball team as Hokkaido Nippon-Ham. May 1thHakodate Ocean StadiumAtSeibu LionsIn battleZhang MagazineAchieved 1000 hits in total for NPB.

The ball banquet notice MVP was decided by the stolen base ... "From now on, it's the Pacific League."

In the first hero interview after joining the team and the interview at a later date, which I received in the final game of the first half of 2004 (Sapporo Dome)All star gamesHe mentioned his participation and declared that "MVP is mine". July 7th, Round 11 (Nagano Olympic Stadium) In the bottom of the third inning, the scene of second death and third base (battery: Former colleagueShinobu Fukuhara-Teruhiro Yano, Batter: Colleague'sOgasawara Michidai), Shinjo, a third base runner, made a start at the moment the catcher returned to the pitcher and head-sliding to home base.The pitcher sent the ball immediatelyClose playBecame safe and the first solo in the history of ball banquetsBook thiefRecorded[Note 19].helmetShinjo, who had taken off, expressed his joy by continuing to hit the ground with both hands and feet while still hungry.Immediately before this play, Shinjo started from third base on third base.Base coachWas servingNobuhiko MatsunakaOn the bench of all Central Leagues, which is the opponent on the third base sideAtsushi Furuta-Yamamoto MasaAfter consulting with others about this stolen base, Furuta and Yamamoto sent a gesture to incite Shinjo.In this game, he recorded two doubles and had a batting average of .2, ranking fifth in history as a player with more than 382 at-bats at the end of the year.[169]..In addition, all together with the final points in this stolen basePacific LeagueAll 2scoreAlso recorded and earned MVP as declared earlier.In a hero interview, what happened this yearProfessional baseball reorganization problemReceived "From now on, it ’s the Pacific League.I declared.[168][167]

Goodbye "crossing the fence" hits overtaking runners

Japan's first developed from the 2004 professional baseball reorganization problemProfessional baseball strikeSeptember 9th, the first race of the dayFukuoka Daiei HawksBefore the match (Sapporo Dome) "I'm sorry I couldn't play the day before yesterday",Morimoto rare-Kazuteru Shimada-Ishimoto Tsutomu・ Five outfielders who collaborated with Tomochika TsuboiSecret Sentai Gorenger』Implemented a headgear performance (first implemented jointly with others)[170]..In the match in the fight for advancement to the playoffs, in the bottom of the 4th inning, which was 8-4.Aragaki NagisaHe hit a solo home run to the left.Furthermore, in the bottom of the 9th inning, the team tied 9-12 to 12-12 and was still on the second base.Koji MiseSame as when hitting 4 home runsTriangular space behind the left wing fenceCarried the ball to[171][162]..In this scene, the first base runnerYukio TanakaWas so delighted that Shinjo was greeted in front of the second base, and the two hugged each other and made a full turn on the spot.This action caused Shinjo to overtake the previous runner and was out (described later).However, because the third base runner with the right to advance to the safe base reached the home base.Goodbye game(Victory) was established (under the safe ground rule, in the case of the third out (described later) due to overtaking from two deaths, the lead runner's ground rule is secured, but this case is not a home run on record Therefore, the match ends when the final score is scored. Therefore, the score of the third base runner becomes a goodbye game and the score is 3x-13). As mentioned above, "Shinjo was out" and "third out", but since the goodbye game is prioritized and established over the overtaking act, the third out in this attack is not recorded in the record. (Mitsuse's pitched from the start of this roundThrow timesIs 2/3 times.Shinjo's turn at bat is usually recorded when outStabbedNot the same as the first and second base runnersLeft on baseWas recorded. ).In addition, Shinjo's batting record is no longer a goodbye home run due to overtaking, so official baseball rules 9.06 (f) "The batter will only record as many baseballs as the runner who scored the winning point with that hit." Single hit based onSingle stroke) Became[172]..This is the third time in history that a walk-off home run has been canceled, but it is the first time that a walk-off home run has been won even after the cancellation (""List of phantom home runsSee).In addition, the score of the walk-off home run was 4 instead of 1 in the case of a full-base home run, so the total score of the team in this game, 13 points, is the highest tie record in the league for the total score of the team in the walk-off game. (As of May 2016, 5)[173]..In addition, if a full-base home run had been established, it would have been the highest number of NPB tie records (two at that time) for a personal good-bye full-base home run.Shinjo was out, but he went around the diamond and received a rough blessing from his teammates near home base.After this, he received an apology from Tanaka, who felt responsible for the disappearance of Shinjo's grand slam, and Shinjo replied with a smile, "It's okay. I won."[89]..In the hero interview, "Today's hero is not me, everyone!"[172].. further"I will win tomorrow!Declare,Two games from the Hanshin eraThen, when I say that word on the stand, the team loses the next dayJinxWas reported as, but won the next day[174].

This year, he recorded 12 smashing awards (the team won 11 in the match) and a batting average of .298 (16th in the league), each of which was the highest in his career. From July to September, the monthly batting average is over 7%.[175], In late July, "Spiderman5 games in a row from the game that performed the headgear performanceMultiple hitsRecord. In August, he recorded multiple hits in seven consecutive games and the most doubles and triples in the league (8) from the middle of the month. In September, he hit 7 out of 11 games and hit 9 home runs in a row from the game after the strike, and won the monthly MVP with 16 home runs, 15 RBIs and 3 runs in each league.In the first year of the team relocation, he recorded the most 7 stabs in the league outfielders in defense.play offContribute to advancement.He made his first appearance in the NPB postseason in the first stage of the playoffs. Although he was selected as a fan vote for ALL STAR SERIES in November, he declined to participate due to the pain in his right thigh that worsened from the end of the season.[176].Season MVPI got the score to be the 4th place (the most in the team) in the press vote to select[177]..Other awards include Best Nine, Golden Glove Award,JA Zenno Go/Go Award3 times (the most in Thailand in history),Japan Professional Sports AwardAchievement award etc.

2005/Started with No. 1 mid-level, and the batting order was mainly No. 5 from mid-May to mid-July failure (described later). April 7, at Tokyo DomeOrix BuffaloesAchieved a total of 1500 NPB / MLB appearances in the game. May 5thInvoice SEIBU domeIn the Seibu battle inKoji OnumaHe struck out before, and recorded 1000 strikeouts in total for NPB / MLB. June 6thNagoya DomeAtSep-pa Exchange Battle・ In the Chunichi DragonsYamamoto MasaAchieved a total of 200 home runs in NPB / MLB. On the 11th, when he hit a home run in the old nest Hanshin game at KoshienHanshin fanWe received applause from us and named the batting method "Thank you for this stadium that raised me."[171].. From the beginning of July, he recorded his first three consecutive smashing awards, but on the 7th he received a hit by pitch and his right hand.Hypothenar partWas bruised.After that, there was a period of deregistration due to the breakdown, and participation became sparse.[178],All star gamesHowever, although the topic was provided, the number of at-bats ended in 1 (""Shinjo Theater # 2005 All-Star GameSee).

I couldn't reach the regular seat this year.He won the Golden Glove Award with the most votes in the outfielder category, but he missed the award ceremony and said, "My Golden Glove Award this year is strange. I'm sorry for the players who have been aiming for this award in their hearts for a year. From next year, I want you to choose by number, not impression, otherwise this wonderful award will be worthless. "[179].. The re-contract signed due to the expiration of the two-year contract is a one-year contract at the request of Shinjo, and the annual salary is an increase of 2 million yen, which is the highest salary increase in NPB history (at that time), and the highest career amount of 1 million yen. (Amount is estimated)[Note 18].

Retirement from active duty and "Shinjo Theater"

2006/Was the director of the Hanshin eraKatsuhiro NakamuraIs Orix'sKatsuya Nomura Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesBecame the manager of the same league team as LotteBobby valentineTogether with the director (the director of the 2001 Mets era), he will play against three teachers. It was appointed as the 3th mid-level player for one year.Named "Fighters Overcrowded Operation (1 projects)" by his own idea[153][180], When I got to the defense at the start of the opening game (against Rakuten / Sapporo Dome) on March 3, which I had announced that I would do something, I myselfHarley-Davidson OfTrikeDrive to enter, go around the hall and head to the defensive position, then other starting playerssidecarThe performance of getting in the passenger seat and heading to the defensive position was shown in front of the crowded spectators.[181]..Starting with this, the team won all three games that had a full-scale performance show before this year's game.[166].

Retirement announcement immediately after the opening

On April 4th, at the Orix match at Tokyo Dome, the first home run was "I enjoyed playing baseball for 28 years.Take off your uniform this yearBy naming it, he announced his retirement from active duty during the match for this season only.And he declared his retirement again in a hero interview[182]..At the end of the naming of the times when he announced his retirement, he sealed the naming of home runs, which he had been doing since 2004.[182][183]..Since the announcement of retirement, the attention of the media has been increasing day by day, and the performance inside and outside the ground of Shinjo is "Shinjo TheaterIt was reported as every day.

Collared undershirt problem

30 daysFukuoka Softbank HawksWhen I participated in the battleuniformControversy over manners about the collared training suit worn underneath[184]..Before the match, he asked the referees to wear the same item and confirm whether he could participate.Yoshio MaekawaThe Pacific League refereeing director decided that "it is not specified in the current rules, so it will be used as a material for future consideration", and permission to wear it was obtained.From during the match to after the match, the opponent's teamSadaharu OhThe manager and the front desk complained, and after discussions with the referees, they were notified that they could not participate in the match by wearing them in the future.[185][186].

June 6th at the Sapporo Dome against HiroshimaShinji SasaokaAchieved 200 home runs in total for NPB[Note 20].. July will be the last active dutyAll star gamesRound 1 (Meiji Jingu Stadium), With good catch in mid-level defense, etc.SANYO AwardWon the Outstanding Player Award ("Shinjo Theater # 2006 All-Star GameSee also). August 8ndIwate Prefectural Baseball FieldIn the Rakuten match atTsuneki WatanabeAchieved 1500 hits in total for NPB / MLB.

Retirement match / ceremony

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Regular seasonIn the final game, the Softbank game at Sapporo Dome, he was the first professional to carry his uniform number on this day only.63"change to.Along with this, it is originally the same numberRyuichi WatanabeWas changed to "1" for one day only.The retirement ceremony was held after the match where the team decided to pass the first place in the regular season.I watched a VTR that turned off the hall and looked back on the life of baseball that was swept away by a large-scale vision, wearing a glove on a hat from a mid-level defensive position (a figure that was customary for Shinjo during the Nippon-Ham era). Later, I put a uniform, grab, wristband, and towel on the spot and left the ground with tears.On the back of the undershirt that appeared after taking off the uniform, "Today, this day, I will engrave this moment in my heart's album and continue to be like me!A message to the fans was printed.I didn't give a speech, but when I left, I got a big vision.A little baseball life left I promise everyone today to chase after the white ball brightly and happilyA signed autograph message was displayed.The team did not allow Shinjo to retire at this point (to stay), and this ceremony was produced by himself, not the team, and he was afraid of local fans for making the previous announcement of retirement in Tokyo. The meaning of[187][188]..As planned, on the 28th of the following day, with Watanabe, each uniform number was restored.[189].

I decided to win the league for the first time in NPBplay offRecorded 2 hits and 2 RBI in 6 at bats (winning RBI in the 2st round) in all 1 games of the 1nd stage (against Softbank / Sapporo Dome).[190][191].

Retired after achieving the best in Japan in his first appearance in the Japan Series

Japan seriesScheduled to be held in November after the endUS-Japan baseballAlthough he was selected with the most votes from the fans, he announced that he would decline to participate because he would retire, and stated that he would like to burn completely in the Japan Series.[192]..Chunichi who played in the seriesAlex OchoaShinjo was in the Giants era2002 World SeriesHe also participated as an Angels player who played in the game, and both of them were the first examples of playing as a player in both the MLB / NPB series.In this series, the team shined the second time in Japan with 4 wins and 1 loss for the first time in 44 years, and recorded 2 at bats, 5 hits and 17 RBI in 6 individual games.[193].. In the bottom of the 10th inning of the final round 26 (Sapporo Dome) on October 5, at the last turn at bat that shed tears.Atsushi NakazatofromStrike out in a straight game with all three ballsI fell down.When Alex's left flight decided the best in Japan from the final defense, two deaths, he caught the ballMorimoto rare ThemoundThey ran toward Shinjo, a center fielder who was chasing the ball instead of in the direction, and both hugged each other in the middle left.[194]..Both of them started walking toward the circle of joy near the mound, but Shinjo shed tears and could not walk properly.After that, the players, leaders, and staff walked toward the outfield and hugged each other in the middle left, and the body was raised from Shinjo →Ogasawara Michidai→Yukio Tanaka→Yoshinori TaishaRaised the remains of the former ownerKeiji TaishaOwner →Tray hillmanIt was done in the order of the director[195]..The two goals set out at the Nippon-Ham Fighters press conference are "Sapporo Dome is full"When"The best team in JapanI achieved together and took off my uniform.

The following day, on the 27th, a retirement interview was held at the Sapporo Dome ground, and in NovemberAsia seriesAlso announced that he would decline to participate due to the limits of his energy and physical strength.[196].. Received the 11th Golden Glove Award on November 8th.Scored 10th in the press poll to select the season MVP[197].. On the 18th, I participated in the championship parade held in Sapporo in plain clothes, and this was the last appearance of the Fighters as Shinjo.[198]..Fans seeking retirement withdrawal during the season signing[187], The team also requested withdrawal.However, the intention of the person is firm, and the team side is procedurallyFree contractIt is recommended to do, but at the request of the person himselfVoluntary retirementIt became.

After retirement

After retiring from active dutytalentTurned into.Also airbrush art (airbrushUseA paintingProduction andMakeup) And from 2011 to around 2016motocrossAlso work on competition practice.

On January 2007, 1, he resumed updating his official website, which had been suspended since 28, and reported on the direction of future activities. March 2003, 3Golden Arrow Award・ Received a sports award. About donations made in the previous year on April 4Blue ribbonReceived the award (Later). On December 12, he announced his divorce with his wife on his official website jointly.[199]..At the time of divorce, he explained to his wife, "I don't know what it means, but I just want to get divorced," and later broadcast on April 2020, 4, "Direct hit! Shinsou Sakagami SP』When this divorce drama was taken up by the moderatorShinobu SakagamiWas amazed, "If it were normal, I would be sued."[200].

Clubs established

January 2008, 1, Tsuyoshi Shinjo Co., Ltd.RehasafWas established and became a director.The business content is management of athletes and artists, etc.Cosmetic-ClothesPlanning and sales of goods.From the name "CLUB SHINJO" to "" in collaboration with your own official websiteLHSF_COLONY(The company was closed in 2013, but it continues to be an official website for individuals).The company has been a former colleague since MayMorimoto rareThere is a period when I had a management contract with[201].. Aug. 5,Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN DomeSoftbank vs. Nippon-Ham Fighters atOpening ceremonyAs a pitcher, he played a serious game with Morimoto in one at bat while having fun (""Shinjo Theater # Ceremonial First Pitch(See)[202].. Nippon-Ham Fighters at Sapporo Dome on November 11Fan festivalA special space "SHINJO Corner with Hicho" was set up atOwn-produced in-house productsAnd products produced by Morimoto were sold[203].. 28 days,Hotel Okura TokyoUnder the title of "2009 Tsuyoshi Shinjo Complete Plan", his own activity schedule for the following year (development of in-house products)An actor-singer・ Owners of local horse racing <described later> ・画家)announced[204][205].

Around this time, a horse purchased as a painting production modelLocal horse racing OfRacehorseBecause it is planned to be[206],Local Horse Racing National Association (NAR)Horse ownerI had a qualification.The horseTanoshin JoyNamed No., he won his first race in September 2009 (the following year).Central horse racingAlso run once).In addition, the movie "Our play ballExecutive Producer (executive producer) Served[207]..Starring the same workYuki OharaIs November 11stJapan series・ When he served as the opening pitcher in the second round of Nippon-Ham vs. Giants (Sapporo Dome), he accompanied him to the ground.[208], After that, on the same game TV broadcast, his firstBaseball commentaryWas in charge of (Later).

Emigration to Bali

The media appearance disappeared at the end of the first half of 2010, and from around this timeIndonesia-BaliMoved to.The reason for deciding to move to this area was a visit to the island for a commercial shoot.[209]..The practice of motocross competition was based here.In addition to making paintings that started in Japan, we also provide simple baseball instruction to local children.[210].

In early August 2011, it appeared in the media at his father's wake-up and farewell ceremony.[211].. TBS broadcast on September 9 "The true story of the world's fortune!』Appeared on a TV program for the first time in two years, and has returned to Japan every time after work. Scheduled to be acquired by the team in OctoberYokohama BayStars (currently Yokohama DeNA BayStars)Acquired companyDeNAIn that case, if it is listed as the most promising candidate for the next director, "Sankei sports』Was reported multiple times from the 23rd, but did not come true[212].. Aug. 12,Baseball hall of fameIt was published in the entry candidate list / player section (LaterSee also).

I did not participate in the match in the Hanshin vs. Giants OB match (Koshien) on November 2012, 11, but in the planning of the match digest programKunihiro MatsumuraA video message from Shinjo, recorded when they visited their home in Bali and the motocross field, was aired on a large-scale vision during the innings of the match.[213].

Broadcast for June 2017, 2Shikujiri Sensei Don't be like me !!』, When moving to Bali after retirement, it was revealed that about 20 billion yen was spent by a businessman who was acquainted with his mother who had been in charge of managing his own money since he was active.The trial over the return of the money spent as a result of the person's bankruptcy ended, and in the end only 8000 million yen was returned.Shinjo himself said in the program, "I haven't investigated for 17 years because of my mistake. I'm the worst I left to others."[214][215].

Declaration of return to active duty

2019/October 11th, my ownInstagramHe posted a video on the site and announced that he would start training to take the tryout the following year and aim to return to active duty.Kiyohara KazuhiroBut"WorldTryout2019In the video, "Everyone, do you have a dream? If you have a 1% chance, you can definitely do it. I started training today and once again a professional baseball player." I'm going to be. Let's challenge something, too. "[216]..On the 18th of the same month, he reported on his Instagram that he had returned to Japan.[217].

Then on November 2019, 11Voluntary retirementPlayer announcement has been deletedFree contractPlayer announced[22][218][Note 21].

Done on September 2020, 1212 teams joint tryoutParticipated in the Nippon-Ham uniform.In the fourth at batNichikuma JuliusI hit the ball in a timely manner.However, each team of NPB did not acquire it, and on the 13th, he himselfInstagramAnnounced to give up returning to active duty[220].

One of the reasons why the return to active duty ended in failureTomoya Satozaki TheNikkan Sports OfBaseball commentator"I think the first reason why each NPB team has forgotten to acquire Shinjo is the uncertain ability to do it for a year. The four at-bats in the tryout alone do not prove that they can play an active role throughout the year. If anything, he should have shown what he could do while playing in the independent league, "he said." However, what Shinjo got from this challenge is not small. The image and " "Commercial value" has improved dramatically. It may be possible to receive stories about CM appearances, "he said.[220]..About playing in the independent league Shinjo himself in May 2020Hokkaido Baseball LeagueRevealed that he declined the offer from[221], After tryoutBaseball Challenge League(Route in BC League)Niigata Albirex Baseball ClubEven when it was reported that he had indicated his intention to acquire, he indicated his intention to effectively decline with the message "I'm sorry I'm probably 48 years old."[222].2021/On September 4,Nagano Olympic StadiumRoute-in BC League official match held inShinano Grande RoseAt the mini-talk show when he served as the opening ceremony for Niigata), he stated that he had abandoned the independent league, saying, "I thought about an independent league, but I'm physically a little ..."[223].

Nippon-Ham Director era

2021/, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersHideki KuriyamaIt was revealed that the coach will retire only for the same season, and on October 10, it was reported that he was appointed to Shinjo as a successor coach.[224][Note 22]..Then, on October 10, officially from the Nippon-Ham Fighters2022/It was announced that he had received an offer to become a director from the season and accepted it.[225].. It will be the first time in 2006 years since he retired from active duty in 16 to return to NPB.A member of the baseball team was appointed as coach from 2000 to 2002.Yasunori OshimaSince then, it is the first time that an alumnus after moving to Hokkaido will be the director. An inaugural meeting was held on November 11, and the annual salary was an estimated 4 million yen for a one-year contract.Yuki SaitoWas on1It became clear that.Also, in the business card handed to the press at the inaugural press conference, "Director" is not used for his position.Big bossIt was also talked about that he said that he wanted me to call him that way at the press conference.[226]. afterwards,2022/March 3, actually registered nameBIGBOSSChanged to[227].

Special mention matter

About retirement from active duty

Retirement announcement immediately after the start of the season

April 2006, 4, my teacherKatsuhiro NakamuraIn the bottom of the second inning against Orix (Tokyo Dome) led by the directorDan SerafiniWhen he hit a solo home run and went home, he headed toward the outfield cheering seat, took off his hat, and gave a deep bow.When the attack was over and he was in the defensive position, he gave a bow to the fans again (from the middle of the Hanshin era, he changed from a bow to a guts pose for the fan Shinjo Cole).After a while, the name of the customary home run hit was "I enjoyed playing baseball for 28 years.Take off your uniform this yearWas announced, and a statement of retirement from active duty was made for this season only. In the bottom of the 7thChihiro KanekoWhen he hit a full-base home run, he thanked the fans three times, and this time the batting method was not named.In the hero interview that the team won and received, after being silent for a while from the beginning, he grabbed the microphone himself and said, "Yeah ... I have something to report on the best stage of a hero interview today.11 years for Tigers, 3 years for America, 3 years for Nippon Ham ...I decided to take off my uniform for this season onlyI declared it to the audience again.The deciding factor for retiring was that the audience was full in the opening round.[228]He said he intended to announce it the next day at the earliest.The determination is made in advance by the exclusive public relations.Arai ShumitsuAt Arai's discretion just before the announcement during the matchGM OfTakada ShigeruIt was only communicated to some related parties.Also, the reason why I made the statement on this day is that Tokyo Dome is in front of the team.HeadquartersIt was also the stadium at the time of his first professional appearance.[182][229]

Before the match on the following day, 19th, he apologized to the director and other people in the field for being surprised by announcing his retirement at an early stage and for communicating his determination to only some people.The reason for the early statement is "I want as many fans as possible to visit the stadiumI explained, and gained understanding.[230][149]

Reason for retirement

The following reasons are generally given.

  • Decline of defense and limit of physical strength[231][232].
  • Achieving a full audience in the opening round and fulfilling the dream, a sense of accomplishment that "my work is over"[182].

As for foot breakdown, I had two muscles cut during the MLB era.[234]..Regarding the decline in dynamic vision, the pitching suddenly appeared hazy from the game about a week after the opening of 2006, especially the right pitcher.curveAnd leftSide throwHe said he couldn't see the pitcher's pitch.The matter of this decrease in dynamic visual acuity was not disclosed to the team members during active duty.[233]It was also discovered after retirement that he had unexplained eye pain around 2002 during the MLB era.[235].

From retirement matches to active final matches and victory parades
Retirement commemorative campaign, etc.

At that time, a CM appearance contract was underwayDy Drinco-D-1 COFFEE"SHINJO Retirement Commemorative Can" was released for a limited time from October 2006, 10 to December of the same year, and at the same time, "SHINJO Retirement Commemorative Campaign" was also developed.AlsoZeivelAnd Shinjo's agency (at that time: Tsuyoshi Go Enterprise) opened a business alliance to open a retirement commemorative goods shop, which was set up in several places nationwide from October 10, the same year.[236][237].

About activities after retirement

Airbrush art

After retiring from active duty (airbrushUseA paintingProduction andMakeup), Especially devoted to painting. No paintings at the time of coverage in 2018[238].

Painting production

As of December 2008, the number of works has exceeded 12 and several works are being published on the official blog.Solo exhibitionThere is also experience of holding (#Solo exhibitionSee).There is also income from the sale of the work, and at home for generationsAtelierIs installed.The reason for starting painting was broadcast on November 2008, 11.Nippon TV"Legal counseling office where you can line up ~ Cambodia school construction project connecting with 100 celebrity pictures ~I drew a work to be exhibited at a charity auction.[206]..The reason for participating in this project is that Nippon Television, which appeared in the previous year,24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"In the planningCambodiaThis is because he went to and witnessed the harsh living conditions of the local residents.The work depicts "blue sky, evening sky, night sky" and is named "Shinjo is Shinjo".It was sold for 300 million yen by a person who is a Nippon-Ham fan.[239]. Also#Related CD albumSee also section.


A new technique that applies airbrush to make-up (airbrush make-up, "Airbrush # Usage example(See)), and the United StatesHollywoodProduced an activity aimed at popularizing the same technique in Japan.Airbrush make-up complex "HOLLYWOOD AIR TOKYO" (Tokyo)Shibuya) At the 2009 opening ceremony, with an airbrushTape cutI went.[240][241]

Motocross competition practice

Since 2011 after retiring from active dutyBaliでmotocrossStart practicing the competition and aim to become a professional racer[242], I was practicing until around 2016.A practice area (about 2000 million yen in Japanese yen) has been opened near my home in the suburbs and is open to local residents free of charge.[21].. Japan in 2012Sportsland SUGOでRyo NaritaConducted running practice with[243][244].

Characteristics as a baseball player


In defense, NPB leagueOutfielder OfRange factor (RF /G) 年間1位を3回(1993年、1998年、2004年)、2位を4回(1994年、1996年、2000年、2006年)記録[245].. In MLB in 2002, league outfielders andMedium-sizedSame index (RF /9) 1st place, league center fielderTotal Zone Runs (TZR) Record 2st place[138]..100 NPB / MLB total chances for outfield defensecatching and killingThe above is recorded.As for the award history, NPBGolden Grab AwardIn the year when he was qualified to win the award (more than half of the team games participated in the same defensive position), he won all the awards except 1 (2 outfielder divisions).

It has been said that there was no omission in the outfield defense[246],Flying ballDeliberately delaying the startStabbedHe said he hadn't done it and remembered that the pitcher who had been hit in the match had previously criticized him for not being able to win because of the poor performance of the batting team.[247]..When he first confessed that he did not intentionally stab him, he motivated him to say, "After the match that was in overtime.COMPAI was planning to participate in, so I wanted to finish the game early. "[247].

In the blow, in the yearbatting average3% or 30Home runI have never reached.In his lifetime record, he has reached a milestone record of 1500 hits in total for NPB / MLB and 200 home runs in total for NPB.As for the experience of fighting for the title, 2000 in the Hanshin eraMost winning pointsMissing (special prize) by 1 point[105][106].

Yearly on baseStealMost of the numbers are in the single digit range, but during the Hanshin era, the team recorded the most stolen bases three times (3, 1993, 1997).[107]..YearThree basesThe number recorded the highest number in the league twice (2, 1994) during the Hanshin era.


Itinerary of defensive position

Before joining the proOutfielderIt was, but in 1, the first yearMedium-sizedからinfield OfshortstopTurned to[41]..The itinerary of the main defensive positions in the official battle of the 1991st Army is September / October 9: Shortstop → Mainly May / June 10:third baseman→ Mainly June / July: Shortstop → After July: Center fielder.[Note 1]

Infield defense

During the 1 season, the first year of professionals, ChunichiKazuyoshi TachinamiInspired by the shortstop's defense,ConvertVolunteer and turned to a game[41].. Third base defense at the time of promotion to the first army in late May 1992Thomas O'MalleyIs a withdrawal measure, and thenTeruka KujiAfter the withdrawal game, he returned to the midfield and settled down, but at the coach meeting in January 1993, it was decided to reconvert to the game.Although he competed with Kuji in the defensive position at the spring camp of the same year, he was inferior in defensive strength evaluation, and there was also a judgment by the leaders that "the advantage of powerful hitting should not be erased by protecting the game". During the camp, he returned to the center field and ended his career as an outfielder.[248].

Mainly in June 1992 (the end of the game) when he reached third baseJA Zenno Go/Go Award・ Received a good catch award.Even after becoming a mid-career, in the last two years when he was enrolled in HanshinFirst baseHas all infield defense experience except.Also to third base in 1994 and 1999All star gamesBut got[63][96].

Outfield defense

全 般

Total in MLBUZR / 150Is 11.8Saber metricsMLBGold gloveA player with a defensive power close to the class[249].. All outfield defense in the NPB official gameMedium-sizedAs for mid-level defense, he prefers to be able to see the pitcher's movements and give advice to the pitcher.Left wing-Right wingThe defensive experience is an all-star game from the Hanshin era.US-Japan baseballIn addition, both wings are held every year in the MLB official game, and in 1, the first year, both wings were evenly appointed.

Insistence on defensive theory based on its own rationality[250], Outfield defensive baseball coach during the Nippon-Ham eraKen HiranoAnd left middle combinationMorimoto rareSays that the theory has some surprises[251].


Ball countDepending on the situation such as, and the combination of the characteristics of the pitcher and the batter, the standing position changes frequently and sometimes drastically.[252]..In addition, he has been a leader for sending instructions from mid-level players to players on both wings for a long time.[253],myselfWhen I went to the second base defenseAlso, I sent a signal from the spot to my senior outfielder several times.[91].


As a suggestion for boys' baseball children, he said, "The attitude of bending the upper body during the pitching motion of a pitcher raises the upper body for a moment when the ball hits the outfield, which is the majority of the ball. That alone delays the start. In my case, I always keep my upper body up and relaxed, and take small steps to time the start. "[254]

Hitting judgment

Former outfielderTakada Shigeru,Atsuhiro Motonishi(Former colleague) cited "the sense of predicting a hit ball, the sense of smell" as an excellent point of Shinjo's defense.[246][255]..With a margin when runners aim for bases one after anothercatching and killingIf you decide that you can do it, you dare to delay catching to aim[245].


Even with a mediocre fly ball, while jumping lightly after entering the falling pointCatchThis is a style of doing, which I learned in high school by training to catch raw eggs dropped from the second floor so as not to break them.Taking advantage of the fact that the leader of youth baseball pointed out that it would adversely affect baseball boys during the Hanshin era.Okuma TadayoshiAfter tying with the coach, temporarily sealing with a promise to stop if the ball falls[256], I kept this style until I retired.Regarding its advantages, he said, "Running in, the fly-type hit ball jumps upward, the liner-type jumps laterally early, and by seeing the hit ball at the apex, the line of sight stops for a moment (prevents blurring), and the hit ball suddenly You can respond to various changes, and by catching the ball while landing, you can absorb the momentum of the hit ball[254]..Furthermore, after landing, throwing immediately with that momentum (Throwing a ball) Can be done, "he explained, and his acquaintances made fun of him as" Shinjo-style baseball mechanics. "[250]..This style is "Shinjo hop" in America[257]"Shinjo's crow hop"[Note 23]Is called.[79]

Diving catchIs an outfielder who does[259],Artificial grassAbove, I dared to wear a sleeveless undershirt and even with my arms exposed[260].

Throwing a ball

After catching the ballThrowing a ballOperation time is fast before moving to[261][255]..When catching a flying ball before sending it to the infielder's relay, or when catching a bouncing cushion ball with the right hand of the bare hand, catch the ball while entering the throwing position.[262]..If the ball muscle of the thrown ball changes,bull-penI was throwing it in and fixing it[147]..In addition, we adopted a unique adjustment method of throwing strength and creating tension on the shoulders and elbows.[263].

Reputed by people in the ball world since he was young[264][265], The TV commentary in the MLB eraRocket armWas called[16]..The long cast during the Nippon-Ham era was about 130 meters.[266], Hanshin era1997 All-Star GameRecorded 147km / h in the pre-match pitching speed contest[267]..When I was a colleague in HanshinMasahiko TsumezumeThe catcher said about the home base throwing from Shinjo, "BeautifulstraightSphere.At the time of one-bound throwing, it stretches to your hand, so you do not know where to bounce.With his strong shoulders, I don't think the batter-runner will aim for a second base between throws, even if the throw has a no-bound back home that passes over the infielder's head. "[267].

Collaboration with other fielders

To the defense of other fieldersbackupDo not neglect[268].. As a center fielder in 2002 during the MLB eraRundown playJoined and recorded the stab[269].

May 2000, 5 Chunichi match (Koshien) 25th inning No death 6st and XNUMXrd base, batterLeo GomezAt the point where the flying ball falls near the fixed position of the left fielder launched byTomoya TsuboiShinjo ran into the place where he was about to enter, notifying him of his arrival by voice (given by Tsuboi), catching the ball and sending it to the home plate.Tag upThe runner who didLee JongWas killed[270][271].. In 2002, he ran from the middle class to cover the right wing defense and killed him (Above).

Left wing during the Nippon-Ham eraMorimoto rare, Right wingAtsunori InabaIn 2005, he formed more than 10 outfielders, and in 2006, the final year of his career, he formed the outfielders throughout the year.Golden Grab Award(The outfielder division monopoly of the same award with the same team player1978 Hankyu Braves〈Fukumoto Yutaka-Koji Kanda-Bernie Williams> Since then, the second time in history).The two of these two wings occasionally collaborated with each other, saying, "Catch a deep ball in the middle of the left (right) → toss the opponent when you are in poor posture → the person who receives the toss aims for assistance."

At Nippon-Ham, it was customary for three outfielders to gather in the center field when changing pitchers, kneel upright, kneeling against each other, and grabs on their hats for a meeting (Shinjo's idea).2006 Japan SeriesIn Round 4, four players gathered in the infield in addition to the outfield and were seen in the same pose and talking.[272]..Even after Shinjo's retirement, the Nippon-Ham Fighters continue to hold meetings in this pose.[273].

More informations

During the Nippon-Ham era, he said, "If you chase a flying ball backwards when there is a runner and decide that you can't stab it and hit the fence directly, you look back at the ball and take a position to face the ball once, and become a runner who discerns the ball between bases. Make me think that I will be "captured" for a momentTag upIn preparation forRetouchRarely did a trick play that "makes the runner confused and keeps the runner's advance down by one."

Pitcher challenge

Also serves as an outfielder from the 1998 autumn camp (Two-sword style)pitcherStarted practicing as.About this challenge himself "from the defensive position of the centerReliefPitchingI want to do it, "he said.Of the director who is the inventor of the challengeKatsuya NomuraThe reason why he came up with the idea is that he wants the pitcher to understand the psychology of the pitcher so that he can make use of it when hitting, and he wants him to utilize it for hitting using the lower body instead of the upper body.[274]At that time, Nomura said, "I have such a strong shoulder. What kind of ball should I shoot?catcherPurely interested as. "If you learn how to use your lower body, you can get 150km / h," he said.[275][276][277]

Next yearOpen battleThen, in the first pitching in the Giants game on March 3, the relief was suppressed to a trio, and the ball speed was 5km / h (Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball Field).21st, the next pitching (relief),Fukuoka DomeRecorded a personal best of 145km / h in the Daiei match atFork ball(Kazuhiro SasakiI learned from)Honma ManStrikeout 2 and hit 2 hit and home run 1 (batter:) by throwing 1 times in a total of XNUMX games.Nobuhiko Matsunaka) Conceded andSelf-responsibilityRecorded 1[278]..But with a slopemoundDue to the unfamiliar pitching movement from, and at that time肘Left because I was throwing it in painkneeI gave up the challenge because I hurt him.[275][276][277]

He was an outfielder when he was in high schoolDouble headerIn, he recorded a complete game victory as a substitute for the failure of pitcher Ace.He himself said, "I didn't like pitchers and I had no control.curveThe changing ball was not thrown. "With the director at that timeNippon Steel Sakai Baseball ClubDuring the director's eraHideo NomoThe reason why he did not raise Shinjo as a pitcher was that "There was a natural thing in the outfield defense. In addition, because he always throws hard, he may break his elbow, and since he is obedient, the batter can read the ball type. There is a risk. "[279]


全 般

Swing positively even from the first pitch[280]..Regarding the characteristics of Shinjo's batting, Nomura, who was the director of Yakult, described it as "forcibly making a full swing aiming for a long hit regardless of the situation."[281], Also played for many years as a Yakult catcherAtsushi FurutaFrom, "I will hit the ball with a full swing without changing the aiming ball, and hit it with my stomach. For example, while the curve was thrown continuously in the first and second balls, it is expected that I was waiting for a straight ball. After a series of fastballs (because batters generally tend to wait for the next type of ball that they missed), this time they will aim for a curve. He hits a home run with a swing that is expected to have been waiting for him (he has been hit in that way). He is an unpleasant batter in the sense that he deviates from the manual for general batters. " Ta[282][283].

Pull hitterIn the Hanshin era, 145 home runs, there were 4 hits in the right wing direction.[105].Left pitcherIn many cases, the results against the right pitcher were better than those against the right pitcher, and in some cases there was a big difference. After the middle of the second year in the MLB era, there were many appointments only for left-handed pitchers.[146]..comparativelyStraight ballGood atFork ballIncluding falling ball types such asChanging sphereI'm not good at[105].Anomalous throwing methodRight, who was not good at fighting against Nippon-Ham FightersUnderslow OfShunsuke WatanabeHe couldn't hit from (Lotte) and was gradually no longer used in the match against Watanabe (17 strikeouts in 6 at bats in 3 games in total. In 2006, there were no at-bats in 6 games).[284].

In the Hanshin era 2000, he hit 28 home runs, the most in his career, of which 20 were "first-come-first-served, tie-breaking, winning, and reversing".Victory RBI13 is 2nd in the league (1 difference from 1st)[105][106].. MLB totalFull baseHis batting average was .400 (25 hits in 10 at bats), 2 home runs and 30 RBIs. Especially in 2001, he recorded a batting average of .583 and 17 RBIs.[131]Also, in 2001, he scored 11 RBIs, which was the most tie for the team.[132],Clutch hitterThere was a voice saying that[128][129][127].. 9 full-base home runs in NPB / MLB total,goodbyeThere are 10 hits (of which 4 are home runs).

The coach who was most affected by the blow was in charge of the second army when he entered the professional team, and later received guidance from the first army.Jun KashiwaraAnd the rubbing method (described later)Practice hitting a distant ballThrough trial and error such as (AboveSee also).There are simple and clear expressions such as "I just shook my heart" in my thoughts and discourse about batting, but when I was a Hanshin batting coachKeiichi NagasakiCommented on Shinjo when he was young, "No player at that age thinks so much (about batting)."[285]..I also asked the ground maintenance staff about their condition for hints on demodulation.[286].


Stretch both hands, raise the bat high, and repeat the whole body stretching several times as if breathing.How to wait is "Jack batting method(The origin is the fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk"Than[287]).This behavior changed shape, sometimes not done, and continued until around the second year of MLB. In the first year of MLB, the opponent team said, "From the armpit with both hands raised.catcherI was suspicious that I was looking into the sign that was issued, but the suspicion disappeared when I continued my own style.[287]..I drew the whole body of this movementIllustrationAs my personal mark, I use it for goods etc.[18]..Shinjo againImpersonationOf the talent to doKanazukiEmphasizes this behavior as a feature of Shinjo when performing[288].

Form swing

One footMost of the time.In the latter half of the Hanshin eraMark MaguireWith reference toRubbing methodThere is also a time[289]..Especially in the Hanshin era, due to poor results and frequent changes of batting coaches, trial and error of the form was repeated.[67].

In the early part of the 2000 season, when he recorded the most home runs and RBIs in his career under the guidance of coach Kashiwabara, he himself was up to that point.Bat swingDoor swing (the biggest weakness inHomeFrom to impactButt head"I used to use the bat like a stick until last year," he said.Whip"I used it like this to hit it." "I used the weight of the butt head and the speed of pitching to hit it."[53].

During the Nippon-Ham era, I was worried that the muscle strength of my right arm was too strong compared to the left arm,Kazuyuki ShiraiWith the advice of the head coachUpper swingI improved my grades by swinging the bat. At the Hanshin Tigers match on June 2005, 6Hanshin Koshien StadiumI have also carried a home run to the middle of the left wing seat[171].

Throw the bat at the highest immediately after hitting a ball that he is convinced that it will be a home run[290]. this isActs described belowIn the first year of MLB, it was interpreted as provocative by the opponent team, but the reason for throwing it isgripThere is also a situation where it is difficult to take your hands off because a large amount of non-slip pine resin is applied to the surface.[291][292].

Base run

Base running

strideWidely[293], The top speed after going around the first base is fast[294]..Due to the large swing in the right at bat, the time to first base is 4.4 seconds, which is below the average.[295]..The straight 100-meter dash time in high school was 11.7 seconds[33].


Head in the Hanshin eraslidingAfter the left shoulder broke down twice, this was sealed, but in the second round of the 2004 All-Star GameA book thief who tried to liven up the ball feastSometimes dare[296][168].

In 2001, he rarely performed foot-first sliding from the foot to avoid contact with the defensive player, which is rare when running to first base as a batter-runner, since the MLB era.A sprint that prevented a double play called "Kamikaze Sprint"I also slipped from my foot.

More informations

You may touch the base by hand when you hit a home run at home.this isThe above-mentioned actIn the first year of MLB, the act was interpreted as provocative by the other team, and this act was subsequently sealed by MLB.The reason for using hands is to keep the base clean with dirt,Ball refereeI was thanked by[120][297].



August 2011, 12,Baseball gym"24, 52nd Athletes Award Committee,Baseball hall of fameIt was published in the player section of the "List of Candidates".The vote was 5 and it was out of the list for the following year[298].

Japan Professional Baseball Players AssociationWas selected in 2000 and 2004 in the "Players choose! Best nine / center fielder category" questionnaire that has been held off every season since 2006.[299].

2010 All-Star GameRelay station for the "All-Star Ranking of Memories Selected by Players" QuestionnaireTV AsahiAs a result of2004 book theftWas elected first with seven votes.VotersShigeru Iguchi,Aoki Nobuchika,Kenta Maeda, And 4 others.For other players who mentioned this play in the interview during active duty, as it was impressive to see the All-Star before becoming a professional,Hayato Sakamoto,Yuki Yanagita,Miyazaki Toshiro,Yasuhiro OgawaAnd so on[300][301][302][303].

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters TheSapporo DomeWhen the baseball team office was renovated in 2012, the name of each of the three rooms on the first floor of the conference room was changed to "The meritorious person of the baseball team after moving to Hokkaido."Tray hillman, Shinjo,With DarvishI used the alphabetical notation of the three surnames (in order of joining)[304].

Sometimes, the high physical ability and baseball sense of players before and after becoming a professional, such as players who attracted attention in the draft, are described as "Shinjo class" and "Shinjo-like".[305][306], The outfielder from Kyushu, who is the same as Shinjo who gained such a reputation, is sometimes called "Shinjo II" (Yuhei Kai,Kengo TakedaSuch)[307][308].


(English edition)Was named in the 2011 "The 100 Worst Baseball Players Of All Time: A Celebration" group "But They Had Good Points"[309].

Baseball equipment

Advisory staff contract

In 2006, the final year of active service, I did not contract with a specific company,PumaFrom the company, of costumesLouis VuittonWe received baseball bags from the company.[313][314]


I bought it for 7,500 yen using the starting salary, and after four major repairs, such as being accidentally stepped on by a colleague in the MLB era with spike shoes and being severely damaged, I used it until I retired from active duty.[196][316]..Professional outfielders who continue to use one thing for many years are rare, but this was influenced by the teaching from his father, "Take care of business tools."[211]..At the time of storage(I.e.Pay attention to such things as your own "Another handIt was a substitute for the insistence called ", and did not allow others to fit while active.[196][317][318]..He jokingly said, "If stolen, I will retire."[254]..At the retirement interview, at the last match of the previous dayTyrone Woods OflinerHe said that the degree of wear has reached the limit, such as tearing when catching a ball.[196].. When my father died in 2011, this grab alsoCasketPaid in[211].

To respond to sudden changes at the hand of the hit ballpocketThere are four places, "bank, center, web, and web tip", and it is said that you can catch a ball even if half of the balls are protruding outward from the web tip.For defensive gloves to fix with hands when usingRosinIs applied."(TH) 63" (Hanshin baseball team mark and uniform number at the beginning of joining) and black embroidery are put on the thumb part on the outside of the grab.[319]..In the final year of active duty, on the wrist (back side)商標The original tag was sewn on the position (the design isOwn personal markAnd "Shinjo" cursive notation)[320].

In high schoolKubota SluggerUsed by the company and for outfielders.It was a custom-made product, and a letter was sent to the company stating the order items for each part.Known as "one of Japan's leading grab-making and typing masters"Shigetoshi EgashiraSays he has never received such a detailed order[Note 24].

bat etc.
  • Made by Descente: 34.5 inches, 930-940g (1993)[5]) → Length unknown, less than 900g (1998)[24]) → 33.5 inches, 910g (1999)[24])
  • Made by Old Hickory Bat Company: MaterialRock maple・ 34 inches ・ 890g (2006)[321]


Occasionally used items and borrowed goods from other players in the game, and the first professional home runThomas O'MalleyWith[322], In 2001, 10 out of 9 home runsJoe McEwingとPreston WilsonHitting with[323].

[324]Before the spread of the product, a sponge was wrapped around the right thumb when young.[325].

Hold the elbow toward the pitcher when hittingDead ballArmor to protect from. The product was not widely used in 1993, and the existing team trainer was asked to create it when he was injured by a hit by pitch on his left elbow in July.Toe guardI started to wear something that fits my elbow instantly.[326]..He has also worn elbow guards in preparation for diving when defending the outfield.

Spike shoes

We made frequent improvements in consideration of many years of foot failure, and mainly wore the middle-cut type. In 2006, I also wore a product made by Nara prefecture.[327]


In the NPB era, Descente (with individual contracts), which manufactures uniforms, andMizunoCustom-made to the company (only for visitors in the Nippon-Ham era), the jacket was deeper in the chest than the ready-made product, opened in a V shape, and the sleeves were short and tight.[328]..I wore custom-made trousers from the Nippon-Ham era, which had a trumpet-shaped hem and covered close to the bottom of the spikes.[329]..Also, during the Nippon-Ham era, the area around the buttocks of trousers and the brim of hats were processed to improve their appearance.[150][319].

Undershirts are primarily to prevent sweat from dripping down your neckturtleneckAnd in the summerNo sleeveI wore one.Before the spread of sleeveless turtleneck products, young people cut the sleeves of long-sleeved products, and it is said that the player who wore this type of product will be the first player in NPB.[102]..In the Nippon Ham era, it was the first time for NPB to print its own personal mark on the neck.[330]I wore various designs such as[150][319].

At the time when young people began to wear trousers with the hem of their trousers down to the vicinity of their ankles, understockings at that time wore only one soccer pair instead of the two socks they normally wear.This is prohibited by the rules, but this is more convenient and everyone started to imitate[102].


I mainly wore long ones in both hands, and in the Nippon-Ham era, I sometimes wore two short ones (with a gap).Color is mainly in the NPB eraRed, my trade color.. Since MLB does not allow the wearing of equipment other than team colors, I mainly wore orange among the colors of the two teams I belonged to.[331][332]..Other colors are mainly two-tone colors (red x black), purple, black, etc. during the Hanshin era.During the Nippon-Ham era, he also wore patterns such as checkered flags and polka dots.[319]



When I was a colleague in HanshinMark JohnsonSaid Shinjo, "No. 5 has charisma. When he hits, Koshien will become the most enthusiastic ball park in the world" (No. 5 is the uniform number at that time)[91].. From around the MLB era, remarks such as "enjoying baseball" began to stand out, and after transferring to Nippon-Ham, he even called out to his colleagues to "enjoy" and sometimes smiled even during the match.[333].. After transferring to MLB, the nickname "playing happily"SHINJOY(Shinjoy) ”has penetrated.MediaIn the United States, I learned that stress is irresistible if I go to the interviewers and talk cheerfully.[334], The unique way of speaking is "Shinjobushi'[Note 25]Called 2004Yu Can New and Buzzword AwardWas nominated by[335]..In addition, "SHINJO" "SHINJO" "Shinjo TheaterWas nominated for each[336]..Regarding the last season when he declared his retirement early in the season and was able to experience the best in Japan, he said, "(Good luck).I have,me.Really a story like this manga, isn't it too good, is this?I want to be careful about my body in the future. "[337].

The 2002 contract with the Giants was for hundreds of thousands of dollars with 400 at-bats.IncentiveHowever, in the time zone after the starting lineup in batting order No. 6 before the final game of the season, which had 6 at-bats remaining until the achievement, was decided.Dusty BakerThe director once asked me, "Why did you keep silent about the incentive? If you had declared it, you would have taken care to achieve it, and even today you were in the first batting order."In response, Shinjo replied, "I didn't want to bother myself because the team was competing to advance to the playoffs."[Note 26]..About Shinjo in the Nippon-Ham era Head coach at that timeKazuyuki Shirai"I was a player who thoroughly adhered to the spirit of the team's top priority on victory, and even if I struck out, I would be obediently pleased if the team wins. At first I thought that I was just a conspicuous person, but in reality it is completely different. , We always prioritized the victory of the team and the delight of the fans. "[339].

Hiroki MakiharaAs a player I admired as a boy on the YouTube channel ofJunki KonoHe said that it was his influence that he turned to shortstop when he first became a professional player.[340].

As of 2022, I have two pet dogs[341].

fan service

There was a voice saying, "Without Shinjo's fan service, Nippon-Ham would not have been successful in Hokkaido (maybe)."[342][343], It is said that it contributed to the increase of female baseball fans during the Nippon-Ham era.[344].Hero interviewFrom the theory that if you answer a question such as "That's right" after preface it, the story will be delayed, so I tried to answer immediately, and Nippon-Ham recommended that some colleagues also answer immediately.[345]..Also, since the word "audience" does not refer to people who are watching outside the stadium, the word "fan" is used, and in the Nippon-Ham era, the base was "Hokkaido" instead of Sapporo. I was instructing them to say so[346][347]..During the Nippon-Ham era, even if he was active in the game and was asked to stand, he often handed it over to other active juniors.[178]..Also, just as you use red as a trade color (described later), you can encourage juniors to have their own color.[189],Headgear performanceI also invited a colleague to do it.The aim of involving colleagues and focusing on fan service is to create an opportunity for juniors to develop a new fan base by getting them interested in other than themselves.Morimoto rareTook over the role even after Shinjo retired[194][348]..Also juniorAtsunori InabaAlso learned from Shinjo's attitude and became able to switch between play and fan service.[349].

In his later years as a player, many topics related to fashion as a player were reported, but even before that, not only fashion, but unprecedented behavior in the ball world was conspicuous.In the final year of active duty before retirement, "I want each player to have the courage to do various things first for the fansI appealed to the entire ball world, and I was afraid that I would not be able to attract customers unless the fashionability of the players improved from now on ("Shinjo Theater #Undershirt with collar problemSee).With this kind of flashinessunprecedentedAfter the transfer to Nippon-Ham, it was called "Shinjo Theater" and it was conspicuous.[350][351]There was also consideration for the surroundings, such as getting consent in advance for pre-match performances[339].. CartoonistMizushima Shinji"No player is as always thinking about his fans as Shinjo and wants to have fun. He is the only player in the Japanese professional baseball world who can fill the stadium by himself."[207].

However, he also said, "If you can't get results even if you do various things that stand out, you're just a fool."[352].


With a personality that does not show people how they have been trying since childhood[353], Even after becoming a professional, there is a testimony from a colleague that "I will stop when I find a figure practicing individually"[242]..Until the middle of the Hanshin era, the lower half of the body was not strengthened, and the reason was "jeansBecause it won't come off"I was thinking that the rotation speed of my legs would slow down when I was running," he explained.[234]..However, when he reconsidered to prevent injuries, he found that his lower body was not fat.[354].. Cut two leg muscles in the MLB era[234]Since then, I have stopped wearing jeans and continued to do hard strength training in order to build muscles that cover the breakdown, and my colleague from the Nippon-Ham eraTsutomu IwamotoSaid that he was overwhelmed and couldn't speak to him when he witnessed Shinjo carrying a barbell with a devilish expression and continuing to bend and stretch on one leg.


From childhoodSumoThe day after he lost the tournament and cried, he tried again and won the championship, and he had a strong sense of defeat.[355]..On the other hand, there are episodes such as waiting for a slow-moving friend to finish in a foot race, which he is good at when he was a child, and telling the teacher that "this child can not measure time", and in his active days he replaced himself several times. I have advised the coach to select a young player (Mets colleague in the 2003 open race, Hichori Morimoto in the 2006 league match)[356]<""q: Tsuyoshi Shinjo #Nippon-Ham FightersSee>, in the 2006 Japan SeriesToshimasa KondaThe[195]Such).

Growing up in a non-wealthy family, he said he wanted leather gloves when he was in high school because of the coldness of winter practice, and when he first asked his parents for something, his father could get his hands rough for work.Work glovesThank you for using the budget to buy[357]..He has been taught "silent execution" by his father since he was a child, but he himself intends to aim for "verbal execution" for each goal.Since the Hanshin era, he has been proactively proclaiming his goals from time to time, and has hit MLB's first at-bat2004 All-Star Game MVPWas foretold in a preliminary interview[118][358]..The motivation is to self-analyze that if you motivate yourself to feel embarrassed if you can't achieve your goals by professing your goals, you can do your best.[359], May make statements that set goals even after retiring from active duty[205].

With a positive personality that has been described as "ultimate positive thinking," he was not disappointed by the racial discrimination and unreasonable minor demotion that he received during the MLB era.[360].

Trade color and uniform number / registered name

What color do you like""Red"".Established as a trade color with the establishment of the first army, when enrolled in NPBWristbandI mainly wore red ones. I had decided to have him remember with "Red = Tsuyoshi Shinjo" from the time he entered the pro, and when he made his debut in the XNUMXst Army, there were voices from the surroundings that "Red is too flashy", but he wore a flashy color that was embarrassing to not be able to play an active part. And wanted to drive himself[361].

My favorite number is "1".It's simple and cool. From the team off in 1992Uniform numberWhen asked to change from 63, "1" or have a longingDarryl StrawberryAnd aimRandy BathWanted the "44" worn by, but neither was an empty number[362][363][364]..He was attached to the changed new uniform number 5, and carried the same number when he transferred three times after that, and then changed to the long-sought "1" when he transferred to Nippon-Ham.[Note 27].

At the same timeRegistered nameWill be the first in NPBinitialOther thanThe alphabetNotation "SHINJO"[Note 5].score boardIn the stadium where the player name is written vertically, the alphabet is spelled vertically.However, since the name recognition in the conventional kanji notation was already high, there are many examples of kanji notation in newspapers, etc.SHINJO effectIn phrases such as "" and "Shinjo Theater," alphabets and kanji are mixed.[47][365]..In 2007, the day after he retired, he had a friendship.Tsuyoshi NishiokaWas consulted when changing the registered name to "TSUYOSHI"[366].

Foreign language

When I was enrolled in MLB, I was interviewed through an exclusive interpreter to secure my own time and mental leeway, and I am big with my teammates etc.gestureI was communicating with[367].. Also"q: Tsuyoshi Shinjo #MLB eraSee also the episode with a black player.

Impact on society

Especially since joining Nippon-Ham in 2003, Shinjo has been in his hometown of Hokkaido.[368]Yaichigun Spring Camp, Okinawa PrefectureNago[369]Frequently reported about the economic effects brought to each region, including "SHINJO effect'[370][47](Also known as "SHINJO Fever"[371]) Was called.

After announcing his retirement from active duty for the 2006 season onlyHouse of Councilors election in the summer of 2007Request to run forLDPとDemocratic PartyI received more, but did not run[372][373].

Social contribution activities

Reconstruction assistance

It happened in the hometown of Hanshin, which belongs to 1995Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeAt that time, as the vice chairman of the baseball player association, he carried out support fund-raising activities with his colleagues. It happened in 2001, including the hometown of Mets, which I belong to.American terrorist attacksAt that time, we carried out relief supplies with colleagues.[374][375].. Happened in 2004Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeAt that time, donations collected from support fund-raising activities at radio program events and own photo exhibitions that appeared and pocket money were combined, and about 2000 small cakes were donated to the disaster area before Christmas Eve. did.Also happened in 2004Indonesian Sumatra EarthquakeHe gave donations to the disaster-stricken areas according to the number of home runs he hit the following year.

SHINJO sheet / personal advertising sign

From 2004 when he joined Nippon-Ham until 2006 when he retired, he was based at his own expense.Sapporo DomeWe will prepare 126 seats for each game, "SHINJO seats" that invite baseball boys etc. to the outfield left wing seats of the games hosted by[376],Back screenPersonal advertising signs were posted in a row on the right wing side of the upper signboard space.This signboard is easily visible from the SHINJO sheet, and both have the same design (the right side is enlarged).Own personal markEtc. were drawn[162]..In addition, the one design on the right side only in 2006, the final active duty,Illustration of myselfIn the margin whereSpeech bubbleDeclared to put a message in the margin when the audience is full.And after the day after the opening round, which was full,Sapporo Dome 43,000 fans I'm impressed!Was written in[337]..Also, from 2005 to 2006, the quasi-homeTokyo DomeA SHINJO sheet was also prepared for the sponsored game at.


August 2005, at my alma materWest Japan Junior College High SchoolThe baseball clubKoshien in the summer of the previous yearIn honor of participating inMicrobus(The model isToyota coaster) Was donated and became a hot topic as "the biggest insertion in Koshien history"[377].. Memorial to commemorate the 2006 home runs of NPB achieved in June 6batWas produced, and the proceeds from sales of 1000 million yen were donated to the road as "to promote sports for young people in Hokkaido."Donations are in HokkaidoSports boysA letter of appreciation from the children in Hokkaido regarding this matter, which was used to purchase competition equipment.Takahashi HarumiGovernorReceived a letter of appreciation from[378], Next yearBlue ribbonReceived the award[8].

Exchange with the municipality named "Shinjo"

Yamagata Prefecture after the debut of the Hanshin TigersShinjo City・ Kitakatsuragi District, Nara PrefectureShinjo Town(At that time) ・ Maniwa District, Okayama PrefectureShinjo villageHowever, due to the popularity of Tsuyoshi Shinjo, the friendship local government joint business council "Shinjokai" was established as part of the village revitalization.After that, he officially supported Takeshi from November 1993 until he retired from active duty.[379][380]..The association was founded in 1994 as the official Hanshin Tigers "Shinjo Night Game" (Koshien,Above) Was held, and since then, support activities have been carried out at the stadium.[381]..Takeshi is also visiting the site[382][383], Shinjo Village announced December 1998th, when Takeshi visited the village and participated in Christmas events in 12.SHINJYO It was called "DAY", and the lighting day of the Christmas illuminations at the village hall, etc., which will continue for about 10 years from the following year, was set to the same day.[383].

Interpersonal relations


He was a second-team batting coach when he entered the professional team, and received guidance in Hanshin for many years.Jun KashiwaraLonging for a master.During the second military era, he received strong support such as guidance until late at night.It is said that he was the first to report when he hit his first home run in the first army and transferred to MLB.[384]..In his book, Shinjo's father stated that the method of "keeping an eye on Kashiwara's teaching method and then simply telling it in easy-to-understand words" was in line with his educational policy and was compatible with his son.[385]..Shinjo also wanted to trade after Kashiwabara left Hanshin in 1995 (the new coach at the time).Fujita TairaIncluding the relationship with#Retirement declaration uproarSee).

He was the last director to serve in HanshinKatsuya NomuraLooking back on Shinjo's active days, he said, "If I had a habit of using more headaches,Nagashima ShigeoIt may have been the strongest player, surpassing Nagashima. "[274]..Nomura has often appointed Shinjo as the fourth batter since 1999 when he became the coach of the Hanshin Tigers, and explained that the reason for his selection was "the position nurtures people."[11][386].. In 2000, Shinjo achieved record highs in the three major batting divisions, and wrote in his book, "I got the horse right. I can see the personality of each player well and use it." I was able to do it. "[387].. Also"q: Tsuyoshi Shinjo # Hanshin era"and"q: Tsuyoshi Shinjo #Nippon-Ham Fighters"Episode of,"#Pitcher challengeSee also.

NomuraKatsuhiro Nakamura,Bobby valentineEmphasis was placed on "praising and putting on" in the guidance to Shinjo as a director.[274][388].. When Shinjo returned to NPB in 2003, Orix GM Nakamura and Lotte's new coach Valentine, who actually made an offer, were interested in acquiring Shinjo.[388][389]..In addition, the director of Nippon-Ham, who was the transfer destinationTray hillmanIs the director of Shinjo and his former Mets era (2003)Art howeWe collected information on the matter that the feud was reported, and treated it with a teaching method that respected Shinjo's individuality.[149].


The same grade of the Hanshin eraYoshiki HirosawaWas my best friend, and I also did voluntary training from the Hanshin era to the Nippon-Ham era.[390]..After retiring, Hirosawa said, "Weekly baseballWas dispatched as a correspondent with Shinjo in the first year of MLB.JuniorTomoya TsuboiIt is said that Tsuboi, who had previously transferred to the same team, had a big presence when he became a colleague at Hanshin / Nippon-Ham and decided to transfer to Nippon-Ham.At Nippon HamHeadgear performanceWent together. Tsuboi goes to Shinjo's practice destination and gives batting advice even when he is practicing in a match format just before the joint tryout in 2020.[391]..In seniorsKatsuhiko YamadaAs a big brother both publicly and privately[392].

Hanshin eraMark Johnson,Tony Tarasco, In Nippon-HamFernando SeginolHe immediately talked with foreign players who came to Japan, and made statements in support of foreign players who were dismissed early after coming to Japan during the Hanshin era.[393]..Johnson and Tarasco in 2001 MetsSpring trainingI met again at.He fought with Johnson in the same season, both in NPB and MLB.CleanupIt became a relationship with experience of forming[394][395]..The uniform number 5 of the same year is the number given by Johnson of the previous year.[396]Due to mutual transfers and retirements from the following year onward, the two carry the Mets "2000" on their shoulders in a one-year shift during the period 2003-5.[397].

Mets, who became the first team to belong to MLB, has been known in Japan since that time.Mike PiazzaI became a colleague for a total of two years and had exchanges between public and private.[127]..Shinjo, who will be assigned to the mid-level team at the time of the transfer to the Giants, is a left fielder.Barry Bonds"I'll hit a home run, so I'll leave the defense to you."[398]..Deepening friendship with Bonds, who was one step away from everyone, for three years at Nippon HamHome gamesAs a turn at bat appearance song, Bonds when he was a colleague was appointed as "(English edition)』(Doctor dre) Was appointed[399].

Juniors of the Nippon-Ham eraMorimoto rareAnd have a master-student relationship.When Shinjo decided to join Nippon-Ham Fighters, Morimoto didn't listen to the coaches so much and was sluggish, and he wasn't happy to join the star player in the same outfield. While being strongly taught, he felt that he was saying "for the first time for himself" and longed for it.[194][400]..Shinjo spent three years in the Nippon-Ham era at hotels in HokkaidoSuite RoomI lived in Japan, but Morimoto is almost living there.[401], We also performed a headgear performance at the stadium.Shinjo wants to pass on his uniform number 1 to Morimoto on the last day of his career.[402], Became a reality.Also"q: Tsuyoshi Shinjo #Nippon-Ham Fighters"and"When Japan's number one was decided in 2006"Episode of,"Management contract with Rehasaf, etc.See also the case.

The same grade of the Nippon-Ham eraTsutomu IwamotoAnd, as the direction of establishing the team in Hokkaido was the same, we hit it off.The two of us also participated in campaigns.Juniors of the Nippon-Ham eraOgasawara MichidaiThere was a disagreement with and reports denying it.[342].. At a joint press conference after the decision to win the league in 2006, Ogasawara said, "I want to conquer the Japan Series and raise the coach as well as Mr. Two."Upon hearing this, Shinjo said, "I'm impressed."[333].

Juniors of the Nippon-Ham eraTakaya HayashiI have a deep exchange with. When he took over as coach of the team in 2021, he strongly recommended and realized Hayashi as the head coach of the XNUMXst Army at the front desk.[403].

Team officials

ド ラ フ トSometimes I was in charge of the Kyushu areaShozo WatanabeThe scouts also highly valued Shinjo's feelings of moving forward, but at first Hanshin decided that the top nominations would be centered on pitchers, so he almost gave up on Shinjo's nominations, which he expected to be nominated by other teams. ..For this reason, while 11 team scouts except Yakult visited the Shinjo family, Watanabe gave a relatively simple greeting, and Shinjo himself and his father were away.Therefore, when the father and son met Watanabe for the first time after being nominated and received an explanation that he was nominated as a lower rank, both the father and son had a good impression of Watanabe.Watanabe was also concerned about Shinjo's father, who tended to be ill even after joining the group, and Shinjo1995 Retirement Declaration UproarAt that time, Watanabe called me and said, "Is your father fine? Don't worry." Watanabe on August 1998, 8Kobe CityShinjo was attacked by chasing two points in the bottom of the seventh inning against Yakult (Koshien) on September 9, the following day, which was the match immediately after he died from the roof of the building inside.Kenjiro KawasakiHe hit a home run approaching one point difference from.Shinjo regretted, "I am now thanks to Mr. Watanabe. I really wanted to win."[404][405].

Other team players

I was good at Shinjo in 1992Palm ballTo the left wing seat of Koshien, goodbye home run (Above) HiroshimaYutaka OnoIn response to the timing and distance of the hit, he sealed the throwing of the palm.Shinjo at the 1997 All-Star GameMatches that received support boycotts, etc.Later, when I was depressed on the bench, I was deeply moved by Ohno's encouragement, "I don't want a young man to have such a dark face," and later, "I got such kind words from people on other teams. It was my first time. "[406].

Kazuhiro SasakiHe had a friendship with him, such as making a guest appearance on Sasaki's radio program during the Hanshin era, and released it in a match in 1995.A case where a home run hit ball was blocked by a cheering flagIf there is no obstruction, they will argue whether it was a home run or not.[407]. Also1999 open game during pitcher challengeThen.Fork ballI am throwing the same ball type that I learned from Sasaki who is good at[276].

September 2006th, after announcing retirement for 9 only, against Orix (Kyocera Dome Osaka) And of the other teamKiyohara KazuhiroWith a message of labor given by(English edition)And hit the last home run in active duty[324]..After that, Kiyohara, who will enter the retirement game in 2008, himselfThe last all-star game in active dutyI gave him the batting gloves I wore in.

2006 Japan Series (AboveThe last turn at bat in active duty is all 3 ballsstraightIt was a strikeout in response to the game.At this time, Chunichi, who has been fighting for many years since the Hanshin era, against himself standing at bat while shedding tears.Tanishige MotonobuIt seems that the catcher said, "Don't cry, I'll go straight" after missing the first ball.[196].

Racism surrounding Shinjo

In the Giants eraWhite supremacistKnown forJeff KentからBarry BondsIt is said that he was harassed as a group, and besides that, the atmosphere of the team was squeaky due to the confrontation between Bonds and Kent, and the racial discrimination from Kent that the Japanese media received almost always went every day in the Mets era. I also stopped responding to Japanese media after the match[408].

Improve Your Social Life

For home game at-bat appearance songsFukuyama MasaharuI also used several songs from#Appearance songSee). His first appearance in 2000 was also a song by Fukuyama, whereas FukuyamaconcertWe thanked him for playing with the Hanshin Tigers flag on the stage back.And when Shinjo visited Fukuyama in the dressing room before the concert of the same year, it became a close relationship.[409].

Fashion / beauty / hobbies / preferences


Hair dye2 colors in the second year of professionalism in the active erameshIn addition, I have dyed it in green or gold.[43][410]..During the Hanshin era, director Katsuya Nomura instructed him to stop brown hair, but Nomura virtually accepted Shinjo's brown hair because he argued, "Does the result improve when the hair is blackened?"[411].

In addition, HatAt the stadium, I don't want to show my messy hairbenchEven in, he always wore a hat.

Fighters style

In Hokkaido in 2004 when Nippon-Ham movedBarber shopWith the frequent orders for hairstyles like Tsuyoshi Shinjo, the barber association Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Supporters Association joined the team.collaborationAnd since 2007, the latest hair design every year "Fighters styleIs selected by fan voting from young players[Note 28]The project to do has started[413].

2007/Dai-Kang Yang
2008/Atsushi Ugumori
2009/Yusuke Uemura
2010/Ryota Imari
2011/Kenji Sugitani
2012/Yodai Enoshita
2013/Kato Masayoshi
2015/Masaru Saito
2016/Yohei Kaguya
2018/Tsuyoshi Matsumoto
2019/Naoya Ishikawa
2020/Ryo Ishikawa
2021/* Production canceled

Source:[414] *In 2021New coronavirus infectionProduction canceled as a measure due to expansion[415].

After retirementAderansWhen appearing in the CM, I chose Marubozu because it would be the correct answer for the quiz-style CM content, "Who is Aderans among the three performers?"[416].


In the early Hanshin eraVersaceI love my clothes.From junior high schoolYukihiro Nishizaki(At that time: Nippon-Ham Fighters) was watching the suit on TV and was longing for the brand[417].. MLB-In the Nippon-Ham eraDolce & GabbanaI used my clothes etc.[418].


Even at the stadium, the sweaty smell of the bench can't be accumulated, so it can be used as a towel or wristband.perfumeWas on.After retiring, he was also involved in product development of perfumes (#Produced products(See)[419].

Pure white teeth / cosmetic surgery

Hanshin eraBlowSometimes my clenched teeth hurt and I couldn't concentrate, and sometimes I wasn't satisfied with my meals. Pure white teeth (Crown prosthesis)[420][421]..In a general questionnaire survey on teethOriconIn the survey "Celebrities who think their teeth are beautiful", they were selected as No. 2006 in the men's category for the first time in 3 for three consecutive years.[422][423]..Also on the face after retirementCosmetic surgeryConfessed in 2017 that he received[421].

My car

He loves automobiles, and since he frequently changes the type of car he drives when he visits the contract renewal during the Hanshin era, it has become so well known that even reporters specializing in automobiles interview him. 1993:Lamborghini Countach, 1994:Porsche, 1995:Lamborghini・ Cheetah, 1996:Mercedes-BenzAnd so on[417][424]..ShinjoFerrariThe appearance of riding on the boy at the time when he saw itRyosuke HirataInfluenced the choice of car model to purchase after entering professional baseball[425].. After deciding to transfer to MLB, he auctioned his Ferrari and appeared in a commercial called "I will sell my Ferrari."[426]..Also known as a motorcycle lover[427].

Income / economic situation

Before the major challenge, it was said that savings were close to zero due to reckless splurge, but with the major challenge, income increased, and baseball became a de facto side business and became blessed with sponsor income.[215].

When he moved to Bali, he estimated that he would have saved 22 billion yen even if he deducted taxes from his earned money when he was active, but the balance of his bankbook was used by a businessman who was in charge of money management. Was only 2200 million yen[215].

Eating habits and others

I have been eating less since I was a boy[428]..TerribleCrustal allergyfor,shrimp,crabCan't be eaten at all and uses shrimp as the main ingredientSnacksBut it's impossible[429]..I'm not good at raw fish, and I like it because it's a special menu that only you can serve at a familiar sushi restaurant.Yellow powder rice cakeWas ordering[430].

In 2018 after retirement, from the time of active dutysmokingRevealed what you are doing[431].

Media appearance details

TV program

Broadcast on July 2004, 1Fuji Television Network, Inc"Quiz $ MillionaireAppeared as an answerer.As support in the studioTomoya Tsuboi,Telephone brainAsKatsuhiko Yamada-Tsutomu Iwamoto-Masashi Date-Kuniyuki KimotoFive colleagues also appeared.After having to think about the answer by yourself, roll the pencil (fill in the options on each side) and select the option on the upper side, answer all 5 questions correctly and win 15 million prizes. Earn a yen.This prize for 1000Sapporo Dome / Personal Advertising SignboardUsed as part of the installation cost[242].

November 2009, 11, Fuji TV "BASEBALL SPECIAL 2009 ~ Baseball Road ~ Japan series For the first time in the broadcast of "Hokkaido Nippon-Ham VS Giants Round 2" (Sapporo Dome)Baseball commentaryTheKiyohara KazuhiroI was in charge with.In the opening remarks, he confessed that he received a commentary request because he was with Kiyohara, and that this was his first and last commentary.During the match, "Giants (who entered the pro after his retirement)Hayato Sakamoto"I don't know," "No matter how much I say, I can't understand unless I watch it live," he said in many episodes of interaction with Nippon-Ham Fighters.[432].


There is a work that uses a catch phrase that is a play on Shinjo's surname.

  • "Shinjo style = new common sense'
(Nippon Ham"Morning serve")
  • "Duda for the convenience of Isshin Joe'
A work broadcast at the beginning of the following year when he retired from active dutyIntelligence"Duda")[433]

Otsuka Pharmaceutical"Oronamin C drinkCM from 2004Aya UetoAppeared as the first opponent of the leading version.The catch phrase is for Uedo's "Genki Hatsuratsu?" And Shinjo's "OF COURSE!'[434].. Note thatHero interview in the 2004 All-Star GameThe last line was "How are you?"Met[435]..As an episode of the following year related to this co-star, "Shinjo Theater # Ceremonial First PitchSee.

Hollywood moviesHe has also appeared in commercials for two works released in Japan, which will be described later.

Movie event

May 2004,National treasure"ofLos AngelesProducer's at the premiere preview inJerry BruckheimerAnd starringNicholas CageI deepened my friendship with them.In that connection, he acted as an advertising producer for the release of the work in Japan (May the following year), and was in charge of the overall advertising department, including TV commercial planning and appearance, production of catchphrases for newspaper advertisements, and participation in events. In 5, three works produced by Bruckheimer, "Dejav(CM appearance), "Pirates of the Caribbean/World End], [National Treasure Lincoln Assassin DiaryServed as a general producer of the Japan public support project[436]..Another work by Bruckheimer in November 2003, "Bad Boys 2 BadUnofficially announced that they would join Nippon-Ham Fighters at the talk show of the special preview in Japan.[160]..In addition to Bruckheimer's works, the 2005 "Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith] As part of the Japan public commemorative event, the official game in May of the same yearOpening ceremonyPitched as an active player ("Shinjo Theater # Ceremonial First Pitch(See)[437].

Shinjo Glossary


  • プ リ ン ス

It may have a crown.Hanshin era: "Tiger's --" "Namiwa's --" "--Of Tigers".Nippon-Ham era: "Northern --" "Kyukai no --".He is not happy with this name[51][49][438].


It is a combination of "SHINJO" + "ENJOY" or "JOY".Coined word..After hitting MLB's first home run in the Mets era (2001), he played happily.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クThe local newspaper expressed this and started using it[439][440]..After retiring from active dutyName of racehorse you ownUsed for a part of.In the Hanshin eraUniform back nameIt is also a spelling in which the last two letters of "SHINJYO" are replaced.

  • alien

From performance and personality that cannot be predicted by others.Shinjo who hit a distant ball in the Hanshin eraThe director at that timeKatsuya NomuraCalled this, and the media began to use it.He is uncomfortable with this name[441][442].

  • Two

From the reading of the name "Tsuyoshi".Of my best friend during the Hanshin eraYoshiki HirosawaCalled this way from the others, its inheritance.The Nippon-Ham era is the same gradeTsutomu IwamotoThey called me "Two-yan" and my juniors called me "Two-san".[443].


At the press conference inaugurated as the director, he called for the name himself.He is said to have come from being called a "big boss" by an acquaintance who was watching the immediate purchase of Harley-Davidson in cash.[444].

Personal data

Source: 1993[5],Year 2001[447] * Information that is not posted is individually sourced.

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















1991Hanshin1317171200021000000031. 118. 118. 118. 236
19929537835339981631115346523018047311. 278. 320. 433. 753
1993102436408501051312318962132002038916. 257. 305. 463. 768
199412250646654117237172056875223006939. 251. 304. 440. 744
199587346311347015371123764222615766. 225. 294. 360. 654
1996113473408559716419178662213556610610. 238. 335. 436. 771
1997136539482621121732019568840444091207. 232. 306. 405. 711
1998132451414399221361372712422546654. 222. 275. 331. 606
19991235074715312021714197588221232107221. 255. 303. 418. 721
20001315495117114223128251851563232719310. 278. 321. 491. 812
2001NYM12343840046107231101625645422537708. 268. 320. 405. 725
2002SF118398362428615391343750332426465. 238. 294. 370. 664
2003NYM6212411410223012870121611120. 193. 238. 246. 483
2004Nippon Ham123544504881502832425679131241509586. 298. 327. 508. 835
20051084063805491201201735751521415646. 239. 274. 455. 729
2006126477438471132101618262261032432768. 258. 298. 416. 716
NPB: 131411562951636471309234362052230716733944253262771990105. 254. 305. 432. 737
MLB: 3303960876982154142032410096965561412813. 245. 299. 370. 668
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league


Postseason hitting results


Every time
















2002SF4871100010001000030. 143. 143. 143. 286
2004Nippon Ham314133300030000010010. 231. 286. 231. 516
2006727231810092101110141. 348. 385. 391. 776
MLB: 1 time4871100010001000030. 143. 143. 143. 286
NPB: 2 times104136411100122101120151. 306. 350. 333. 683


Defensive results by year

Infield defense

Every time

Attack (SS)Third base (3B)Second base (2B)















1991Hanshin861032. 842--
19929918031.00026134763. 909-
total19153135. 93927134763. 909301001.000
Outfield defense

Every time

Left wing (LF)Center fielder (CF)Right wing (RF)Outfield (OF)




















1992Hanshin-65127811. 993-65127811. 993
1993-1022361361. 976-1022361361. 976
1994-120289410. 997-120289410. 997
1995-87206533. 986-87206533. 986
1996-111248641. 984-111248641. 984
1997-1352761361. 980-1352761361. 980
1998-1242681245. 986-1242681245. 986
1999-121247832. 988-121247832. 988
2000-129251833. 989-129251833. 989
2001NYM4668823. 974531233001.0003965110. 9851192561233. 989
2002SF110001.0001082751063. 97910100001.0001172861063. 980
2003NYM780001.0005090531. 96910000----5498531. 972
2004Nippon Ham-122272851. 982-122272851. 982
2005-106212320. 991-106212320. 991
2006-126271430. 989-126271430. 989
NPB: 12 years-13482903924118. 986-13482903924118. 986
MLB: 3 years5477823. 9772114881894. 9835075110. 98729064027127. 982
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best defensive position for the league
  • In the NPB, the highest defensive position in the league outfield has not been announced.Therefore, the highest league center fielder in each year when enrolled in NPB isOnly the best outfielders are in bold[450]
  • In the NPB eraBold year TheGolden Grab AwardAward



  • Best nine: 3 times (Outfielder section: 1993, 2000, 2004)
  • Golden Grab Award: 10 times (Outfielder category: 1993, 1994, 1996-2000, 2004-2006) * Number of awards 4th in history Thailand ・ 3rd in outfielder category in history.Seven awards when he was enrolled in the Hanshin Tigers, the most in the history of the team[452](Both as of the announcement in 2020).
  • Monthly MVP: Twice (Fielder section: May 2, September 1999)
  • excellenceJCB/MEP Award: 3 times (1993, 1994, 2000)
  • JA Zenno Go/Go Award:6回(好捕賞:1992å¹´6月、1995å¹´6月、2004å¹´6月 最多二・三塁打賞:2004å¹´8月 強肩賞:1997å¹´9月、2004å¹´9月) ※受賞回数歴代最多。2004年の受賞3回はHiroshi ShibaharaAlong with (2001), Thailand has the highest number of years in history.All defenses in June 1992, which won the good catch award, are infielders.
  • Sapporo Dome MVP: 1 time (Baseball category: 2004) * First winner.
  • All star gamesMVP: once (1999/Round 3,2004/Round 2)
  • All-Star Game Outstanding Player Award: 3 times (1999 Round 2, XNUMX2000/Round 3,2006/Round 1)
  • SE League・ Star Grand Prize: 1 time (1998)[Note 11]
  • Japan Professional Sports AwardAchievement Award: 1 time (2004)[454]
  • Golden Arrow Award: 1 time (Sports Award: 2006)
  • SanspoMVP Grand Prize[455]
    • Grand Prize: 1 time (1993)
    • New Face Award (1992)
  • Sports navigation・ Award Grand Prize: 1 time (2006) *Wise sportsSponsored.[456]



First record[459]
Record of milestone[460]
  • 100 home runs: April 1998, 7, against Yokohama BayStars 25nd round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the 17thHiroki NomuraTo Saikou solo *196th person in history
  • 1000 games participation: July 2000, 7, 20th round against Yomiuri Giants (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), starting as No. 19 center fielder * 4nd person in history
  • 150 home runs: August 2004, 4, vs.Seibu Lions6rd round (Seibu Dome), 8 timesTsuyoshi OnoTo Saikou solo *134th person in history
  • 1000 hits: May 2004, 5, 30th round against Seibu Lions (Hakodate City Chiyodai Park Baseball Field), back three timesZhang MagazineFrom left front hit ※219th person in history
  • 200 home runs: July 2006, 6, 16th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Sapporo Dome), Shinji Sasaoka solo in the bottom of the second inning * 2th person in history[Note 20]
Other records
  • Outfielder's most stabbed kills: 2 times (1994: 289, 2004: 272)
  • Outfielder's most assisted: 3 times (1993: 13, 1997: 13, 1998: 12)
  • OutfielderRange factor (RF / G)1st place: 3 times (1993: 2.44, 1998: 2.26, 2004: 2.30)[245]
  • 3 games in a rowSmash hit award: February 2005-October 7, 6[461]
  • 7 games in a rowMultiple hits: February 2004-October 8, 15[462]
  • 4試合連続本塁打:2回(1996å¹´4月13日 - 4月17日、2000å¹´6月8日 - 6月13日)[463]
  • 1 hits per game: August 5, 2004, vs.Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes22rd round (Osaka Dome)[464]
  • Team 1 inning 2 full-base home run: October 1996, 10, Chunichi Dragons 9th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 26st in the bottom of the 1st: Tsuyoshi ShinjoTakahiro KanamoriFrom the second:Kazuhiko ShiotaniIs from Takahiro Kanamori * First in history. 1 Inning history most Thailand (as of the end of 2018)[77]
All star games
  • All star gamesParticipation: 7 times (1994, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2004-2006) * All fans voted.
  • Most votes in the fan voting league: 2 times (1994: 434,906, 1999: 915,773)[63][96]
  • AloneBook thief: Round 2004 of 2 (July 7, 11Nagano Olympic Stadium), The third inning alone (pitcher:Shinobu Fukuhara,catcher:Teruhiro Yano) * First in history (only as of the end of 2019)[Note 19]..As a real thief, in the second round of 1978Koji KandaThis is the second person in history.
  • 7 consecutive hits: Round 1999 of 2-Round 2000 of 3, Rounds 2004 and 1 of 2[Note 29]
  • 1000th hit in all Central League: 1999 Round 2 (July 7, Hanshin Koshien Stadium), in the bottom of the firstTomohiro KurokiFrom left front hit * Own all-star first hit[96]
US-Japan baseball


First record[395]
* The following isJapanese playerFirst record in history[395][466].


Other records

NPB/MLB total

Record of milestone[395][461][466]

Uniform number

  • 63(1990-1992, September 2006, 9)
  • 5(1993-2003)
  • 1(2004-September 2006, 9, September 26, 9-End of the same year, 28-)

Registered name

  • Tsuyoshi Shinjo(Tsuyoshi Shinjo, 1990-2003, 2022-March 3, the same year)
  • SHINJO(2004-2006)
  • BIGBOSS(July 2022, 3 -)

Hanshin eraUniform back nameThe spelling is "SHINJYO'[Note 31]However, after transferring to MLB, "SHINJOIt was corrected to.

Appearance song

Hanshin period
MLB era


Japan ham era

Related information

Awards other than honors and baseball

Fashion related
More informations


Photo exhibition
  • SHINJO HEART BALLPARK (Sapporo)PARK: November 2004, 11-10th Ikebukuro PARCO Annex, P'PARCO: December 17, 2004-January 12, 28)

Solo exhibition

Painting exhibition (airbrushArt)

Produced products

Produced movie work

Executive Producer


TV program

Many others.


Radio program




"Kameshin FeverIn 1992, the Hanshin Tigers received more than 15 requests to appear in Shinjo, but most of all requests were from private companies.Kameyama TsutomuDeclined because of "dedication to baseball"[485].

Unknown time (Hanshin era)
  • Suntory "Super Chuhai"




* Listed without CM appearance (above).


Fashion related

fashion show
Fashion magazine


Music works

CD single
  • "Chapter II ~ True Love ~" / Takeshi Shinjo(Nippon Columbia August 1994, 3) C / W "I wish I could laugh at the end"

Related CD / VHS / DVD

Maxi single
  • "GO MY WAY / To the Next Light" / MISSILE (February 2001, 2)-"GO MY WAY" is the CM theme song of Nabby.com that appeared in 7, and "GO" in the title. Is a play on the jersey number "2001" at that time.[426]
CD album
  • "SWAY" / SUITE VOICE (What's New Records June 2009, 6)- Disc jacketShinjo's airbrush art work was appointed to.[503]



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Single Author


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Works that appear



  • "Yakyutomo!"Yakyu Tomo! Gekitou Pro Yakyoku Hen" Collaboration event "THE Shinjo Theater" (Pokelabo 2011 years)[505]


[How to use footnotes]

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