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🌐 | "I wish I had the internet ..." Yoshiaki Ashikaga's miscalculation did not receive information on Shingen's death


"I wish I had the internet ..." Yoshiaki Ashikaga's miscalculation did not receive information on Shingen's death.

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In this way, Nobunaga, who gave up aiming for Mr. Hojo, adopted the method of his ancestor Taira no Kiyomori, and after that he started with Dainagon and became the Minister of the Right.

Shingen who set up a shadow warrior "Hide the dead for three years" "The giant star falls. Shingen Takeda, the tiger of Kai who was on the verge of taking over the world ... → Continue reading

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Kiyomori Taira

Taira no Kiyomori(Taira no Kiyomori)Heian periodTerminalJapan OfMilitary commander-Lord.

Mr. Isehira OfMaster-Taira no Tadamori OfLegitimate manBorn as a builder of the Taira clan.Homoto no RanEmperor GoshirakawaWith the trust ofHeiji RebellionBecame the final winnersamuraiFor the first timeMinisterIs appointed to.The Japan-Song trade cultivated the financial base, circulated the Song dynasty in Japan, laid the foundation for the currency economy, and established Japan's first samurai government (Taira administration).

After rebelling against Taira's power, he confronted Pope Shirakawa andPolitical change in the third yearI imprisoned the Pope and gave birth to TokukoEmperor AndeAnd take control of politics,Taira OfDictatorship TheOfficial house-Shrine・ Received great opposition from samurai and othersGenjiHe died while a soldier who overthrew the Taira clan was raised.


Ise Heishi's son

permanent6/1/18[Note 1](1118/2/10),Mr. IsehiraTaira no TadamoriLegitimate manBorn as.where are you fromYamashiroThe theory of Kyo (currently Kyoto City) is influential.The birth mother is unknown, but originally served Pope ShirakawawifeAnd the woman who became Taira no Tadamori's wife ("Middle right"according toSecurity guardNew Year (1120/) It is highly possible that it is dead). "Heike story』Narrative books are pregnant with the favor of Pope ShirakawaGion no NyogoIs said to have been given to Taira no Tadamori and Kiyomori was born (so-called Shirakawain).FallThe theory), but the Enkyo book of the reading book system writes that Kiyomori was the belly of Nakazaki's wife who served Gion no Nyogo.[Note 2]. Also,Omi countryDocument ("Buddha priesthood genealogy"[2]) Made Kiyomori's mother the sister of Gion no Nyomori, and Gion no Nyomori made Kiyomori.nephewIt is written that[Note 3]..Kiyomori is Taira no TadamoriRoomEven though he is not a child of (or his mother may have been in a regular room at the beginning, but after his death)Legitimate manIt is probable that the background to this was the power of Gion no Nyogo, who is the guardian.

Daiji4 years(1129/) New Year, at the age of 12Subordinate-SabeiInvestiture.about thisMunetada FujiwaraIs astonished[Note 4][Note 5]..Kiyomori was in March of the same yearIwashimizuChosen as an extraordinary dancer[Note 6], The minister who adopted Kiyomori's horse as the adopted child of Gion no NyogoArihito MinaIt is estimated that Kiyomori, who was a child, grew up under the patronage of Gion no Nyogo, because his Zuijin worked.Since he grew up under the patronage of Gion no Nyogo, there are rumors that Kiyomori's father was Pope Shirakawa.Although the fact of the illegitimate theory is poor, Kiyomori has never produced a lord.A close vassalDespite the origin of Mr. Ise Heishi[Note 7], The highest position in the decreeMinisterIt is said that he was promoted to the above because his relatives with the royal family were believed at that time.[5].

When I was youngPope TobaThe first favoriteFujiwara IseiI was in and out of my house.Ienari is Kiyomori's stepmotherIke no ZenniWas a cousin of.Higher floorWith my daughterShigemori-BasicIs born, but it is presumed that he died.

Honobu3 years(1137/) Taira no TadamoriKumano HonguKiyomori is due to the achievement of buildingHigoShouIs appointed to.

Hisasu3 years(1147/),Connecting roomWelcomed toHiratsukoBetweenMunemoriIs born.Tokiko's FatherPeacetimeAs the judge of Pope Toba,Hamuro Mitsuyori-ShinsaiHe was also in charge of the business of the hospital office.

On June 6th of this year, KiyomoriGionshaI went to, but blamed Roh and other weaponsGod manIn a skirmish, an incident occurred in which an arrow shot by Roh and others hit the Hoden (Gion struggle case).Gion Shrine is the last companyEnryakuji TempleRequests the exile of Taira no Tadamori and KiyomoriGosoHowever, Pope Toba protects Taira no Tadamori and Kiyomori from the offensive of Enryakuji Temple and condemns Kiyomori.RedemptionthirtyjinTo sayFineI stayed at.After that, instead of Kiyomori, the half-brother of Seishitsu's bellyHeike MoriIs appointed by Hitachisuke and the right horse head to stand out.In place of Kiyomori, who had already lost his mother and caused problems, there was a possibility that Iemori, who had a certain guardianship on his mother's side, would succeed the family.

However, since Iemori died suddenly in 5, Kiyomori's position as a torrent became a monolith.Iemori's mother and younger brotherYorimoriIs under control due to the age difference of 15 years old, and Kiyomori is treated as a second person between brothers,Tsunemori-KyoseiThe relationship remained subtle compared to.Aki MamoruHe made huge profits by gaining control of the Seto Inland Sea, and expanded his power to the West with his father.Also from that time on MiyajimaItsukushima shrineBelieve inNiheiIn 3, after Taira no Tadamori's death, he became the builder of the Taira clan.

Hogen rebellion, Heiji rebellion

HomotoNew Year (1156/)ofHomoto no RanThen my mother-in-law, Ike no ZenniEmperor ChongdeChild ofShigehito-shinKiyomori's position was difficult because he was a nanny, but he worked to unite the family.Emperor GoshirakawaBring victory on the sideHarima Mamoru,Dazai dashiBecomes

With ShinsaiFujiwara Trust・ Although he was in a neutral position in the Nijo pro-political conflict,HeijiNew Year (1159/)ofHeiji RebellionFujiwara no NobuDaikoku Gomon Keisou-Hamuro SoukataBy eradicating the anti-Shinsei factions such as, the political position will be rapidly increased.In this processMinamoto no dynasty-Gen Shigenari-Genki Minoru-GenkohoKiyomori took control of the military and police forces of the imperial court as a leading samurai and laid the foundation for the establishment of a samurai government.


Tokiko in the transfer roomEmperor NijoKiyomori became a guardian as the emperor's nanny because he was a nanny.She also she is Tokiko's sisterShigeko Taira(Kenharumonin) is the favorite princess of Go-Shirakawa, and has a strong pipe with the institute.Kebiishi-NakanagonIn addition to being promoted to, he became a betto of the hospital office, and by serving both the emperor and the emperor, he built a rock-solid system.In the second year of Kyuju (2), Tokuko (later Kenreimonin) was born with Tokuko.Later in the first year of Jōan (1155), he would join the Emperor Go-Shirakawa as a grace child.

InsuranceNew Year (1161/) In September, between Emperor Go-Shirakawa and Shigeko, the Seventh Prince (Prince Norihito, later)Emperor Takakura) Is born, Shigeko's younger brotherTaira no Tokitada-Taira no NorimoriPlanned for Tatsutaiko.Emperor Nijo was furious at this move, and Tokitada, Kyomori,Fujiwara no Narichika-Nobutaka BomonWas dismissed and Taira no Tokitada was transferred to Izumo, and the cloister rule of Shirakawa was suspended.Kiyomori clarified his support for Emperor Nijo by having the samurai stay at the emperor's palace to guard him.In March of the following year, the Nijo pro-political group Daikoku Gomon Keisou, who had been exiled due to the Heiji rebellion, was allowed to return to Tokyo.Genji KenWas exiled for cursing Emperor Nijo at Kamosha.Kiyomori received the strong confidence of Emperor Nijo and put the pro-government on track.Furthermore, KampakuKonoe MotozaneDaughterMorikoAnd had a close relationship with the regents.

After the cloister rule was suspended, he did not neglect the consideration for Emperor Shirakawa.Chang'an2 years(1164/)Rengeoin (Sanjusangendo)Is being built for Emperor Go-Shirakawa.The villas and territories were donated to Rengeoin, and the economic base of Emperor Go-Shirakawa was strengthened.Emperor Nijo was wary of the movement of Emperor Go-Shirakawa, and was in the third year of Chokan (3 years).1165/) To deepen his dependence on the Heike by appointing Shigemori as a counselor, but he died on July 7.

SuccessorEmperor RokujoIs a child, and Konoe Motozane leads politics as a regent, and KiyomoriBig wordI was promoted to and assisted Motozane. In September, Taira no Tokitada was allowed to return to Tokyo, and on December 9, when Prince Norihito was proclaimed the king, Kiyomori became a priest.

Eternal2 years(1166/) July 7, RegentMr. FujiWhen Motozane Konoe died suddenly and the cloister rule of Shirakawa revived, Motozane's child,MotomichiIs a younger brotherMatsudo MotoboBecomes regent.If the territory of the Sekiseki family, which was the territory of Motozane, moves to Motofusa, it will be a big blow to Mr. Taira.KiyomoriKonoe Family OfThe priestFujiwara no KunitsunaWith the advice ofYour Highness-KangakuinRyoMidoryuSucceeded in the jurisdiction of the customs territory by inheriting the private territory excluding the temple territory to the widow Moriko.[6].. Kiyomori will be the prince when Prince Norihito becomes a prince on October 10.Daio HarumiyaAnd in NovemberMinisterIt became.

Ren'an2 years(1167/) In February, KiyomoriMinisterWill be[Note 8], Daijo-daijin resigns in just three months to cultivate Fukuhara.Kiyomori ostensibly retired from politics, and Taira no Shigemori was declared in May of the same year.Tokai-Higashiyama-Sanyo-NankaidoHe was entrusted with the security police authority and revealed that he had taken the position of successor inside and outside the country.

Jin 3rd year (1168/) Kiyomori fell ill on February 2, and in MarchPriestdo. ""TamabaAccording to the name of the disease, "Tapeworm (Tapeworm)Subaku) ”, And I got sick for more than a month.[7]..Tapeworm is originally in ChinaTapewormIt refers to illness, but in Japan at that time, illnesses with various symptoms were called tapeworms.[7].Kiyomori was attached based on his testimonyTapeworm (SanadamushiMet[Source required]..After fearing that Kiyomori's medical condition would cause political instability, Emperor Shirakawa sought to stabilize the system by accelerating the original schedule and transferring Emperor Rokujo to Prince Norihito.Kiyomori who recovered from the diseaseFukuharaVilla ・Yukimi GoshoThe maintenance of Itsukushima Shrine, which has been a long-cherished desireJapan Song TradingImmerse yourself in the expansion of.

KaoIn the first year (1169), Emperor Go-Shirakawa departed and became the Pope, but Kiyomori received a reprimand at Todaiji Temple with Emperor Go-Shirakawa and worked on cooperation.This is with Pope TobaFaithful FujiwaraIt was a copy of the example that was received on the same day.Around this time, Emperor Go-Shirakawa visited Fukuhara to meet with the Song dynasty, Kiyomori's daughter Tokuko joined Emperor Takakura, and Emperor Go-Shirakawa and Kiyomori held a memorial service for a thousand priests in Fukuhara. ..During this time, the Taira clan became extremely prosperous, with more than 500 nationwide.ManorAnd got a huge amount of goods through the Japan-Song trade. In "The Heike Story," his brother-in-law, Tokitada, said, "Everyone who is not in this family is non-human," which is known by the idiom "Not in Heike, not in humans."

Dissatisfaction with Mr. Taira

However, the cloister rule, including Emperor Go-Shirakawa, gradually became uncomfortable with the expansion of Kiyomori's power.Yasumoto2 years(1176/) With the death of Kenshunmonin, he deepens his confrontation with Kiyomori.

ApprovalNew Year (1177/)June,Shishigatani IncidentOccurs.this isTada YukinoriKiyomori tried to eliminate the cloister rule in the cloister rule.SaikoWas executed, and Fujiwara no Narichika was spared the death penalty by Shigemori's long-cherished wish.Bizen countryExile[Note 9],ShunkanEtc.KikaigashimaHe was exiled to, but he was not guilty of Emperor Go-Shirakawa.However, it is unclear whether there was actually a plot to overthrow the Taira clan, and there is a view that Kiyomori, who was ordered to attack Enryakuji by Emperor Go-Shirakawa just before, went to avoid a collision with Enryakuji.[Note 10].

Approval3 years(1179/) In June, her daughter Moriko died.The Pope immediately confiscated Moriko's mansion without permission. (Since Konoe Motozane's Seishitsu was Moriko, he owned the territory after Motozane's death.) In July, Shigemori died of illness at the age of 6.Then again, Emperor Go-ShirakawaJapanMetEchizen countryWas confiscated.In addition, the Pope is 20-year-old Konoe Motomichi (the room is Kiyomori woman.Sadako) Aside from that, 8 years oldMatsudono MoroieWas appointed to Gonchu Chunagon.With this personnel affairs, the status of the regentsMatsudono familyIt became clear that he would succeed, and Kiyomori, who was supporting the Konoe family, was indignant.

On November 11, Kiyomori led an army from FukuharaSuperiorityThen,Coup d'etatWas carried out.So-calledPolitical change in the third yearHowever, Kiyomori started with Matsudono Motofusa and his father and son.FujiwaraAll 39 lords and institutes (8 aristocrats, 31 lords, recipients, kebiishi, etc.) who were considered to be anti-Taira clan will be dismissed, and a pro-Taira clan will be appointed in their place.Emperor Go-Shirakawa was afraid to ask Kiyomori for forgiveness, but Kiyomori refused to do so and was imprisoned in Toba-den on November 11th.The Go-Shirakawa cloister rule was completely stopped here.Kiyomori entrusted the subsequent treatment to Munemori and raised it to Fukuhara.However, the government's concept after the suspension of the cloister rule was poor.Emperor Takakura, Motomichi Konoe, and Taira no Munemori all had inexperienced political experience, and Kiyomori had to come out in the end.Kiyomori was dismissedHiromori-Kanemasa HanayamaThe left minister, Fujiwara no Tsunemune, and the right minister, who are influential people of Mr. Fujiwara to assist Motomichi, working to unite the family by canceling the disposition ofKujo KanemiI tried to be flexible.Regarding the actual political affairs, Taira no TokitadaTakaki Shijo-Tsuchimikado MichikaNoh was the spokesman for Kiyomori.

4 years of Jisho1180/) In February, Emperor Takakura took over, and Emperor AntokuPracticedid(Emperor Ande).Needless to say, Emperor Antoku's mother is Kiyomori's daughter, Tokuko.Nominally, it was the cloister rule of Emperor Takakura, but it was clear to everyone that it was Taira's puppet government.In addition, the imprisonment of the Pope and taking control of politics created many anti-Taira forces.

Rebellion signal smoke

The first wave of rebellion against Taira's dictatorship was the third prince of Emperor Go-Shirakawa.IinouWas a soldier.Prince Mochihito was excellent, but he was not able to receive the proclamation due to the pressure of the Taira clan, Kenshunmonin.Hachijo-inAlthough he was asked for the opportunity to take the throne as a grace child, his hope was hopeless in this coup d'etat.It can be said that Prince Mochihito is an armed force that reports directly to Hachijoin.Minamoto no Yorimasa-Yukiyoshi Shimokawabe-Yoshikiyo Ashikaga-Gennaka familyAnd so on, and oppose Mr. TairaKofuku-ji Temple-Enjoji TempleAlso tuned in to this move.This plan was discovered in advance, and due to Kiyomori's quick measures, Kagetaka Fujiwara, a family member of the Taira clan, who was not a kebiishi.ItochuPursued with 300 soldiers and defeated Prince Mochihito and Minamoto no Yorimasa.

However, it is the same as the temples and shrines, especially Sonjoji.Tendai sectAt Enryakuji Temple of the Taira clan, there was a movement of anti-Taira clan forces, and Kiyomori abandoned Kyoto, which is geographically disadvantageous to the Taira clan, surrounded by influential temples and shrines. Of the international trading portOwada Tomari(CurrentHyogoKobe CityCape WadaTo the land facing (nearby)Transfer of capitalAiming forFukuhara YukiyukiTo force.

However, Prince Mochihitocommand of a princeBlew up all over the country and was washed away in Izu in AugustYoritomo Gengen,Nobuyoshi TakedaAs a builderMr. KaiIn NovemberShinano countryInYoshinaka KisoRaises troops.On the other hand, Kiyomori tried to prevent Yoritomo and others from expanding their power.Taira no SeimoriDispatched a large army to the Kanto regionBattle of Fuji RiverThen I withdrew without engaging in battle.

With this defeat, the temples and shrines, especially Sonjoji and Kofukuji, who were supportive of the rebellion of Prince Mochihito, began to show disturbing movements.In addition, Gen Omi uprised and partnered with the Taira clan of Enryakuji Temple to occupy Lake Biwa, a key point of logistics, and the rebels grew to the momentum to attack the old city.In addition, a rebellion broke out in Kyushu, and there were voices from the Taira clan and the public, as well as from the Taira clan and Enryakuji, who did not want to relocate, and Kiyomori returned to Heiankyo on November 11.

In December, Kiyomori sent an army led by Taira no Tomomori, Taira no Sukemori, and Fujiwara no Kiyotsuna to burn down Sonjoji Temple, and Omi Gen'sYoshitsune Yamamoto-Yoshikane KashiwagiSucceeded in the settlement of Omi by defeatingOmi offense and defense).Next, Kiyomori targeted Kofukuji Temple, the largest anti-Taira clan in Kinai.Kiyomori decided to wipe out the threat behind him and made a large army with Shigehira as general general.Southern cityDispatched to Kofukuji Temple on December 12thTodaiji TempleBurned down the temples in the southern capital.Certainly, this calmed the movement of the anti-Taira clan around the city, but thisNanto burningThen, it was a disaster that killed thousands of citizens and burned down most of the Great Buddha in the region, and Kiyomori himself was stigmatized as a "French enemy".


4 years of Jisho1180/) By the end, it will be the base of Taira's powerWestern countryAlso inIyo country OfMichikiyo Kono-communicationFather and son, 5 years after the next Jisho1181/)Bungo OfOgata no Saburo・ Usuki Satoshi, Saga Satoshi and other powerful tribes raised troopsIse country-ShimakuniThere was also a rebellion in.Eastern countryWas also TairaHideyoshi SatakeEtc. are subdued by Yoritomo.

Under these circumstances, Kiyomori tried to build a new system centered on Kyoto.KinaiHe appointed Munemori with a job in a nearby country.this isBalance3 years(731/) Was given the right to soldiers and horses for Kyo and Kinai.Niitabe-shinnoIt follows the example of, and established a war system by imposing soldier roles and military rice in the neighboring countries of Kinai.again,Tamba countryEstablished a general boss of various villas inMoritoshi TairaAppointed.Moreover,Echigo country OfShigenaga ShiroMutsu OfHidehira FujiwaraHas been given a declaration of revenge by Minamoto no Yoritomo and Nobuyoshi Takeda. On February 2, Taira no Shigehira's downward movement to the west was canceled, and it was decided that the samurai of the clan under Munemori would head for the eastern pursuit, but Kiyomori fell ill on the 26th, and the leap February 27th. ,KamogawaShengkoku Mansion on the East Bank (* See below) Died.Year-round64.

Kujo Kanemis diary"Tamaba』, There is a description that" I suffer from Zenmon (Kiyomori) head wind "on February 2, and the leap is already in critical condition on February 27.[10].Fujiwara Teikes diary"TomorrowIt is recorded that there was a rumor that "the reason for the faint in agony" at the time of his death.[11].. 『Hyakurensho』It is described that it was a reward for burning Todaiji Temple and Kofukuji Temple, saying that it was" there is a problem with Nikkisho, like a hot fire ".[11].. In the "Heike Monogatari" Enkyo book, "From the day when you get sick, you should put water in your throat. If it's difficult to endure the heat, the person who is nearby is Kiya. (Since the day I got sick, I couldn't drink water and my body became hot like fire. The person who entered the hospital room couldn't stand the heat, so there was nothing nearby. Kiyomori was "hot and hot." "It was just that."[Note 14]I have done it) "[13]..From these depictions, "Serifu YanagidomeIt has been thought that Kiyomori's cause of death was a fever, as was ridiculed in the first volume as "Kiyomori's doctor takes a pulse."

A modern novelistEiji Yoshikawaof"New Heike story], "Hidden fever (intermittent fever,malaria) ”Seiichi MorimuraLooking at as well[14].. Focusing on "head wind"Kaionji Shiogoro,Nobuko Yoshiya Thecerebral hemorrhageIsn't it?On the other hand, in the medical world, medical history researchersToshiyoshi HattoriIs pneumonia caused by a cold, and is from a coldMeningitisI suspect that it causedTatsuaki Shinoda TheHemolytic streptococcal infectionIsn't it?[12]..Medieval historianYasuo MotokiSaid that it was some kind of infectious disease because Fujiwara no Kunitsuna, who was close to Kiyomori, became ill and died at the same time.[12].

Kiyomori, who realized his death, told the Pope to cooperate with Munemori to carry out his affairs because he left everything to him after his death. It is said that he left it to Munemori and there should be no objection. " ""Heike storyKiyomori is dying in "FuneralEtc. are useless.Offer Yoritomo's head in front of my grave. "On August 8st of the year he died, Yoritomo secretly offered to the institute for peace with Mr. Taira, but Munemori said in Kiyomori's will, "Even though my child and grandson are the ones who survive, Yoritomo's skeleton He refused this, saying, "I should expose it before," and showed a fierce hatred for Yoritomo.[Note 15].

After death

After Kiyomori's death, Taira no Shigemori had already died of illness, and his second son, Taira no Shigemori, had prematurely passed away. Mr. Taira was gradually hunted down, as the cloister rule regained power after being at the mercy of his miracle.Moreover, from time to timefamine(Yowa famine), Etc.Toshinaga2 years(1183/),Battle of Kurikara PassBattle of ShinoharaAfter the Taira clan's army was destroyed, the city fell without any means before the Yoshinaka army's offensive.andLunar calendar2 years(1185/)ofBattle of DannouraDefeated by the Taira clan.

Dead land

For Kiyomori's dead place, see "Azuma mirror"Kujo Kawaraguchi Mori Nation" is the most important base, and based on this,KamogawaWas on the east bankHiramori countryIt has long been said that it is a mansion.

However, in XNUMX (1989/), The "Sheng nation" of "Kujo Kawaraguchi Sheng nation" is not the Hiramori national residence, but the Gondainagon, the father of Fujiwara no Kunitsuna.Right horse GonsukeThe theory that it is the mansion of Shengkoku (),Masataka UwayokoteAdvocated by[15].

Then in 17 (2005/),Next timeMasaaki TakahashiHowever, the Hiramori national residence on the east bank of the Kamo River is Prince Norihito (Emperor TakakuraAs a result of collating the fact that it is also the birthplace of), "Kujo"Is"HachijoExpressed the view that it would be a clerical error[16]..If it is the Hachijo Kawaraguchi, on the opposite bank across the Kamo RiverGoshirakawainImperial Palace(Hojuji TempleGosho), West Hachijo No. (Kiyomori Residence, also known as Hachijo-tei) to the west, north-northeastRokuharaIs located, and because it is almost equidistant from Nishihachijo No. and Rokuhara, it can be said that it is the best place for a mansion in Shengkoku to take care of Mr. Taira's household affairs.[16].

In addition, "Heike storyIn Volume 6 of "Jishinbo," Kiyomori's funeral night,BeatThere is a description that the voices of a few people who laughed while dancing and dancing came from the Hoju-ji Temple.Also,"HyakurenshoIn the February 2th article of the first year of Yowa, more specifically, from Hoju-ji Temple's Saisho Koin.NowIt is said that the voice of a turbulent dance was heard.You can certainly hear it from the Hachijo Kawaraguchi, but at the Kujo Kawaraguchi there is too much distance to make this anecdote.


  • "Heike story』, Kiyomori is JapanChugokuIt is treated as a representative of the outstanding "dirty people" and "takeki things".[17].Tokujiro TomikuraSays that Kiyomori's wrongdoing in "Heike Monogatari" is against the royal law and against the Buddhist law.Tomikura cites acts that ignore the old kingship, such as "His Highness's Riding Case," "Punishment of the Pope and Aides in Shishigatani's Conspiracy," "Killing Prince Mochihito," and "Fukuhara Relocation."[18]..It is described that "Siege of Nara", which is a bad deed to Buddhism, was an accidental thing that was not Kiyomori's intention, but there is no expression of regret for the burning of temples and shrines.[19]..In the film, people are rumored that Kiyomori's fever was caused by burning a temple in the southern capital, and in the dream his wife Tokiko had,Todai-ji Temple Rosha Nabutsu StatueBy the guilt of burningMugen HellIt is stated that it will fall to[20]..Kiyomori is consistently portrayed as a person who is only interested in this world, such as not wanting to build a hall or tower at the time of his death, and his will is described as "sinking."[21].
  • Nowadays, it is said that the actual figure of Kiyomori was mild-mannered and compassionate. (In fact, the exile to Izu without killing the orphans of Minamoto no Yoshitomo, such as Minamoto no Yoritomo and Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and the fact that he was able to enter the Buddhist gate caused disaster and later destroyed the Heike.Ike no ZenniOr behind herKaminishimoninAnd Yoritomo's mother's parents' houseAtsuta Omiya priestIt is said that the intention of is also working. )
    • "Ten lessonsIn 7-27, about Kiyomori when he was young, "I decided to think that it was a joke even if a person behaved terribly inconveniently." Even if you laugh and make a terrible mistake, it will not be useless and will not disturb your voice. " I gently got out of the floor and let it lie down to the fullest. "" Even the lowest servant was treated as a full-fledged person in front of his family and acquaintances, so he felt that he was a serious face and was delighted from the bottom of his heart. The anecdote is written[22].
    • A famous episode showing Kiyomori's outrageYour Highness Riding CaseAtMatsudo MotoboRegarding retaliation against, it is said that Kiyomori instructed in "Heike Monogatari", but "IdiotThe theory that Shigemori instructed from the description of 』is predominant, but there are also objections.[23].
    • I was taken care of in "The Tale of the Heike" when I was youngAt the time of Akira FujiwaraIs the son ofYukitaka HamuroHe knows that he is in a difficult situation and offers help.
  • In "Tamaha," Kanezane Kujo severely criticizes Kiyomori, who burned the southern capital, but on the other hand, he is worried that the world will be disturbed after his death.[24].
  • JienIsIdiot], The figure of Kiyomori is described as follows.Before and after the Heiji rebellion, he was an ingenious and attentive person, and had the tactics to survive the complicated politics of the cloister rule.However, when he gained great power, he began to take brute force measures in the process of confronting the institutes, regents, and temples and shrines in order to maintain it, and his notoriety increased.
  • "Genpei Morishiki』In the case of dismissing the fact that it rained by the prayer of a monk was just a coincidence.Sutra islandThen KiyomoriPillarThere is also an anecdote of a clear idea that is not bound by superstition, such as the legend that it was abolished.
  • PoliticallyJapan Song TradingDevelopment of financial base as seen inSong dynastyEstablished the foundation of the currency economy by distributing it in Japan, promoted public works projects seen in island construction, defeated aristocratic politics that was getting stuck in the contradiction of the times, and was the first in Japan (although it has a strong aristocratic element). He has also made excellent achievements, such as establishing the samurai government of Japan.Shinpachiro Matsumoto TheSeto of OndoThe legend that openedOwada TomariIt is said that he was a visionary person because he built[25].
  • Although it is often described as a politically good warrior in military records, he succeeded in defeating the Fujiwara no Nobuyumi with a tactic that linked multiple units in the Heiji rebellion and minimizing damage to the Imperial Palace and urban areas. Teori "Sophisticated tactics (Review: Yasuo Motoki)[Where?]It is said that he was also an excellent military commander who specializes in.
  • Efforts were made to curb the Buddhist forces that had begun to have great power in Kyoto and Nara.The all-out attack on Kofuku-ji and Onjo-ji, which interfered with the issue of succession to the throne, was not well received at the time, but the significance of preventing religious forces with great armed forces from being involved in serious political issues cannot be ignored.Ironically, this policy was inherited in a moderate manner, such as the protection of Zen Buddhism and Nembutsu Buddhism, which do not have monks in the enemy Kamakura Shogunate.


Japanese CalendarADDate
(Old calendar
Motonagayuan1118/1/18birth(Counting years1 years old)
Daiji41129/1/6Below the fifth place. January 1, Sabei. (24 years old)Assistant Lord
Oharu 61131/1/514th place (XNUMX years old)Assistant Lord
Chosho41135/1/5Below the fifth rank. August 8, junior fourth rank. (Eighteen years old)Assistant Lord
Honobu21136/4/7Daisuke Chuji(19 years old)Assistant Lord
Hoen 31137/1/30Mamoru HigoConcurrent post (20 years old)Assistant Lord
Hoen 61140/11/14Junior Fourth Rank (23 years old)Assistant Lord
Hisasu21146/2/1Below the fourth rank. February 2,Aki MamoruConcurrent post.Higonokami replacement. (29-year-old)Assistant Lord
Homotoyuan1156/November 7-6Homoto no Ran(39 years old)Assistant Lord
7/11Harima MamoruAssistant Lord
Homoto 31158/8/10Daisuke Daiji (41 years old)Assistant Lord
Heijiyuan1159/November 12-9Heiji Rebellion(42 years old)
Eternal calendaryuan1160/6/20Third rank. August 8thCouncil..Daegu Daini Nyogen. September 9ndUemonConcurrent post. On December 12, he resigned from Daisuke Daiji. (30 years old)Assistant Lord
Eiryaku 21161/1/23KebiishiConcurrent position.Also serves as Omi Gonmori. September 9th, rightsNakanagon..KebiishiUemonNyomoto. (44 years old)Assistant Lord
Insurance21162/1/9Resigned from the official positions of Kebiishi and Uemon.Leap February 2th, concurrently serving as Kebiishi, Uemon. April 9,Emperor Empress GondaioConcurrent post. August 8, second rank. In September, he resigned from the official positions of Kebiishi and Uemon. (20 years old)Assistant Lord
Chang'an31165/1/23Sir HyōbuConcurrent post. August 8,Gondainaku..Prince Hyōbu and Empress Dowager. (48 years old)Assistant Lord
Eternal21166/6/6Second rank. October 10stDaio HarumiyaConcurrent post.Prince Hyōbu and Prince Hyōbu stop. Nov. 11,Minister.. (49 years old)Assistant Lord
Ren'an21167/2/11First placeMinister.. May 5, resigned from Daijo-daijin. (17 years old)Assistant Lord
Nin'an 31168/2/11Buddhist priest (51 years old)Assistant Lord
Securityyuan1171/TokukoIriuchi (54 years old)
Approvalyuan1177/Shishigatani Incident(60 years old)
Jisho 31179/Political change in the third year(62 years old)
4th year1180/4/22Emperor AndeEnthronement (63 years old)
4IinouIssued an order to pursue the Taira clanAzuma mirror
6/10Jugou SannomiyaHyakurensho
8/17Yoritomo GengenRaising soldiersAzuma mirror
Peaceyuan1181/Leap February 2Kaoru (64 years old / 63 years old died)Tamaba


Here, the place that is said to be Kiyomori's graveyard is described.

HyogoKobe CityHyogo WardLocated in Kitasakasegawacho 1[GM 1]..It is said that Taira no Kiyomori's mausoleum was built as a graveyard in the territory of Nofukuji Temple.[26]..The existing Taira no Kiyomori Mausoleum was reconstructed in February 1980 (Showa 55) in the 2th anniversary of Taira no Kiyomori.[26].
  • Kireto Kiyomorizuka Stone XNUMX-storied Pagoda [27][28]
Existing in 1 Kiretocho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture[GM 2],Memorial towerAs[27].. There are inscriptions of "Koan XNUMX" and "February", and "Saidaiji Temple OfWisdom Hiroyasu8/8/14(1285/9/14) Was held at Kiyomori's stone pagoda memorial service in Hyogo. "[28]..Therefore, the stone pagoda is regarded as a memorial tower called "Kiyomorizuka".[28].
KyotoKyoto CityHigashiyama WardMatsubaraYamatoojiLocated in Rokurocho, Higashiiri XNUMX-chome.[GM 3]
Giouji Temple is located in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.Ukyo WardSaga Torii bookLocated in Kosaka TownDaikakuji Temple(Former Saga Gosho Daikakuji Monzeki)TowerTemple.[GM 4]
Yamaguchi ShimonosekiLocated at 4-15 Hikoshima Enouramachi[GM 5].Toshinaga3 years(1183/),of timeNakanagon-Taira no TomomoriIs the late father, KiyomoriremainsEntered Hikoshima with the sword, and started to build the last fort of the Heike, Neo Castle (Hikoshima Castle).tombstoneIs said to have been erected[29].


KiyomoriYamashiro Of京都 or Ise country OfProductIt is said that he was born (Ubushina).Emperor HanmuGrandsonNozomi HiraA descendant of (Takamochi), in BandoTakehira HiranoDraw the flow ofMr. IsehiraClan.

Emperor Hanmu-Kazurahara-shin-King Takami-Nozomi Hira-Hirakuni Kaori-Taira no Sadamori-Taira no Korehira-Taira no Masanori-Masahiro Taira-Masamori Taira-Taira no Tadamori-Kiyomori Taira

Taira no Tadamori OfFirst son.. 『Assistant Lord』If you calculate back from the article,MotonagaNew Year (1118/) Is born. "Middle right"Security guardNew Year (1120/) According to the article on July 7th, "Tadamori Taira no Tadamori will graduate from his wife.Emperor Shirakawa) Served aroundwifeIt turns out that this woman may be Kiyomori's mother.Narrative book "Heike storyWas pregnant with the favor of Pope ShirakawaGion no NyogoIs said to have been given to Taira no Tadamori and Kiyomori was born (so-called)FallTheory).However, "The Tale of the Heike" was established after the Kamakura period, and it is presumed that Gion no Nyogo was over 40 years old at that time, so its credibility is low.In the same "The Tale of the Heike", Enkyo-hon, a reading book, writes that Kiyomori was the belly of Nakazaki's wife who served Gion no Nyogo.again,Meiji26 years(1893/) Found in Shiga Prefecture's "Buddha House Liaison Genealogy" (Bunryaku2 years(1235/), Kiyomori's mother, "My wife," is Gion no Nyomori's younger sister, and her sister, Gion no Nyomori, says Kiyomori.nephewIt is written that the Buddhist temple owned by Shirakawa-in was conveyed to Kiyomori.[Note 16].

Shirakawainwife(Gion no NyogoSister of?)
Taira no Tadamori
Ike no Zenni
Emperor Shirakawa
Third sonTsunemori
Fourth sonKyosei
Sixth sonLoyalty
second sonIemori
Fifth sonYorimori
Emperor Toba
Higher floorDaughter of
First sonKiyomori
Emperor Goshirakawa
First sonShigemori
second sonBasic
Sixth son
Seven sonsIntelligence
Third sonMunemori
Fourth sonTomomori
Fifth sonShigehira
Emperor Takakura
Adopted childKiyosada
Adopted child
Emperor Ande

historical data

Related works

Does not hit the work,diary, Research books, research literature, etc.historical data""References”In any of the“ Related Literature ”.

Before modern times

here,The early modern periodBefore(Edo PeriodAmong all the related works written in (previously), the ones with high special mention are listed.

Literary arts

All works in the field of literature listed hereMilitary story.

country'sImportant cultural property..Early Kamakura period (13th century)[31]..Image height 117 cm.Collection of the treasure hall.
The templeKyotoKyoto CityHigashiyama WardMatsubaraYamatoojiLocated in Rokurocho, Higashiiri XNUMX-chome[GM 8]..There is also Kiyomorizuka (a memorial tower for Kiyomori) in the precincts (cf.).

After the Meiji era

here,MeijiFrom all related works written since the era, Taira no Kiyomori was the themeCreationOnly works with high sexuality will be described.

A painting
1883/Published (Meiji 16)Musha-e. ■There is an image and detailed explanation on the right side.
  • Yoshitoshi Tsukioka "Taira no Kiyomori Flame Burning Disease Map"
A picture of a warrior reported in 1883 (Meiji 16). ■There is an image and detailed explanation on the right side.
TV program (live-action drama)
puppet show
ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン
Popular song
  • "Shooting the feature-length Kayo Rokyoku Kiyomori Tenka" (Haru Sanba
  • "Feature song romance Kiyomori pioneering Kobe" (Haruo Minami)


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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Related item

外部 リンク

Right minister

Right minister(Udaijin)Imperial courtThe highest institution,Prime MinisterOne of the jobs.Chinese nameIs "Ufu" "Grand Chancellor""Right phase country""Right servant shooting""Taibao. "KazunoriIs "Migi no Oimo Uchigimi / Migi no Otodo".Capacity 1 person.Official positionEquivalentpositive-Second place.MinisterAnd the left and right ministers (later with the left and right ministers)Minister) AndSan Gong・ Called Sanki.

Left ministerAt the same time, he is the de facto secretary of the Daijo-kan, but if there is a left minister, the head of the parliamentary officer is the left minister, and if the left minister is not appointed or if he does not serve, the right minister hosted the morning meeting.Also, the Minister of the LeftKanpakuEven at that time, the Minister of the Right was in charge of political affairs.1885/(Meiji18 years)Cabinet systemAbolished with the inauguration of.

List of Ministers of the Right

  • principle"Assistant Lord], And revised with other historical materials as appropriate.Southern DynastyOnly those who have a certificate of employment in the historical materials are posted as assistants in.
First nameInauguration辞 任
(The mark is the same day as the death)
Emperor at the time of officeIssue / authority
Great treasureFormer Minister of the Right
Soga no Kurayamada Ishikawa MaroEmperor4/6/14
TakanoriMinister Yamada
Otomo Chotoku5 years of Taika4/20
White pheasant2/7
(Soga no Murajiko[1]First year of Emperor Tenji1
Emperor Tenji 3rd year3
Minister of Finance
Nakatomi no KaneEmperor Tenji 10rd year1/5
Emperor TenmuFirst year8/25
Tajihi no ShimaEmpress Jito 4 years7/5
Emperor Monmu 4th year8/26
Great treasure-Old ageMinister of the Right based on
Abe no MiushiGreat treasureFirst year3/21
Great treasure 3 yearsLeap February 4
Maru IshigamiGreat treasure 4 years1/7
WadoFirst year3/13
Bunbu,MotoakiMinister of Mononobe
Fujiwara Nori etc.Wado March 3, 13st year
(708 4 年 月 日 8)
Nagaya King5 years of endowment1/5
8 years of endowment2/4
Fujiwara Takechi MaroBalance6/1/17
Tenpyo 9 years7/25
Tachibana brothersTenpyo 10 years1/13
Tenpyo 15 years5/5
Saiin Minister
Fujiwara no ToyonariTenpyo treasureFirst year4/14
Tenpyo Katsuho97/12
Shomu,KokenMinister Namba, Minister Yokoho
Emi Fujiwara OshikatsuTenpyo Treasure2/8/25
Tenpyo Houji 4 years1/4
Minister Emi
Fujiwara no Toyonari
Tenpyo Houji 8 years9/14
Tenpyo JingoFirst year11/27
Atsushi,HonorMinister Namba, Minister Yokoho
Fujiwara NagateTenpyo Jingo 2 years1/8
Tenpyo Jingo 2 years10/20
HonorMinister Nagaoka
Kibi MabiTenpyo Jingo October 2, 10
(766 11 年 月 日 26)
Honor,MitsuhitoMinister Kibi
Onakatomi KiyomaroHouki 2 years3/13
Ten OFirst year6/23
Fujiwara no Tamaro2 years6/21
KanmuMinister Kabuchi
Fujiwara no KorekoEnryaku 2 years7/19
Enryaku 8 years9/19
Ushiya Minister
Fujiwara no TsuginawaEnryaku 9 years2/27
Enryaku 15 years7/16
Minister of the Right Taoyuan
God KingEnryaku 17 years8/17
Enryaku 25 years4/24
Kanmu,HeijoMinister Yoshino
Fujiwara no Uchi MaroEnryaku 25 years5/19
Heijo,SagaMinister Nagaoka
Fujiwara no SonondoKonin 3 years12/5
Konin 9 years12/19
Saga(Former) Minister Yamashina
Fujiwara no FuyutsuguKonin 12 years1/9
Fujiwara no OtsuguApril 2, 4nd year of Tencho
(825 4 年 月 日 26)
Tencho 9 years11/2
JunnaMinister Yamamoto
Kiyohara no NatsunoApril 9, 11nd year of Tencho
(832 11 年 月 日 27)
Junna,NinmeiMinister Futoka
Sanmori Fujiwara5 years of Jōwa1/10
7 years of Jōwa7/7
NinmeiMinister of Yamashina
Minamoto no Toki7 years of Jōwa8/8
11 years of Jōwa7/2
Higashi Sanjo
Mr. TachibanaJuly 11, 7
(844 7 年 月 日 20)
14 years of Jōwa12/19
Ryobo Fujiwara15 years of Jōwa1/10
Hitoshi,BuntokuShirakawa, Someden
Fujiwara no YoshimiFebruary 4, 2th year of Saiko
(857 3 年 月 日 18)
Buntoku,SeiwaMinister Nishi Sanjo
Fujiwara sectJōgan 12 years1/13
Jōgan 14 years2/7
Fujiwara no MototsuneJōgan 14 years8/25
Kiyowa,YoseiMinister Horikawa
Genta6th year of Gangyo1/10
Fujiwara no YoshiyoKanpei3/3/19
Kanpei 8 years7/16
UtaMinister of Service
Minamoto no YoshiariJuly 8, 7th year of Kanpei
(896 8 年 月 日 28)
Kanpei 9 years6/8
Minister of the House of Representatives
Michio ShinoharaShotai2/2/14
Masayasu 4 years1/25
The real pleasureGrand Chancellor of China
Source lightJanuary 4, 1th year of Masayasu
(901 2 年 月 日 16)
Nishi Sanjo
Chuhei FujiwaraEngi 14 years8/25
Koichijo, Gojo
Fujiwara SadakataExtension 2 years January 1
(924 2 年 月 日 29)
Fujiwara no NakahiraJōhei 3 years2/13
Jōhei 7 years1/22
Fujiwara no TsunesaJanuary 7, 1th year of Jōhei
(937 3 年 月 日 6)
Jōhei 8 years5/5
Ichijo, Tsuchimikado
Fujiwara no SaneyTenkei7/4/9
CalendarFirst year4/26
Fujiwara no MorosukeApril 4, the first year of the Tenryaku era
(947 5 年 月 日 19)
(I.e.Bojo, Kujo
Fujiwara no AkitadaTentoku 4 years8/22
Takaakira MinamotoKoho 3 years1/16
Koho 4 years12/13
Murakami,Cold springNishinomiya
Fujiwara no MorotDecember 4, 12th year of Koho
(968 1 年 月 日 15)
Cold springKoichijo
Fujiwara no ArihiraMarch 2, 3nd year of Anwa
(969 4 年 月 日 15)
Anwa 3 years1/27
Reizei,Yen fusionAwata, Marikoji
Fujiwara ItinMarch 3, 1nd year of Anwa
(970 3 年 月 日 7)
Yen fusionOne
Fujiwara no YoritadaNovember 2, 11nd year of Tenroku
(971 11 年 月 日 22)
Masanobu MinamotoApril 2, 4nd year of Sadamoto
(977 5 年 月 日 14)
Sadamoto 3 years10/2
Ichijo, Takashi
Fujiwara no KaneieApril 3, 10nd year of Sadamoto
(978 11 年 月 日 5)
Enyu,Hanayama,OneHokoin, Higashi Sanjo
Fujiwara no TamemitsuJuly 2, 7nd year of Kanna
(986 8 年 月 日 27)
Minamoto no ShigenobuSeptember 2, 9nd year of the Shoryaku calendar
(991 10 年 月 日 17)
5th year of the calendar8/28
Michikane FujiwaraSeptember 5, 8nd year of the Shoryaku calendar
(994 10 年 月 日 5)
ChotokuFirst year5/8
Awata, Nijo
FujiwaraFirst year of Chotoku6/19
Chotoku 2 years7/20
Hojoji Temple, Mido
Fujiwara no AkimitsuJuly 2, 7nd year of Chotoku
(996 8 年 月 日 6)
Streak,Sanjo,Go-IchijoHorikawa, Hirohata
Fujiwara no KinkiMarch 6, 3th year of Chowa
(1017 4 年 月 日 3)
SecurityFirst year7/25
Fujiwara no SanesukeJuly 7, 25st year of security
(1021 9 年 月 日 4)
One more article,After Suzaku,After cold springGo Onomiya, Sage Ufu
Fujiwara no NorimichiPerseverance2/8/1
After cold springDai Nijo
Fujiwara no YorimuneJuly 3, 7rd year of Kohei
(1060 8 年 月 日 15)
Kohei 8 years1/5
Fujiwara no MorozomiKohei 8 years6/3
EnkyuFirst year8/22
After cold spring,GosanjoKyogoku, Go Uji
GenshiboAugust 8, 22st year of Enkyu
(1069 9 年 月 日 10)
Gosanjo,White riverTsuchimikado
Fujiwara no ToshiyaCalendar4/8/14
White riverOmiya, Mibu
Toshifusa MinaEiho 2 years12/9
Eiho 3 years1/26
Minamoto no AkifusaJanuary 3, 1rd year of Eiho
(1083 2 年 月 日 15)
Faithful FujiwaraKowa2/7/17
Horikawa,TobaChisokuin, Tomieden
Minamoto no Masamipermanent3/4/28
Security guard3/12/17
Fujiwara no IetadaDecember 3, 12rd year of security
(1123 1 年 月 日 16)
TenshoFirst year12/22
Arihito MinaDecember 12, 22st year of Tensho
(1132 1 年 月 日 12)
Munetada FujiwaraHoen 2nd December 12th
(1137 1 年 月 日 2)
Hoen 4 years2/26
Sanjo SaneyukiHisasu5/7/28
Kuyasu 6 years8/21
Minamoto no MasasadaKuyasu August 6, 8
(1150 9 年 月 日 13)
Intermediate Court
Fujiwara no MunesukeHomotoFirst year9/13
Homoto 2 years8/19
GoshirakawaKyogoku, Minister of Hachikai
Konoe MotozaneAugust 2, 8nd year of Homoto
(1157 9 年 月 日 24)
Eternal calendarFirst year8/11
Goshirakawa,NijoUmezu, Rokujo, Nakaden
Tokudaiji KinyoshiAugust 8, the first year of the Eiryaku calendar
(1160 9 年 月 日 12)
Eiryaku 2 years8/11
NijoLarge cooking gate
Matsudo MotoboInsuranceFirst year9/13
Chang'an2/Leap February 10
Matsudono, Bodaiin, Nakayama
Fujiwara KeimuneChokan 2nd year leap October 10
(1164 12 年 月 日 8)
Ren'anFirst year11/11
Kujo KanemiNovember 11, 11st year of Jin'an
(1166 12 年 月 日 5)
Rokujo,Takakura,Antoku,Go-TobaGohosei-ji Temple, Moon Ring
Tokudaiji SanesadaBunji 2 years10/29
Bunji 5 years7/10
Go-TobaGotokudaiji Temple
Sanjo SanefusaJuly 5, 7th year of Bunji
(1189 8 年 月 日 23)
TakehisaFirst year7/17
Fujiwara no KanemaJuly 7, 17st year of Kenkyu
(1190 8 年 月 日 19)
9 years old11/14
Fujiwara no YorimiNovember 9, 11th year of Kenkyu
(1198 12 年 月 日 13)
ShojiFirst year6/22
TsuchimikadoRojo, Nakayama
Konoe IezaneJune 6, 22st year of Shoji
(1199 7 年 月 日 16)
MotohisaFirst year12/14
Wild boar
Fujiwara no TadadaDecember 12, 14st year of Genkyu
(1205 1 年 月 日 5)
Daikakuji Temple
Hanayamain TadashiFebruary 2, 2nd year of Kenei
(1207 3 年 月 日 10)
Konoe Michitsune2 years7/9
3 years3/26
Kujo Yoshisuke3 years4/10
Year of constructionFirst year10/4
Tokudaiji KintsuguOctober 10, the first year of the Kenryaku calendar
(1211 11 年 月 日 10)
Kujo MichiieKempo 3 years12/10
Kempo 6 years12/2
Komyomine Temple
Minamoto morningDecember 6, 12th year of Kempo
(1218 12 年 月 日 21)
Kempo 7 years1/27
Kamakura Shogunate3nd shogun
Konoe IemichiKempo 7 years3/4
Choukyu3/Leap February 10
Shunde,Reconciliation,Gobori RiverInokuma, Konoe
Tokudaiji Kintsugu
3rd year leap October 10th
(1221 11 年 月 日 25)
GenninFirst year12/25
Gobori RiverNomiya
Daikoku GomonshikyoDecember 12, 25st year of Gennin
(1225 2 年 月 日 4)
Large cooking gate
Kujo NorizaneKaroku 3 years4/9
Konoe KanetsuneApril 3, 4rd year of Kangi
(1231 5 年 月 日 29)
KateiFirst year10/2
Saionji SaneujiOctober 10, 2st year of Katei
(1235 11 年 月 日 13)
Katei 2 years4/18
Nijo YoshizaneKatei 2 years6/9
Katei 4 years7/20
Sanjo real parentsJuly 4, 7th year of Katei
(1238 8 年 月 日 31)
NijiFirst year9/27
Ichijo SanetsuFirst year of Ninji10/20
Shijo,GosagaEnmei-ji Temple, Goichijo
Takatsukasa KanehiraApril 2, 6nd year of Kangen
(1244 7 年 月 日 19)
4th year of Kangen12/24
Gosaga,Go-FukakusaHonoring House
Kujo TadaieApril 4, 12nd year of Kangen
(1247 2 年 月 日 1)
Nijo MichinagaJuly 4, 7th year of construction
(1252 8 年 月 日 26)
4 years old11/3
Kasannoin SadamasaJuly 4, 11th year of construction
(1252 12 年 月 日 5)
6 years old11/17
Saionji Kinsuke6 years old12/25
MasakaFirst year11/8
Cold spring
Saionji KinmotoFirst year of Shoka11/26
Shoka 2 years10/22
Marikoji, Kyogoku
Mio YamashinaShoka 2 years11/1
HironagaFirst year3/27
Go-Fukakusa,KameyamaMountain floor
Konoe MotohiraMarch 3, 27st year of Kocho
(1261 4 年 月 日 28)
KameyamaShinshin'in, Nishitani
Takatsukasa MototadaOctober 2, 10nd year of Bun'ei
(1265 11 年 月 日 14)
Bunei 5 years12/2
Ichijo IetsukeiOctober 5, 12nd year of Bun'ei
(1269 1 年 月 日 5)
Bunei 6 years4/23
Komyomine Temple
Kazanin MichimasaOctober 6, 4nd year of Bun'ei
(1269 5 年 月 日 25)
Bunei 8 years3/10
Nijo MorotadaBunei 8 years3/27
KenjiFirst year12/22
Kujo TadanoriDecember 12, 22st year of Kenji
(1276 1 年 月 日 9)
Correct responseFirst year7/11
Konoe IemotoJuly 7, 11st year of corrective action
(1288 8 年 月 日 9)
2 years9/28
FushimiKosanji Temple, Jomyoji Temple
Takatsukasa Kanetada2 years10/18
4 years12/25
Wild boar, Iezane-in
Nijo KanemotoDecember 4, 12th year
(1292 1 年 月 日 16)
Naka-in, Komeishoin
Kujo MoronoriEin December 4, 12
(1297 1 年 月 日 21)
PeaceFirst year4/26
Fushimi,Go-FushimiJishinin, Jodoji
Saionji KinhiraApril 4, 26st year of Shoan
(1299 5 年 月 日 26)
First year of Shoan12/20
Kintaka TokudaijiFirst year of Shoan12/27
KengenFirst year11/22
Go-Fushimi,Two more articlesGotokudaiji Temple
Takatsukasa FuyuheiNovember 11, 22st year of Inui
(1302 12 年 月 日 11)
Kamoto3/Leap February 12
Two more articlesGoshoinin
Konoe IehiraKagen 3rd year leap December 12st
(1306 2 年 月 日 5)
Two articles later,gardenAnd
Nijo MichihiraOctober 2, 10nd year of Enkyo
(1309 11 年 月 日 17)
Konoe TsunehiraMasakazu December 2, 12
(1314 1 年 月 日 12)
Masakazu 5 years10/22
Saneyasu ToinMasakazu December 5, 10
(1316 11 年 月 日 7)
BunhoFirst year6/21
After Yamamoto
Saionji Kin'akiJune 6, 21st year of Bunpo
(1317 7 年 月 日 30)
Bunpo first year12/10
Kasannoin IesadaBunpo 2 years8/24
Bunpo 3 years4/10
Kujo FusazaGen'oFirst yearLeap February 7
Imadegawa KanesueAugust 2, 8nd year of Genko
(1322 9 年 月 日 22)
Genko 3 years7
Imadegawa, Kikutei
Konoe TsunechuGenko 4 years4/27
Horikawa, Iezane
Konoe MototsuguFebruary 2, 2nd year of Gentoku
(1330 3 年 月 日 16)
Mototoku 3 years2/1
Kuga NagamichiFebruary 3, 2nd year of Gentoku
(1331 3 年 月 日 10)
SyokeiFirst year7/13
Kihei OmiyaFirst year of Shokyo10/14
2nd year of Shokyo3/12[2]
Konoe Tsunechu[3]
Genko 3 years6/12
AftergivingHorikawa, Iezane
Kuga Nagamichi
Genko June 3, 6
(1333 7 年 月 日 24)
KenmuFirst year2/22
Konoe Tsunechu
Kenmu first year2/23
Kenmu first year10/7
Horikawa, Iezane
Takatsukasa FuyunKenmu first year10/9
Kenbu 2rd year2/16
KokenFebruary 2, 2nd year of Kenmu
(1335 3 年 月 日 11)
Kenbu 4rd year7/12
Kujo TaoismFebruary 4, 7nd year of Kenmu
(1337 8 年 月 日 8)
Takatsukasa MoroDecember 2, 12nd year of the calendar
(1340 1 年 月 日 26)
Ryoki NijoKoei 2 years4/10
Kujo TsunenariSeptember 3th, 9rd year of Jōwa
(1347 10 年 月 日 20)
Jowa 5 years9/13
Glow,ReverenceHouonin Temple
Konoe MichitsuguSeptember 5th, 9rd year of Jōwa
(1349 10 年 月 日 25)
Takatsukasa FuyudoriEnbun September 5, 9
(1360 11 年 月 日 9)
SadaharuFirst year12/27
Koga MichimasaDecember 12, 27st year of Sadaharu
(1363 1 年 月 日 12)
Sadaharu 5 years8/29
Saionji SanetoshiAugust 5, 8th year of Sadaharu
(1366 10 年 月 日 4)
Sadaharu 6 years9/29
After Tokiwai
Nijo MoroyoshiAugust 6, 9th year of Sadaharu
(1367 10 年 月 日 23)
Kujo TadamotoMarch 3, 3rd year of Oan
(1370 4 年 月 日 12)
EiwaFirst year11/18
Nijo MorotsuguNovember 11, 18st year of Eiwa
(1375 12 年 月 日 11)
Eiwa 4 years8/27
Konoe KanetsuguAugust 4, 8th year of Eiwa
(1378 9 年 月 日 19)
Back circle fusion,After KomatsuAfter six articles
Koga TomomichiJiaqing 2nd year5/26
After KomatsuKuze
Kiminao ImadegawaMarch 5, 3th year of Meitoku
(1394 4 年 月 日 28)
OeiFirst year12/25
Minao ImadegawaDecember 12, 25st year of Oei
(1395 1 年 月 日 16)
Oei 2 years3/24
Later Imadegawa
Hanayama-inMarch 2, 3
(1395 4 年 月 日 14)
Oei 2 years6/21
Kinsada Toin officialOei 2 years9/12
Oei 3 years7/24
Sanjo SanefuMarch 3, 7
(1396 8 年 月 日 27)
Oei 6 years2/22
Noritsugu KujoMarch 6, 2
(1399 3 年 月 日 29)
Oei 10 years8
Kinyuki ImadegawaOei 10 years8/19
Oei 18 years4/11
Later now Idegawa
Takatsukasa FuyuyaMarch 18, 4
(1411 5 年 月 日 3)
Oei 21 years12
Kujo MankyoOei 21 years12/15
Oei 25 years12/2
Kintoshi TokudaijiMarch 25, 12
(1418 12 年 月 日 29)
Oei 26 years12/5
Nijo MotonoriMarch 26, 12
(1419 12 年 月 日 21)
Oei 27 yearsLeap February 1
Saionji SanenagaOei 27th year leap January 1th
(1420 2 年 月 日 26)
Oei 27 years12
Kinfuyu SanjoOei 27 years12/5
Oei 30 years10/14
After Shirakawa
Kanjo IchijoOei 31 years4/20
Regular length2/8/4
Shoko,GohanaenJoonji Temple
Konoe FusatsuguAugust 2, 8nd year of Shocho
(1429 9 年 月 日 2)
Takatsukasa FusaheiEikyo September 10, 9
(1438 9 年 月 日 23)
Nijo MochimichiApril 3, 4rd year of Bun'an
(1446 5 年 月 日 24)
Daisen Kongoin
Sanehiro ToinKyotoku 3 years7/16
YasumasaFirst year8/27
Ichijo NorifumiAugust 8, 27st year of Yasumasa
(1455 10 年 月 日 8)
Yasumasa 3 years6/17
Myogeji Temple
Sanjo actual amountJune 3, 6rd year of Yasumasa
(1457 7 年 月 日 8)
Yasumasa 3 years9/8
Konoe KyokiJune 3, 9rd year of Yasumasa
(1457 9 年 月 日 26)
Tokudaiji KinariKansho 3 years8/5
Kansho 5 years9/2
Go-Hanazono,Goto GomonGonomiya
Kuga TsunaoKansho 5 years11/28
Kansho 7 years1/16
Goto GomonHigashikuze
Nijo MasatsuguKansho 7 years2/16
Kujo MasamotoJanuary 2, 1nd year of Onin
(1468 2 年 月 日 4)
Ji-in Temple
Takatsukasa MasahiraDecember 7, 3th year of civilization
(1475 4 年 月 日 15)
8 years of civilization8/28
Konoe MasaieDecember 8, 8th year of civilization
(1476 9 年 月 日 16)
11 years of civilization4/19
Koatsu SanjoDecember 11, 4th year of civilization
(1479 5 年 月 日 10)
12 years of civilization3
Imadegawa Koki12 years of civilization3/11
13 years of civilization1/20
Saionji Sanetou13 years of civilization1/25
15 years of civilization1/1
Large cooking gateDecember 15, 1th year of civilization
(1483 2 年 月 日 8)
LongevityFirst year8/4
Kazan'in MasanoriFirst year of Chokyo8/29
Shoichi KonoeEntoku March 2, 3
(1490 3 年 月 日 25)
Gohojoji Temple
Kouki ImadegawaDecember 5, 12th year of Meiō
(1497 1 年 月 日 6)
Meiō 6 years4/27
Nijo HisamotoMeiō 6 years5/10
Meiō 6 years10/10
Gojo Hojuin
Koga ToyomichiMeiō 8 years5/28
Meiō 9 years3/30
Kujo HisatsuneMeiō 10 years2/19
Go-KashiwabaraGoji Eye Institute
Saionji KinfujiFebruary 3, Eisho 2
(1506 2 年 月 日 27)
Eisho 4 years3
Takatsukasa KanesukeEisho 4 years4/6
Eisho 12 years4/16
Sanjo SanekaFebruary 12, Eisho 4
(1515 5 年 月 日 29)
Eisho 15 years5/28
Nijo TadafusaFebruary 15, Eisho 5
(1518 7 年 月 日 5)
Eisho 18 years7/1
Godaisen Kongoin
Daikoku Gomon KeinameFebruary 18, Eisho 7
(1521 8 年 月 日 3)
Autonomous clinic
Konoe-san familyDaiei 3 years3/9
EnjoymentFirst year8/20
KugaAugust 8, the first year of Kyoroku
(1528 9 年 月 日 3)
astronomical5/Leap February 10
Takatsukasa TadafuyuAstronomy 6 years12/21
Astronomy 10 years1/12
After Senshoin
Ichijo FusatsuAstronomical December 10, 1
(1541 2 年 月 日 7)
Astronomy 11 yearsLeap February 3
Sanjo NishikojoAstronomical 11th year leap March 3
(1542 4 年 月 日 17)
Astronomy 12 years7/16
Sanjo KinyoriAstronomy 12 years7/28
Astronomy 14 years6/2
Houlong Shoin
Kimihiko ImadegawaAstronomical December 14, 6
(1545 7 年 月 日 10)
Astronomy 15 years3/10
Nijo HaruyoshiAstronomy 15 years3/13
Astronomy 16 years2/17
Ichijo and winterAstronomical December 16, 2
(1547 3 年 月 日 8)
Astronomy 22 years1/26
Goenmei-ji Temple
Haruji KonoeAstronomical December 22, 1
(1553 2 年 月 日 8)
Astronomy 23 years4/11
Hikawacho Gui
Saionji public morningAstronomical December 23, 4
(1554 5 年 月 日 12)
Kazan'in FamilySeptember 3, 9rd year of Koji
(1557 9 年 月 日 24)
Go-Nara,Masachika TownHounin
Kanetaka KujoSeptember 2, 2th year of Tensho
(1574 3 年 月 日 17)
Tensho 4rd year11/21
Masachika TownRear moon wheel
Ichijo UchikiSeptember 4, 11th year of Tensho
(1576 12 年 月 日 11)
Tensho 5rd year11/20
Self-cleaning heart
Oda NobunagaSeptember 5, 11th year of Tensho
(1577 12 年 月 日 29)
Tensho 6rd year4/9
Nijo AkizaneTensho 7rd year1/20
Tensho 12rd year12[5]
Imadegawa HarusueTensho 13rd year3/10
Masachika Town,GoyoseiToyotomi ShujiCollective punishment in the case
Imadegawa Harusue
8th year of Keicho1
Tokugawa Ieyasu8th year of Keicho2/12
8th year of Keicho10/16
Edo ShogunateFirst generationGeneral
Hideyori Toyotomi10th year of Keicho4/12
12th year of Keicho1/11
Koyoji Temple
Kujo TadashiApril 12, 1th year of Keicho
(1607 2 年 月 日 7)
17th year of Keicho3/13
Takashi Nobuhisa17th year of Keicho3/18
19th year of Keicho1/14
Nobuhiro KonoeApril 19, 1th year of Keicho
(1614 2 年 月 日 22)
Genuine Autonomy Institute
Saionji SanemasuGenwa 6 years8/17
Genwa 7 years1/2
Kazanin SadahiroGenna April 7, 1
(1621 2 年 月 日 23)
Genwa 7 years1/12
Ichijo KaneyoGenna April 7, 1
(1621 3 年 月 日 5)
Yasumichi NijoKanei 6 years9/13
Kanei 9 years12/28
Gomizuo,MeiseiGojo Mingjuin
Takatsukasa NorihiraApril 9, 12th year of Kanei
(1633 2 年 月 日 6)
Kanei 17 years3/21
MeiseiMatch House
Sanjo NishimijoKanei 17 years6/24
Kanei 17 years10/4
Kujo MichifusaKanei 17 years11/3
Kanei 18 years12/2
Konoe HisatsuguApril 18, 12th year of Kanei
(1642 1 年 月 日 2)
Meisei,AfterglowMyoyu Vacuum Institute
Nijo MitsuhiraJuly 4, 7th year of Shoho
(1647 8 年 月 日 3)
Imadegawa KeikiFebruary 5, 2th year of Keian
(1652 3 年 月 日 18)
Nijo Mitsuhira
Keian 5 years2/21
Keian 5 years9/15
Mihide SanjoKeian 5 years9/17
Self-centered hospital
Hanayama-in2 years11/14
3 years6/12
Saizonoji Miharu3 years6/17
3 years12/28
Ichijo Norisuke4 years1/25
Tokudaiji KinnobuManji 3 years1/13
KanbunFirst year5/26
Takatsukasa FusasukeKanbun first year6/8
Kanbun 3 years1/12
Background Koin
Daikoku Gomon KeitakaKanbun 3 years2/6
Kanbun 4 years2/22
ReigenAureola Fukuji Temple
Sanjo KotomiKanbun 4 years4/5
Kanbun 5 years1/11
Hiromichi KugaKanbun May 5, 1
(1665 2 年 月 日 25)
Kanbun 5 years3/5
Kujo KaneharuKanbun 5 years3/6
Kanbun 11 years5/7
Post-mortem hospital
Konoe MotohiroKanbun 11 years5/25
Enman-in Monzeki
Ichijo KaneteruEnpo 5 years12/24
Enjoji Temple
Takatsukasa KaneJanuary 3, 1rd year of Tenna
(1683 2 年 月 日 9)
Reigen,HigashiyamaKokoro Kain
Daikoku Gomon KeikoDecember 3, 12rd year of Genroku
(1691 1 年 月 日 24)
Genroku 5 years12/13
HigashiyamaGokoryuji Temple
Kouki ImadegawaDecember 5, 12rd year of Genroku
(1693 1 年 月 日 18)
Genroku 6 years8/7
Konoe IehiroDecember 6, 8rd year of Genroku
(1693 9 年 月 日 6)
Genroku 17 years1/11
Sanjo JitsujiGenroku 17 years1/22
Genroku 17 years2/5
Kujo SukemiDecember 17, 2rd year of Genroku
(1704 3 年 月 日 10)
Nijo TsunahiraJune 5, 1th Hoei
(1708 2 年 月 日 12)
Higashiyama,NakanomikadoEnkaku Keishinin
Konoe IekyuAugust 5, 8th year of Shotoku
(1715 9 年 月 日 9)
NakanomikadoNyoze Kanin
Nijo YoshitadaMay 7, 5th year of Kyoho
(1722 6 年 月 日 16)
Kyoho 11 years9/15
Ichijo KanekaMay 11, 9th year of Kyoho
(1726 10 年 月 日 10)
Original sentence2/11/7
Nakanomikado,SakuramachiEnjoji Temple
Nijo MunehiraGenbun 3 years1/24
Genbun 3 years6/18
Saionji MunesueGenbun 3 years8/8
Genbun 3 years8/16
Enju Koin
Michimi NakanoinOriginal text August 3, 8
(1738 9 年 月 日 29)
Genbun 3 years8/19
Ichijo MichikaOriginal text August 3, 8
(1738 10 年 月 日 2)
Extended enjoyment2/3/23
Daigo FuyuhiroEnkyo March 2, 3
(1745 4 年 月 日 24)
Enkyo 2 years5/9
Gomei-ji Temple
Koremichi KogaEnkyo 2 years5/16
Enkyo 2 yearsLeap February 12
Shiribeshi Temple
Konoe UchisakiEnkyo 2 yearsLeap February 12
Sakuramachi,TaoyuanGreat liberation
Hanayamain TsunemasaKanen 2 years2/23
Kanen 2 years11/9
Nijo MunekiKanen 2 years11/15
Treasure calendar4/1/18
Sanjo Saneaki4th year2/19
4th year5/13
Michie Koga4th year5/14
5th year1/28
Kujo Naozane5th year1/29
9th year11/26
Hensho Kongoji Temple
Takatsukasa SukeheiNovember 9, 11th year of the Horeki calendar
(1760 1 年 月 日 13)
Ernst & Young7/12/10
Daigo and KiyoshiDecember 7, 12th Anei
(1779 1 年 月 日 27)
Anei 8 years1/14
Go-MomoenMyokanji Temple
Sanjo SueharuDecember 8, 1th Anei
(1779 3 年 月 日 1)
Anei 8 years3/29
Teruyoshi IchijoDecember 8, 3th Anei
(1779 5 年 月 日 15)
Go-Momoen,KokakuTokujoji Temple
Konoe TsunehiroMay 7, 5th year of Tenmei
(1787 7 年 月 日 11)
Harutaka NijoNovember 3, 11rd year of Kansei
(1791 12 年 月 日 23)
Kansei 8 years4/24
Hoju Kongoin
Oinomika TakashiNovember 8, 4rd year of Kansei
(1796 5 年 月 日 30)
Kansei 8 years9/26
Odaiji Temple
Saizonoji Award SeasonNovember 8, 9rd year of Kansei
(1796 10 年 月 日 26)
Kansei 8 years12/22
Ichijo TadayoshiNovember 8, 12rd year of Kansei
(1797 1 年 月 日 19)
Daishoji Temple
Sanjo SaneokiBunka April 11, 4
(1814 5 年 月 日 21)
11 years of culture9/28
Go Akatsuki Shinin
Konoe MotosakiBunka April 11, 9
(1814 11 年 月 日 9)
12 years of culture1/4
Shojo Rakuin
Tokudaiji SanemiBunka April 12, 1
(1815 2 年 月 日 12)
12 years of culture2/26
Takashi MasamichiBunka April 12, 2
(1815 4 年 月 日 5)
Yoshinori KazaninJune 3, 6rd year of Bunsei
(1820 7 年 月 日 10)
Bunsei 3 years10/15
Nijo NarinoJune 3, 10rd year of Bunsei
(1820 11 年 月 日 20)
Bunsei 7 years1/5
Naochu KujoJune 7, 1rd year of Bunsei
(1824 2 年 月 日 4)
Hitoshi,TakaakiGohensho Kongoji Temple
Konoe TadahiroJune 4, 6th year of Koka
(1847 7 年 月 日 26)
Daikoku Gomon KeihisaJanuary 4, 1th year of Ansei
(1857 1 年 月 日 29)
Ansei 4 years2/8
Godaiji Temple
Takatsukasa SukeJanuary 4, 2th year of Ansei
(1857 3 年 月 日 3)
Ansei 6 years3/28
Kazanin familyJanuary 6, 3th year of Ansei
(1859 4 年 月 日 30)
Nijo NariyukiBunkyu January 2, 1
(1862 2 年 月 日 2)
Bunkyu 3 years12/23
Tokudaiji KinjunBunkyu January 3, 12
(1864 1 年 月 日 31)
Ichijo SaneyoshiNovember 3, 9rd year of Keio
(1867 10 年 月 日 24)
Keio 3th year11/30
MeijiHuayuan Light Temple
Daikoku Gomon IeshinNovember 3, 11rd year of Keio
(1867 12 年 月 日 25)
Keio 4th year5/24
Mimi SanjoNovember 4, 5rd year of Keio
(1868 7 年 月 日 13)
Transferred to the newly established Minister of the Right
Southern DynastyMinister of the Right (Yoshino Court)
Nijo Moromoto?Engen4 years(1339/)?ResponsibilitiesGomurakami"Southern Kiden"
Toyo Real?Shohei8 years(1353/)?Responsibilities"Sono calendar"
Koyasu Toin "Shinyo Wakashu"
Saionji Kinshige "Ninna-ji TempleGenealogy ”
Akira Nobuhata "Shinyo Wakashu"
Toin Mamoru "Teacher record"
Nijo Noriyori- Jiande2/2(1371/-Month) Look-Changqing『』
Kitabatake AkiyoshiIn the sentenceNew Year (1372/)?Responsibilities"Shinyo Wakashu"
Nijo Fuyuzui- HirokazuFirst year12(1381/12)You see -"Shinyo Wakashu"
Munefusa Yoshida Gokameyama"Konoe Familydocuments"
Samurai officialMinister of the Right as
Tokugawa HidetadaKeicho19/3/9
GomizuoEdo Shogunate2 feeGeneral
Tokugawa KazunaCompliance2/7/10
Gokoumei, Gosai, ReigenEdo Shogunate 4th Shogun
Tokugawa TsunayoshiHoei2/2/5
Hoei 6 years1/10
HigashiyamaEdo Shogunate 5th Shogun
Tokugawa YoshimuneGenerosityFirst year7/7
Sakuramachi, TaoyuanEdo Shogunate 8th Shogun
Tokugawa IejuTreasure calendar10/1/11
11th year6/12
TaoyuanEdo Shogunate 9th Shogun
Tokugawa IeharuErnst & Young9/8/2
KokakuEdo Shogunate 10th Shogun
Tokugawa Iemitsuculture13/3/11
Kokaku, HitoshiEdo Shogunate 11th Shogun
Tokugawa IgemoBunkyu4/1/21
TakaakiEdo Shogunate 14th Shogun
Meiji EraMinister of the Right in the Daijo-kan system
Mimi SanjoApril 2, 7
(1869 8 年 月 日 15)
Meiji 47/29
IwakuraMeiji 410/8
1883/(16th year of Meiji)7/19[6] 

List of Ministers of the Right

Minister of the Right after his deathPosthumous recognitionList of people who have been.

First namePosthumous recognitionLifetime official positionAuthority / Remarks
Otomo GokoEmperor Bunmu5/1/15(701/2/27Big word-"Japanese sequel"
Fujiwara HyakukawaPostponement2/2/5(783/3/12Council-Third place
Kibune MamoruEnryaku 11 years4/2(792/4/27Big word-Third place"Japanese abbreviation"
Fujiwara no NaritokiHirohiro9/4(1012/-Month)DainagonSecond place"Assistant Lord"
Akira KitahataShohei7 years(1352/)BeforeGonchu dictum-Second place"". Southern DynastyPosthumous recognition by
Koshuji YoontoyoKeicho4/12/13(1600/1/28Minister・ Second rank"Sequel"
Sanetsumu SanjoBunkyu2/8/9(1862/9/2Interior MinisterFirst place"Assistant Lord". Official titleTadanari
Toshimichi Okubo1878/(Meiji11 years)5/15Council-Third place
Bunko DaiichiBig word-Second place"Assistant Lord"
IshigamiDainagon, Senior Third Rank


  1. ^ The term of office is "Fuso abbreviation"according to. "Japanese calligraphy''Assistant LordIs just "MinisterThere is no distinction between left and right, but is this more accurate?
  2. ^ "Sono calendar"ResponseMarch 2, 3nd year Shokyo 4nd year2/8(1333/2/22).
  3. ^ "Teacher record] According to the article of August 3, 8rd year of Sadaji.
  4. ^ "Daijoin Diary CatalogIs7/25(8/20), "Daijoinjisha miscellaneous notesIs7/27And
  5. ^ "Assistant Lord"" Is said to have been transferred to the Minister of the Left this month, but it is probable that he was actually the Minister of the Right.Detail isMinister of the Left #FootnoteSee.
  6. ^ "Kanpo" Extra No. 16, July 16, 7


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