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🙋 | Decorate Ryukyu lacquerware Lively raise funds for the city of Naha with a street piano

Photo Ryukyu Laquer Ware Piano Project Members (from left) Yoshio Goma, Moriki Iju, Akio Uehara, Takeichi Morinaga, = 22nd, Makishi, Naha City, Traditional Crafts Museum, Naha City

Decorate Ryukyu lacquerware Lively raise funds for the city of Naha with a street piano

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The CF site "Link-U" operated by Okinawa Times is seeking support until December 12nd.

[Link-U] The Ryukyu Laquer Ware Business Cooperative has decorated a vintage piano with Ryukyu Laquer Ware to make it a street piano ... → Continue reading

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Okinawa Times

Okinawa Times(Okinawa Times,English name: Okinawa Times)OkinawaIssued inLocal newspaper.Okinawa Times Co., Ltd.(Okinawa Times,English name: The Okinawa Times).1948 (23)May 7It was first published in. Nickname is "Times", and the name outside Okinawa is "Okinawa Thailand".[3].

First issue

Okinawa main islandAfter the ground battle startedShuri City"Okinawa Shinpo," which had been published in the newspaper pit,1945 May 5Disbanded in. Once stayed in a moat until the endOkinawa Asahi Shimbun10 out of 9 employees (acting president, Takamine Chokyo)[4], Editorial Director Yoshiaki Toyohira[5], Gushiken Masaji, Maeda Munenobu,Tokuzo Makiko, Mt. Ooyama Kazuo, Inamine Morikuni, Nakamoto Masaki, Shimabukuro Shunichi) are founding members. As of July 1945, the U.S. military quasi-bulletin "Uruma Shinpo" (currently Ryukyu Shimpo)teacherThe Okinawa Times was first published on July 1948, 7 with the aim of "publishing newspapers by newspaper people". On June 1, before the first issue was issued, a scoop of currency switching to the US military-occupied military bond (B yen)OutsidersThis was the actual first issue.



AntiAmerican base,Pacifism,Unarmed neutralTake the position of.Constitutional amendmentPlanRight of collective self-defenseOpposes the change in interpretation of[6].. Author of "New South Island Fudoki"Akira Arakawa, Shinichi Kawamitsu and others have reporters who led the culture of Okinawa after the war.1990 eraIn, Akiko Yui became the first female editorial director through national and local newspapers.

Evening paper

1993 OctoberThan,Weekly holiday 2 day systemDue to the establishment of, the evening edition on the second Saturday was suspended (covering the same Okinawa prefecture)Ryukyu ShimpoThe same),2009 OctoberThe evening edition itself was abolished, and only the morning edition was published. The company's announcement explained that the reason was "while advertising demand is declining rapidly, newspaper production costs are rising due to the rise in newspaper paper prices," and news reports during the evening edition will strengthen the breaking news system on the Internet. There is.

Relationship with Asahi Shimbun

Asahi ShimbunWith Naha Directorate GeneralKyodo NewsThe Naha branch office is occupying the Okinawa Times headquarters (Mainichi NewspapersBranch officeRyukyu ShimpoMoved into the head office). Since the first member was a reporter of the Osaka Asahi Shimbun Naha Communication Department before the war, he had a close relationship with Asahi Shimbun and had a cooperative relationship from the time of the first issue.pollJointly implemented, and there is still personnel exchange.

From this background, AsahiNikkan Sotsupo ShimbunAnd franchiseNikkan SportsIs issued (printing / sales consignment), but it is originally a target area for issuance.West JapanThe contents of the Tokyo head office version (Kyushu is issued by the Fukuoka head office), but the address of the Tokyo head office and "Published in Okinawa area Okinawa Times”) Is posted,Central horse racingPublic competition column other thanA TV scheduleSome of them are not recorded. Apart from this, there are also stores that airlift the final version issued by the Tokyo head office for the Greater Tokyo Area (public competitions, program schedules, etc. are posted here for the Greater Tokyo Area) and sell it at airport terminals and convenience stores. is there.

It is also an electronic version service of Asahi Shimbun.Asahi Shimbun digitalWe are also recruiting "double courses" that can be subscribed as a set with (Okinawa Times is limited to areas where direct delivery is possible with newspaper stores in Okinawa Prefecture).Asahi Shimbun digitalCan be used for this magazine subscription fee + 1000 yen / month[7].

Relationship with other local newspapers

Fukui newspaperJointly withbaseとNuclear power plantTo send the news of ""FukunawaIs in operation[8].


  • 1948 --First issue issued. Extra is the first issue
  • 1949 --Okinawa Art Exhibition (Oki Exhibition) is held as a project to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the publication.
  • 1951 --Kansai branch office opened, art festival started by the head office.
  • 1953 --Opened Tokyo branch office, 1st drawing / composition,Calligraphy exhibitionHeld.
  • 1954 --Morning and evening edition set system implemented.
  • 1956 --Fukuoka branch office opened, 1stAll Ryu Music FestivalHeld.
  • 1957 - NahaCompleted a new office building in Kumoji and held the 1st Times Cultural Course.
  • 1958 --Joined the Japan Newspaper Association.
  • 1964 --The 1st Okinawa Times Education Award Presentation Ceremony
  • 1965 --Prefectural vote to decide prefectural flowers in collaboration with the Greening Promotion Council, decided to Deigo
  • 1966 --First issue of "New Okinawa Literature"
  • 1967 --The 1st Okinawa Times Art Award Presentation Ceremony.
  • 1968 ―― "MidoritoFlower-filled exerciseAdvocated, established Okinawa political and economic social gathering.
  • 1974 May 9 --From Athens to New York via RomeTWAFlight 841 Boeing 707 is blown up near Keferonia Island in the Ionian Sea (Trans World Airlines Flight 841 Bombing), Kazushi Uechi, president of the Okinawa Times Times European Industry Inspection Team (at that time), and 13 other leading Okinawa Times advertisers boarded the accident aircraft, and there was a disaster in which the company's senior management and leading sponsors were lost. It was.
  • 1983 -"Okinawa Encyclopedia" published
  • 1984 -"Nikkan Sports』Started printing locally in Okinawa.
  • 1985 -1thNAHA MarathonHeld.
  • 1993 --"New Okinawa Literature" is closed
  • 1996 - WebsiteOpened.
  • 1997 - Shinkichi KinjoAwarded the Okinawa Times Award for Physical Education
  • 1998 ――50th anniversary of the first issue.
  • 1999 -Newspaper Association Award for "Development and Introduction of Newspaper Production System OCEAN"
  • 2001 - May 1Started issuing the morning edition (same for Ryukyu Shimpo)
  • 2002 --Headquarters moved from Kumoji, Naha City to Omoromachi, Naha City.
  • 2003 --The title has been renewed on the 55th anniversary of the publication.
  • 2008 ――60th anniversary of the first issue
  • 2009
    • The evening edition will be abolished from March. Only the morning edition will be published.
    • Ryukyu ShinposhaConcluded an "Agreement on Assistance in Publishing Newspapers in an Emergency" in the event of a disaster or system failure.
  • 2011  
    • Announced construction of new office building in Kumoji, Naha City
    • Expanded children's newspaper "Wallaby" to 8 pages
  • 2012 December --Moved to a new office building in Kumoji, Naha City. The Times Hall has also revived for the first time in 12 years.
  • 2018 March --Mutual entry of electronic newspapers, signed with Kanagawa Shimbun
  • 2020 April 4-Established "Okinawa Shimbun Database plus Nikkei Telecom" with Nikkei Inc. and Ryukyu Shimpo, and integrated the databases of the three companies.
  • 2021 July 12-NewRotary pressStart of operation[9].
  • 2022 January 1-Move to full-color paper on all pages from the same date[9][10].

Award history such as news

  • 1964 -Newspaper Association Awards for News Articles and Photographs of "Midorimaru Distress Case"
  • 1971 -In "Okinawa poison gas transfer report"Japan Journalist Conference(JCJ) Encouragement Award
  • 1972
    • The 20th "Kikuchi Kan Prize" for Yoshiaki Toyohira (Achievement of promoting protection throughout Okinawan culture after the war)
    • The serialization "Inspecting the Okinawa Base Agreement" and "Okinawa and the Self-Defense Forces" (reporter Masayuki Tamaki and other collaborators in the planning series) received the JCJ Encouragement Award.
  • 1978 --The 32nd in Akira Arakawa's "New South Island Fudoki"Mainichi Publishing Culture Award
  • 1989 -JCJ Encouragement Award at "Chasuga Okinawa"
  • 1996
    • Newspaper Association Award for "Okinawa / US Military Base Problem"
    • JCJ Encouragement Award for "First Year of Debase-Experiment of 127 million People"
    • Peace and Cooperative Journalist Encouragement Award for "Fifty Years of Turbulence --- Summary Okinawa US Forces Base Problem"
  • 1998
    • In "Developing a Symbiotic Society" by reporter Noriko YamashiroNewspaper unionGrand Prize Excellence Award
    • "Peace and Cooperative Journalist Encouragement Award" by reporter Noriko Yamashiro
  • 1999
    • Newspaper Association Award for "OCEAN System"
    • "Invasion into the heart" is the XNUMXth Shimbun Labor Union Grand Prize Excellence Award
  • 2002 --Noriko Yamashiro's "Medical Now" won the "Pharmacia Medical Article Award"
  • 2005
    • JCJ Award for "60 Years Postwar Campaign / Battle of Okinawa Exploring with New Perspectives and Testimonies"
    • "11th Peace and Cooperative Journalist Fund Award" in "From the scene of security pursuing the reorganization of the US military" jointly planned by Okinawa Times and Kanagawa Shimbun
  • 2006
    • Newspaper Workers' Federation Journalist Award for "60 Years Postwar Campaign / Battle of Okinawa Exploring with New Perspectives and Testimonies"
  • 2007 -JCJ Award for "Battle of Okinawa Challenged /" Group Self-determination "Problem Campaign"
  • 2008
    • Newspaper Workers' Federation Grand Prize in "Battle of Okinawa Challenged /" Group Self-determination "Problem Campaign"
    • "14th Peace and Cooperative Journalist Fund Encouragement Award" in "Composition of" Ame and Whip "-Inner Curtain of Futenma Relocation"
  • 2009
    • Editorial Writer Tomohiro Yara's "Alliance on the Sand-The lies revealed by the reorganization of the US military" is the Peace and Cooperative Journalist Encouragement Award
    • "Community Medical Record" is the 28th "Pfizer Medical Article Award" Excellence Award[11]
  • 2010  
    • JCJ Award for a series of reports centered on the serialization "Stray" Futenma ""
    • "Community Medical Record" is the Japan Federation of Newspaper Workers' Excellence Award
    • "50th Peace and Cooperative Journalist Fund Award" in "16 years of security revision-from the scene of US military base" jointly planned by Okinawa Times, Nagasaki Shimbun, and Kanagawa Shimbun
    • "Door to Addiction Recovery" is "29th Pfizer Medical Article Award Excellence Award"
    • "Poverty Journalism Award" in "The Score of Living"
  • 2011
    • "Newspaper Workers' Federation Excellence Award" in the joint project of Okinawa Times, Nagasaki Shimbun, and Kanagawa Shimbun "50 years of security revision-from the scene of the US military base"
    • "Keiichiro Hikita Award" in "Wheelchair Mom's Struggle"
  • 2012
    • JFBA Journalist Award for Excellence in "A Series of Base Reports from Washington" by Junyo Heianna, US Special Reporter
    • The 6th Keiichiro Hikita Award for "Unexploded Ordnance Processing Problem" by Toru Ohno
  • 2013
    • Newspaper Workers' Federation Journalist Award Special Award for a series of reports on Osprey forced deployment[12]
    • Received the Ishibashi Tanzan Memorial Waseda Journalism Award (Grassroots Democracy Category) for "Quiet the Waves"
  • 2014
    • Received the Shimbun Roren Journalism Award and Excellence Award for "Quiet the Waves"[13]


  • 2020 year 9 month,New coronavirus infectionThe government is taking measuresSustainable benefitsIt was revealed that employees of the company and employees of affiliated companies were illegally receiving emergency small-lot funds and comprehensive support funds.The employee recommends more than a dozen people to apply for similar benefits.[14][15]..Derived fraudulent applicants have spread to more than 40 people.The Okinawa Prefectural Police has set up a special investigation headquarters for 100 people, which may lead to the largest fraud case in Japan.[16][17]..On October 10th, the company announced on the Internet that it had disciplined and dismissed two people who received fraud and cut the compensation of all directors.[18]However, it has not been announced in its own paper.

Prominent person



  • "Current affairs commentary" ・ [When?]
  • "Guru-kun"Haraitara Morning edition April 1981-September 4, March 1983-March 9
  • "" Serialized every Wednesday in the evening edition "Da-Va" from January 2005 to February 1. From March 2009 to December 2, serialized weekly on the morning edition "Living" due to the abolition of the evening edition. Serialized daily on the social side since January 2009.


Tetsuya ChikushiWas once[When?]"Okinawa version of multi-controversy" was serialized. Before returning[When?]I was working at the Asahi Shimbun Naha branch office.


Main office

NahaKumoji 2-2-2 Times Building

Printing factory

Urasoe Printing Center (printing factory). Also known as the UP Center.

Urasoe CityInanse 1-10-5.

Branch / Branch

TV / radio program schedule

A TV schedule TheDaily Editing CenterIt is delivered from.

Until the day before the abolition of analog broadcastingStereo broadcastingWas written as "[standing]" in the character notation (abbreviation) in the program guide.

Final side
Terrestrial television.NHK general TV-E Tele,Ryukyu Broadcasting,Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting,Okinawa TV(Full size),NHK BS1-BS Premium(Half size), commentary column
Medium surface
Satellite broadcasting / radio. Free commercial and independent BS broadcasting,WOWOW(3 channels in total),BS SKY PerfecTV!,NHK BS4K(Half size or more),TV,Miyako TV,Ishigaki Cable TV(All three stations are self-organized channels), BSFishing vision(1/3 size or more),NHK radio first 1-Radio No. 2, RBC i Radio,Radio Okinawa,NHK-FM,FM Okinawa(2/3 size or more),Community FM broadcastingAll 19 stations in the prefecture (about 1/4 size), E-tele subchannel (minimal size)

With broadcasting stations outside the prefectureStar channel(I used to post it),Radio NIKKEIIs not listed. Also,Open UniversityAlthough the program schedule is not posted on TV or radio, the channel ID is introduced. However, the URL address and telephone number are only listed as a guide for checking the program guide.

Still moreNikkan Sports(In Okinawa Prefecture, the head office prints and issues under a franchise agreement) does not include TV / radio program listings.

Overseas electronic delivery version

2002 From June 6st, Canada's Newspaper Direct website "PressDisplayI was able to read the morning edition at (charged)[19], Canceled around June-August 2010[20][21].

Corporate identity

The mascot is "Wallaby". The Okinawan dialect "warabi" which means children and the animal "warabi"Wallaby".

Mecenat activity

NAHA Marathon
The largest marathon event in Okinawa Prefecture, known as the "Festival of the Sun, the Sea and Joggers" with 25,000 runners.
All Ryu Music Festival
A music event held by the Okinawa Times in January every year.

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