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🙋 | Space Chef ADV "SPACE CHEF" Kickstarter has started!Hunting ...

Photo Space chef aiming to be the best chef in the galaxy ADV "SPACE CHEF" Kickstarter started!Let's hunt, make and deliver

Space Chef ADV "SPACE CHEF" Kickstarter has started!Hunting ...

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This work is influenced by games such as "Stardew Valley", "Don't Starve", "Overcooked!", And "Space Quest", and animations such as "Futurama", "Rick and Morty", and "Final Space". Then, aiming to be the best cook in the galaxy, we will carry out various activities such as exploration, mining, collecting, cultivation, crafting, cooking, delivery, and combat based on the house left by my grandmother.

Developer Blue Goo Games is an open-world culinary adventure game set in space ... → Continue reading

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