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🙋 | [Tell me] No.727 "Mr. Yutaka Yamada, Freezing Local Coppe to Support People with Disabilities and Disseminate the Attractiveness of the Community"


[Tell me] No.727 "Toyoka Yamada, Freezing Local Coppe to Support People with Disabilities and Disseminate the Attractiveness of the Community"

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"If you can choose a job according to your physical and mental condition at that time and continue to work, it will be a proof of your reintegration into society."

Frozen koppe-pan made with Yamaguchi Prefecture's special products and local dishes, with the aim of supporting the employment of people with disabilities, local production for local consumption, and regional revitalization. → Continue reading

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RehabilitationWhat is (Shakai Fuki)?軍隊-刑 務 所-hospital-TempleIt means that a person who lived away from the general society rejoins the general society.Job trainingIn some cases, a program is set up to prepare for rehabilitation.In addition, it may also be used for crime victims.

Former prisoner



Intellectually Handicapped Individual

Mentally handicapped individual

Mental disorderFor those who have left their jobs due to this, the government plays a central role in conducting social rehabilitation support projects.Social environmentSequelaeWhether or not you can recover depends on things likeMentally handicapped individualCan't say that he wants to reintegrate into society (Anti-social return,Right not to work), There are many conflicts due to disagreements.1985/(60) According to a survey by the National Federation of Mental Illness Families, 33% of those who do not want to work, preferably 27% want to work, while 4.5% do not want to work, if possible. I don't want to work, but it accounts for 2.8%[1].

Law on Mental Health and Welfare for Persons with Mental Illness(Mental Health and Welfare Law)Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareIs limited to one in the whole countryMental Illness Rehabilitation Promotion CenterCan be specified.1994/(6)FoundationNational Federation of Mental Disabilities Family Associations(Zenkaren) was designated (Group is2007/(Bankruptcy and dissolution in 19).Once in Article 32 of the lawOutpatient medical expenses public expense burden systemThere,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareSocial and Support BureauDisability Health and Welfare DepartmentMental health welfare section[2]According to the report, it was possible to promote the rehabilitation of mentally handicapped people by establishing a system that allows home-based mentally handicapped people to receive appropriate outpatient medical care.2006/(18) October,Disability Independence Support ActIt was abolished by the enforcement of.

With mental illnesscrimeWho causedTactile mentally illCalled. Especially殺人Often used for those who have committed serious crimes such as[3]However, among those with tactile psychiatric disorders, those with tactile psychiatric disorders who committed serious other harmful acts without being held criminally liable, such as being unable to distinguish between good and evil due to mental illness, said, "Act on Medical Care and Observation of Persons Who Performed Serious Other Harmful Behaviors in the State of Loss of Mind(Medical Observation Law) ”designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareDesignated hospital medical institution,Designated outpatient medical institutionProviding appropriate medical care atRehabilitationMay be promoted[4].

People with developmental disabilities

Crime victim

If you suffer a great deal of mental or physical damage due to being involved in a crime,ImprisonmentEven if you are isolated from the general public, support for rehabilitation may be provided.[5].


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