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🏥 | Prohibition of going out and store business in principle Austria, measures against corona

Photo Austrian Chancellor Kurtz at a press conference to combat infection with the new corona = 14th, Vienna (Reuters = joint)

Going out and store operations are prohibited in principle Austria, measures against corona

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Austria has already taken measures such as curfew and restaurant business restrictions, but it has not been fully effective and has decided to take stricter measures.

[Vienna joint] Austrian Prime Minister Kurtz held a press conference on the 14th as a countermeasure against the spread of the new coronavirus infection ... → Continue reading

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Curfew(The kettle is full,English: curfew) Means that the general public is prohibited from going out at night except in exceptional cases as the exercise of public power.

the purpose


Security-MilitarySometimes done for the above reasons, in the old days Ofcapital-Chang'anIt was carried out in.thisNight banAt nightFangIf you go outside, you canWhipping) Was supposed to be punished by twenty[1].

Even now,Latin AmericaIn countries with political instability, curfew is sporadically issued, sometimes involving travelers who are late in their arrival.

Racial segregation policy

Republic of South AfricaWas taken inapartheidThe policy does not allow Africans to leave their area of ​​residence after 9 pm due to a curfew.[2].

Natural disasters and public health

Natural disasters

1994 OfNorthridge earthquakeIt can also be issued in the event of a major natural disaster, as in the example.

2020 New Coronavirus Infection

2020 years,New coronavirus infection OfPandemicOn the occasion ofTunisia,Bolivia,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, RiceNew Jersey, U.S. Autonomous Territoryプ エ ル ト リ コ,The PhilippinesThe capital ofManilaA curfew was issued at[3].

Examples of each country

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaThen, in 2015, a black boy who was arrested by police officers injured his neck and died,MarylandBaltimoreThe protests in the city have grown into riots and the city was banned on April 4.[4].

In 2016, a black man was shot dead by a police officer,North carolinaシ ャ ー ロ ッ トProtest demonstrators in the city collided with police forces and the city was given a curfew on September 9.[5].

South Korea

South KoreaBefore the independenceAllied military period Of19459/7, The US ArmySeoulIncheon areaIssued a night ban on[6].. Then in June 1950Korean WarWas expanded nationwide on July 7 immediately after the outbreak. From 8 to 0Doctor,MidwifeOther thanCivilianCan't go out in SeoulDowntownThen after 11 pm, hurry homeOffice workerbyTaxiThere was a competition for him.

The night traffic ban (prohibition) continued for a long period of 36 years and 4 months,19641ToJeju, Inland in March 65Chungcheongbuk-doThe ban is lifted. In May 66(I.e.IsGyeongju,Dongguan,Haeundae,YuseongThe ban has been lifted. In addition, for transportation means necessary for production distribution such as daily goods transportation and export industry,19663No ban on[7]Other than that,Buddha birthday,Christmas,New Year's EveThe ban has also been lifted.

19821/5,At the timePresident of South KoreaIsZentoBut,Military borderThe night-time ban was lifted except for 52 Eup, 292 counties in the area bordering on[8][9].. Even in the rest of the region, it was completely lifted at the end of the Zen Doo administration.19881/1Is[10].


チリThen,1973ToPinochetIs militaryCoup d'etatWoke upMartial lawEnforcement.1990A curfew was also issued until he retired. Since then, it has been transferred to civil affairs2019In 10 monthChile riotWhen the accident occurred, the curfew was issued again toward the end of the month.[11].


In Japan, the local governmentYouth protection and ordinanceAs a result, people under the age of 18 are virtually permanently restricted from going out at midnight.

less than,"Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Development Ordinance] To exemplify the relevant part.

  1. Parents must endeavor to prevent young people from going out at midnight (the time from XNUMX pm to XNUMX am the next day; the same shall apply hereinafter) unless there is a justifiable reason such as commuting to work or school.
  2. No person shall take, accompany, or retain adolescents at midnight unless entrusted by a guardian or with their consent or for any other justifiable reason.
  3. Many must endeavor to protect and guide adolescents who are out late at night.However, this does not apply if it is clear that the adolescent has the consent of the guardian to go out at midnight.
  4. Businesses operating in the middle of the night and their agents, employees and other employees must endeavor to encourage young people in the facilities and premises related to the business to return home during the relevant time period. — Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Sound Development of Youth, Article XNUMX-XNUMX

A person who falls under any of the following items shall be punished by a fine of not more than XNUMX yen.
5. A person who, in violation of the provisions of Article XNUMX-XNUMX, paragraph (XNUMX), took out, accompanied, or retained adolescents under the age of XNUMX at midnight.

— Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Sound Development of Youth, Article XNUMX


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