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🏥 | Antigen test kit for "Centaur" and "Omicron strain", "SWEDENIS New Corona Lab...

Photo SWEDENIS Novel Corona Laboratory

Antigen test kit for “Centaur” and “Omicron strain”, “SWEDENIS New Corona Lab…

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The SWEDENTIS New Corona Laboratory is an antigen test kit that can detect viruses in the body, and is compatible with the latest Omicron derivatives "BA.2.75 (Centaur)" and "BA.5".

On August 8, Total Health Consulting announced the new coronavirus antigen test kit “SWEDENTI… → Continue reading

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BA.2.75 (Centaur)”

    Antigen test kit

    Antigen test kit(Kogen Kensa Kit, Antigen test kit)COVID-19A kit necessary for antigen testing, which is one of the testing methods for

    The following isNew Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)andNew Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)AboutClinical examinationWill be described.


    Some laboratory tests for COVID-19 diagnosis include:ウ イ ル スHow to detect the presence ofNucleic acid amplification test, NAAT),antibodyThere is a way to detect[1]. Antigen testis one of them.

    Antigen test kits are available at relatively low cost and are relatively easy to use.For that reason, someMunicipalitiesThen,New coronavirus OfRich contact personIt is distributed free of charge as an indicator of whether to go to the hospital for those with disabilities.However, its use in asymptomatic individuals is not recommended.

    If used when there are no symptoms, the results may not be correct.[2].

    HoweverConsumer Affairs AgencyAccording to the report, products that are not "" whose performance has been confirmed and approved by the government are marketed as "for research", but "for research" is not intended to investigate the presence or absence of new coronavirus infection. .Furthermore, regarding "for research", there are cases where administrative guidance was given to businesses that displayed as if they were government-approved.[3].


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