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🏥 | Gunma / Yoshioka Town participates in the “Challenge Day” event for the first time


Gunma and Yoshioka Town participate in the resident participation event "Challenge Day" for the first time.

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This year, Yoshioka Town, Ueno Village, and Minamimaki Village participated from the prefecture.

"Challenge Day," a sports event in which local governments compete for the participation rate of residents who have been exercising for more than XNUMX minutes, is being held all over the country. → Continue reading

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Minamimaki(Nothing Kumura, Minamimakimura)

Yoshioka Town

Yoshioka Town(Yoshiokamachi) isGunmaAlmost the center ofKita Gunma DistrictA town that belongs to.Gunma prefecture to the northShibukawa, Gunma prefecture to the eastMaebashiAdjacent to,HarunayamaSpread to the eastern foot ofTone RiverTown alongside.

Urban employment areaInMaebashi metropolitan area(Maebashi City)Bed townHas a strong personality.Commuting rate to Maebashi City is 44.2% (Heisei 27Census).

The population is increasing as a commuter town in Maebashi City, and in the Okubo district adjacent to Maebashi City.Shopping mallIs showing development such as construction.


Located in the center of Gunma prefecture,HarunayamaAt the eastern foot ofTone RiverThere is a town area in the area.The western half is a part of the foot of Mt. Haruna, which is a slope of 200-900m above sea level.On the other hand, the eastern half is 100-200m above sea level.StackingIt is a plateau consisting of.



Population distribution of Yoshioka, Gunma, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Yoshioka Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yoshioka Town (2005)
■Purple-Yoshioka Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yoshioka Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Administration / legislation

  • Mayor (after the town system came into effect)
    • First generation: Fujio Harasawa (1991-1995)
    • 2nd generation: Kazuo Takano (1995-2003)
    • 3rd generation: Toshihiko Kobayashi (2003-2007)
    • 4th generation: Akira Ishiseki (2007-2019)
    • 5th generation: Tokuichiro Shibasaki (inaugurated on April 2019, 4, 27st term)

2003/The merger with Maebashi City became an issue in the mayoral election, and Toshihiko Kobayashi, who insists on independence, defeated the incumbent Kazuo Takano and was elected.This makes it adjacentPingtung VillageWithMerger councilDisbanded.Mayor Akira Ishiseki, who received the post, indicated that the merger should be considered.

Prefectural assembly

  • Constituency: Kitagunma District constituency
  • Constant number: 1 people
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 11st year)-November 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Yuko ObayashiLDP

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Gunma Prefecture 5st Ward(Yoshioka Town,Shibukawa(Former Shibukawa City,Komochi Village,Onoue Village,Ikaho TownArea),Tomioka,Annaka,Takasaki(OldGunma Town-Minoh Town-Haruna Town-Kurabuchi VillageArea),Kita Gunma District,Kanra-gun,Agatsuma)Yuko ObuchiLDP8Constituency

License plate

Yoshioka TownLocal numberMaebashi number (Gunma Transport Bureau), But the Gunma number was assigned until November 2014, 11.

Gunma number allocation area (-November 2014, 11)
Maebashi number allocation area (November 2014, 11-)
  • Maebashi City, Yoshioka Town, Kitagunma District



  • Shibukawa Wide Area Fire Station
    • Minami Branch Office (1201-3 Kaminoda, Yoshioka-cho, Kitagunma-gun)


Junior high school
  • Yoshioka Municipal Yoshioka Junior High School
primary school
  • Yoshioka Municipal Komayori Elementary School
  • Yoshioka Municipal Meiji Elementary School
  • Private Komayori Kindergarten



In the town areaRailway stationThere is no.The northern part of the townYagihara Station(Shibukawa City), in the southGunma Soja Station(Maebashi City) is the nearest station.The eastern part of the townJoetsu LineBut in the westJoetsu ShinkansenPasses.All Joetsu Shinkansen in the town areaHaruna tunnelIt has become.

Transit Bus

  • Gunma Bus: 3 systems
    • Ikaho / Misato Line (Takasaki~ Misato ~ Mizusawa ~ Ikaho)
    • MizusawaShuttle busLine (Ikaho Information Center-Machi no Eki-Mizusawa-Uehara / Toy Museum)
    • AEON MALL Takasaki-Yoshioka Town Office-Shinto Onsen-Shinto Village Office Line
  • Kanetsu traffic: 1 systems
  • Japan Central Bus: 2 systems
    • Haruto Line (Maebashi Station-Maebashi West School-Kaminoda)
    • Yoshioka Line (Maebashi Station-Komayori-Yoshioka Onsen-Uenoda)



General national road

Prefectural road

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Road Station

Native celebrity


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