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🏥 | I want to take it in before exercising!My "recommended item" that is indispensable every morning


I want to incorporate it before exercising!My "recommended item" that is indispensable every morning

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From the age of 20, he expanded the range of genres such as jazz dance and contemporary dance, and started his activities as a professional dancer.

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Jazz dance

Jazz danceIsballetIncorporated the elements ofダンスGenre.simplyjazzIt may be abbreviated as.


20st centuryAt the beginningAmericaWas born in.

The origin of the name was originallyAfrican American jazzThe name comes from the fact that he danced to the music.

Back dancer,musicalIt was often seen in Takefuji's commercials and became famous.Takefuji DancersAnd the movie "Flash danceIs famous.

NowadaysStreet danceBut now you can see it.


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