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🏥 | Honey is recommended for intestinal activity because blood sugar does not rise easily [Time nutrition and seasonal ingredients]

Photograph Tartar prevention effect

Honey is recommended for intestinal activity because blood sugar does not rise easily. Antibacterial effect is also [time nutrition and seasonal ingredients]

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In addition, honeydew, rosemary, Peterson curse, eucalyptus, raspberries, safflower, peppermint, coffee, lotus, and hundred-flowered honey have been found to be less likely to create tartar from plaque.

[Time nutrition and seasonal ingredients] Honey Although honey has been popular for a long time, its history in Japan is surprisingly short, during the Edo period. → Continue reading

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Plaque(Shiko) is generallytoothYellowish white sticky sticking on the surfaceMicrobiotaPoint to.Eight hours after eating, bacteria grow in the food waste and become plaque.The contact surface with the teeth is covered with a film called (pellicle) on which plaque is formed.Dental plaque (Dental plaque), or justPlaque,歯糞,歯屎(Damn),歯滓(Hakasu),Bio filmfriend.Dental plaquedentifriceCan be removed with.When plaque calcifiesTartarBecome[1].


About 70% of organic components in dental plaque are microorganisms.Most of the organic matterBacteria(Indigenous bacteria in the oral cavity) and itsMetabolitesAndOral cavityBacteria change depending on the cleaning condition inside,Periodontal disease,CariesIn addition to causing various diseases such asBad breathIt is known to induce such things.
The distribution of plaque in the oral cavityPlaque stainCan be easily investigated by.
Dental plaqueCalcificationAnd what sticks to the tooth surfaceTartarCalled.Between plaqueToothbrush,Dental FlossMost of it can be removed by such means, but when it comes to tartardental clinicIt is difficult to take unless it is equal.It is not possible to remove all plaque by routine oral cleaning.
Areas that are difficult to remove (especially the tooth meshing surface, the surface between the teeth, and the area between the teeth and gums) are the result of plaque accumulation.CariesとPeriodontal diseaseBecause it is a frequent site ofPMTCIt is desirable to do it regularly.


Plaque bacteria vary greatly depending on the time of year.Immediately after plaque adheresFacultative anaerobic bacteriaBut as it matures,Obligate anaerobic bacteriumWill increase.

For plaque bacteria, see "Oral bacteriology(Oral microbiology) ”.


The increase in plaqueCariesIt becomes a big factor of (cavities).For a while after eating a meal, plaquepH(Hydrogen ion index, acidity of molten water, degree of alkalinity) is below the critical pH of tooth decalcification (generally around 5.5, but varies greatly depending on the degree of calcification of the tooth).This is because the caries-causing bacteria that make up dental plaque are foodCarbohydrateThemetabolismThis is because the acid is converted into acid, and the produced acid decalcifies the teeth, resulting in caries.This pH exceeds the critical pH after several tens of minutes due to the action of saliva.This is called remineralization.

Periodontal disease

The increase in plaquePeriodontal diseaseIt is also a big factor of.Periodontal disease can be broadly divided into the stage of periodontitis and the stage of periodontitis, but if you do not brush your teeth for a few days, plaque will accumulate and the gums will easily become inflamed.Cleaning the oral cavity at this stage will cure periodontitis.


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