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🏥 | [New Corona] The spread of North Korea's infection has not stopped, and the military medical department has decided to launch it.


[New Corona] The spread of North Korea's infection does not stop, and the military medical sector is decided to be launched.

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Until the first half of last week, North Korea had not broken the official view that "no one was infected with the new coronavirus", but it suddenly changed its response in the last few days, and it was reported in the party newspaper and the Korean Central News Agency. The infection situation is reported every day.

The newspaper of the Workers' Party of Korea, the dominant political party in North Korea, was published on the 16th, and the number of new fever patients on the 15th was more than 39 and 8 people ... → Continue reading


To the Japanese medical community, which is facing the super-aging society and the tightness of medical resources at the same time, from each viewpoint, we will convey the voice of medical personnel striving to provide better medical care as it is, from a clinical perspective, a field perspective , This is a blog site for patients.

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