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🏥 | I wonder if I'm dead ... Ryucheru talks about the suffering of Campylobacter enteritis

Photo by ryuchell (provided by himself)

I wonder if I'm dead ... Ryucheru talks about the suffering of Campylobacter enteritis

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He moved to Tokyo at the age of 18 and worked as a shop clerk in Harajuku while working as a reader model and attracted attention.

[Pleasant "sick people"] ryuchell (talent / 26 years old) = Campylobacter enteritis ◇◇… → Continue reading

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    Shop clerk

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      Reader model

      Reader model(Dokusha model)fashion magazineAppear inFashion ModelOut ofFemale college student,housewifeA model that appears in the magazine as a general reader with a title such as[1]. "Reading modeOften abbreviated as "(Dokumo)".


      The reader model is a model type that is promoted to articles and advertisements as a representative of magazine readers.[2]..As a model as an amateur, the reward is small or free.[2]..Many reader models do not have the celebrity-like name that influences the reader's willingness to buy, and the reader does not even recognize the face or name.[2].

      The role of the reader model is to recommend products and services in the same way as entertainer and professional models.[2]..In the advertisement that promoted the reader model, it became clear that the recommended effect is that high-risk products are unreliable and low-risk products are highly reliable.[2].

      To become a reader model, apply for a magazine recruitment[3], Is generally scouted.There is also a problem of deceiving the reader model scout,National Life Center,MunicipalitiesIs calling attention[4][5][6].

      Some reader models are promoted to exclusive models,actress,talentThe reader model is a gateway from the general public to the entertainment world, and the creators recognized it as the next talent reserve force with some potential.[7]. Also,Entertainment office,Model agencyAlthough it is not strictly a reader model at the time of contracting with, some people continue to use the title of reader model for the purpose of promotion that they are familiar.[7].


      As a historical background, there was a plan in which readers challenged the model as an extension of the reader participation type plan of women's magazines, and it was the beginning of the reader model that it became generalized.[8].

      In 1984, the fashion magazine "OliveAs a reader model of Mieko Hanada (currentlyMieko Hanada) Appeared[7][9]..she,Mt. Sasayama KishinIt became a favorite subject of big-name photographers such as, and gained popularity.TV writer OfMihoko YamadaStates that Hanada was the driving force behind the "charisma reader model," which gained more popularity than the exclusive model.[10].

      First published in 1995Tokyo street news!Called a boom among high school studentsTsumabuki Satoshi,Takeshi Furuya,Yuko Aoki,Takashima Aya,Mamiko YamaguchiAppeared[9].

      1997/Around, "25ansKano sisters appear as "super readers"[9]..They received enthusiastic support from female readers and were flooded with inquiries to the editorial department every time they appeared in the magazine.[10]..Their appearance triggered the general attention of reader models.[11].

      the 2000sIn the second half, it was called "to produce an economic effect of 100 billion yen."Popteen] FromTsubasa Masuwaka[12][13], And became multi-talented from the reader modelJun KomoriA model like this was noticed.What is noteworthy about them is that they have appeared in all media and continue to maintain their position as reader models even when they become popular. In addition to the background to the trend of reader models in the 2000s, they themselves understand where to save themselves.[10].. 『Iza"Without the internet, they wouldn't have been in the limelight so much," he said when he introduced a case where reader models were prominently active in the music industry.[14].

      For some time, "Speaking of reader modelsGalIn that situation, Masuwaka, Komori, andOshikiri MoeAlthough people like this were known as their remarkable successes,Kyary Pamyu PamyuWith the rise ofHarajukuSystem, so-calledBlue alphabetReader model is also getting attention[15].


      Around the end of 2012, "Daily spa!According to an original calculation, the total number of reader models is about 90 in 4285 magazines.The definition of "reader model" there is "general people who exclude entertainers, professional exclusive models, apparel press / sales staff from the people who appear on the fashion / beauty page", and the survey target magazine (and its breakdown) is "CanCam(22 people), "AneCan(52 people), "Today(19 people), "Tomorrow(36 people), "beautiful(14 people), "SAKURA(10 people), "MORE(100 people), "DANCE(40 people), "MAKEUP(10 people), "READ(5 people), "Marisol(55 people), "eclat(3 people), "With(11 people), "ViVi(79 people), "Grace(10 people), "ITEM(27 people), "GLAMOROUS(10 people), "" (50 people), "" (16 people), "steady(20 people), "mini(8 people), "CUTiE(14 people), "JJ(76 people), "CLASSY(29 people), "VERY(42 people), "STORY(18 people), "Beauty STORY(60 people), "" (42 people), "Mart(42 people), "Sheathe(45 people), "Popteen(30 people), "BLENDA(30 people), "" (10 people), "EDGE STYLE(85 people), "Ray(30 people), "S Cawaii(40 people), "mine(50 people), "" (7 people), "an ・ an(100 people), "" (54 people), "" (7 people), "Zipper(15 people), "nina's(50 people), "SEDA(89 people), "" (104 people), "JELLY(21 people), "Ranzuki(42 people), "men's egg(30 people), "egg(130 people), "MEN'S KNUCKLE(40 people), "" (50 people), "streert Jack(26 people), "MEN'S CLUB(2 people), "ELLE girl(19 people), "Samurai Magazine(8 people), "Samurai ELO(20 people), "Small devil ageha(72 people), "I LOVE mama(76 people), "Happie nuts(190 people), "JS Girl(202 people including snaps), "NYLON JAPAN(7 people), "CHOKi CHOKi(50 people), "" (54 people), "KERA(20 people), "Men's SPIDER(32 people), "" (6 people), "" (104 people), "" (110 people), "Nico☆Petit(90 people), "CREA(230 people), "" (6 people), etc.[16]


      From the reader's point of view, the appeal of the reader model is summarized in the friendliness that can be modeled and the "friendliness" that is more like a friend than a star.[10]..On the contrary, it is "ease of use" from the perspective of magazines and companies that hire them.Since the performance fee is low and there are no restrictions on advertisements or contracts, it is flexible in shooting.Unlike a professional model, it is a life-sized entity that is easy for readers to imitate.Also, in addition to being able to try new productsSocial MediaCan be advertised at[10]..Fashion producerKoji UematsuPointed out that some reader models always make a "decisive face" when pointing the camera. He said that the popularity and ability of reader models are not always proportional to the trend of reader models in the late 2000s.He added that the reader model is a "reader representative", so it is impossible to compare it with the show model.[10].

      Paris CollectionHave experience of appearing inIVANWhile appreciating the awesomeness of the reader turning into a model, he doubts that the Paris Fashion Week model and the reader model like himself will be grouped together, and the name of the reader model is "Charismatic readerIs advocating[17].


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