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🏥 | Highly nutritious Apios is recommended for people with small diets such as the elderly [Time nutrition and seasonal ingredients]

More nutritious than potatoes

Highly nutritious Apios is recommended for people with small diets such as the elderly [Time nutrition and seasonal ingredients]

If you write the contents roughly
What kind of nutritional value does such Apios contain?

[Time nutrition and seasonal ingredients] Apios There is a vegetable named "Apios".Many people may not be able to hear it ... → Continue reading

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Potato bean

Potato bean(Scientific name:american celery) IsLegumesPlants.Origin isNorth AmericaIn the east, in JapanMeiji EraIntroduced in the mid-term[1][2]..English name isPotato beans,Indian potato,Ground nuts.JapanThen it is a genus nameApiosOr justHodAlso called (Apios fortunei).It is a native species in JapanApios fortunei (Apios fortunei), But most of them are wild and only a small part of them are cultivated.Tohoku regionPotato bean is mainly cultivated as a crop.


It is a perennial, vine, and reaches a height of 2m-4m.leaves are,Pinnate compound leafIt has 5-7 thin leaflets.Inflorescences have 10-40Butterfly-shaped flowerDensely attach.The outer surface of the flower is greenish white and the inner surface is purple-brown.The wing valve and the boat valve are winding and dark in color.The flowering season is summer.The fruits are elongated and 5-10 cm long.The fruits are lined up in a row, and when ripe, the pods split and twist in a spiral.In the basement, there are tubers constricted in several nodes[2].

Human use

Underground tubers are edible.Constricted tubers can be as many as 20[3]..The size is about 2 cm to 8 cm in diameter.[4]..Heat the potatoes as they are and eat them with boiled sweet potatoes or tempura.Since it is a leguminous potato, it has a nickname of potato bean, and it is also known as potato bean.Native AmericanIt has the name of Indian potato because it was a valuable food for us.The main production area in Japan isAomoriAndShichinohe,Sai village,Mutsu CityThere is a lot of production.


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