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🏥 | From caring for women's hearts and bodies to the future.Metropolitana "Femcare Project" started


From caring for women's hearts and bodies to the future.Metropolitana "Femcare Project" started

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In addition to the special features of this magazine, online seminars that individuals and companies can participate in will be held at any time.

The free magazine "metropolitana" published by Sankei Shimbun is a woman's heart ... → Continue reading

 My Navi Woman

"My Navi Woman" is a comprehensive female site operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We provide information on working women's romance and trends, as well as tips for solving the problems of life, such as marriage, pregnancy and childbirth, which are unique to women. It is a medium that provides working women with various forms of happiness and navigates changes that take a step forward.

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Webinar(British: Webinar) Isweb(Web) andSeminarIt is a coined word that combines (Seminar).Webinar,Online seminarAlso called. インターネットRefers to the seminar itself held above or a tool for conducting seminars on the Internet. While web conferencing systems are primarily intended for discussions with a relatively small number of people, webins offer interactive seminars with tens to hundreds of participants at a lower cost than web conferencing systems. Main use[Source required]..Also, in the area of ​​information transmission tools for a large number of people, information is transmitted in only one direction.WebcastIn contrast to (Webcast), webins are characterized by the ability to interact in two directions between the implementer and the participants.However, depending on the tool (service), the video of the participants is not distributed to the whole, and the participants can participate by chat, but voice chat is not possible, which is different from the web conference.When it is held at a specific date and time and exchanges are carried out in real time, a video recording the process of the webinar may be released.


The origin of webinar is still in the early days of the Internet1980/It is said to go back to the end[1]..real timeText messageApps have been developed and the exchange of information in real time over the network has begun.1995/Then, PictureTel started offering software called LiveShare Plus.This allows other users to remotely access your computer from a remote location,File transferWas able to do text messages[1].

The first public web conferencing software1996/In 5 monthMicrosoftAnnounced byNetmeetingso,Internet Explorer Appeared as a component of 3.0, it was possible to exchange and communicate data in real time[1].

The first webinar software developed by Xerox PARCPlaceWareWas launched in the same year[1]..This software features for hundreds of audiencespresentationWith the function that can dovote, Private chat, the ability to promote webinar participants to presenters, etc.[1].

1998/Eric R. Korb made the word "webinar" a registered trademark, but there was an objection.InterCall now holds this trademark[1].

1999/IsCiscoHas developed software called Meeting Center that can webinar to an audience of up to 1,000 people.[1]..This software was later renamed WebEx[2].

Since then, different webinar tools have been developed by different vendors.2020/ToNew Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Due to the spread ofPandemicWhen this happened, almost all seminars and events went online, and webins were actively held.[2].

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