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🏥 | 5 types of ear problems and how to deal with them Specialist teaches

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Five types of ear problems and how to deal with them Specialist teaches

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While shifting 3 cm toward the nape, massage with the pad of the index finger and middle finger.

Deafness, which is deaf, increases sharply after middle age.Like other organs, the ears are diabetic and hypertensive ... → Continue reading

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index finger

index finger(Hitoshi Yubi)People OfUpper limbSecond from the outside of the five fingersMeans.. It is derived from being used when pointing at a person.EnglishEven in "Index fingerIt is.

JapaneseThen.Mom finger, Salt licking finger,Medical terminologyThen.Second finger, Index finger,Chinese languageThen.index finger, There is a way to call it a head finger. The index finger movesIs to be motivated to do something.


cultureIn some cases, pointing at another person with the index finger is rude and may be considered a provocation.

Raising the index finger and shaking it sideways indicates disagreement with the other party.

Raising the index finger near the lips has the meaning of calling attention to the other person, "quietly" and "do not make noise".

JapanIn, if you bend your index finger into a hook shapetheftIndicates.

ItalyNow, to show that the child is delicious, place your index finger on your cheek and twist it.

Dim sumIn the habit ofteaExpress your gratitude by hitting the table twice with your index and middle fingers, such as when you are asked to pour. on the other hand,フィリピンThen, it is rude to hit the table with your finger.

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