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🏥 | Strengthening recruitment of monitors for blood glucose stabilization support services by registered dietitians in line with World Diabetes Day…


Strengthening recruitment of monitors for blood glucose stabilization support services by registered dietitians in line with World Diabetes Day ...

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Insulin, also known as obesity hormone, has the function of synthesizing blood sugar that cannot be stored in the liver and muscles into triglycerides.

Mikoma Service Co., Ltd., which provides an online healthcare program by a registered dietitian (Location: Adachi, Tokyo ... → Continue reading


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Neutral fat

Neutral fat(Neutral fat)Neutral lipidWhat is (neutron lipid)?fatty acidRefers to the glycerin ester of.狭義には常温で固体の中性脂質を中性脂肪と呼ぶIn a narrow sense, triglycerides that are solid at room temperature are called triglycerides.[1].

Glycerin fatty acid ester

Monoglyceride for glycerin fatty acid ester,Diglyceride,TriglycerideExists, butbloodIncluded inNeutral fatMost ofTriglycerideTherefore, triglycerides are often synonymous with triglycerides.TG, TAG orTrigOften written with the abbreviation,fatty acidとGlycerinIt is called "neutral fat" because it shows neutrality.

Fatty acids, which are components of triglycerides, are used in animals.stearic acid,Palmitic acidな どsaturated fatty acidIs the main, whereas in plantsoleic acid,Linoleic acid,Linolenic acidlikeunsaturated fatty acidIncluding a lot.Therefore, animal triglycerides are often solid at room temperature, whereas vegetable triglycerides are mostly liquid at room temperature.

In the living body, it plays a large role as an energy storage substance.DesertInhabitcamelAnd in the eggshellbirdsThen, there is a scene where neutral lipid is oxidized and converted into water.It is also known that neutral lipids (monoglyceride, diglyceride) that have partially lost fatty acids in cells act as intracellular signal transmitters.Cell membraneMade from fatty acids extracted from triglyceridesPhospholipidIs formed from.

Triglycerides and health

Lifestyle-related diseasesThe treatment of triglycerides in triglycerides was complicated, and at one point it was completely ignored.In other words, LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) were regarded as important, and triglycerides were neglected.When the triglyceride in the human body exceeds 1000 mg / dL,Acute pancreatitisIt was thought that the risk of illness would increase, and it was only necessary to suppress it.

But of the worldDyslipidemiaIn the statement that it shows the cutting edge and the highest peak of treatment, triglycerides have also returned to substances that should be corrected.In particularmetabolic syndromeIt has been incorporated into the diagnostic criteria of the above and is drawing attention.Also,Cirrhosis,Liver cancerCause ofHepatitis C virus(HCV) proliferates using intracellular triglycerides, and in additionウ イ ル スCalled the "core" ofproteinIt has been reported that triglyceride in cells increases due to the action of, and it is expected to be applied to treatment.[2][3].

Reference standard values ​​for blood tests for triglycerides

About triglyceridesReference standard value for blood testIs as follows.

ItemType of subjectlower limitupper limitunitOptimum range
Neutral fat10-39 years54[4]110[4]mg / dL<100 mg / dL[5]
Egypt 1.1[5] mmol / L
0.61[6]1.2 [6]mmol / L
40-59 years70[4]150[4]mg / dL
0.77[6]1.7[6]mmol / L
> 60 years old80[4]150[4]mg / dL
0.9[6]1.7[6]mmol / L


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