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👶 | [Choice of a husband whose wife doesn't speak] Now this is all I can do !? What I can do is ... The topical work "My wife speaks ...


[Choice of a husband whose wife does not speak] Now this is all I can do !? What I can do ... The topical work "My wife speaks ...

If you write the contents roughly
For more information, see Hiroko Nohara's comic "My wife won't speak" (Shueisha)!

One day my wife stopped speaking.I don't know the cause.Husband Makoto who advances as if nothing happened ... → Continue reading

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A trouble-solving information site for working moms operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We deliver articles with the concept of "solving mom's worries." We provide reliable information that has been supervised by doctors, focusing on infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, which are often worried. In addition, we also publish seasonal articles such as money, human relations, fashion, recipes, etc. in a wide variety.

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Hiroko Nohara

Hiroko Nohara(Hiroko Nohara) is a Japanese-speaking surname.


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Shueisha Co., Ltd.Is theJapanComprehensiveInfomation.. 『Weekly Shonen Jump''Weekly playboy''non-no''Subaru"MyojoSuch asmagazineIs issued. The company name means "to gather wisdom."


1926/ToShogakukanAs an entertainment magazine publishing departmentTakeo AigaWas founded.1941/から1946/UntilPacific WarDue to the suspension of business (Sleep), But1947/ThanJoint stock companyResumed business as Shueisha.1952/Moved to an independent office building, and then separated the business from Shogakukan. "Weekly Shonen Jump''Seventeen''Ribon''Paris Daisy''Myojo』And many hit magazines are launched.

Shogakukan leadsShareholderAnd the same corporate group "Hitotsubashi GroupAs a result of Shogakukan's expansion into the entertainment publishing sector, both companies have many competing magazines.


  • 1925- ShogakukanIn the entertainment magazine publishing department of "Shueisha" (in the font at that time, "Shueisha")Company nameStart using.
  • 1926-Separated from Shogakukan as an entertainment magazine publishing department and founded (this year marks the founding year of Shueisha).
  • 1933- Tokyo University of CommerceRenovated the former school building and opened the head officeKanda Ward3 Hitotsubashi-doricho (currentlyChiyodaHitotsubashiMoved to 2-3-1).
  • 1947- Joint stock companyReorganized into Shueisha.
  • 1949- Ltd.Reorganized into Shueisha.
  • 1952 --The head office is moved to 2-3 Kanda Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku (currently the location of "Jimbocho Building" 2-5-10 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku).
  • 1961-Completed the Jimbocho Building.
  • 1969/
    • April-Somisha (currentlyShueisha Creative) Established. Established Chiyoda Studio for shooting.
    • August-Established Home-sha, which handles editing outsourcing for "Weekly Home".
  • 1973-for editorial outsourcingHakusenshaEstablished.
  • 1974-Shogakukan had a capital participationCAC groupInvested in the mathematical plan of Shogakukan and Shueisha Group [3].
  • 1976-To commemorate the 50th anniversary of our founding,Subaru Literature Award"The set.
  • 1977 --Established Hitotsubashi Planning Co., Ltd., which handles event business and advertising agency business (event business and advertising agency business were transferred to other companies in 1995).
  • 1990 --Completion of Jimbocho Building (current head office building).
  • 1994 --Outsourced editing workShueisha InternationalEstablished.
  • 2002-Invested in VIZ Communications, Inc. and established VIZ HOLDINGS, Inc. as a joint venture with Shogakukan.
  • 2003-VIZ HOLDINGS, Inc. established subsidiary VIZ, LLC.
  • 2005/
    • February --Completion of Jimbocho 2-chome Building (currently the 3nd Headquarters Building).
    • April-VIZ, LLC and ShoPro Entertainment, Inc. merged to form a joint venture with Shogakukan and Shogakukan Productions.VIZ MediaEstablished[4].
  • 2008/
  • 2015 --Separated the digital division and established Project100, a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2017 --Established Shueisha EP, an event business subsidiary.
  • 2019- D NA Inc.Established Shueisha DeNA Projects, a joint venture with[6].
  • 2021-Grouped Japan Art Center Co., Ltd.
  • 2022-Established Shueisha Games, a game business subsidiary[7].


Settlement period (period)amount of salesOperating incomeOrdinary profitIncome before income taxesNet income
80rd period (December 2020, 6-November 1, 2021)2010 million yen457 million yen
79rd period (December 2019, 6-November 1, 2020)1529 million yen209 million yen
78rd period (December 2018, 6-November 1, 2019)1333 million yen98 million yen
77rd period (December 2017, 6-November 1, 2018)1164 million yen25 million yen
76rd period (December 2016, 6-November 1, 2017)1175 million yen53 million yen
75rd period (December 2015, 6-November 1, 2016)1229 million yen58 million yen
74rd period (December 2014, 6-November 1, 2015)1221 million yen41 million yen
73rd period (December 2013, 6-November 1, 2014)1232 million yen28 million yen73 million yen37 million yen
72rd period (December 2012, 6-November 1, 2013)1253 million yen31 million yen
71rd period (December 2011, 6-November 1, 2012)1260 million yen25 million yen69 million yen37 million yen
70rd period (December 2010, 6-November 1, 2011)1318 million yen55 million yen
69rd period (December 2009, 6-November 1, 2010)1304 million yen▲6 million yen▲41 million yen
68rd period (December 2008, 6-November 1, 2009)1332 million yen23 million yen6 million yen
67rd period (December 2007, 6-November 1, 2008)137600 million yen11 million yen2 million yen
66rd period (December 2006, 6-November 1, 2007)1389 million yen75 million yen41 million yen
65rd period (December 2005, 6-November 1, 2006)1399 million yen70 million yen
64rd period (December 2004, 6-November 1, 2005)1378 million yen46 million yen21 million yen
63rd period (December 2003, 6-November 1, 2004)1378 million yen45 million yen
62rd period (December 2002, 6-November 1, 2003)1418 million yen53 million yen25 million yen
61rd period (December 2001, 6-November 1, 2002)1446 million yen51 million yen


Cartoon magazine

Shonen manga magazine

Seinen manga magazine

Shojo manga magazine

Electronic monopoly BL magazine

  • Kimi Koi
  • .Bloom (issued by Home Company)
  • Melokis (issued by Home Company)

Women's magazine

  • non-no(First published in May 1971, released on the 5st of every month)
  • MORE(First published in May 1977, released on the 5st of every month)
  • DANCE(First published in May 2001, released on the 5st of every month)
  • MAKEUP(First published in May 2004, released on the 9st of every month)
  • TRACK(First published in May 1989, released on the 9st of every month)
  • READ(First published in May 1983, released on the 5st of every month)
  • glow(First published in May 2007, released on the 9st of every month)
  • MyAge(First published in March 2014) *Mook

Men's magazine

  • Weekly playboy(Initiated in October 1966, released every Monday)
  • MEN'S NON-NO(1986/First issue in May, released on the 5th of every month)
  • MAN(2005/First issue in May, released on the 2th of every month)

Entertainment magazine

  • Myojo(1952/First issue in May, released on the 10th of every month)
  • Duet(First published in November 1986, published by Home Company, released on the 11th of every month)

Literary magazine

  • Youth and reading(First published in May 1966, released on the 9st of every month)
  • Subaru(First published in May 1970, released on the 6st of every month)
  • Novel subaru(First published in May 1987, released on the 11st of every month)
  • Kotoba(First issue in September 2010, released on the 9th of March, June, September and December)

Major magazines that were once published

Cartoon magazine

Literary magazine

  • Novel Junior (published in April 1966)
  • Cobalt(First published in October 1982, suspended in April 7 and moved to WEB)

Information magazine

  • Weekly Akeboshi(First published in 1958)
  • Female Akeboshi (first published in 1962)
  • Weekly Home (first published in 1969)
  • Ocean Life (first published in 1971)
  • Roadshow(First published in 1972)
  • Monthly playboy(First published in 1975)
  • COSMOPOLITAN Japan version(First published in 1980)
  • Thumb up (first published in 1984)
  • DUNK(First published in 1984)
  • BART(First published in 1991)
  • (First published in 1998)
  • PINKY(First published in July 2004)
  • non-no MORE Wedding (first published in October 1997, Mook)
  • Sporty(2002/First issue in March, transition to WEB)

Women's magazine

Comic book


Children's book

Light novel

Light literary arts

Mobile novel

  • Pinky library

Teens love novel

  • Shueisha e-Chiffon library-e-book migration version of Chiffon library

WEB media and smartphone applications

Web comic/manga apps

  • Boy jump +(First published in July 2014)
  • Zeblack
  • Jump Book Store!
  • Jump rookie! --Manga posting service
  • Yang Jiang!
  • My Neighbor Young Jump
  • Tomorrow's Young Jump-WEB Manga Posting Community
  • Digima
  • Manga Mee
  • Comic Ribo Maga (formerly Margaret BOOK Store!)
  • Manga Meets-Comprehensive manga posting site for girls and women

WEB literature

Online Store

  • Jump Characters Store
    • LEE Marche
    • SHOP Marisol
      • ZAKKA MARKET --Interior goods
    • eclat premium
    • HAPPY plus BEAUTY --Cosmetics mail order
    • mirabella-Designer's brand regular mail order
    • mirabella homme-Men's fashion mail order
    • OUTLET
    • Miscellaneous goods market
    • Jump Characters Store HAPPY PLUS STORE Store

Successive presidents

Since becoming a corporation.

Impact of new coronavirus

  • On April 2020, 4, became an employee working in the editorial department of the manga magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump"New coronavirusDue to suspected infection, the release of issue 4 scheduled for April 20 has been postponed for one week, and it has been announced that it will be released on April 21 as a merged issue of 1 and 21.[9][10].


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