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🎁 | To commemorate the handling of "Polkadot" by Coincheck, a campaign is underway to win 5 yen by lottery!


To commemorate the handling of "Polkadot" by Coincheck, we are holding a campaign to win 5 yen by lottery!

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Implementation period: September 2022, 9 (Thursday) to September 1, 2022 (Wednesday) 9:14 Participation conditions: Purchase DOT with a Coincheck trading account during the campaign period, or externally to Coincheck For those who have made a deposit and have a balance of 23 DOT or more as of 59:2022 on September 9, 14 (Wednesday).

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[rdp-wiki-embed url=” period: September 2022, 9 (Thursday) when handling starts”][rdp-wiki-embed url=”https:/ / of 1:2022 on Wednesday, September 9, 14”]