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👶 | 9% of those who experienced "closed home" answered that it was "hard", "the spirit was damaged", and "it was painful to see it decay ...


9% of the people who experienced “closed home” answered “It was hard”, “It hurts my spirit”, “It’s painful to see it decaying…

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●When deciding which items to keep, my mother and I did not agree on values, and if I respected her opinion, the number of items to keep would increase, so I had a hard time persuading her to some extent.

On August 8, Ambitious, which operates a trunk room business and a real estate consulting business, invited people who had experience of closing their parents' home ... → Continue reading

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Values(Values,British: sense of values[1]) is whatvalueThinking about whether to admit that there is[2]..His view of what is the basis for judging value (value such as good / evil, favorable / unfavorable)[2]..When evaluating and judging thingsStandardJudgment of what is worth (what is not)[3].


Diversity, distribution and change of values

People have diverse values.However, even though they are diverse, they are not statistically completely randomly distributed, and there are some trends in each country, region, and cultural area.[4].

SameRegion-CountryBut,TimeThere are many examples of changes in values ​​with[5][6].

Change fastCountry,RegionThen,Parent-childAnd the values ​​may be very different.[Note 1].

Formation of values ​​and their manifestations

The formation of values ​​takes place in various ways.parentIt may be taught from.It may be absorbed by reading a book.組織,communityIt may be inherited by belonging to.also,PersonalA new sense of value may be built independently by the opportunity of a new experience or the accumulation of thoughts.

The values ​​that a person holds become the concrete actions of that person, and "Lifestyle” or “way of life”.

Sharing values ​​and communities / organizations

People who share the same values ​​are more likely to approach each other because they can understand each other's behavior more easily than those who do not.[7]..By people who share the same values ​​in that waycommunityMay be formed[8]

In particularReligiousValues ​​are remarkably shared in a common community.for example,キ リ ス ト 教Community of people,IslamCommunity of people,BuddhismIt can be said that the community of people has inherited and shared values ​​and ways of life for more than a thousand years, regardless of generation or time.

CompanyIn an organization, values ​​are received by the corporate culture, the specific behavior of employees, and the customer.Services,ProductsIt also affects how the company should be, and as a result, it may affect the survival and disappearance of the company.Building values ​​that are suitable for the company and socially appropriate, and presenting and sharing them to employeesManagement-leaderIs often regarded as an important job of[9].

Husband and wifeGood sharing of values ​​in (also a kind of small community) can affect the relationship between the two.In modern Western countries and Japan,marriageConfirming each other's values ​​before is often done in a very natural way.Some books recommend that such mutual confirmation of values ​​be carried out extremely consciously.[10]..On the other hand, even couples who get married without knowing each other's values ​​well can recognize each other's values ​​after marriage and share them, so that they can be safely and harmoniously.Husband and wifeThere is also a book that introduces how to continue.

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