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👩‍🎓 | Gakken Masterpiece Series "Favorite Hero General Election" Interim Voting Results Announcement

Photo Minna ga Erabu Favorite Hero General Election

Gakken Masterpiece Series "Like a Hero General Election" Announcement of Interim Voting Results

If you write the contents roughly
To vote, cut out a total of two triangular marks attached to the edge of the cover cover of the target product, paste it on a postcard with the necessary information filled in, and send it.

In the children's book "Masterpieces to read by the age of 10" series published by Gakken Plus, "Everyone chooses a favorite hero general election ... → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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    2 triangular marks in total

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      Second-class mail

      Second-class mailWhat is (Dainishu Yubinbutsu)?Japan PostDetermined byMailIt is one of the categories.


      Postal LawArticle 21 Paragraph 2 is "post cardJapan Post Co., Ltd. establishes its standards and formats in the postal contract and issues them.However, it does not prevent anyone other than the company from creating the standard and format of ordinary postcards or round-trip postcards stipulated in the postal contract. "

      "Government-made postcards" in JapanMailAs one of the forms of1873(MeijiIntroduced from 6 years)1900The private product was approved[1].Postal LawPostcards are designated as second-class mail.Postcards are prepared by the postal office according to the Postal Law, and this postal office (previously)Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Communications,Ministry of Post,Japan Post Agency) Prepared and issued for a long timeOfficial postcardIt has been popularly called,20034/1From the postal businessJapan PostWith the jurisdiction ofThis word is abolished and "PostcardIt was renamed.With the privatization of postal services200710/1FromPostal businessLtd. (2012From August 10Japan Post Co., Ltd.) Was issued, but the name "Postal Postcard" has been inherited.[Source required]Other general private postcards are simply called "postcards".However, the term "public postcard" is still used in some cases because it is difficult to distinguish between official and private postcards in "postcards" and "postcards".

      As of 2021, Japan PostPostcard type pageIsUsually postcard"The name is used.

      The size of Japanese "government postcards" is 100 x 148mm.

      Or you can make your own postcard, which is called "Private postcard".Standards such as size and weight (described later), "postcard", "postcard round-trip postcard" or similar characters, paper quality and thickness equal to or higher than official postcards, and white or light color on the surface.[2]If it is based on, put a stamp for the fee (orPostage meter stampCan be sent as mail (by attaching or deferred payment).You can also prepare a privately made round-trip postcard, in which case you will also put a stamp on the duplex part in advance (or treat it as payee payment).

      It is not permitted to cut out the postcard (and conventional official postcards) and attach it to postcard-sized paper for mailing.[3].

      Standard size

      The size of the postcard is specified as follows.Those that exceed this standardFirst-class mailIs supposed to be treated[4]..In addition, it is necessary to indicate that it is a postcard such as "postcard", "POST CARD", "CARTE POSTALE", etc. If this is missing, it will be treated as the first type instead of the second type.[5]..Until the price of postcards was revised to 1966 yen on July 41, 7, the size of official postcards was one size smaller, which was equivalent to the minimum size below.

      Types重 さThe long sideshort side
      Usually postcard2 to 6g14 to 15.4cm9-10.7cm
      Round trip postcard4 to 12g14 to 15.4 cm *9 to 10.7 cm *

      * Normally, postcards are limited to rectangular paper.Also, for round-trip postcards, the size of the outgoing communication part and the reply part must be the same.

      Types of postcards

      Usually postcards and round-trip postcards

      Postcards usually include postcards and round-trip postcards (Article 21, Paragraph 2 of the Postal Law).

      Postcards are usually sold at post offices, and there are several types such as inkjet paper specifications.[6]

      On the other hand, a round-trip postcard is a combination of an outgoing credit postcard (outbound) and a reply postcard (reply), and is the price of two postcards.[6].

      Other types

      Various postcards are sold at the post office.

      Postcard for the season

      The following New Year's postcards and Kamome-ru are applicable.In the past, in addition to these, there were (Sakura Meru) released in February and (Haato Meru) released in September.[7]

      Postcard with lottery number

      For postcards with lottery numbers,Postcard with new year's giftThere is (New Year's postcard)[6]..These are printed with lottery at the bottom and prizes are won by lottery.High definition for modern homesinkjet printerWith the spread of postcards, postcards with surface treatment for inkjet are also on sale. Until 2020Summer greetings postcardThere was a lottery on (Kamome-ru, postcard for summer greetings).

      Echo postcard

      Echo postcardOn a part of the postcard (bottom 1/3 of the surface)CompanyOf advertising mediaAdsIs posted, and postcards that are usually sold for 63 yen, which is 5 yen minus 58 yen as advertising expenses.[6].. Released in July 1981.

      Postcard with dents

      Postcards with dents have a semi-circular dent on the lower left of the surface of the postcard so that you can easily see the top, bottom, front and back even if you are visually impaired.[6].

      In Japan,Physical disability certificate1st and 2nd grade,Nursing notebook1 or 2 times over 6 years oldhandicappedOnce a year from late April to the end of Maypost officeToDisability certificateBy presenting and applying, 20 official postcards (blue bird postcards) are distributed free of charge. Until 2001, a specially designed "Blue Bird Postcard" with a semi-circular indentation in the lower left part of the front side was issued and distributed free of charge to people with disabilities who applied for it, and it was also sold to the general public, but in 2002 After the year20 regular postcards in an original envelope designed with a blue birdIt was changed to a form in which the one with the above is distributed free of charge to the disabled person who applied for it. Since the privatization of the postal service in October 2007Japan Post Co., Ltd.Continued by the hands of[8].

      Four-sided continuous printing postcard

      Four-sided continuous printing postcards are four postcards for mass printing that are continuously printed in a tagata shape.[6].


      Red in each post office after privatization of postal servicePost boxThe original postcards of the mold are now on sale.Since the post office name is printed, it is a feature that you can see the store where you purchased it.

      Postcard with a picture

      Postcards with pictures are postcards printed with illustrations and photographs of typical landscapes in each region. The selling price until the 2011 release was 1 yen per sheet, but after July 70, the selling price is 2012 yen or 7 yen. Released in April 80.

      International postcard

      International postcardsInternational mail(Aviation) Postcard.It used to be sold at sea mail rates. 2021 yen as of April 4, 1.Postcards with pictures mentioned above for international mail are also on sale, and the selling price is 70 yen or 1 yen per sheet.

      Abolished postcard

      • "Parcel postcard" --A postcard designed to be sent at the same time as the parcel.It is shaped like a tag and has a hole at the top so that it can be attached to the string of the parcel body with the wire passing through it.Write the text inside the fold and seal it with a margin. Released from June 2 to March 1951.
      • "Furusato picture postcard" --- A typical landscape of each region is printed.The selling price is 50 yen.1991から2003Released until March.
      • "Postcard with ruled lines" --Dashed lines were printed on the back side to make it easier to write communication details, and both vertical and horizontal writing were available.The post office did not actively promote it, and it was not well known as it was listed in the usage guide of the postal code book.The selling price is the same as the postcard fee at that time.


      Japanese "government-made postcards (postcards)" are equivalent to postage stamps and prove the receipt of postage equivalents.Price stamp(As of October 2019, 10, 1Yen) Is displayed[9]..Postcards that contaminate the price stamp will be invalid. (However, postcards that have contaminated the charge amount stamp can be presented with a new postage stamp equivalent to the charge.)

      Changes in postcard charges

      ADstart datePricesRemarks
      1873April 6, 12Half-sen in the city (5 ㎘)
      1 sen outside the city
      1883April 16, 11 sen
      1899April 32, 41 sen 5 ㎘
      1937Showa 12/4/12 sen
      1944Showa 19/4/13 sen
      1945Showa 20/4/15 sen
      1946Showa 21/7/2515 sen
      1947Showa 22/4/150 sen
      1948Showa 23/7/102 JPY
      1951Showa 26/11/15 JPYNew Year's postcard fee until 1966 (Showa 41) is 4 yen
      1966Showa 41/7/17 JPYPostal law revision
      1972Showa 47/2/110 JPY
      1976Showa 51/1/2520 JPY
      1981Showa 56/1/2030 JPY
      1981Showa 56/4/140 JPY
      1989April 4, 141 JPYConsumption tax introduced
      1994Heisei 6/1/2450 JPY
      2014Heisei 26/4/152 JPYConsumption tax hike
      2017Heisei 29/6/162 JPYNew Year's postcard fee until 2018 (Heisei 30) is 52 yen[10]
      2019和 和 X Year XNUM X Month X NUM X63 JPYConsumption tax hike


      • The Wakayama Minami Fisheries Cooperative sells dried squid under the name "Sulmer" because it can be used instead of New Year's postcards.envelope)sealed letter(First-class mail) It is treated, not a postcard.


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