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🎁 | [Profit] Seven-Eleven, free if you buy one! Check out the pride that started on June 1th! – “…


[Profit] Seven-Eleven, free if you buy one! Check the pride that started on June 1! – "...

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Also, if you buy one of either "Morinaga Baribori Ramune Grape Flavor" or "Morinaga Baribori Ramune Lemon Flavor" by August 8th, you can use "Morinaga Daibu Ramune" or "Morinaga Daibutsu" during the period from August 16th to 1th. A campaign is also underway to give away one free voucher for Ramune Strong Carbonated Shuwa Cola.

Seven-Eleven's campaign "Ply ..." that gives you a free receipt coupon when you buy the target product → Continue reading

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