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👩‍🎓 | [Regional Migration “Honne” Salon #17 Ehime Edition] I noticed in Nanyo's natural environment, raising children...


[Regional Migration “Honne” Salon #17 Ehime Edition] What I noticed in the natural environment of Nanyo is how to raise a child...

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・ This seminar will be co-sponsored by Ehime Prefecture, Native Co., Ltd., and the certified NPO Furusato Return Support Center.

One of the appeals of Ehime Prefecture as a destination for migration is that you can raise your children in a natural environment. … → Continue reading

 Regional Revitalization Industry Media [Native]

Native Media is the largest regional revitalization platform in Japan that connects people who think about ways of life related to rural areas with those who aim to create a related population.

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    Certified NPO Hometown Return Support Center

      Co-sponsored by three parties


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