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👶 | Yeah, you know (sweat)... A smelly but cute and irresistible XNUMX-year-old fart report | Yuiko's parenting manga


Yeah, I know it came out (sweat)... Smelly but cute and irresistible XNUMX-year-old fart report | Yuiko's parenting manga

If you write the contents roughly
We are a family of three, a boy Ugo (2 years old) who woke up and was born, and mom and dad.

Yuiko (@ugo2mama), the mother of 1224-year-old Ugo-kun, was pregnant, gave birth, and was raising children. → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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    Family of three

    "Family of three』(Sanninkazoku) isTBSOf the seriesKeisuke Kinoshita Hour"(at that time:Nissan MotorProvided by one company) In the 4th bullet1968 - 1969Was broadcast toTV drama..In the series, it became the work with the highest average audience rating of all time[1]..Recommended by an excellent movie viewing party.

    Broadcast data

    • Broadcast period:196810/15[2] - 19694/15[3]
    • Broadcast date and time: Every Tuesday 21: 00-21: 30
    • Number of broadcasts: 26 times in total
    • Broadcast format: Film color work



    By chance, Yuichi Shibata and Keiko Inaba, office workers of the same generation, I saw on the morning commuter train departing from Yokohama Station.The two, who did not know each other's names and fell in love at first sight, exchanged words on a crowded train, and each other's companyMarunouchiNear (Yuichi isTamura Town, KeikoKasumigaseki), But I didn't know anything more than that.

    On the other hand, in Yokohama, Yuichi's younger brother Ken and Keiko's younger sister Akiko get to know each other after applying for a prep school.The next day, on the day of her date to Enoshima, her sister Keiko came with her, so she noticed in a photo taken by Ken that her brother's friend's sister was her love at first sight. Apply to meet.Yuichi aimed to study abroad at the company and thought that he didn't need a lover now, but he decided to go out with Keiko while dating.Akiko has a crush on Ken, but Ken has a crush on her high school classmate Yoko.However, she was touched by Yoko at Christmas, and immediately after that, Akiko invited her to a Christmas party at her home, which led to the development of dating.

    And Kiku, the mother of a sister whose husband evaporated 13 years ago, and Kiku, the father of a brother who was an office worker before and after retirement before his wife (both).Family of three) Will also be born as a family friendship.



    Shibata family

    Inaba family



    • Narrator: Masaaki Yajima

    ス タ ッ フ

    Theme song

    "only two people"
    Poetry / Composition: Chuji Kinoshita / Song: Teruhiko Aoi,

    Related works

    "Keisuke Kinoshita HourThe 8th bullet.AlsoTaichi YamadaIn the script,Takewaki-(I.e.In addition,Teruhiko Aoi,Masao MishimaAlso appeared.
    • Also,"I don't know(1972, TBS, Taichi Yamada, etc.), Komaki Kurihara, who was the daughter and mother in this work.Kahara NatsukoHowever, he plays the role of a wife-in-law.


    外部 リンク

    TBS Keisuke Kinoshita Hour(Tuesday 9 pm)
    Previous programProgram nameNext show
    Father drum
    Ö 1968.1.16 - 1968.10.8 Õ
    Family of three
    Ö 1968.10.15 - 1969.4.15 Õ
    Father Taiko 2
    Ö 1969.4.22 - 1969.10.14 Õ

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