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🎁 | Fashionable body cover!4 summer "wearing outfits" points


Fashionable body cover!4 summer "wearing outfits" points

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We also recommend a V-neck that emphasizes the décolletage and a design with thick shoulder straps.

In the summer of light clothing, I'm worried about my body line and body shape, so I can't enjoy summer fashion ...!There may be some people ... → Continue reading

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Thick design

    Strap (clothing)

    strap(Strap) is generallystringAlthough it refers toClothingAs a termEvening dressesCostumes with wide open chestunderwear(bra,Bustier,slip,camisoleSuch),Swimwearな どshoulderConnect the front body (front side) and back body (back side) of the exposed clothes,shoulder strap(Shoulder strap,Shoulder straps-Hanging stringOften refers to).

    Ancient egyptInOld KingdomThreaded shoulder straps over one or both shouldersClothingIt is known that he wore.

    However,shirtPlacket and strips,shoes OfbuckleStops and the like are sometimes called "straps".

    Some straps are made of clear vinyl to accentuate the outfit with exposed shoulders.


    ClothMaterial,designFrom the shoulder to the upper part of () and without strapsbackA costume style that completely exposesStraplessCalled (strapless).To prevent slippingrubberStringsgather,Adhesive tapeMany of them are suppressed by using.breastAlthough it has the advantage that the size of the is inconspicuous, it lacks stability, especially from above.PowerHas the drawback of being weak.19st centuryIt is said to have appeared in the middle, and the oldest record is1846It is supposed to be.


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