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👶 | Never now.A XNUMX-year-old boy who makes a mistake in the timing of hem of sweets | Mainichi Yuto-kun's childcare picture diary


By no means now.A XNUMX-year-old boy who makes a mistake in the timing of hem of sweets | Mainichi Yuto-kun's childcare picture diary

If you write the contents roughly
Mainichi Yuto-kun is sending out a comic essay that will make your boyfriend (5 years old) feel a little more energetic.

"That's right now ..." from 5-year-old Yuto-kun's dad, Mainichiyutokun (@mainichiyutokun). → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Essay cartoon

Essay cartoonWhat is (essay manga)?CartoonistI spelled out the events that happened around me and their impressionsComicthe work.Comic essayAlso called.Real comicsKind of.


literatureInessayIt was named after being likened to (essay).media Factory(CurrentKADOKAWA)of"Comic essay theater"Is it better to say" a comic based on the author's experience "that is different from the futu manga?"[1]..Since the emphasis is on readability and theme rather than characters and production, there is a strong tendency to draw with simple and crushed patterns.

The content of the work is basicallyNon-FictionHowever, I used the appearance of an essay comicfictionWorks that are (egHiroko Nohara"Can I get divorced?") And works that are basically non-fiction but are drawn by interweaving creations and obscuring the truth (example:Sakura Tamakichi"Mantama Diary Series",Takayuki Mizuna"Good electronics]) Is not a few.

From ancient times, cartoonists sometimes drew extra comics that spelled out recent situations and actual experiences in books.the 1980sFrom then on, such manga began to be established as an independent work.Miho Takeuchi, a manga researcher,Girl cartoonmagazine"Ribon]1986Serialized fromsakuramomoko"Chibi Maruko-chanPoints out that the simple and simplified frame division and drawing lines have spread the essay comics to a wide range of people beyond the boundaries of girl readers.[2].Nobunaga MinamiAppeared in the late 80'sPicture diaryWind cartoon (egTamako Akahoshi"Croquette communication",Natsuki Matsui"Mirin Hoshi Tsushin",gate"The Califlowers Talk") is regarded as a precursor to essay comics, and with essaysGag cartoonIn terms of fusingMiki"The rise of love』Is the beginning[3].

the 1990sIn the first half, it was mainly serialized in childcare magazinesChildcare comics(Example:Tajima Milk"I angel you devil],Takako Aonuma"Mom likes Poyopoyo Zaurus],Kei Ishizaka"Baby came』) Established as a genre[4]. Also,Seiko Otagaki Mini comicmagazine"Feature of the story"Illustration essay" that combines illustrations and sentences was announced at "Illustration and essay" to open up everyday observation manga.Nishihara Keiko OfLupo cartoon("Grudge Michelin''Torito travelogue"etcUnrulyWe will open up a new innovation.

the 2000sSince then, the magazine "Media Factory (currently KADOKAWA)"Da Vinci』Appoints the aforementioned Otagaki and others to spread the name" comic essay ".Among themSaori Oguri"Darling is a foreigner』(2002) IsInternational marriageIt became a big hit by drawing a special experience and everyday life, and became the basis of the style of "Comic Essay".After that, the number of cases where comics published on the web were published increased.Recently, manga awards limited to essay manga, such as the "Comic Essay Petit Award" held in collaboration with "Da Vinci", have appeared.

Representative work

Autobiographical comics


Diary cartoon

A work by a manga artist depicting everyday life.

Report cartoon

A manga in which a manga artist actually interviews and spells out his impressions and introduces his own special experience.TravelogueIncludes things and fight against illness.

Childcare cartoon

ParentingA manga about.

Pet cartoon

Pet(RarelyWild animals)ofObservationWas the subjectAnimal cartoon..It is also a kind of diary comic.

Gourmet cartoon

Cooking/gourmet cartoonAmong them, the one in which the author himself appears.Report cartoonIt is also a kind of.

Current affairs cartoon

The author himself appeared in the work,Current affairsA manga that depicts his own view of.


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