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🎁 | Car share "Times Car" can be unlocked / locked with the app – Free campaign for up to 450 minutes


Car-sharing "Times Car" can be unlocked / locked with the app-Free campaign for up to 450 minutes

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However, it may not be available at some stations due to radio wave conditions, so we are calling for you to carry your membership card in the future.

"Times Car" supports unlocking / locking with the app. iPhone has been supported since February Times Mobility ... → Continue reading

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    Radio wave condition

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    member card

    member card(Kain card,British: member's card) IsGroup,組織For members who are members ofDocuments to prove your identity.member IDAlso calledcardIt is often called a "membership card" because it has many shapes.


    A wide variety of materials and functionsMagnetic card (PET),Prepaid Card, (paper) And so on.

    To give an easy-to-understand example, CDs and DVDsrentalOf the stores that are doingTSUTAYAMembership card is that.By having a membership card, you can use various functions and enjoy benefits.

    現代 のJapanIs "Card societyIt is ridiculed that it is normal to hold a large number of membership cards, but when a person who is not good at managing makes a large number of membership cards, it is difficult to manage them.2005Current,"FeliCapocket[1]Attempts have been made to integrate multiple membership cards into one.

    Handling of personal information

    In addition, if the operator needs to know the personal information of the user for some reason, or if there is a problem with anonymous use, the membership card may be used.For exampleInternet cafeEtc. when used anonymouslyCyber ​​crimeSince it causes various problems such as and other problems, in principle it is a membership system as a means for the operator to grasp personal information such as the user's address and name, so if you use it only once Even so, membership registration is required.

    On the contrary, if it is inconvenient for the operator to handle personal information "directly",T pointBy partnering with a card or issuing a card with a point card function in partnership with a credit card company or an electronic money company, the storage of personal information may be outsourced to another company.


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