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💼 | Take-home 14.7 yen, a woman in her twenties who wants to change jobs but says, "I can't buy a suit and I can't change jobs."

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A woman in her twenties who wants to change jobs for 14.7 yen, but says, "I can't buy a suit and I can't change jobs."

If you write the contents roughly
If you look for fast fashion and second-hand goods, you can get a suit for a few thousand yen.

Even if you are dissatisfied with your work, there seems to be a situation where you cannot easily change jobs.Before 18s living for 30 yen ... → Continue reading

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Antiquities(antique,British: used goods or second-hand goods[1]) Is

  • Items used once[2]..Something that has already been used by someone.Ordinary people usually say "Middle Ages(Chuko) "and"Second-hand goods(Chukohin) ", orForeign wordsでSekohan(second-hand) AndUsed(Used) Often referred to.New productAntonym (opposite) of.
  • Worn out[2].
  • (Legal term) Items that have been used once, or even unused items have already been used.transactionItems that have been used, or items that have undergone some care[3].


In Japanese, the word "old" is included, but the newness and oldness of the goods are irrelevant.The English expression "used" ("used") has a better meaning.

The antonym (opposite) "new" means "new goods / products"[4]Or "Items that have not been used or have just been grated[4]. "

The legal term "second-hand" is defined in detail by law.Those who handle goods that are legally "second-hand goods"curio dealerGood,Antique business lawThe rules are set in detail.

On the other hand, the terms "second-hand goods" and "used" that ordinary people use on a daily basis are slightly different from the legal term "second-hand goods".The general public buys "second-hand goods" and "used goods"Mercari,Yahoo auctionWe are actively trading in such places (even in English-speaking countries).If it is used even once, it is honestly displayed as "second-hand goods" or "used", and transactions are carried out so that the purchaser does not misunderstand that it is new.In addition to just displaying "second-hand goods", "I used it about ○ times", "I used it for about ○ days", "I used it for ○ years", and "I bought it as a second-hand goods". , ○ I used it many times. I don't know how much it was used by the previous owner. "If an ordinary person buys or sells a moderate number or quantity of second-hand goods in a form that is not a "business", it is not a legal "second-hand shop" and is subject to the regulations of the second-hand goods business law (mentioned above). do not have.

Second-hand goods are bought and sold for most goods.For example, in small thingsAccessories,腕 時 計, In medium sizeclothing-shoesKind,Bag,Tableware·kitchenware,Book-magazine,CD-DVD-BD,Game software (game cartridge),Home appliances,Computer,Musical instrument,tool,Sporting goods, Camping equipment, bigger onesFurniture,オ ー ト バ イ,Passenger carIn the bigger onebus,largeHeavy Machinery,aircraft,Ship,住宅Second-hand goods of various things are bought and sold personally, and traders buy and sell as a business.There is also a second-hand goods market (for professionals) that is bought and sold exclusively by traders, but in recent years, the place where ordinary individuals such as Mercari and Yahoo Auction buy and sell has also functioned as a well-established second-hand goods market.

In recent decades, various scientific data have revealed that human consumption behavior has overloaded the earth.Sustainable Development GoalsIs important,United NationsBut in developed countries政府But the movement for that is being promoted,Recycling societyIs required to beSecond-hand goodsTo purchase and use (orReuse,Recycling) Is said to be important.

Regarding products manufactured in the 2010s and 1960s from the latter half of the 1970s (because young people born after the Heisei era had never seen it), "Retro future"Products", that is, things that are significantly different from the design sense (design sense) of the 2000s, are increasingly perceived as "new things" (although they are actually old), and "futuristic design products" And "futuristic designs that haven't come (or haven't come yet)" are becoming more and more popular among young people.Therefore, items from the 1960s and 70s (furniture, home appliances, tableware, etc.)thermosHowever, the number of young enthusiasts who collect () has increased, and some companies have begun to sell restored goods at high prices. (It should be noted that manufacturers who used to manufacture products are increasingly noticing the boom and remanufacturing and selling reprints with the same design as before, but this is not a used product but a "new product".)

Legal terms "secondhand" and "secondhand dealer"

Legal antiques in Japan areAntique business lawDefined as follows in Article 2

  • Items that have been used once (appealing art andGift certificates,ticket,PoststampIncluding large-sized machinery (including vouchers and other items similar to those specified by Cabinet Order)Ship,aircraft, Machine tools and similar items. ) Except those specified by Cabinet Order. same as below. ) Or items that are not used and that have been traded for use or that have been somewhat cared for.

For antiques, there are the following classifications in Article 2 of the Enforcement Regulation of the same law.

  1. ArtworkKind (Calligraphy,彫刻, Crafts, etc.)
  2. clothing(kimonoClothing, clothes, and other clothing)
  3. Watches and jewelry (clock,glasses,jewelry, Accessories, precious metals, etc.)
  4. Automobile(Including its parts.)
  5. Motorcycleas well as the Motorized bicycle(Including these parts.)
  6. BicycleClass (including its parts)
  7. Photo equipment (Camera, Optics, etc.)
  8. office supplyKind (register,Typewriter, Calculator, copy machine,Word processor,facsimileEquipment, officeElectronic computer,Business phoneWait)
  9. Machine tools (Electrical machinery,Machine Tools,Civil engineering machinery, Chemical machinery, tools, etc.)
  10. Tools (Furniture, Equipment, exercise equipment,Musical instrument,Magnetic recording medium, For gramophonerecord, Sounds, images or programs recorded by magnetic or optical methods, etc.)
  11. Leather and rubber products (Bag,shoesWait)
  12. Book
  13. Cash voucherKind (Gift certificates,ticketAnd mailstampAnd the Order for Enforcement of the Antique Business Act (Cabinet Order No. XNUMX of XNUMX) Article XNUMX Voucher and other things prescribed in each item. )

By law, airplanes, railway vehicles, large ships, large machines, and real estate are not "old", but this item generally deals with the second-hand market (not cash vouchers).

In addition, in general, it is necessary to obtain an antique dealer's license in order to repeatedly purchase and sell antiques.

About industrial products in general

Most industrial products, such as home appliances, electronic devices, computers, motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, buses, aircraft, and ships, are bought and sold as second-hand goods.

Usually there are also specialists for each genre.Since the properties of second-hand goods are different for each genre and each product, business customs are also different.

In the case of industrial products, generally speaking, the price of second-hand goods is lower than the price of new goods.However, some industrial products, such as those that have been discontinued even though they have so-called deep-rooted "fans", may be sold at a high price (that is, they are still in production, but other products). It can be much more expensive than the less popular products inside.needgiveIt is determined by the balance of.Even if the demand is actually small, if the supply becomes smaller than that, or if the supply becomes "zero supply", the price will jump.For the majority of people who don't want it, even if it's just junk, the price will still jump. ).

In addition, mainly for IT home appliances such as personal computers and smartphones, used cars, etc.中小企业,NPO-Worker's corpAfter concluding a lease / rental contract for a small corporation such as, the product returned at the end of the contract period will be re-maintained / repaired as a used product as a "lease-up product" or "rental-up product". Some of them are sold at a bargain price.[5]


Secondhand carThat is.There is a specialized dealer dealing with used cars, there is a market for specialized dealers for used car specialists to buy and sell used cars, and a large number of used car dealers are bought and sold by electronic bidding.Used car dealers display and sell used cars in stores for the general public.In recent years, ordinary individualsMercari,Yahoo auctionIt has become widespread to buy and sell the car that you used.

For rare car models and car models that have been popular for many years, repair and repair no matter how much effort it takes.RestoreIt is also done.It is also done by a company that specializes in restoration, but it is also done by enthusiastic individuals, and the TV program "Classic Car Regeneration! Classic Car DealersHas been broadcast (rebroadcast) all over the world for many years, and many people have seen it and tried to imitate it to get a used car and restore it.

オ ー ト バ イ

Used motorcycles are also actively traded.Professionals dealing only with used motorcycles (for example)Red baron,Bike king(Etc.) is also being expanded nationwide (customers sell used motorcycles that have been released, restored, adjusted, and inspected).In addition, used motorcycles are often sold by ordinary motorcycle dealers by displaying them as "used" in parallel with new motorcycles (usually ordinary motorcycle dealers also sell maintenance locations, tools and technology. When a customer buys a new motorcycle, he / she can procure parts because he / she has a lot of people and has a deal with the manufacturer.Trade-inBy restoring what was put out in the store (those that can be restored) and selling it as second-hand goods, we are effectively utilizing what is still usable and increasing the choices of customers. )


The clothes that someone has already wornOld clothesIt's called (Furugi).Traders are generally referred to as "second-hand clothing stores."Vintage clothing dealerIs a kind of.Hard off,Treasure factoryAlso deals in used clothing.It is also actively traded in Mercari.In recent years, an increasing number of young women are saying, "I buy second-hand clothes at Mercari, wear them several times, and sell them at the same price."Many young women don't like being seen wearing the same clothes dozens of times, so "just pay the postage and you can change your clothes around, which is very convenient. It is used with the feeling of "keep it if you like it."

Baby products, kids products

Many baby items and children's items become unusable in just a few years as the child grows up, and a large number of second-hand items are in circulation.It is traded at thrift shops, Mercari, Yahoo Auctions, Jimoty, etc.

Baby bedIs an important tool when a baby is born, and it is still necessary, but the required period is quite short, and when the baby grows up and becomes an infant, it becomes unnecessary and gets in the way, so "I only use it for a short period of time." Second-hand goods (or leased goods) are often used.If you have more than one child, you can buy a crib second hand, use it for a while, and then let it go.

For toddlerstoyThere are also types suitable for each age, and when the child grows up, the parents give the toys of the next stage, the toys are gradually replaced, and the toys that the child is no longer interested in are released as second-hand goods and distributed.

Children's clothing is also sold in large quantities because it will not fit in size and cannot be worn in just a year or two.Children's clothing, which is relatively expensive, is often sold individually, but for small-value children's clothing, about 1 to 2 are sold as "bulk sales" to avoid the hassle of handling them individually. It is also common to trade in bulk.


Roughly speaking, "ordinary" used furniture and "normal" used furnitureantiqueIt can be divided into "furniture" (furniture that is high-class and valuable as an antique), but there are also vague and subtle ones in between.

A large amount of ordinary used furniture is exchanged, for example, chairs / tables (for meals), cupboards, desks / chairs (for office work), etc.Bookshelf, Storage shelves, chests of drawers, folding beds, (ordinary)bed, Mirror stand (a stand with a mirror used by women for makeup), etc.PeopleMoving-TransferWhen doing so, I usually release a number of furniture as second-hand goods.

Used furniture is also bought and sold at small recycle shops (second-hand shops) in each city, and it is a major chain.Hard off,Treasure factoryBut I am dealing with it.Individuals also trade on Mercari, Yahoo Auctions, and Jimoty (on e-bay in English-speaking countries).

Regarding antique furniture, there are many strong fans in Europe and the United States because the history of good quality furniture is very long, and there are many companies that specialize in antique furniture.Even in Japan (though not as much as in Europe and America), there are companies that handle "antique furniture".This is also an "secondhand shop" under Japanese law.

Books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Used bookssecondhand bookThat is.The traderSecondhand bookstore,Secondhand bookstoreThat is.Regarding roadside stores (actual stores), in Japan for the past few decadesBook offIs developing one of the largest chains.There are also many other companies that do not have physical stores and buy and sell exclusively at Yahoo Auctions and Mercari.

Used CDs, DVDs and BDs are also available.Book Off (and some second-hand bookstores) are available at physical stores.Again, there are many transactions in Mercari and Yahoo Auctions.

Those that may violate the law at the trader (Adult videos(Some of them, etc.) may not be purchased.

Game software

Transactions are made in various places.Book off and hard off in major chainsGeoEtc. are buying and selling, and individuals are also actively buying and selling at Mercari and Yahoo Auction.It is widely practiced to buy and play at Mercari, and when you get tired of it, sell it again at the same price.In other words, with this method, you can enjoy various games for the time being with almost only the postage (however, the extended map and optional data that you download by entering the code enclosed and printed on the package are already in the previous. Often the user enters the code and the code is tied to a particular console and cannot be used).Generally speaking, used game software is bought and sold cheaper than new game software.However, some of the game software from decades ago, whose packages were kept clean, have antique value and are also collected by collectors, and are traded at fairly high prices.

Home appliances

White goods, for examplemicrowave,Refrigerator -Washing machineSuch asWhite goodsIs sold in many thrift shops.In a major chainHard off,Treasure factory(This chain does a general cleaning and basic operation check).It is bought and sold between individuals at Mercari and Yahoo Auction.In addition, there are often exchanges such as "I want to pick it up. The price is OK for XNUMX yen" and "I will give it to those who can come to pick it up for free".

Home Appliance Recycling LawSince the enforcement of, the recycling fee + collection and transportation fee has been required, so more and more people want to sell it as a second-hand item (even if it is almost unpriced) or give it to someone for free.as a resultSustainable Development GoalsWill contribute to.

Used PC

Globally, the used computer market is expanding year by year, and the demand is expected to increase for the time being. Exports from the markets of Japan and Western developed countries to Asia are also solid,GartnerAccording to the 2005 report, the number of used PCs sold from the United States to other countries reached about 2004 million sets in 1, accounting for 5250% of PCs in the world.Second-hand goods(CNET articles).

For the used PC market,[When?]where? (Specifically, in which country / region?), About 200 million units are exported / sold annually (from Japan?)[Source required].

Generally speaking, used PCs are much cheaper than new PCs.In many cases, support for Windows-based operating systems has expired, and even if you upgrade to a newer version of Windows, there is often not enough main memory or storage capacity.Also, the CPU power may be insufficient.However, if the CPU capacity is sufficient, it is common for used PC vendors to increase the memory, replace the storage with a larger capacity one, upgrade the OS to a new version, and sell it as a used PC. It's done and it's reasonably priced.AlsoAppleThen, as a manufacturer, it is sold on the official website in a state where it can be recognized as a used product (at a price that is not much different from a new product) as a restored product (maintenance and cleaning like a new product and a clean installation of the OS).

If you continue to use the HDD used by the previous user on a used PC (whether intentionally or unintentionally)MalwareHas been embeddedComputer virusMay be hidden in the HDD, etc.Computer securityBuyers have become more cautious in recent years as it has become widely known that the above risks are involved.Therefore, in recent years, when selling a used PC, whether it is a trader or an individual, it is once returned to the "initial state" or "factory default state", or the OS is "clean installed" (just installed). So, it is becoming more and more common to sell (without logging in or entering a user name).

Still moreDeveloping countryFor example, the latest PCs are expensive and hard to obtain, so we are importing and selling old PCs that have been discarded in developed countries, or distributing them free of charge so that they can be used in education. AreNGOCharityThere is also.AlsoLinux(Ubuntu) AndFreeBSDIt can be used free of charge, and it looks just like Windows with the X-Window System.GUIBy installing an OS that works on older PCs without any problems, it is becoming more active to utilize PCs without waste.

Used personal computers are purchased for the following reasons and motives, for example.

  1. I don't have enough budget to buy a new one.
  2. I want to secure a temporary spare machine (for backup) on a low budget.
  3. Office suite,WebsiteI only want to browse, so I want an inexpensive used PC because the old model is enough.Wasted on the latest modelsOverspec.
  4. My child (or younger brother or sister) does not have a PC and wants it, but the child (or younger brother / sister) is a "total beginner" anyway, and I will buy it with "gratitude" to the last. Give a cheap used PC.
  5. latestOSI want to use specific software that doesn't work and only works on older OSs (Pc gamesHowever, this happens even with control software used in companies).
  6. 単 にfile serverBecause I want to make a used PC, a used PC is enough.The file server works well on a used low-spec PC, so I want to use a cheap used PC.
  7. The design is unique and excellent, but it has become out of printlaptop,PDA-Pocket computerI want.
  8. "I want a computer from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of yesteryear." CPU still8 bit,16 bitComputers of the past are no longer practical (for today's people, the webブ ラ ウ ザIt doesn't even move, you can't search for daily information, it has a small memory, and you can't open a large table for spreadsheets, so it can't be used for office work.) On the other hand, the value as, is also born.Especially if you have an enthusiastic fan of a particular retro model, you can buy or sell at the selling price at that time, or buy a "computer that you longed for in your youth, but you couldn't buy at that time" (become a millionaire). (From) Some people "buy adults".Some rare items of a specific model that remain in the history of computers are sold at a price of "tens of millions of yen" (Apple IRare items etc.).

OA equipment

In recent years, leasing companies and the like have increased the number of cases in which leases have been completed, ownership has been transferred, and maintenance has been performed at office furniture stores.Used business phone, Used multifunction machines, used rotary presses, etc.

Professional kitchen equipment

There are specialists in the professional kitchen equipment used by restaurants in stores (at major stores).TemposSuch).

For example, a refrigerator (short, wide, professional) that doubles as a counter, a large sink, a large dishwasher, a professional gas table (large stove), and a fryer (equipment for making fried food).for examplebakeryKitchen equipment includes kneaders (devices that knead bread dough from flour, large hooks that rotate), and bread kilns (large ovens).There are many special kitchen equipment for professionals, depending on the type of restaurant, which the general public has never seen, and such special kitchen equipment is also traded by specialists.There are many "new openings" of restaurants in the world, but the same number of restaurants are quietly "closed" (closed) every year, and most of the kitchen equipment used in the closed restaurants is second-hand. As a product, it will be sold in the hands of a second-hand kitchen equipment specialist (cleaning, basic operation check, etc.).

For equipment in the kitchen that is not visible to customers, use used kitchen equipment as much as possible to reduce the cost of opening a store, while equipment that can be seen by customers near the audience seats is shiny new equipment. It is widely practiced to use.New kitchen equipment for professionals has a new price of 30 yen to 100 million yen to 150 million yen, etc., which is a completely different price range from household cooking utensils, so the price by selecting a used item Since the amount of difference is quite large, it is common knowledge in the management of restaurants to reduce the cost of opening a store by using used kitchen equipment.

Used traffic lights

HyogoIn some cases, resin signals before 2000 are used and pedestrian signals are used second-hand. In Hyogo prefectureGraySince it is often used after being painted on, it is resistant to rust and can be reused, making it the most suitable equipment for temporary traffic lights.

Not second-hand goods

New old goods

In addition, there are some things in the world that are positioned as "between new and old", and they are commonly called "new old" or "new old".For example, exhibits and in-store demos.


The exhibits were taken out of the box at the store and placed on shelves to show them to customers. (It is confusing to judge how far the "exhibit" refers to because some stores leave the "exhibit" in a state where it can be touched and operated by customers.) "Exhibits" are, for the time being, industrial products that no consumer has purchased yet, but in reality they are at least touched by the clerk and, in a sense, "used" for sales promotion (" However, the "user" and "purchaser" fields on the warranty card are still blank, so the manufacturer's warranty will be valid when the consumer purchases it).Exhibits will be sold at a lower price than unopened new ones, after clearly indicating to consumers that they are "exhibits."In this case, the manufacturer's warranty as good as new is often attached. (It is dishonest to sell it as a "new item" without specifying it even though it is an "exhibit".)

Demo product

The "in-store demo product" is operated and moved by a clerk to show the customer where the item is actually moving (however, no one's name is written in the "owner" column of the warranty card yet. , The manufacturer's warranty is valid from the stage when someone purchases it and fills it out.)

Accident product

Items that have problems such as scratches and dents due to problems during transportation are called "accident items".Those that have been repaired by the manufacturer are called "recycled products".

Handling of exhibits and demos at stores

The handling of "exhibits" and "demo products" differs depending on the industry.

How to handle electric appliances, computers, etc. differs depending on the integrity of the store. Some stores honestly display "exhibits" and "new and old".There are also stores that sell as "used" (in a sense, "used" by the store as a tool for sales promotion, so be "strict to yourself" and humbled).However, dishonest stores sometimes display it as "new" and sell it, which is a big problem, and when the buyer removes it from the box, it "marks that it has already been used" (for example, a large amount of fingerprints are sticky or sticky). It is found that it is dirty here and there, there are many small scratches, the instruction manual is not a pin, it has fingerprints, the page is broken, etc.), and the customer decides that it was "fooled". Because I get angry, I get complaints from the store,Consumer Center(Consumer Affairs Agency) Etc.ReportOr in modern timesSocial MediaFor example, "a malicious store that sells second-hand goods as new" and "if I bought it because I thought it was new, there was a second-hand goods in it. Don't buy it there." I'm losing.

The definition differs depending on the industry, but in one industry, "new and old products in the strict sense were once delivered and opened, but for some reason (contract cancellation, etc.) they are immediately repacked, or someone I bought it and kept it in the packaged state, but it was sold as an unnecessary item without being used. "For example, a car dealer (car dealerIn order to achieve the sales quota, vehicles that have been registered in-house under the name of test drive are often sold in the used car market as "new old cars" with a mileage of several tens of kilometers.In the case of individual partsONGOING (en: New Old Stock).These "new and old products" are often stored in a place other than a dedicated warehouse without being operated, and when the lubricating oil, rubber / plastic parts, parts with a set expiration date, etc. have deteriorated. Therefore, some problems may occur after the operation starts.In some cases, there may be a shortage of accessories, so be careful when purchasing.

There are unique practices in the musical instrument industry.Musical instruments (especially guitars, violins, pianos, etc., are natural by craftsmen.woodFor acoustic instruments that are often "handmade" using the material.For musical instruments that are not electronic products such as electronic musical instruments. ) There is a considerable difference (individual difference) in each individual instrument, which is very important musically, so most buyers first try it out, then compare the individuals and buy a certain individual. Decide whether to buy or choose another individual.For example, above a certain price, intermediate or aboveGuitarThen, for example, for a guitar that costs hundreds of thousands of yen or more, most customers always try it for a few minutes (a little less than 10 minutes depending on the person), and carefully check the individual differences in tone with their own ears. ofMeansCarefully judge whether the details of the instrument are compatible or not before purchasing. (Therefore, most acoustic instruments have already been tried by many people before they can actually buy them.) In the musical instrument industry, even the instruments that have been tried are not treated as "new and old". It is sold as "new" (customers, if they are intermediate or above, understand well that musical instruments are such things, and I am convinced. I myself try various things and then select an individual. If the trial is prohibited, it will not be possible to select an individual, which is very troublesome.)

Precautions for second-hand goods

There are some points to be aware of for anything, that is, new ones, but there are also points to be aware of for second-hand goods.

It will be explained below.

Used car

There are many dishonest vendors, and there is a possibility that various frauds such as "concealment of accident history", "disposal of maintenance notebook", and "rewinding of mileage meter" will be committed.

Still moreTeslaIf you buy a used car from a used car, it is said that it is not a function you paid for, and all software purchased and installed by the previous owner is deleted.[6].

Used game software

Computer games OfsoftwareEtc.Copyrighted materialThen, "In the second-hand sales of copyrighted works,Copyright usage rightMoney related to is not exchanged.This transaction will reduce new sales. "Computer Software Copyright AssociationIt was done by etc.1998In 1 monthComputer Software Copyright Association-Computer Entertainment Software Association(at that time)·Japan Personal Computer Software AssociationJointly launched a campaign to eradicate illegal used game software,Computer Entertainment Software Association"NO RESALE" mark is now attached to the software of each member company (2002Abolished in May).

In addition, in this problemLawyer・Legal scholars formed the “Used Software Problem Study Group,” which presented questions. Many of the retailers that sell used game software also sell new game software, but I was dissatisfied with the sale of this used game software.Sony Computer EntertainmentWhen they put pressure on the wholesale of goods,Fair Trade CommissionHas issued a recommendation to the company for exclusion, including "stopping dealers from handling second-hand goods."

Also, in parallel with thisCapcom7 manufacturers, etc.Tokyo District CourtとOsaka District CourtAt a used game software store (Video Game Software Distribution Association) Against (Used game trial), but this trial2002In 4 monthSupreme CourtAt "Sales of used game softwareCopyright lawIt is not an infringement of the above distribution right (Article 26)."2003Cabinet decision decided in JulyIntellectual property promotion planHowever, items that aim to abolish this Supreme Court decision by legislation were included, but in response to the many opposition from the general public and academics2005This item was deleted at the third revision in June).

According to the copyright laws of other countries, once the distribution right cannot be exercised for products that have been legally sold.ExhaustionThe principle is clearly stated, and the above-mentioned trial was pending in Japan as well.1999The transfer right newly established by the revision of the Copyright Law in June (Article 6-26) has the same provisions (Paragraph 2 and below). The right of distribution was postponed in the above-mentioned trial because the stated culture of the “exhaustion of rights” principle was postponed, but the Supreme Court ruling said that the right of distribution was ``right The exhaustion principle is applied.

Used electrical products

Electrical Appliance and Material Safety LawSince April 2006, when it becomes effective, it will not be possible to sell used electric products and electric musical instruments that do not have the "PSE mark." For this reason, there is concern about a catastrophic blow to the second-hand goods industry,PSE problem"There has occurred. On this occasion,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryAs a measure,

  • It will be rented out for a certain period of time and will be transferred free of charge after the rental period ends (cancellation and return during the period is also possible)
  • Second-hand stores themselves become “manufacturers” under the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, inspect used items, and sell them with the “PSE mark” attached.

I have come up with a policy such as商標RightUnfair Competition Prevention LawAs the above problems were pointed out and market turmoil continued,2007The Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law amendment was submitted to the Diet, stating that no re-inspection is required for products whose safety has been confirmed by inspection based on the old Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law.168th Extraordinary DietWas established in.

Used PC

Similar to used electrical products, in addition to the problems associated with the enforcement of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law mentioned above, there are the following precautions peculiar to personal computers.

  • Used machineOSIf you upgrade the version, the various application software will not be the same as before.
  • For used PCs, some of the software included (especiallyApplication softwareIn some cases, software production companies (part of) do not allow the transfer of license rights (so that their sales increase). (Windows itself and Microsoft's office suites are fine)
  • Built-in "hard disk recovery" type model, that is, recovery (returning to "factory default")HDDIn the case of the type performed from the data stored in a part of the area of, recovery cannot be performed if the hard disk drive is completely erased or replaced.
  • If you choose a used machine about 5 to 10 years ago, you often upgrade Windows to a new version before using it, but Windows has become a "heavy" OS every time the generation is updated. In some cases, the amount of memory is insufficient and the operation is so-called "light", that is, slow.The solution is to purchase a large-capacity memory (two identical products) and replace it. One-generation-old memories are usually sold cheaply, even if they are new.
  • (Although it is usually okay if it is a used PC about 5 to 8 years ago) Older used machines 15 or 20 years ago have a small CPU performance and main memory amount, so Windows etc. are already " Only older versions of Windows that are "out of support" will work.If the security wear update service has ended, it is dangerous and you cannot connect to the Internet. (If you decide not to connect to the Internet at all and use the old Windows standalone, you can operate it for the time being.) Also, PCs 15 or 20 years ago or moreMain memory,Video cardEtc. are also quite old models, so if you want to add it, it is also the same as the main bodyHard offSuch as thrift shops,Yahoo auction,Mercari,eBayYou will often search for it. Many PC parts that are over 15 or 20 years old are not often exhibited at Yahoo Auctions and Mercari, and are often difficult to obtain.It was also sold from the late 1970s to around 2002,8-bit personal computerFor PCs of manufacturer's own standard (for example, most of NEC's PC-8000, PC-8800, PC-9800 series)display(monitor) Connector and signal standard (horizontal frequency, etc.) appeared after that.DOS / VIt's different from the de facto standard, so you have to get the displays from that time.In other words, in the case of a used PC, it is okay if it is a used machine that is about 5 to 8 years old, but there are various hurdles to buy a used machine that is 20 or 30 years old separately and make it work properly. ..If you do not buy it in one set and in the state of "completely working product", there is a high possibility that you will end up with "just junk" where you will not have all the necessary parts and additional parts.And computers that are 15 or 20 years old or older, even if they work with everything they need, are so low in performance that they are almost impractical, almost only of "antique" or "ornamental" value. do not have.
  • laptopThen, the battery is often deteriorated.Genuine manufacturer products are (quite) expensive,Third partyEquivalent products are sold cheaply on Amazon and other stores.
  • If you want to recover with an optical disc on a model that does not have a built-in optical drive, you need to find an external optical drive that can be connected to that model (since 2010, the number of models that recover from an optical disc has decreased).
  • The terminals may be deteriorated, and if they are, the equipment that must be connected to the terminals cannot be used.
  • If you want to release a used computer as a used item,HDD(Auxiliary storageIt is necessary to completely erase the data in).This is because there is a possibility that customer information will be leaked from the HDD that has been handed over to a third party, and there is also the possibility that the credit card number, password, etc. will be leaked.And simpleformatIf you just apply, a malicious person will use "disk utility software" etc. to recover some or a considerable part of the data.[7]..Therefore, when cautious people release the PC they used as a second-hand product, they remove the HDD and store it in their own hands, and release the main body as a "junk PC without HDD".This is 100% safe.

Used mobile phone

Mobile phoneTerminal is20155ToSIM freeBasically until the ban is liftedSIM lockBasically, the model purchased by each carrier cannot insert the SIM of the carrier that purchased it (example: SIMs other than NTT DoCoMo cannot be inserted in the one purchased by NTT DoCoMo, and the SIM of another company can be inserted into the model of NTT DoCoMo. I could only use it)[8](Since October 2021, SIM lock will be prohibited in principle.[9]), It was virtually difficult to purchase smartphones at thrift shops before the SIM-free ban was lifted.

SIM cardHas adoptedMobile phoneRegarding terminals, other same mobile phone carriers (Telecommunications carrier) Even if you switch to a mobile phone terminal, you can communicate with the same phone number and email address as your old phone if you replace the SIM card (with some exceptions). For this reason, second-hand products of mobile phone terminals are also in circulation, but there are the following problems with second-hand products.

  • There is a case where the former owner puts up for sale to a second-hand store without paying the usage fee (contract fee, call/communication fee, etc.).
  • There are cases where mobile phone terminals brought into a second-hand store are stolen goods.

The mobile phone carrier restricts the use of the terminal user when the charge is delinquent or when the terminal is reported to have been stolen.This is generally called "red ROM" (those with no delinquency in charges are called "white ROM").[10].

Each carrier checks "IMEI" (serial number) on the store or the site of the user page of each carrier that has subscribed, and the following results are displayed.

  • 〇: Currently, there are no usage restrictions.
  • △: Currently, there are no usage restrictions, but there is a possibility that usage restrictions will be applied in the future due to unfinished installments.
  • ×: Network usage is restricted due to delinquency, etc.
  • -: Does the serial number exist or is a typo?

Customers who purchased a problematic used terminal without knowing these circumstances often cannot use it due to this usage restriction, and some users who can no longer use the service file a lawsuit against the mobile phone carrier. In some cases[11].

Since the mobile phone also has a built-in storage device, there is a possibility that personal information may be leaked due to forgetting to erase the data as in the case of the personal computer.

3G, when mobile phones have begun to spread in earnest, will be around March 2026 at the latest (NTT DoCoMoin the case of.KDDI OfauWas completed in March 2022,Softbank mobileIs public around March 2024PHSThe service is scheduled to be terminated or abolished by March 2023), so there is a risk that 3G or less feature phones, smartphones, and PHS will not be usable.[12].

Used OA equipment

  • Since many of them require special functions, they cannot be used as-is even if purchased, and it is necessary to find a maintenance company at the same time when installing and installing.
  • If the manufacturer's inventory is cut off at the time of failure, it may be difficult to obtain parts, so confirmation is required when making a purchase.

Used house

In addition to the deterioration of the house itself as a structure,Real estateThere are notes specific to transactions.

  • Deterioration and deterioration of the building itself due to aging. Special attention should be paid to deterioration related to water.
  • Uneven settlement of the ground, etc.
  • Urbanization control areaIn some cases, the property cannot be rebuilt (it was constructed with the license of the branch house, was constructed with the license of the store, but was actually used as a house, reduction of the part in contact with the road, etc. ).
  • Urbanization promotion areaEven within that, laws and regulations have been revised, and even if land that was built before the revision could not be reconstructed under the current law. (Width of roads in contact, etc.)


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