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👶 | Sagamihara City, child abuse is the most updated for 5 consecutive years 60% of perpetrators are real mothers

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Sagamihara City, Child Abuse Renewed Most for 5 Consecutive Years 60% of Perpetrators Are Real Mothers

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Half of the sexual abuse was by parents, while the other half were adoptive fathers and parents' remarriage partners.

In Sagamihara City, the number of children suspected of child abuse in 2021 was 2973 (up 10.6% from the previous year), and ... → Continue reading

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Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse(Seikigyakutai) means that in the relationship between the upper and lower sides, the upper person abuses or abuses the power of the lower person.right-human rightsIt is a sexual infringement act that ignores.Sexual abuseAlso known as (abuse).As an abbreviationSexual abuseThere is also the word (seigyaku).In a broad senserape,Sexual harassmentEtc. are included.

In generalChild sexual abuseHowever, in reality, sexual abuse is recognized not only for children but also for the elderly, spouses (including common-law marriages), and persons with disabilities.Furthermore, it is used not only for humans but also for animals such as pets and livestock.

Victim's gender


For womenSexual violence..Most of the victims of sex crimes were women, for example, 2016% of the victims of forced obscenity recognized in Japan in 96 were women. 2017Forced sexual intercourseThen, 99% of the victims were women.

4 timesWorld Women ConferenceThe Code of Conduct, scaled in (Beijing, 1995), is transcribed as "violence against humans violates the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms of humans."

The following year following a large-scale sexual harassment accusation in the United States in 2017Time's UpA support fund was established.Some of the alleged victims were men, but feminism was the focus of attention in this case.


Sexual violence against men.In Japan, men were not recognized as rape victims in the old "rape crime" (name abolished in 2017), but "Forced sexual intercourse”, The man is admitted as a victim for the act of effectively raping.Outside of Japan, both the United States and men are recognized as victims of rape.

Weak victim


Children can be victims both inside and outside the home.It should be noted that there are many cases where the weight is heavier inside the home, but there are many cases where the damage is serious even outside the home.In any case, in the case of sexual abuse in early childhood, the experience remains traumatic to the victim, so there are few cases that seriously affect the victim's subsequent personality formation and life. not.In addition, if sexual harassment is mild, it often does not appear, but the child himself is seriously hurt.

in Japan"Act on Prevention of Child Abuse(Child Abuse Prevention Law) ”was enacted in May 2000, and Article 5 defined sexual abuse as“ to make children obscene or to make children obscene. ”This law is limited to domestic ones.


Regarding sexual abuse of the elderly, the ratio to the whole has not been investigated, but there are many cases.In Japan's "Comprehensive Study on Coordination of Human Relations in Nursing Homes for the Elderly" (June 1994, survey content was domestic abuse), three people in the past six months, "Elder Abuse in Special Nursing Homes" According to the "Fact-finding and Awareness Survey" (March 6), the number of people was 3 in the past year, but since most of the abuses are done in closed rooms and many residents have dementia, the details are as follows. There are many unclear points.

In Japan, from April 2006, 4, "Act on Prevention of Elderly Abuse and Support for Elderly Caregivers(Elder Abuse Prevention Law) ”has been enforced, and sexual abuse is stipulated as“ to make the elderly do obscene acts or to make the elderly do obscene acts ”.


People with disabilities have been found to be very vulnerable to sexual abuse.Such abuse cases are common in JapanMito IncidentSocially recognized in the TV drama "Saint MarchWas also taken up.


Also for animalsbestialitySexual abuse such as is being carried out.DogpenisBecause is close to the size of humans, these animals are damaged.Also, in recent veterinary medicine, even animals are traumatic like humans.Mental disorderIs known to appear.

Relationship between perpetrator and victim


In 2017, Article 179 of the Penal Code newly established "guardian obscene crime" and "guardian sexual intercourse crime", and if the victim is under the age of 18, the police can only deal with the act.


In general, it is well known that a spouse is physically abused.However, in Japan, 1997% of women allegedly have been sexually abused by her husband in the "Violence Survey against Women" (20.9).Despite her psychological distress, social recognition is very difficult, probably because of her position as a wife.Gangbang,ImprisonmentIn general, there are many cases where people are forced to remain silent, even if they are arrested in extreme cases such asDomestic violenceChildren raised in the same family are also known to have a high rate of subsequent sexual damage).


Teachers and students

The sexual relationship between teachers and students was once virtually ignored.In the 21st century, Japan has been willing to take measures such as disciplinary dismissal.

Clergy and parishioners

Medical effects

In the old medical world, sexual abuse was schizophrenia (then, now the name)schizophrenia) Was only thought to be a hallucination.Advocate of schizophreniaEugen broilerIn his 1911 book, Dementia praec or schizophrenia, defined sexual hallucinations as the most important physical hallucination symptom in schizophrenia.

However, with the passage of time, suspicions arise as to whether this is really a hallucination. In 2018, post-traumatic stress disorders (so-called “complex PTSD”) in long-term repetitive traumatic experiences such as sexual abuseInternational statistical classification of diseases and related health problems In the next revised edition (11th edition) of (ICD), it was announced that a preparatory edition was prepared to be recognized as a disease, and the revision was actually made in 2019.

  • An American organization working to prevent abuse[Annotation 1]According to a 1986 survey conducted byDepressionCondition, suicidal ideation, divisive disorder (according to the name at the time)Multiple personalityOf the women receiving mental health treatments such as disability (also the name at the time), 60% have been raped (36% for men).

Case study


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