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"Ikki Tousen Extra Burst" is offering 2 big gifts to commemorate the 4nd anniversary! SSR 10 body confirmed Gachachiketsu ...

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The customary four-frame manga will be centered around "Kuan Yu Unchou," which will appear on the second anniversary of the service.

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2st anniversary of service start

Guan Yu

Guan Yu(Kan- Ken'an24/12(220/May)[1]) IsChugokuBack HanThe last military commander.word TheCloud length(Yeah).The original character is Chosei.SiliHadong-gunSolution prefecture(CurrentShanxi ProvinceYuncheng CityYanhu DistrictA person from Changping Village, Jiezhou Town.He is a literary family, his grandfather is Seki Judge, his father is Seki Takeshi, and his child is Seki.Kanpei-Guan Xing, GrandchildrenGuan Tong-Guan Yi.

Shu HanIs the founder ofRyu-biHe who served in and respected his extraordinary courage and in-lawCao CaoIt was praised by many people of the same age.Gifted by Eastern HantitleHanshou TeiHou.RumorIs a magnificent Hou (or a magnificent Hou), but many posthumous names were given by successive dynasties (Posthumous nameSee).After death, deified by the afterlifeKantoIt became (Seki Seiei-kun, Seki Emperor Sei-kun).

novel"Sangokushi performance], "Cloud length,Guan YuOrGuan Yu,Seki certainCalled consistentlyIt has received special treatment that seems to be caused by the above-mentioned Seki Emperor's belief, such as "It is not named" and "The scene of great success is magnificently drawn".

Because I had a wonderful beard (beard = beard, beard = cheek beard)Zhuge LiangFrom "(BeardIt is called "Den", and in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" etc.Mei Yan Gong(BizenkouIt is also called.


Serve Liu Bei

From hometownYouzhouZhuojunEscaped to[2].

Yellow RanWhen, Liu Bei named a volunteerZhang FeiHe met Zhang Fei and served as an escort officer for Liu Bei.When Liu Bei became the phase of the plain, Guan Yu was appointed as Bebe Shiba along with Zhang Fei.Liu Bei gave gratitude to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei like brothers, and Zhang Fei obeyed like his brother because Guan Yu was an older brother ("Sangokushi", Zhang Fei "Zhang Fei").However, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei served Liu Bei as the lord in front of many people.[3].

Stick to loyalty

Liu Bei who got XuzhouLufuI fought with Cao Cao and escaped.Ken'an3 years(198/), When Cao Cao defeated Lu Bu, Guan Yu was recognized for his military service along with Zhang Fei, and was appointed by Cao Cao as General Nakaro ("Chronicles of Huayang" Liu Satoshi).Also, at this time, Guan Yu was the general of Lu Bu.Qin YiluHe asked Cao Cao to marry his wife, but when he saw Qin Yilu's wife, Cao Cao turned into his concubine ("Shu Han").

4 years of Jian'an (199/), Liu BeiEmperorReceived a secret order fromDong ChengIn connection with Cao Cao, he raised a rebellion against Xuzhou provincial governor.Che ZhouAnd occupied Xuzhou.At this time, Zhang Fei returns to Koma with Liu Bei, and Guan YuPizhouI was entrusted with the defense of the taishou and acted for the office work of the taishou[4].

5 years of Jian'an (200/), Liu Bei was defeated by the attack of Cao Cao who had conquered the east, and went north without withdrawing to Pizhou.Yuan ShaoWhen he escaped to Cao Cao, Guan Yu was temporarily treated as a guest.It is said that Cao Cao appointed Guan Yu as a shogun and treated him as a courtesy.When Cao Cao and Yuan Shao become a war (Battle of Guandu), Guan Yu is the descendant of Lu BuZhang LiaoYuan Shao's general who was attacking Hakuba prefecture withYan LiangWas ordered by Cao Cao to attack.When Guan Yu saw Yan Liang's flag and car lid, he whipped his horse and charged him, stabbed Yan Liang and brought back his neck.At that time, none of the generals of the Yuan Shao army were opponents (Battle of Boma).Cao Cao is immediately shown above, Hanshou[5] pavilionHouSealed in.

Cao Cao highly valued Guan Yu's personality and courage, but he thought that he had no intention of staying under him for a long time, so when he asked Zhang Liao to ask him a question, Guan Yu would not betray Liu Bei. He said that he was supposed to leave after giving back to Cao Cao.Cao Cao, who had heard about it from Zhang Liao, was impressed with Guan Yu's will.

Cao thought that Guan Yu, who had the advantage of defeating Yan Liang, would definitely return to Liu Bei, and gave Guan Yu a heavy prize.Guan Yu sealed these gifts, wrote a letter to Cao Cao, said goodbye, and left for Liu Bei, who had moved to Yuan Shao.Cao admired the righteousness and told his men who were trying to chase Guan Yu that he should not be chased.

Keep Jingzhou

Liu Bei leaves Yuan ShaoJingzhou OfLiu BiaoWhen I approached him, Guan Yu accompanied me.

13 years of Jian'an (208/), Liu BeiXiangyangNotablesZhuge LiangTheThank youI was dissatisfied with Zhang Fei when I started to use it heavily, but Liu Bei's relationship with Zhuge Liang is like a fish wanting water (Fellowship of water fish) ("Sangokushi", Zhuge Liang "Zhuge Liang").

In the same year, when Liu Biao died of illness and Cao Cao invaded Jingzhou, he went south from the land of Hiiragi.GangneungAt the direction of Liu Bei, he commanded a separate corps consisting of hundreds of fleets.On the way, Liu Bei, who was chased by the Cao Cao army in Dangyang, Nagasaka, was defeated and escaped to Hanzu, joined the fleet of Guan Yu and escaped the difficulty, and headed for Natsuguchi together (Battle of Changban).Through Lu Su and Zhuge LiangGrandchildWhen Liu Bei sent reinforcements to Liu Bei, Liu Bei and Sun Quan defeated Cao Cao's army at the Red Cliffs, and Cao Cao gave up control of Jingzhou and withdrew (Battle of the Red Wall).

14 years of Jian'an (209/), JingzhouNangun offensive and defensive battleThen I blocked the north road,Li TongLed his hand and attacked it and rescued Cao Ren.Also in HanzuXu HuangMan ChongWas attacked ("Sangokushi" Wei Zhi "Xu ​​Koden"). ("Sangokushi" Wei Zhi "Li Tong Den").When Liu Bei settled the counties of Gangnam, he evaluated Guan Yu's achievements up to that point and Xiangyang.Prefect[6]・ Appointed as Shogun Shogun.Guan YuYangtze RiverI was entrusted with the defense of the north.

Liu BeiYizhouWhen you enter (Liu Bei's 蜀), Guan Yu was entrusted with the defense of Jingzhou with Zhuge Liang.Later, when Liu Bei attacks Yizhou, Zhuge Liang becomes Zhang Fei.Zhao yunAfter entering Yizhou, Guan Yu will take care of Jingzhou's absence.Around this time, under the control of Cao Cao, who was stationed in Xiangyang.Yue JinHe advanced to the blue mud in the suburbs of Xiangyang and confronted him, but he escaped with the attack.At this timeWen PingIs burning a warship with Guan Yu's Logistics Officer ("Sangokushi", "Senshuden", Wei Zhi, "Rakushinden", "Wen Pingden").The main book of Jingzhou provincial governorYang YiWhen it came down, Guan Yu appointed Yang Yi as a sergeant and dispatched him as a messenger to Liu Bei ("Sangokushi", "Yang Yi Den").

When Liu Bei conquered Yizhou, Guan Yu's achievements were evaluated to be equivalent to Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang ("Sangokushi" Zhuge Liang "Zhang Fei Den"), and Guan Yu was appointed as the military governor of Jingzhou.[7]..But of his colleagueMi Fang-Shi RenThere was a gap because Guan Yu disregarded both.In addition, during the administration of Jingzhou, which was entrusted with the affairs of the statePan JunHe never had a friendship with him ("Kikansuke praise", "Sangokushi" Wu Zhi "Banhaden").

Conflict with Sun Quan

20 years of Jian'an (215/), With the order of Sun Quan, who boiled down the business that the dispute over Jingzhou territory could not be resolvedLu MengRagaChangsha-Katsurayo-Zero RyoWhen he attacked the three counties of No., he surrendered to Wu due to Lu Meng's plot.In response, Guan Yu commanded 3 soldiers and set up in Yiyang.Liu Bei also took command of the large army and rushed to the assistance of Guan Yu, and at one point he was in danger of the collapse of the Liu-Son alliance ("Sangokushi", "Senior Den").However, the three prefectures of Ansei, Yu, and Chaling in Changsha County, which are connected to Guan Yu,YangzhouOfficials from Yongxin County in Guiyang County rebelled at Yinshan Castle in Guiyang, and Wu Bao and Zhonglo General Goryu of Changsha County's Ansei County Magistrate rebelled again through Guan Yu and tactics. "Sangokushi" Wu Zhi "Lu DaiDen ").Furthermore, this year, Cao Cao himself took command of the large army.Hanzhong OfZhang LuThese brought peace momentum to both camps, such as attacking Guan Yu, with Guan Yu.RosuThe dialogue was realized (single sword party).The talks proceeded at the pace of Lu Su on the Sun Quan side, and Guan Yu was often put in ("Sangokushi" Wu Zhi "Lu Suden").in the end,XiangshuiIs the borderline, ChangshaJiang Xia・ Keiyo is in the Sun Quan territory, Nan County ・Wuling, And once robbed, Reiryo became Liu Bei ("Sangokushi", "Shinshiden").

22 years of Jian'an (217/) After Lu Su's death, Ryomo, who was assigned to Rikuguchi, secretly had a plan to watch out for Guan Yu, but on the surface, he was closer to Guan Yu than ever before ("Sangokushi" Wu Shi "Ryomoden". ").However, Guan Yu's reign in Jingzhou was well-known for its virtue and prestige, so he couldn't get a chance ("Sangokushi" Wu Zhi "LandDen ").

At one point, Sun Quan gave Guan Yu a daughter of Guan Yu.[8] When there was an offer to marry a child of Sun Quan, Guan Yu refused.[9][10], Angry Sun Quan.

Battle of Fancheng and the end

23 years of Jian'an (218/),Houon TheHe rebelled against Cao Cao and tied his hand with Guan Yu.24 years of construction (219/) Spring New Year, Cao Cao's generalCao RenPang DeFallen the address and slashed Houon.

In the fall of the same year, Guan Yu and other group members recommended Liu Bei as King Hanchu.When Liu Bei came to call him Hanchu, Guan YuFormer general・ I was appointed as a provisional ax.

In the same year, Guan Ping, a childGovernor OfZhao LeiTogether withFanchengAttacked Cao Ren who protects.As a reinforcement of Cao Ren, he was in command of the Seven ArmiesThe banHowever, due to the bad weather from time to time, a great flood occurred and the Seven Armies were submerged.Guan Yu commanded the fleet to attack, surrendering Yu Jin and the 3 soldiers he was commanding, and slashing Pang De, who was stationed north of Fancheng.Also, at this time, JingzhouThorn historyof·NangoPrefect Of(Chinese versionAre falling on Guan Yu.Guan Yu completely surrounded Fancheng and dispatched another general.LujoProtectXiangyangEven siege.In addition, Guan Yu scattered the seals to the people, and the group thieves in Cao Cao's territory such as Liang, Jia, and Riku were uprising all at once, and Nakahara shook.At the same time, Guan Yu gained momentumSuperior OfLiu Feng-Meng DaHe asked for reinforcements, but was rejected because his superiority was not stable ("Sangokushi", "Liu Feng").

Cao Cao was upset by this situation and even thought about moving to the capital, but he was under the control of Cao Cao.ShibaJiang JiDefended Yu Jin and used Sun Quan, who had previously reached a consensus, to propose a plan to attack Guan Yu from behind on the condition that he owns Changjiang South, and Cao Cao signed a secret agreement with Sun Quan.[11].. Meanwhile,Xu HuangWas dispatched to rescue Cao Ren.As a result, Guan Yu will be caught by both the Cao and Son forces.Under Cao CaoDong ZhaoCao Cao told Cao Cao, "In order to raise the morale of Fancheng's soldiers and to deprive Guan Yu of his fighting spirit, Sun Quan will form an alliance with the lord and attack behind Guan Yu. Should be leaked to. "Following this proposal, Cao Cao had Fancheng's Cao Cao Army and Guan Yu Army inform him of his participation in Sun Quan via Xu Huang.Upon hearing this information, the morale of the Cao Cao army in Fancheng was greatly improved.

At first, Guan Yu did not prepare for Sun Quan and had a defensive soldier along the Yangtze River, but Lu Meng left the front line because he was ill, and Lu Xun was dispatched to Rikuguchi as his successor. I was easily agitated by the letter and released my alert, Gangneungpublic securityIt is said that he sent more soldiers and supplies to the front line ("Sangokushi" Wu Shi "Ryomoden", "Lu Xun").In addition, there was a threat of annihilation of Sun Quan, and he robbed the military supplies of the Sun Quan army in order to feed the 3 prisoners of the Cao Cao army who surrendered to Yu Jin.

[12] Sun Quan ordered Ryomo and Lu Xun to launch an attack on Guan Yu.Liu BeiMi FangNan County,Shi RenHowever, both sides had a gap with Guan Yu, and Ryomo, who paid attention to that, invited them to turn over and robbed Gangneung, the base of Guan Yu.After that, Lu Xun and others worked to capture Liu Bei in Jingzhou one after another.

Guan Yu was attacked by Xu Huang and lost the siege of Fancheng without dropping Xiangyang and Fancheng.[13].

After that, Sun Quan became the Guan Yu army.Logistics officerHowever, when he heard that, Guan Yu lifted the siege of Xiangyang and withdrew.[14] Guan Yu sent the messenger to Ryomo many times and tried to contact him, but each time he intentionally informed the messenger that he was taking prisoners of war and the wives and children of Guan Yu's subordinates.Knowing this from the messenger's mouth, Guan Yu's subordinates lost their hostility, and eventually Guan Yu's army broke up and most of the soldiers surrendered to the Sun Quan army ("Sangokushi" Wu Shi "Ryomoden").

After returning to Dangyang, Guan Yu learned that Sun Quan was leading his own army in Gangneung and fled to Mugijo in the west ("Sangokushi" Wu Zhi "Wu Shuden" "Ryomoden").When a messenger who recommended surrender was dispatched from Sun Quan, Guan Yu pretended to be surrendered and fled ("Sangokushi" Wu Zhi "Wu Shuden").However219/In December, in Nanzhang, Guan Yu was cut off with Kanpei and was taken prisoner and beheaded.[15][16].

After the death of Guan Yu

The head hunter of Guan Yu was sent to Cao Cao by the messenger of Sun Quan, who buried his corpse in Dangyang with the courtesy of the princes ("Wu History").On the other hand, Cao Cao buried his head hunter in Luoyang with the courtesy of the lords ("Kuan Yuden").

Shobu2 years(222/), Liu Bei, who was killed by Guan Yu, against Sun QuanBattle of XiaotingHowever, he suffered a big defeat.

Keiya3 years(260/), Shu Han's second emperorLiu ZenMore magnificent Hou[17](Or Marquis Mu of Jin) was sent.

The descendants of Guan Yu are Shu HanRanged MarquisContinued as one of theFlameNew Year (263/)Zhong HuiDue toLizardWas a child of Pang De when he diedPang HuiIs said to have killed all the Guan Yu clan ("Shu Han").however,King HiddenShu Han's "Shu Han" has many very created anecdotes, and Shu Han'sChen Shou, The grandson of Shu HanChang QuHowever, the story that the Guan Yu clan was murdered is not left in the history book. ""Song Book]Hadong-gunYasuyuki Seki[18] ,The Chancellor of the generation is considered to be a descendant of Guan Yu[19].

In the Tang dynastySixty-four generals of the mausoleumIt is enshrined with Zhang Fei by Shu Han as 64 famous generals representing the history of China before the Tang Dynasty.

Currently, a person who claims to be the 62nd generation descendant of Guan Yu lives in China, but it is unknown whether it is a descendant of Guan Yu (Kyonosuke Imaizumi "Kan Yu Den").


"Shunju SajidenI liked it and was able to recite it almost.[20].

In 219Pang DeWhen receiving a poison dart from[21]Since the poison had soaked into the bones, I had to make an incision in the elbow to scrape off the part where the poison had soaked, but even though it was in the middle of a banquet, I made an incision on the spot and it hurt. He said he was eating and drinking alcohol and meat without showing his elbows, and chatting calmly.[22].

Due to his overconfidence, his subordinates are kind but sometimes disrespect his colleagues, and Mi Fang, a general of Nangun, and Shi Ren, a general, have a gap with Guan Yu and do not try to make friends with Pan Jun during Jingzhou. rice field.They surrendered to Sun Quan and became laughter as traitors among Wu Shu.[23]..In addition, he was not pleased with Zhuge Liang's hospitality with Zhang Fei, but he changed his attitude when he was persuaded by Liu Bei.

Huang Zhong Second generalGuan Yu, who was on an equal footing with Liu Bei when he was appointed to, expressed dissatisfaction with "Can I be the same as such an old soldier?" And tried to refuse to assume the post of former general, but he is a messenger.Fei ShiWhen he was given up, he was deeply impressed with his words, realized his mistake and immediately appointed him ("Sangokushi", "Fei Shiden").

While being an enemyZhang Liao・ He has a close relationship with Xu Huang and respects each other. In "Tsuko", Zhang Liao calls Guan Yu a brother, and in "Shu Han", Guan Yu calls Xu Huang a big brother.


"Three Kingdoms』WrittenChen ShouSummarizes the personal reviews of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at the end of Zhang Fei.

Commentary Guan Yu Zhang Fei Zhang Fei Manjin no Enemy Toraomi Haho Hou Yan Yan Yan Yan Yan Yan Yan Yan Yan Yu

(Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were praised as being comparable to 2 soldiers by themselves, and were tiger vassals in this world.Yan YanFeeling in his righteousness, he unraveled the rope, and both of them had the spirit of a national scholar.However, Guan Yu was too confident and confident, and Zhang Fei was violent and unsympathetic, and both of them were ruined by their weaknesses.It is natural from the point of view. ) — “Sangokushi” Vol.[24]

Cheng YuIt was evaluated by the government that "the bravery of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei is equivalent to XNUMX soldiers" ("Sangokushi" Wei Zhi "Choden").

Guo JiaSimilarly, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu both said that they were equivalent to XNUMX soldiers, and described that they were working for Liu Bei with death ("Toshi").

Dong ZhaoGuan Yu and Zhang Fei are Liu Bei's wings and should be afraid ("Sangokushi" Wei Zhi "Toshi Shoden").

First year of Shobu (221/), Whether Liu Bei will retaliate against WuCao PiWhen (Wen Emperor) consulted with his vassal, he said, "Shu is a small country, and only Guan Yu can be called a master. I can't do that) "(" Sangokushi "Wei Zhi"Liu YeDen ").Also, in the same Liu Soden, there is also "a general who is crowned by the Yusan army."

"Toko』, Along with Zhang Fei, his heroism and righteousness are known to the world, and together with Zhuge Liang, he is a master, and it is said that there is no reason why Shu can not be settled because these three people are helping Liu Bei.

In addition, Zhou Yu is a bear tiger general with Zhang Fei, and if he separates from Liu Bei and uses it himself, it is possible to decide important things ("Sangokushi" Wu Zhi "Zhou YuDen ").

Lu Meng tells Lu Xun that Guan Yu is brave and difficult to make an enemy, and that he governs Jingzhou and has a great deal of grace ("Sangokushi" Wu Xun "Lu Xun").

Yuan ZhunWas a confidant warrior who supported Liu Bei with Zhang Fei and became a claw ("Goko").

on the other hand,Liao LiHe was criticized as saying, "Because I rushed forward in the wake of my brave name (in attacking Jingzhou), I often lost soldiers in the previous and next campaigns (Fancheng and Xiaoting)."

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms

novel"Sangokushi performance』, 9 shaku (about 216 cm on the scale from the Eastern Han to the Three Kingdoms), 2 shaku (about 48 cm) beard," ripejujube(=NatsumeIt has a red face and weighs 82 loaves (about 18 kg on the scale of the Eastern Han to the Three Kingdoms period).Green Dragon Crescent BladeWith a large naginata called (cold luster saw: Reienkyo),Red rabbitStraddles.Because of the protagonist's existence, his activities are very spectacular compared to historical facts, for example.

  • Dong ZhuoSubordinate warlordHua XiongThe story of slashing the sake recommended by Cao Cao before it got cold
  • When Zhang Liao persuaded him to surrender to Cao Cao, he set three conditions.
  • When he left Cao Cao, he was accused of not having a bill in the inspection of the Cao Cao army, and he slashed and killed six generals and broke through (Goseki breakthrough).
  • The story of Lu Meng being killed after being executed by the Sun Quan army

Such,TalkAnd the original songPeking Opera(Drama) Etc. are being actively incorporated.

The famous horse red rabbit is owned by Cao Cao after the death of Lu Bu, and is supposed to be handed over to gain the heart of Guan Yu who surrendered.The gift from Cao Cao is Guan Yu, who sealed everything, including the gift for his wife, but "I know this horse runs a thousand miles a day. Fortunately, if I get this now, my brother ( When Liu Bei's whereabouts are known, I'll be able to meet him in a day. "

Also, as an adopted childKanpeiBut as the second sonGuan Xing, As the third sonGuan SuoComes out.According to the official history, Guan Ping is a real child (there is no description of adoption).Guan Xing was praised by Zhuge Liang for his talent, but died at the age of twenty.There is no mention of Guan Suo in the official history or its notes, and the tradition made in posterity "Hanaseki DenIt is thought that it is a non-existent person because it is a diversion of the characters in.

Cao Cao, who was defeated in the Battle of Red Cliffs, is ambushed with a brilliant appearance, but he overlooks it due to the old grace in view of the angry Cao Cao.Zhuge Liang accuses him of this and is sentenced to death, but Liu Bei's intercession has earned him nothing.

It is said that Lu Meng will be cursed after his death, but it may be deleted in recent years because it does not fit the impression of Guan Yu, who has a strong sense of duty, and is unrealistic.According to the scene, Sun Quan, after executing Guan Yu, holds a feast and makes Ryomo sit in the upper seat as the first meritorious person, and gives Ryomo a cup intimately.Ryomo reverently receives the cup, but suddenly he hits the cup on the ground and grabs Sun Quan's chest and pushes it down.When everyone in attendance at the feast changed their complexion and prostrated, Ryomo collapsed and died by blowing blood through a hole in his whole body.It is depicted as if the soul of Guan Yu had changed.In addition, when Cao Cao, who was given the neck, said to him, "It's been a long time since I parted, but hasn't it changed?", He opened his eyes and mouth and surprised Cao Cao.After that, Cao Cao is said to have died of illness due to fear of the ghost of Guan Yu.

After Guan Yu was beheaded, the spirit of Mt. TamaizumiFujoIn front of the monk, Guan Ping, who also diedZhou Cang, And appears with the spirit of his vassals, spelling out a grudge against Wu and Lu Meng.FujoThere is also a story that the Buddhahood is made by persuading.Depending on the story, it is said that the person named Fujo was the person who helped Guan Yu before, or the person who was XNUMX years after Guan Yu died. I don't even know.

Guan Yu and Guan Yu Faith after Death

Six DynastiesOf the eraTaoismIn the list of deified human beings, "True Spiritual Karma", Cao Cao and Liu Bei are included, but Guan Yu is not.It can be said that the evaluation of Guan Yu was not yet solidified in the Six Dynasties.Northern Song DynastyThere was a story about Zhang Tenshi calling Guan Yu in the period "Hantenshi Seike", and by this time it was treated as if it were called by humans.LightThe first written "Marshal Seki" is written as "Marshal Seki", and at this point there is a considerable improvement in status.After that, he was deified as "Kyoten Daitei Guan Yu".What was deifiedBuddhismCertainly later than.

In that BuddhismIn the "Jingnan Jiedushi Gangneung Yin Yin Koushige Osamu Tamaizumi Seki Mausoleum"TeenagerZhiyiThere is a story that Guan Yu appeared under the Zen master and provided a monk and became a guardian deity.Southern Song DynastyWritten in the periodBuddhist ancestorsThe spirit of Guan Yu visited Zhiyi Zen Master and was asked to devote himself to Buddhism.The EmperorIt is said that Guan Yu was sealed in "Garaanshin (Garanshin Bosatsu)".Nowadays, it is also called "Kantei Bodhisattva".

ConfucianismHe is called "Yamanishi and his son" because he is one of the "Holy Emperor Bunko".It is not clear when he was sealed.He is more emphasized in terms of writing than Takeshi, and is worshiped when taking an examination in Taiwan and elsewhere.

From a political point of view, Guan Yu, who was loyal to a particular individual in a turbulent world, was a commendable person from the point of view of a politician.Therefore, the Northern SongHuizongThe emperor sealed it as "King Wu'an" after "Duke Hui" of the posthumous name, and made it "Chongning Shin-kun".Later, during the Southern Song Dynasty, it is said that he was named "Yiyu Takeanou".At the beginning of the Ming dynasty, the god was named "Kyotengokoku Tadashi Seki Seidai".TianqiThe emperor sealed it in the "Three Worlds Fushima Dai Emperor Kamui Ensei Tenson Seki Holy Emperor"clearWhen you enter the generationShunzhi EmperorLater, as "Tadayoshi God Takeseki Seidai"Missionary EmperorIs "Tadayoshi Shinbu Rei Yujin Yurei Kaikai Holy Emperor",Mitsuo EmperorIt has been posthumous one after another as "Tadayoshi Shinburei Yuhito Yuhito, National Health Insurance, Emperor Suizei, Xuande, and Seki Seidai."Many were given posthumous recognition in the early and late dynasties, giving a glimpse of some of the policies and the situation at home and abroad.The official worship of the Seki Emperor by the Qing dynasty isManchuriaLiu Bei,MongoliaAgainst the background of the brotherhood alliance similar to Guan Yu, there was also the purpose of maintaining the relationship with Mongolia (Xu Ke"Echinochloa", mourning festival "Imperial Guan Yu").

At the same time, the Qing dynasty must be in the prefectureConfuciusA temple of literature dedicated to the temple of Guan Yu and a martial temple dedicated to the Statue of Guan Yu were built.Confucius TemplePeople's Republic of ChinaAs a result of the many destructions in the early stages, many of the temples of Kwan Tai remain alone in various places.

On the other hand, the popularity of the people is high, and the temples of Kwan Tai have been built in Chinatowns around the world.Yokohama ChinatownKobe NankinmachiThe temple of Kwan Tai is famous. ""SuikodenIs a descendant of Guan YuGuan ShengHowever, each child of Guan Sheng appears in Sensaihara's "Sendake Zenden".Also in folkloreJade EmperorIt is said to be the "Left Ball Emperor", and is also honored as the "Seki Grace".In the private sector, the Holy Day of the Statue of Guan YuJuly 5 (Old calendar)OrJuly 6 (Old calendar)In TaiwanOld calendarThe festival will be held on June 6th.

Guan Yu's profile is also complemented by a folk legend. Based on the tombstone of Guan Yu "discovered" in the Qing dynasty, "Novel Plexus" sets the birth year of Guan Yu to June 3, 160, the grandfather is Guan Yu, and the father is Guan Yu. Tsuyoshi, wife is Mr. Hu[25] Suppose thatFurthermore, it is assumed that Guan Ping was born in the first year of Mitsuwa, with Guan Yu as the real child.

China Union Reserve Bank 1938/から1945/Was issued up to 10 yuanbillThe portrait was adopted in.

Guan Yu in Peking Opera

Peking OperaThe role of Guan Yu in Guan Yu is classified into the raw of the four main characters (Sheng, a general term for the male role. Among the male roles, the samurai and heroes are subdivided into "Wushon"). especially"BenioIs called, and is played by a professional actor.The face is painted in red, which indicates loyalty, except for the lines of the work, to express perfect loyalty.

On the other hand, the actor who plays Guan Yu intentionally puts on his face when making up.KurokoAvoid perfect floor plans, such as adding black lines or lines.This is a tradition to show the courtesy and refrain from the people involved in the Peking Opera, saying that Guan Yu in the play is an imitation performed by humans and not the Kan Emperor itself, as opposed to being treated as a god.

kabukiAlso in the program of "Guan YuThere is.


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  8. ^ In the folklore that seems to have been inflated from the description of this "Sangokushi", "Sekisan Kobuki (orLady Guan) ”.As the name implies, she is the third daughter of Guan Yu, and after her death.Li HuiOf the childLee's remainsI'm married to.Based on this tale, Li Hui's birthplace, Yuan County, Jianning County (currently)Chengjiang) Has a couple's grave.
  9. ^ The remark "Can a tiger's daughter be a dog's child?" Can be seen in "Demonstration" etc., but not in the official history.However, the note was drawn to "AbbreviationAccording to Sun Quan, while offering help to Guan Yu, he deliberately let the soldiers advance slowly.So Guan Yu said, "MujinaBecause he cursed Sun Quan, he said he was not good at Sun Quan and apologized. "Mujina" is for residents in the south such as KotoContemptone of.
  10. ^ I pulled this articlePei SongzhiHe questioned the credibility of this article, saying that Lu Meng, who attacked Guan Yu, secretly advanced his troops, but did not have to do so if he had promised to send reinforcements.
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  16. ^ According to Shu Han, when Sun Quan wanted to use Guan Yu as a subordinate, he was advised by his aides that "Cao Cao did not kill him, so he was thinking about moving to the capital." Remains.ButPei Songzhi"From the description of Masafumi, Guan Yu was murdered immediately and murdered, and it would be impossible to seek consent for Sun Quan, who probably was in Gangneung."In addition, "Sangokushi" Wu Shi "Zhuge JinAccording to the "Den" note, Pei Songzhi said, "By subduing Guan Yu, Sun Quan lost the cause of devoting himself to the royal family of the Eastern Han."
  17. ^ "繆" means "the martial arts did not work" and criticizes the fall of Jingzhou. "Auntie" means "spread virtue and have no front and back".however,(Chinese versionAccording to the theory, "繆" was once used as a synonym for "穆".In the Japanese translation of the Chikuma Gakugei Bunko version, according to this theory, the character "繆" is changed to "I".FuriganaIs shaking.
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