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👶 | Approximately half agree with "Abolition of physical education sitting", and there are also opinions such as "I can see the inside of the skirt" and "Same as when jumping a rabbit"


Approximately half agreed with "abolition of physical education sitting", and there were also opinions such as "I can see the inside of the skirt" and "same as when jumping a rabbit".

If you write the contents roughly
If you do not make a mistake in sitting posture such as stretching your back muscles, it is also good for back pain relief "(male in his 50s)," I wonder why he recommended it until now "(male in his 30s). ) And other voices gathered.

On May 5th, Japan Trend Research, run by NEXER, replied, "I've had a'physical education sitting'at school." → Continue reading

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      Physical education

      Physical education(Physical education) isSitting method (sitting method, sitting posture)Is a kind ofAssOn the ground or floorkneeStand up and alignBoth legsTheBoth armsHow to sit in a posture[1]..Depending on the regionGymnastics sitting(Sit down, sit down)Triangular sittingThere are also names such as (Sankakuzu, Sankakuzu)[2][3].gymnasiumIn the sense of sitting inGymnasium sittingIn some cases[4].


      Gymnastics sitting is a sitting posture in which both knees are aligned and bent so that the kneecaps are held by hand.[5]..Sometimes I cross my legs[6]..Also, if the ground condition is bad, you may take a posture that puts your weight on the heel by pulling your right foot back a little longer.[1].

      Gymnastics sitting is commonly used in collective actionEducation in JapanIt is said to be only, and it is said to be a special sitting method.[7]..The method and diagram of physical education sitting are published in "Guide for group behavior in physical education (health and physical education)" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.[5][8]..Here, as one of the group behavior patterns, it is shown as "posture to sit down and rest" in the item of "posture".[3]..Gymnastics sitting is more stable in the anterior-posterior direction than crouching posture, and is a posture that allows stable sitting even on downhill slopes.actual,SlideOne of the postures of sliding is the figure in which the arm is released from the gymnastics sitting.The left-right balance is stabilized by slightly separating the knees and feet.

      "Sit down" and similar "sit down and rest" in the group action of physical education[6]And "Let's sit down"[1], Make a physical education sitting posture with a command such as "Please sit down".The command to cancel is "Stand up" and similar "Let's stand" and "Please stand".

      This sitting methodJapaneseIn general "Physical educationIs often called, followed by "Gymnastics sitting"There are many.FurthermoredialectAt the local level, there are various names in various places, and paying attention to the shape of the legs during this sitting method,Kansai regionIsTriangular sittingThere is also an area called "(Sankakuzu, Sankakuzu)".Also,"Sitting on the mountainIt may also be called.

      In the sense of sitting in the gym, "Gymnasium sittingThere is also a way to call it.Schools used in this case often do not sit on the ground such as the ground as shown in this paper.

      It has been pointed out that sitting in physical education has a low degree of freedom in posture, and the risk of low back pain may be higher than in sitting.[7][9]..It has been pointed out that sitting in the gym is a posture that causes a burden on the lower back and irritation to the ischium, and is a heavy burden.[3]..Therefore, there is an opinion requesting the abolition of physical education sitting, and some local governments are instructing how to sit without forcing excessive pain.[8][9].


      The origin of physical education sitting in Japanese school education is not well understood.[5].1965/From the Ministry of Education (currently the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in (40)Course of StudyIt is said that it has permeated schools all over the country because it was taken up in the "Guide for Group Action Guidance" that supplements.[3][8].. In the "Guide to Group Behavior Guidance", physical education sitting is explained as "a posture to sit down and rest".[3].

      Although there is no clear record of its origin,Children,studentIf you keep standing up for a long timeanemiaIt is said that the physical education sitting starts when a person who cannot maintain standing for a long time at a school meeting etc. sits down because there is a person who causes the problem.[10]..The origin of the name itself is unknown, but it is possible that it is because you sit in a gymnasium because you sit in a physical education class.However, gymnastics sitting is also used outside of gymnasiums and gymnasiums.

      The background to the establishment of physical education sitting in school education is at meetings such as the morning assembly.Orthostatic hypotensionIn addition to preventing falls due to (commonly known as anemia), the posture allows a stable sitting on the ground, a large number of people can sit in a narrow space without taking up space, and sitting with both hands together eliminates hand play. It is said that there is a reason such as[3][5][8].


      Since physical education sitting puts a burden on the child's body, teachers and experts have also voiced that a sitting style that does not put a burden on the child's body should be introduced.[11]It has been pointed out that sitting with the knees is one of the most burdensome postures when the internal organs are compressed and there is a burden on the lower back and irritation to the ischium, and when you have to sit for a long time.[12].

      It is rarely done in general overseas educational settings[9].

      The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's guide to group behavior states that "it is not desirable to take up only the style of group behavior and give formal guidance, or to force a uniform behavior in situations where it is not necessary." Is specified[3]..In addition, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology states that "physical education sitting is not an absolute way of sitting in physical education classes."[3].

      Because there are problems such as back pain[9][13]Therefore, there are criticisms about the act of forcing students to sit in the gym even though there are no rules or rules.[9].


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