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👶 | What is "Shuri Shuri"? (Laughs) A XNUMX-year-old child who makes a mysterious sound effect when he sees breakfast on a paper plate |


What is "Ciuri Ciuri"? (Laughs) A XNUMX-year-old child who makes a mysterious sound effect when he sees breakfast on a paper plate |

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One morning, Mipapa, who had forgotten to wash Mi-kun's plate, served breakfast on a paper plate.

Interesting from Miikunpapa (@ miikunpapa3), the dad of the 1-year-old Mi-kun and 0920-year-old Hi-kun brothers ... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Paper plate

Paper plateWhat is (Kamizara)?paperMade ofdishSuch asTableware..From consideration for the environmentreed,BagasseThere are also paper plates made from non-wood paper such as[1]..Depending on the applicationgratinPlates andcurryThere are also products for serving certain dishes, such as plates.


The paper plate isPaperboard,CardboardAlthough it is a tableware made from paper such as, these thick papers that are generally distributed are used.Press workingMolded withmass productionIn what has been done使 い 捨 てIs assumed.From such a thing,picnicHolidays like, tasting at the food department, etc.disasterInWater outageHygienic in an environment where dishes cannot be washed due to various reasonsMealIt is widely used for taking.

A deep paper plate for soup is also called a paper bowl.In addition to paper plates, paper tablewarepaper cupThere is.

On the other hand,lacquerwareIn part ofJapanese paperTo make a shape by pasting togetherlacquer(paint) Is also used to make a lightweight container, and this technique is also used for paper tableware, but these paper lacquerware are not supposed to be disposable.

Even if these are disposable products, they have a certain level of water resistance and are moist.FoodIt is designed so that it does not leak even if it is placed.However, with a paper cup, on the surfacepolypropyleneSuch asSynthetic resinMadethe filmThecoatingIn contrast to the mainstream products, paper plates are hardened to make the paper itself water-resistant.adhesiveThe products that use are the mainstream.However, both have a certain limit in water resistance,Paper cartonlikeBeverageTransportation and distribution such asコ ン テ ナAscontainerCompared to, it is not suitable for leaving moist foods and liquids for a long time.It is a tableware for temporarily storing food.

As disposable tableware

Because it is cheap as a disposable tableware / containerStyrofoamIt is widely used alongside disposable tableware made of (polystyrene paper: PSP), especially when PSP tableware is left in the environment or incinerated.Environmental loadWhile there are concerns about the height of the paper plate, "burnable garbage" ("burnable garbage")Garbage) It is considered to be advantageous in that it can be disposed of in the same way as the general public.On the other hand, in terms of water resistance, PSP disposable tableware is more popular.However, if both are left in the environment, it will spoil the aesthetics of the environment.Garbage problemIt is the same to include problems such as giving birth to.In paper products in generalRecyclingWhereas the methods have been developed for each of them, the paper plates have food residue or adherence during disposal.SeasoningsThere is no established business format for recycling by removing such things, mainlyIncineratorWill be incinerated at.

Since it is basically an article that is incinerated after use, there is a tendency to demand recycled paper as its raw material in consideration of the environment.However, the surface is not white recycled paper because it does not look hygienic in terms of color tone if it is made entirely from recycled paper (it becomes turbid in gray when recycled paper is used as a raw material).pulpRaw paper is pasted (White ballEtc.) are used.On the other hand,sugar cane,cornFor food cropsFood wasteThe use of non-wood paper made from wood is also seen, and in these non-wood papers (for example, sugar cane pomace is called "bagasse"), there are also products made by pressing thick paperboard as it is due to the quality of the fiber.EcologyIt is easy to mold by pressing because it uses a thicker material than paper plates in general, and it is easy to mold with a deep plate.bowlNoBowl of riceYou can also see tableware other than plates like.

Forms of use other than meals

Besides being used as an inexpensive disposable dishplayIn the category oftoymakejobsMay be used as a material for.

For example, in the work instruction book for such things, prepare two round paper plates, cut one thread bottom (the part that touches the bottom when placed as a plate) in a circumferential shape, cut out the center, and make it the bottom. Cover the edge with an inverted paper platethenNoStapler,Scotch tapeFixed with, thisFrisbeeThrow and fly.

Besides this,strawThe軸Wrap the paper in multiple layers and glue it together to make it shortCylinderMake a straw, pull out the straw, make a hole in the center of the paper plate through which this cylinder penetrates, penetrate the cylinder, glue and fix it to the bottom of the plate with the head of the cylinder looking through, turn the plate over and from the bottom of the plate To the cylinder that popped outRubber balloonInflate the balloon by pointing the straw into the hole in the cylinder, and then placing it on a flat plate (or floor) with the pressure of the compressed air stored in the balloon.HovercraftA toy that rises and slides like this is made.Easy-to-process paper around youdiskAs,Pinwheel,PhenakistiscopeIt is also used for the production of.

Also for temporarily placing itemstrayIt may also be used as.Pie throwingLet's have a paper platepieLike this with shaving creamWhipped creamIs served and thrown.Since the paper plate is also flexible, it is safe even if the paper plate collides.


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  1. ^ Import of paper cups and plates Osaka Customs Survey Statistics Division, read January 2020, 1.

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