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👩‍🎓 | [Summer vacation 2022] Perfect for independent research "Learn from Fabre ︕ Experience the kelp exhibition"

Learn from Photo Fabre ︕ Experience Kunshi Exhibition TOKYO

[Summer vacation 2022] Perfect for independent research "Learn from Fabre-Experience the kelp exhibition"

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In addition, the research on scarabs, giant peacock moths, and giant peacock moths, which represent "insects," is explained in detail, and you can get a closer look at the wonders of the kelp.

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    "Insects(Hello,French : Souvenirs entomologiques,1879/ - 1907/) IsJean Henri FabreA masterpiece of (1823-1915).It has been translated in various countries around the world, and even in Japan, "Fabre Insects』It is familiar as.


    in JapanFabre InsectsAs such, it is often disseminated in the name of the author.昆虫It is very widely read as a reading material about the habits of.Volume 1 of this book1878/With the publication of1907/Volume 10 of[1]It was published up to.The content describes the habits of various insects he has worked on since he was young, and his research to find out about them.However, it does not look like a research paper, and there are many reading material narratives and anthropomorphic expressions.

    This book is not a science book, but rather a general reading material, which is highly regarded.Roman Lorrain,MaeterlinckWas also a favorite reader.He received high praise in his last years, and a memorial ceremony celebrating his achievements1910/(To commemorate the publication date of Volume 14/3)[2]Made in, but they are for this book.There are many scientifically important contents, but heNobel PrizeWhen I was nominated, the subject was a literary award.


    The contents of the Insects are mainly ecological observations of various insects and their results.A very wide range of insects are treated, and othersScorpion,ク モA small number of non-insects are also covered.especiallyBeeWithDung beetleThere are many things about.This was central to his interest, perhaps due to his particularly complex and interesting behavior.However, he also touches on many insects that do not have such complicated habits, and it is said that the increase in them especially in the latter half is due to the fact that interesting insects that are treated as targets have disappeared.

    Also, chapters related to insects but not the subject, such as recollectionsTheory of evolutionThere is also a chapter that deals with criticism.


    For young people.Single line versionCoverage TheMitsumasa Anno, The paperback editionAkira ToriyamaThe final volume of each is the biography "The Life of an Insect Poet" by Daisaburo Okumoto.


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